The Awakening

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I awoke to the smell of bacon cooking and as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes I tried to remember whom it could be cooking. I had been living alone for the last three years not even dating after the fucking I had gotten by my ex wife. She had taken my kids and my bank account to run off with the husband of her best friend.

I jumped up letting the sheet fall off my nude body, “Shit it’s Tina!” I thought to my self.

Tina was my eighteen-year-old daughter. She had called me out of the blue wanting to come home. It seems her mother would not let her have any contact with me after she left me and when she came of age and Tina had told her mom to fuck off she wanted to see her dad. Her mom in turn had told her ok she could see me all you want after you get the fuck out of her house! So now here she was. I had picked her up at the airport the evening before.

I slipped on some old shorts and went to the kitchen. I stopped at the door looking at the back of the young woman standing at the sink with her back to me. She had on a T-shirt the just covered her ass exposing her long, long legs; the girl was five eleven in her bare feet. I leaned up on the door jam watching my now not so little girl as she bent over to get into the dishwasher. Her sweet little ass cheeks came into view as she bent over!

“Shit! She has on a thong!” I almost choked coughing as she turned and looked at me.

Tina smiled at me, “Good morning sleepy head! I hope you are hungry!” She walked over to me kissing me on the cheek, “Thanks dad.”

“Thanks for what?” I asked trying to get my cool back. “Fuck when did she grow tits like that! Oh you ass hole! This is your little girl I you are gawking at!” I told my self.

The table was all set and Tina poured me a cup of coffee as I sat down. “Thanks for what?” I asked again.

She put a plate of eggs and bacon in front of me and then sat across from me with her own plate of food. “For taking me in.” she looked deep into my eyes. “I know how you got screwed by mom and I know that you did what you could to keep me. I know that you didn’t have to let me come here and I am glad you did because I love you!” She was talking very fast, “I know I must have messed up your plans for the week end. I guess your girl friend must be pissed to.”

I looked down through the glass table top to see she was setting with her legs open so that I was looking right at her crotch as she spoke to me. Her little panties had slipped up into her slit so her vagina lips were exposed to my gaze! They were shaved bare!

Shit I was getting a hard on!

I tried to look away taking some eggs in my mouth then looking into her eyes. “Well first off you are my baby and I love you to. I am very glad you are here with me and this is your house as long as you want it to be.” She crossed her legs drawing my eyes back to them. “And I don’t have a girl friend to worry about. It’s just you and me babe!”

“Good now with her leg crossed I can think again.” I thought as I looked into her eyes, “Umm, what do you want to do today? I called in to work and took a couple of days off so we can do any thing!”

Tina stood up making her breast moved on her chest as she picked up my coffee cup to fill it again, “Fuck they are nice! Dam man stop it this is your little girl! Look at something else!” I looked at the floor as she moved.

“Can we go for a ride? I would love to see the cost line.” She sat my cup down.

“Was she looking through the table at my hard? Did I see that?” I asked myself “Sure we can do that! It will be fun.” I said to her.

She finished eating keeping her legs crossed and not talking much just eating. She finished and stood pendik escort up flashing her pussy at me again then started taking the dishes to the sink. “I’ll go get ready.” She said as she ran her hand over my shoulders when she walked by. “I’m glad.”

“Glad about what?” I asked.

Tina bent over kissing me on the cheek, “Glad that I don’t have a girlfriend to compete with. I’m glad it’s just us.” She smiled at me kissing me softly on the lips her tits pushing into my shoulder as she leaned into me. Then she was gone down the hall to the bathroom.

I went to my bathroom and was standing with a light towel around me shaving when I looked into my mirror to see Tina’s bedroom door was open. I couldn’t remember if it was open before or not! She walked past the door as naked as the day she was born! It was very fast but fuck! Then she came back setting on the end of her bed to slip her panties on! She put her feet through the leg holes and then stood up facing me! I just kept shaving hoping she couldn’t tell I was staring at her as she looked at my back. Tina kind of bounced as she pulled them up making her tit’s bounce as she adjusted her panties. She picked up a little summer dress and slipped it on over her head leaving her breasts bare under the thin material and then she moved out of my sight!

