The Bar

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Kara woke to the sunlight shinning in through her bedroom window. She had just moved to Tampa Florida to help a friend open a new bar. She climbed out of her bed and walked to the shower. She turned the water on and stepped in. The water hit her full force, warming her body. She reached for the bottle of shampoo, pouring some into her hand and applying it to her hair. After washing her hair, she reached for the bar of soap rubbing it over her 5’11” body. Moving her hand down between her thighs. Sliding her finger down over her slit, slipping her finger deep into her pussy.

Moving her finger in and out, placing her thumb on her clit gently pressing against it. Rubbing gently bringing herself to orgasm, her juices sliding down over her fingers. Bringing her hand to her mouth, tasting herself. Turning off the water, stepping out of the shower she returns to her room to dress for the day. Putting on a short blue sundress and sandals, pulling her long blond hair up into a ponytail. Sliding her key into the door, she opens it and steps inside to the bar. Walking to the back, looking for Brian. Standing in the doorway, Kara watches him. His short brown hair, neatly combed. His 6’2″ 200lbs body leaning over the computer, getting madder by the second.

“Hey you sexy thing. Having problems?” He looks up to see her standing there watching him.

“Yeah” he says. “Can’t seem to get this program to install.”

She walks over to where he is standing and looks at the computer. She giggles a little and shoves him out of the way. Sitting down at the computer, pressing a few buttons, she installs the program. She turns her head smiling at him.

“How did you do that? I’ve been here for the last two hours trying to get it installed.”

She looks at him and laughs, shoving the chair away from the desk. Standing up walking out of the room. Brian watches her leave, watching her ass sway from side to side. Reaching down adjusting his cock in his pants. Thinking to himself that this was gonna be one long day. Kara reaches the bar, leaning against it. Remembering Brian’s body leaned over the desk. Wishing it was she, he was leaned over and his cock buried deep inside of her.

“Kara. Earth to Kara.”

She turns her head to see Brian standing canlı bahis şirketleri next to her. She stands there looking at him. A lost look in her eyes. She shakes her head, realizing she was staring at him.

“Good one huh?”

She smiles “yeah it was good. It had you in it.”

She turns and walks away heading back to the office, leaving him standing they’re dumbstruck. Realizing what she had said, he follows her back to the office.

“Kara did you say what I think you just said?”

All she could do is smile and shake her head yes. He walks over to her, placing his hands onto her hips. Looking up at him, he smiles bringing his lips down to meet hers. Kissing her hard, sliding his tongue into her mouth to meet hers. Pulling her hard against his body. Feeling his erection pressing against her stomach. He breaks the kiss looking into her eyes.

“You sure you want to do this?”

“Yes Brian I want to do this. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

That was all he needed. Picking her up, placing her on the desk, sweeping all the papers onto the floor. Reaching for her, bending over kissing her again, sliding his hands over her body. Sliding her hands down his chest, grabbing the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up over his head. Her hands moving to his nipples, gently pinching them. Moaning into her mouth, he breaks the kiss, grabbing her dress, pulling it off her body. Standing there looking at her completely nude body, he smiles. Reaching for her tits, he bends over taking one into his mouth, sucking on the nipple, making it harden in his mouth. Moving to the next one, making it hard to. Placing her hands on his head pulling him into her breasts.

“MMMM babe that feels so good.”

His hands sliding down her body, touching all of her. Spreading her legs apart, sliding his hand down over her clit, moving to her pussy, sliding his finger deep inside of her.

“Dayum Kara, your so wet.”

He slides his finger in and out of her faster and faster. Taking his finger out of her, placing it in his mouth, tasting her. Pushing her back onto the desk, kissing down her body, moving between her legs. Sliding his tongue over her clit, hearing her moan. Sliding his finger into her pussy biting canlı kaçak iddaa down onto her clit. She slips her legs around his neck, pulling him closer. Grinding her pussy into his face. Sliding his tongue over her clit, finger fucking her faster. Screaming out his name as the first wave of her orgasm takes over her body. Sucking her juices out of her body, he stands up, bending over kissing her hard. Letting her taste her juices on his tongue.

