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The Baron

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As I walked into the casino, I felt the eyes on me. It pleased me greatly that I was an instant center of attention. Of course, all the glances were covert and sidelong, but I do love to be admired.

Males and females both have told me that I am an extremely attractive woman, and I find those comments very pleasing. My complexion and makeup I knew were flawless, and I was wearing a strapless silk chiffon evening gown that did not exactly hide my feminine charms. The diamonds at my earlobes, throat, and wrist, I am sure, added to my allure. I am always flattered, however, by attention.

I strolled slowly into the room, and I could sense the lust of the men and the jealous envy of the women. I saw a very handsome man, elegant in full dress, seated at a blackjack table. Attracted, I sat in the empty seat next to him and smiled sweetly at the dealer.

“Please,” I purred, “give me some chips.” I began to unclasp my purse. Suddenly, a man’s hand was on mine. It was strong, yet curiously gentle. I looked up. The man next to me was looking deep into my eyes.

“Please, mademoiselle, allow me.” He pushed a stack of blue chips over in front of me.

“Oh, no, sir.” I protested. “I couldn’t!”

“Please, my dear. I can well afford it. I am winning over a million francs. Honor me by accepting this small token in appreciation of your beauty.”

I allowed a pretty little blush to suffuse my cheeks. “Monsieur is too kind,” I whispered. He smiled warmly. He was so handsome; I could barely contain myself! I placed a chip in front of me, and the dealer dealt the cards.

Inside of an hour, I was winning over 20,000 francs and had paid back my gentlemen friend, who introduced himself as Baron Stefan Kopp Aliağa Escort of Bavaria. “You are very lucky, my dear Antoinette,” he murmured to me, “as well as enchantingly beautiful.”

“You are very kind, Baron,” I breathed. “I am sure my luck came from your generosity.” I felt his warm, strong hand on my knee under the blackjack table. He slowly began to caress my thigh through the thin skirt of my gown. He was very distracting, so I smiled at the dealer and said, “I am not going to play any more, but may I sit here and watch this gentleman?”

“Of course, mademoiselle,” he replied courteously.

The Baron played three more hands, and then he asked in a husky voice, “Would you like to have a drink with me, Antoinette?” By this time, he was feeling very high up my thigh, stroking and caressing me with some intensity.

“I would love it, Baron,” I purred.

“Please. Stefan.” he urged.

“I would love it…Stefan,” I smiled. We stood and took our winnings to the cashier. I stuffed the thousand-franc notes into my purse. He simply received a credit. He slipped his arm around my waist and escorted me into the bar. His hand on the small of my back was very exciting. It felt like small electric thrills were playing over me when he touched me. He was affecting me deeply.

The bar was dimly lit. He bought me a frozen daiquiri, and he had brandy. He led me to a private, tiny booth in the back corner, hidden from the rest of the patrons. He ushered me in, then sat right next to me. His hip was pressed against mine. He held up his glass. “To your beauty,” he proclaimed softly. I smiled warmly and sipped my drink daintily. He drank his at a breath. Napoleon brandy! I Alsancak Escort was impressed. He placed his empty glass on the table. His eyes gazed deeply into mine, and I could see his passion clearly. I am sure my emotions were naked in my eyes as well. He put his arm around my slender shoulders and pulled me close. I could not resist him, and I did not want to. I slid my arms around his neck. My lashes fluttered closed, and my lips parted invitingly. He pressed his mouth to my eager lips. His hand caressed my left breast, fondling me, exciting me. I felt him licking my lipstick, and I parted my lips even more. His tongue slid into my mouth, thrilling me. He explored all my soft moist places; then he wrapped my tongue in his. I was ecstatic! His kiss was the most exciting any man had ever given me, and I responded ardently. His hand was now petting my silky bottom, so I pressed my soft, yielding breasts tightly against him. My kiss was meltingly sweet, filled with all my emotional desire. My heart was racing, and my head was spinning. I could feel my pulses pounding in my temples.

We had no more liquor. I was drunk already on the heady wine of his kisses. In the elevator, he kissed me even more deeply, his hands becoming very intimate. I was completely captivated by him, in a romantic haze as he led me down the hallway to his room. Inside, he locked the door, and I was immediately in his embrace. His deep, emotional kisses inflamed me, and I gave myself to him completely. He picked me up in his arms, still kissing me passionately, and carried me into his bedroom. He laid me on a huge round bed, but I sat up and began to undress him.

I slowly peeled off his jacket, vest Balçova Escort and shirt, giving him breathy little butterfly kisses everywhere I could reach.. Then I undid his trousers, sliding them with his underwear down his muscular legs. I knelt at his feet, and I could feel his huge, engorged penis brushing against my perfumed hair as I undid his shoes. I reached up and lovingly caressed his maleness in my small hand. He lifted me up as though I were a feather and laid me back on the bed. He knew that I wanted him inside me, and he wasn’t about to let me make him come before he got there. How very sweet!

He pushed my skirt up around my waist and slid my damp panties down over my lacy, sheer nylons. I was wild with desire. All I could think of was he, deep inside me, filling me. In seconds, his huge penis was pulsating at my vagina. I could feel him at my soft pussy, and then he was deep inside in an explosive thrust, ramming himself into me violently. I cried out in ecstatic longing as I began to feel my orgasm. His throbbing manhood stroked deep in me, the rhythm fast and impatient. His mouth found my breasts and sucked at my erect, hard nipples. I was in frenzy now, my orgasm starting to pulse within me. My pleasure became stronger and stronger. I held back as long as I could, but he was very insistent. Finally I allowed myself to come in a quivering rush, and he exploded at the same instant, filling me with his love.

I have had many men, before and since, but never have I felt what the Baron gave me that night. The next evening, he did not meet me in the casino. I checked at the desk, and the clerk told me he had departed that afternoon. I have never discovered why. I tried to find him. I even traveled to Bavaria, but he had vanished as though he had never existed.

Now when men admire me, or women envy me, I smile ruefully. Men still make love to me, frequently, and women still are jealous of my looks, but no man has ever compared with Stefan, my darling Stefan, and no woman knows what I have lost.

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