The Awe of Being a Hucow Ch. 15

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The Awe of Being a Hucow Ch. 15 by Lemaringouin . Translated by Pimanko

The Joys of a True Gang Bang

One by one Stephanie’s departmental colleagues entered the meeting room. Claudine, who had reclosed her blouse, stood in front of Stephanie and told her, “Look, dear. They’ve come to see you, to admire, your natural beauty and your milk-engorged breasts. They’ve come to admire your body and gratify your unrestrained sexuality. They’re your colleagues!

Stephanie, flushing with shame, looked at the new arrivals as they filed in one by one in front of her. Pierre introduced Stephanie’s co-workers to Claudine and Richard who shook hands with each of them.

“This is Samantha, our linguist and proofreaders’.”

Smiling, Samantha just kissed Stephanie on the cheek.

“Jocelyne, the service secretary.”

Jocelyne came up and stroke Stephanie’s cheek and gave her a smile.

“This is Alexandre, the photographer. He’ll be the one to take a few photos as keepsakes. Daniel and Joel are our senior and junior journalists respectively. I’m told that Junior is particularly well-endowed. So, ladies, take note!”

“Okay,” Claudine said, “put yourselves around the milking table. You’re going to be allowed to stroke our hucow. It will give her lots of pleasure. You’ll be able to witness her growing arousal.

The five co-workers surrounded Stephanie. Joel at her head, Samantha and Jocelyne at her shoulders on each side, and beside them, Daniel and Alexandre in front of each ass cheek.

“Very good,” said Claudine, “now with both your hands, you’re going to slowly and softly stroke Stephanie’s back, neck and buttocks.”

Claudine took a bottle of massage oil from underneath the milking table and generously poured the liquid over Stephanie’s back, shoulders and rump. The five co-workers began to brush Stephanie’s skin, spreading the lotion over the entire surface of Stephanie’s body. The touching comforted her. Stephanie let her prudery, which had made her blush in shame, slip away as she let herself be guided toward the pleasures of sensual touching.

Four female hands started on Stephanie’s shoulders, soothingly massaging them while four masculine hands were busy rubbing her ass cheeks more strongly. The heat generated by the four hands warmed up Stephanie’s body. She could feel the ten hands go about their conscientious task of efficiently rubbing her skin.

Claudine directed the two young women to move their hands to Stephanie’s pendulous breasts. She instructed them on how best to massage the glands by gently pressing their fingers from the base of breast on toward the nipples which stiffened under their ministrations.

“It helps to make the milk come out,” she indicated. “Alexandre, you work on our hucow’s sex. Daniel, massage her lower belly. Don’t forget. We want our hucow in a heightened, maximum state of arousal. That’s the best way to put her in a state of extreme pleasure. She will thank you by squirting a lot.”

Eyes closed, Stephanie showed a big smile of satisfaction on her face while her co-workers produced the pressure inside her that would bring her, little by little, to ecstasy.

“Hmm. it’s good,” she sighed.

Claudine then turned toward Joel and pulled down his zipper. She put her hand under the young man’s boxers and carefully took out his well-proportioned phallus.

“Wow,” she said, “this young man has quite the member. Look at the length and width of his cock!”

What Pierre had told her was true. The young journalist’s penis was of such proportions as to shame all those macho men who believed themselves to be first-class lovers. The two young women looked lustfully at his member as it stood guard in Claudine’s hand. They both wanted it in their own sexes. The sight of his member had excited them instantly.

Stephanie, who had opened her eyes, also looked at her co-worker’s erect member. Claudine, after stroking the phallus to make it completely erect, put the voluminous member into the hucow’s mouth, who, without being asked, opened her mouth wide open and swallowed his pleasure monster. adana escort She sucked on it greedily, generously wetting it with saliva. The young man began to make a to-and-fro movement that made his penis penetrate his boss’ mouth.

“Oh, that’s good,” he cried.

The gland entered deep into Stephanie’s throat who, eyes closed, savoured this huge piece of warm meat. She felt the arousal in her body gradually increase, aided by the expert massages of her co-workers. Samantha and Jocelyne applied themselves to pressure-massage her two huge breasts, while directing their fingers from their bases to the hucow’s stiff nipples. They pinched, twisted, and gently pulled them in a way only women could understand. Several drops of milk tipped the ends of the teats.

Meanwhile, Alexandre used his fingers to play around the perimeter of Stephanie’s clitoris. He put the tip of his index finger on the stem of her clitoris, tapping firmly on it while Daniel stretched the skin of the young woman’s lower belly toward the navel in order to unhood Stephanie’s pleasure button and thereby facilitate Alexandre’s conscientious task on that so sensitive fleshy button.

Joel withdrew his member from Stephanie’s mouth. It glistened brightly with the foam furnished by the hucow. The others continued to excite the young woman.