My cock was so hard I thought it would bust on its own and I was just about to touch it when she appeared in the door to my bathroom. “What kind of shoes should I wear? I mean sneakers or something a little nicer?” I looked to see her holding two pairs of shoes up.

I picked the little sandals. “I think the heals will be good for what we are going to do my love.”

Tina smiled at me then went back to set on the end of her bed to slip on the sandals. Her dress slipped up on her thigh as she put them on. “What the fuck.” I thought. “If she isn’t shy why should I be. Besides lets see what she does.” I let my towel drop as I reached for my clean shorts! My cock had softened just a little but was hanging at least at half hard making all eight and a half inches stand out nicely as I slipped my shorts up over it.

Tina looked! She tried to act like she didn’t but I seen it and then I knew she had known I was watching her as she dressed! I walked to her door as I slipped my T-shirt over my head. She buckled the strap on her shoe smiling at me. “All ready?” I asked.

“Yep! Lets go!”

Part 2 The ride.

Tina let her dress slip up high on her thigh as she slipped into my old truck. She watched me looking at her leg’s then smiled at me as I walked around to get in. “Are you ok Dad?”

“Yes why do you ask?”

“You keep looking at me so funny. I’m sorry if you don’t like the way I look!”

“OH Tina honey! No baby it’s just that I do like the way you look and I keep thinking things your dad should not be thinking! Fuck girl your beautiful!”

“I’m very glad you think so. I have wanted you to think I was good looking for years.” She slid over next to me as I started the truck and put it in gear. She let her hand rest on my thigh.

“Do you remember on my sixteenth birth day when you and mom got in that big fight. I had a new dress that you and I went shopping for and then she would not go to dinner with us. It was just you and I that went to dinner. Do you remember dancing with me and holding me close to you, holding me like a man holds a woman, do you remember?”

I pulled us onto the highway as she spoke to me, “Yes I remember that, and I know that your mom took you away from me right after that!”

“I fell in love with you that night and not a day has went by that I have not cried because I wanted to be with you.” maltepe escort

Her hand tightened on my thigh. She slipped a little side ways making her dress pull up to her hip! It was hard trying not to look at her so I could drive. I let my hand drop to her bare thigh wondering what she would do. She just put her other hand on mine holding it in place as we drove.

“Well you are suppose to love your dad.”

My cock was pushing on my pants to the point of hurting as we drove. She would take her hand off of mine on her leg to point at something or to make a point as we talked. She always put it back on mine and her other hand never left my leg. At one point we went over a big bump and my hand bounced higher up to the middle her thigh. She just let me keep it there. We laughed and talked the whole way up the coast to Santa Barbara getting to know each other. I found her to be funny and very smart. She was very easy to talk to and we talked about every thing.

We found a little place to have lunch so we stopped and I walked around to open the truck door for her. Her eyes never left mine as she slipped across the truck seat. Her dress pull up over her thighs so I could see her panties as she moved and I couldn’t help it I had to look!

Tina just smiled at me; “Do I have to call you dad?”

“Well baby I am your dad. What do you want to call me?”

She took my hand as we walked. “Well I would like to call you by your name, Sam, is that ok?”

“If that is what you want.”

We had our lunch and then went to the beach. We spent the afternoon walking holding hands or arm in arm. She ran in the waves stopping to play in the water not looking like the little girl I was use to but a mature young woman. The wind blew her little dress up around her thighs making her laugh as she watched me looking at her. She moved back to the sidewalk setting on a rock to put her shoes back on. She lifted one leg up to the side to do the buckle letting me look up between her soft thighs to her white panties. She smiled as she watched me looking at her with a longing I had not felt in a long, long time.

We stopped in a small caf├ę for dinner. Tina slipped into the booth pulling her damp dress up high on her legs. Again she watched me looking at them then slipped them under the table. I slipped in next to her setting so close our thighs touched. She took my hand putting it on her bare thigh. God her skin was hot to the touch and she smiled at me as I let my fingers move to the inside of her soft thigh.

“Do you like my leg’s?”

“Very much! But then you know that’s my weakness don’t you?”