Sitting up she reaches for the buttons on his pants, pulling them open. Sliding off the desk, grabbing the waistband on his pants and pulling them down. Kicking them off his feet, she reaches for his cock wrapping her hand around it. Feeling him harden even more in her hand, she leans into him kissing him, sliding her tongue into his mouth. Slowly stroking his cock, kissing down his chest. Sucking on his nipples, gently biting them, hearing him moan, kissing the rest of the way down his body. Reaching his cock, sliding her tongue over the head. Licking up and down his shaft, her hand going down to gently squeeze his balls. Wrapping her hand around the base of his cock, stroking him. Her mouth sliding over the head of his cock, sucking him, sliding her tongue into his piss hole, stroking his cock faster. Grabbing her head, he slides his cock into her mouth, pushing it down her throat. She swallows his cock, deep throating him. Reaching down she grabs his balls, squeezing them. Hearing him moan she sucks his cock faster. He grabs her head holding her still, fucking her face.

” Ohhhhhh fuck Kara.”

That was all he said as he shot his load down her throat. Cleaning his cock off, she stands up, kissing him. Wrapping his arms around her, pulling her tight to his body. Sliding his hands down over her back, cupping her ass. Kissing over his cheek, down his neck, gently biting. She looks up smiling.

“Brian, I wanna feel your cock inside of me. But I want you to put your cock in my ass.”

“Kara baby. I would love to make love to you but I’ve never had anal sex before.”

“Don’t worry babe, I’ll help you through it.”

She smiled at him, reaching for his cock again, wrapping her hand around it, stroking him. She reaches for the bottle of hand lotion sitting on his desk. She pours canlı kaçak bahis a little into her hand, wrapping it around his cock, stroking him again. She looks into his eyes and sees fear. She leans into him, kissing him. He places his hands upon her ass, sliding his finger downwards. Placing his finger against her rosebud, he gently pushes against it, letting it enter her ass. She relaxes and his finger slides deeper into her. He moans into her mouth, pulling his finger out of her ass. He turns her around and bends her over the desk. Taking the bottle of hand lotion, pouring it onto his fingers, he slides them into her ass. Pulling them out he places his cock against her and pushes it into her ass. Moaning at her tightness, he slams his cock deep into her. She screams out at the pain and he stops.

“Dayum it Kara. I told you I’ve never done this before.”

“Mmmmm babe, I’m ok. Just slow down a little bit.”

She turns her head and smiles at him. Letting him know it was ok. He takes a few deep breaths and slowly starts to move in and out of her ass. Getting use to the feel of him, she starts pushing back onto his cock. Reaching around her, he slides his finger into her cunt, rubbing his thumb against her clit. He starts to pound his cock harder into her, making her scream out. He fucks her harder, making her reach out to grab the other side of the desk. His finger moving quicker in her cunt, rubbing her clit faster. He grabs a hold of her hand and places her finger against her clit, making her rub it herself. He places his hands upon her shoulders and pulls her down onto his cock, driving himself into her. He looks down, watching his cock slide in and out of her ass.

“Fuck baby, I’m gonna fill your ass with my cum.”

All she can do is moan. Giving one final thrust he explodes into her ass filling her with his seed. Feeling his cock explode inside her sends her over the edge. Her juices flowing out of her body and down over her fingers. He falls onto her back, kissing her neck. Pulling her fingers out of her cunt, licking them off. She turns her head and he bends over to kiss her, giving her another taste of herself. He slides his cock out of her ass. Grabbing her hips, pulling her up off the desk. She turns in his arms, kissing him. He looks down at her.

“Well that was pretty intense. Why don’t we call it a day and head back over to your place and let me show you how well my cock can fuck that sweet little pussy of yours.”

All she can do is look up at him and smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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