“Ah, yes, I’m going to, cum,” Stephanie murmured.

“Wait!” Pierre told her. “It’s only a foretaste. Control yourself! Soon, you’ll enjoy so much that you’ll cry for joy.”

“I can’t hold on!” she cried.

In fact, she was feeling an intense orgasm coming from within her. Her thighs began to quiver involuntarily. After several minutes, the more pressure was building up.

The five co-workers gave Stephanie a break. During this time, Claudine untied the Velcro straps from her friend. Richard and Pierre released the hucow and helped her stand up onto her feet. They led her to the divan located near the meeting room window. Claudine unbuckled the belt on Joel’s trousers and helped him undress. She pushed him toward the sofa and made him sit, his cock pointing vertically in front of his abdomen.

Their members erect, Pierre and Richard came to Stephanie and helped her to straddle Joel’s body. Claudine took the young man’s sex and introduced it to the hucow’s vagina. Pierre and Richard made her sit on his member. The swollen gland spread open the vagina’s labia and slowly penetrated the soaking wet organ. Due to its diameters, the member’s penetration proceeded carefully slowly. Eyes wide open, Stephanie lustfully let herself be impaled. She had never felt such a large member penetrate her so deeply. What a delight! This phallus fully separated the walls of her uterus. It touched the deepest reaches of her sex, the part known as the cervix.

Little by little, the cock rubbed the well-lubricated walls of the receiving organ. Joel lifted and then lowered his pelvis in order to begin his in-and-out movements in Stephanie’s sex. Open-mouthed, the latter let out small cries of enjoyment.

Claudine stood behind the hucow and, while turning it, slowly withdrew the plug from her girlfriend’s anus. A light plop could be heard when the sphincter expelled the invading object from its interior. Once more, Claudine took lubricant container and let a small trickle drip into the wide-open orifice, which was exposed to the view of all the participants. The liquid flowed all the way into the hole.

Alexandre, who had quickly dropped trousers, introduced his erect member to the orifice left open by the device which had just occupied it. In one thrust, his cock filled the oiled channel, entering without any resistance. Wide-eyed, both of Stephanie’s orifices were finally filled with hot, hard meat. How happy she felt to once more relive the sensations she had missed since she had left the dairy.

Her two cronies simultaneously began to make in-and-out movements, satisfying the hucow’s sexual needs. Meanwhile, Claudine led Samantha and Jocelyne to each side of Stephanie and directed them to begin properly feeding on her teat s which were adana escort bayan hanging down from Stephanie’s chest. The two women sucked on the hardened nipples to extract the sweet sugary nectar being produced by the two glands.

Stephanie was again enjoying the delicious sensations that her entire body needed: two cocks filling her vagina and anal canal, and two greedy mouths acting like the alternating suctioning cups of a milking machine, extracting the abundant milk that she was producing.

“Ah, oh, keep going. Screw me. It’s so good!” cried Stephanie, lost in a world of pleasure, with no prudery and no regard to her horn-dog co-workers taking advantage of her.

Daniel, keep her quiet,” Pierre called, “Stick your penis in her mouth.”

Daniel did not need to be asked. After taking off his trousers, he put it into Stephanie’s wide-open mouth.

‘Hell and damnation, what a cocksucker she is!’ he thought.

Stephanie greedily sucked his member while feeling her vagina being pistoned by the huge member that had invaded it. She was in paradise.

The tightness in her body grew to dizzying proportions. She was approaching her orgasm, one that would take all her strength. She could not resist. It was total bliss, satisfaction for every cell in her body. She crossed the threshold and entered the realm of complete ecstasy, one that could only be achieved if all her sexual organs were contributing their part. She stayed at the peak of her pleasure for several minutes, feeling a series of continuous orgasms which melted away any reticence she had in proving her condition as an accomplished hucow to her co-workers. At this moment of extreme pleasure, her sex ejaculated profusely a warm fluid which spread on Joel’s belly.

“There it is,” he said. “She’s ejaculating.”

Everyone applauded and cried, “Bravo!”

Richard, who was watching the situation, also had a pressing need to relieve the tension in his masculine member. His cock was standing up in his trousers, Claudine took hold of it in her hand and pulled him toward the divan where she sat down next to the five co-workers who were hastily keeping busy with the ecstatic hucow. She pulled down Richard’s zipper, took out his cock and swallowed it, turning it into a hard pipe. For his part, Pierre undid Claudine’s blouse to suck on the dairy official’s breast.

Everyone was now each occupied with their respective tasks. Daniel was the first to ejaculate in Stephanie’s mouth. She swallowed the sperm that was being ejected from the cock filling her mouth. Alexandre ejaculated in the hucow’s anus, making her sphincter respond in acceptance of the hot fluid invading her insides. Joel was the last to ejaculate, a huge powerful jet of sperm filling the Stephanie’s super-aroused vaginal cavity. Lastly, the two women co-workers, after having swallowed several copious mouthfuls of milky secretions, pulled away from her teats, which were now reddened by the suction of their two greedy mouths. Everyone stopped and let Stephanie settle heavily into the sofa.