“Yes I know. I also know I like it when you touch them.” She ran her hand over my cheek as she spoke softly to me.

I needed to change the subject. “Umm, it’s getting late. What do you say we get a room here and then tomorrow we can look around some before going home?”

“Oh Sam that sounds like fun to me! God I love you so much!”

She leaned up kissing me softly.

The waiter had been watching us acting like we were on a date or something and his attention was not lost on Tina. He brought us the bill as we finished eating. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was wondering what a thirty eight year old man was doing with this young eighteen year old girl. Tina smiled as she saw the look on his face to and as we stood up to leave she spoke to him.

“Yes we are married and yes he is very, very rich! Yes I want his money and he knows that to! He also has a ten inch dick!”

It was all I could do to keep from laughing in the poor guys’ face as she took my hand planting it firmly on her ass as we walked away. We were kartal escort both laughing our asses off as we got to the truck. We found a very nice hotel and got a room. It was a very nice place and as we walked past the lounge with music playing softly Tina pulled me in.

“Will you dance with me Sam?”

I pulled her to me kissing her softly on the forehead as I held her to me. The music drew us into each other’s arm like we were made for each other. I let my hand drop to her ass pulling her tighter to me as she looked up into my eyes. There was a fire in them that I had not ever seen before. We danced a few more times and I drank a couple of beers before Tina wanted to go.

Our room was nice with two bedrooms and a separate living room. There was a white terry cloth bathrobe for each of us.

“I’m going to shower sweet hart.” I picked up my robe.


Tina stood up pulling her dress over her head! Her big thirty-six C’s bounced as she dropped it to the floor. I watched, as her nipples grew hard as the cool air hit them. She watched me looking at her as she slipped off her panties letting them fall with her dress.

Standing there in only her heals she put her hand out to me. “I’ll wash your back!”

“Are you sure you know where this is going?” I asked her. “I mean this is so wrong on so many levels that I can’t even begin to think about it!”

Tina walked over to me kicking off her shoes as she came. She stepping up on her tows as she took my rock hard dick in her hand.

“Yes I know exactly where this is going!” She pulled on my pecker as she spoke to me, “It’s going to the shower then it’s going in my mouth and then it’s going in here!”

She took my hand putting it on her pubic mound as she pulled my mouth to hers kissing me deeply. Tina pushed me back to the bed making me fall back. We were both laughing as she moved on top of me.

“Now that I have thought about it for a minuet I don’t want to wait! I want it in here now!”

Tina took my dick in her hand as she slipped on top of me. She held it like it was made of glass as she slid it up over her open pussy lips. Then she moved to letting me slip just into her vagina opening! She shook her tits at me as she let my cock slip slowly deeper and deeper into her hot wet and oh got so tight hole! I hit bottom what I thought was bottom making her grunt! She just kept setting on me pushing down. She shuddered as I lifted her up easing the prissier. Then as she looked into my eyes Tina slipped back down taking me in again. Now she was pushing down hard using all of her weight! Tina rested her hands on my chest letting her head fall forward as she went all the way down. “GRRAAAAGG!” came from her then she looked up at me.

“It has never been so full! Oh Dad I wanted to be with you like this for ever!” She was rocking slowly back and forth as she spoke. She bit her bottom lip. “UMM oh I want ooooo umm to be your wife and to oh GOD I’m CUMONINNGGGGGG OHHHHhhhh! cuming! Oh ungggggg yesss!”

I lifted her just a little and began pumping into her wet hole. She fell forward mashing her tits into my chest; her nipples almost burning me they were so hot!

“Oh god here it is again HOooooo Sam yes!

I shot off into her pumping into the first woman I had, had in year’s and it was my little girl!”

“Oh fuck baby take it! Ooh god yes’s!”

We held each other as we both shook through our cum’s. We kissed like two people that loved each other and needed to be together. Tina let her headrest on my chest as my dick softened and slipped out of her cum filled hole. Then lifted up letting her tit’s rub on my chest as her hair fell around her face.

“Will you let me be the wife to you that my mother never was? Will you let me love you like you deserve to be loved and take care of you?”

Oh Tina I love you to! Yes we will be a family and I will take care of you like you should be taken care of!

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