Stephanie began to sob uncontrollably. She was completely satisfied. All their ministrations confirmed to her that she needed to go back to the dairy that she had abandoned several weeks earlier. She needed to be with her hucow companions again, to feel the intense sensual pleasures that she had experienced there, the milking machine, visits from clients, the caresses of other hucows, the pleasures of sucking on her companions’ teats and letting the occasional visitors who came there to satisfy her hypersexual needs, to what it had been, without really admitting it.

Claudine, who had finished fellating Richard’s penis, pushed Pierre off from her breast and stood up again to get dressed. She went to Stephanie and stroked her hair.

The latter lifted her head, her eyes welled with tears.

“Shh,” she said softly to calm her companion.

She sat next to her friend and kissed her tenderly on the mouth, Stephanie, who was sobbing forcefully in Claudine’s mouth, felt the blonde’s tongue invade deeply into her escort adana mouth. It afforded her the comfort she needed after the voluptuousness she had just experienced. Her tension receded. Her relaxed muscles barely kept her up. She collapsed onto Claudine’s chest. The latter took her in her arms, took out her right breast and placed the teat in Stephanie’s mouth. Eyes closed, the hucow eagerly began to suck the breast, swallowing large gulps of her friend’s warm milk as it flowed down her throat.

During this time, Samantha climbed onto the meeting room table, took off her little panty and signaled Joel with her fingers to impale her in turn. She also needed to have the tension in her vagina relieved. His massive member could serve the purpose of satisfying that need. Joel did not need to be persuaded. He penetrated this partner who he had always wanted to screw but never dared to ask. The sight of his member had resolved the issue. He was finally able to copulate with this superb girl who he worked with daily.

On her part, Jocelyne, went to the other end of the meeting room table, pulled away a chair, leaned over and rested her body on top of the table, pulled down her panty and showed her ass to Pierre. The latter took the lubricant container that Claudine had left on the table, removed the lid and let drops of oil drip onto the young co-worker’s anal hole. He bathed the ring of her anus with his index finger and pushed against the opening to oil the channel. Jocelyne’s sphincter slowly relaxed, letting the digit cover the internal walls of her rear channel. She knew what to do because taking it up her ass was one of her favourite sexual practices. It was the act that she enjoyed the most. Pierre buried his cock into the inviting gap.

Claudine lifted up Stephanie’s head. A small drop of milk pooled at the corner of her mouth. She took her head and made her look at her two female co-workers in action. “Watch, dear. They’re going to cum just like you did. It’s quite the sight to see two women cumming and expressing their full-throated satisfaction with such intense sensual orgasms.

Stephanie, her eyes still filled with tears, attentively watched her two young colleagues eagerly impale themselves. The two young women moaned loudly as ecstasy began to take them over. “Ah, yes!” the two co-workers screamed in unison.

Open-mouthed, Stephanie watched intently, once more feeling the pleasurable sensations inside her that she had enjoyed so intensely a few minutes earlier. The sight of the two women in the midst of their copulation brought on a mini-orgasm. Her vagina began to contract and relax repeatedly while her sphincter alternately opened and closed just by simply watching two women in total ecstasy.

Claudine moved her hand toward her friend’s excited clitoris and rubbed it vigorously. Stephanie docilly accepted the rubbing which brought her to a more intense orgasm. Two thick jets of milk erupted from her udders and spread on Claudine’s blouse.

“Well, well,” she said, “not only are you a squirter, our hucow also squirts milk.”

Then she kissed Stephanie on the mouth to stifle her moans so as not to disturb the erotic scene that was still place in front of them.

Once the ejaculation of sperm into the willing receptacles came to an end, the partners separated and dressed again. Little by little, Stephanie came out of her torpor, coming back to her senses.

Claudine took the vibrating plug that Pierre had given her and inserted it back into Stephanie’s anus. She also took a vibrating egg that Richard gave her and easily put it inside the hucow’s vagina, who, sexually satisfied, was in no position to resist. Each held the controls in their hand and, alternatively turned on the respective vibrating objects. Stephanie let the vibrations inside her and smiled broadly.

Claudine stood up the hucow and put a little panty on her that would prop up and keep in place the sexual toys inserted in her openings. She put her dress back on after having first placed suction cups on the young ex-journalist’s udders. Once ready, she led her companion toward the exit where her work colleagues embraced her one last time.

“This time, that’s it! We’re taking you home for good. Your place is in the dairy and you know it!”

Stephanie nodded her head in a sign of her acquiescence, a large smile of gratification on her lips.

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