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The Awakening of Kristen Ch. 01

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Kristen thrashed around the bed, tossing and turning, a light sheen of perspiration coating her tanned, toned body. A sound, somewhere between a moan and a sob, escaped her lips as she submitted to the dream. Although you couldn’t see it, her eyes were rapidly darting back and forth beneath her eyelids, the product of the deep REM sleep that controlled her writhing form.

Anyone watching her as she tossed and turned could see her agitated state, or perhaps, excited state would be a better description. She was breathing rapidly as evidenced by her rising and falling chest. Her voluptuous, surgically enhanced breasts lay encased in a thin white tank top that had ridden up on her stomach, baring the sun tattoo that encircled her pierced navel.

Her nipples were angry, so hard that they threatened to tear through the fabric of her inconsequential T-shirt, which was way too flimsy to hide her blood-engorged areole.

Her legs were those of a runner — tanned and firm — and at the moment they were entwined in the sheet, one outside the covers, and the other hopelessly tangled in the mess of bed coverings.

She squeezed her thighs together tightly as if she were repulsing an invader and then abruptly flipped over onto her stomach, opening her legs and pressing her pubis against the mattress. Her white-lace panties had ridden up the crack of her ass, pulling the fabric around her pubic area tightly against her. You could see the muscles of her ass flex as she subconsciously thrust against the balled up sheet between her legs.

She abruptly flipped back over, this time wide awake, and let out a moan of frustration, slamming her fists down onto the mattress.

“Aaaagggh!” she groaned. “If my husband doesn’t get home soon, I’m going to mount a telephone pole.”

She smiled to herself at that word picture, deciding that maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idea.

“After all, the neighbors might get the wrong idea.”

She glanced at the clock beside the bed. It read 2 a.m., and this was the third time this week she had woken up in a state of shall we say “exasperation.”

As she lay there wondering if she should try to go back to bed, her fingers trailed down to the juncture between her legs and confirmed what she already knew.

“Yep! They’re soaked.”

Her panties were so wet, either from sweat or “something” else, that they were almost transparent. If one cared to look, he or she would be afforded a clear view of her nearly hairless nether regions.

Kristen toyed with the idea of toying with herself, but decided to get on the computer and see if her hubby was online and available for some late-night video chat sex.

“Why masturbate alone when you can masturbate with someone?” she always said.

Her husband, Jason, traveled a lot with his job; hence, her seemingly constant state of horniness. He wouldn’t be home for two more days.

Before stepping into her home office, she detoured by the kitchen and grabbed an already-opened bottle of chardonnay from the fridge and a wine glass from the cupboard. Padding back to her office in bare feet, panties and tank top, Kristen chuckled at the thought that someone might pick just that moment to glance through the window and see the nearly naked woman strutting through her living room.

“Let ’em look,” she thought, more than just a little proud of her body. Sure, it wasn’t all completely natural, but she looked damn good, and most of it was due to hard work.

Kristen hadn’t always been the toned, sculpted beauty she was now. Just a few short years ago she was dramatically overweight and decidedly unattractive. Then she met Jason.

Jason was a fitness nut who looked as good naked as he did in clothes. Surprisingly, though, he did not look down on her because of her weight. In fact, he seemed to innately recognize the inner beauty that lurked beneath her plain plump exterior.

Truth be told, Kristen had been damaged goods. Growing up with an alcoholic father, she had, as they say, “issues.” Her over-eating problem was the direct result of trying to control her world when, as a child, she had had no control over her drunken father’s tirades that ripped her self-esteem to shreds.

Jason had changed that.

His steadfast love had finally convinced her to trust. It took years, but eventually, she was able to open up emotionally to him and let him see her for who she really was — flaws and all — and to her delight, he was still deeply and madly in love with her. She didn’t really understand it, but the experience was liberating. That, coupled with her father’s longtime sobriety and her renewed relationship with him, put Kristen in a place she had never been before — a loving, healthy relationship with a chance to really grow as a person.

With that foundation, she turned her attention escort mecidiyeköy to her appearance. Yes, Jason loved her just as she was, but she didn’t love herself that way. One day, she asked Jason if he would take her to the gym with him. He agreed and even lined up a personal trainer for her to work with — a woman named Rachel.

Kristen also scheduled an appointment with a dietician to learn how to control and improve her eating habits. Through discipline and sacrifice she began to steadily drop the weight and get in shape. Little did Jason realize that he had created a monster.

Ironically, her mildly obsessive compulsive behavior came in handy when it came to exercise and dieting. It helped her get to the gym five days a week and lay off the comfort foods.

Eighteen months later, she had lost 75 pounds, but she was shocked to realize that her skin, instead of being tight and firm, now sagged over her much-reduced belly. In addition, her once plump breasts were now decidedly smaller and gravity was taking its toll.

Turning to the Internet, she began researching plastic surgery, and with the support of Jason, scheduled a breast augmentation and tummy-tuck procedure to complete her transformation.

Recovery from the surgery took much longer than she anticipated, but when all was said and done, she had a killer body, especially for a woman in her late 30s.

The sun tattoo around her navel — an open circle with rays extending out in all directions —had been her gift to herself for all she had accomplished, and Jason was thrilled by the sexy design and how she was now more willing to wear sexy (but tasteful) clothes when they went out.

“Heck, after spending $10,000 on that body, I want to show it off,” he said half-jokingly.

Kristen poured herself a glass of wine, plopped down in her desk chair and propped a long leg on her desk. The cool air in the room reminded her that she was still damp “down there.” She launched iChat to see if Jason was online. He was on the East Coast this week, so the chances of him still being up this late were small, but she kept her fingers crossed.

When Jason had first taken the job as a software trainer, he had purchased a second iSight video camera so that he and Kristen could communicate visually when he was away from home. The little camera was great for staying in touch. They could video chat in real time, and he often said that just seeing her helped make the long time away bearable. Of course, they occasionally did a little more than just chat, she recalled, smiling to herself.

The software launched quickly, but she was dismayed to see that Jason’s name in her buddy list was grayed out, meaning he wasn’t online.

“Curses,” she said out loud. “Foiled again!” quoting a line from one of her favorite cartoons she watched as a kid.

Kristen decided to go with Plan B. She launched her Web browser and typed in .com. Clicking on the “Stories and Pics” link, she perused the general topics.

“What am I in the mood for?” she asked herself.

As she began going down the list, one of the first items caught her eye.

“Anal?” She felt her body flush at the idea. She and Jason had tried that a couple of times early on in their relationship, but she didn’t like it and was reluctant to try again. Still, the thought of such a nasty deed made her a little weak in the knees. Besides, reading about it is different from actually doing it.

“No, not tonight,” she decided.

She continued to scan the list: BDSM, Erotic Couplings, Group Sex, Lesbian Sex … hmmm?

A few on the list did nothing for her.

Gay Male, Nonconsensual, Incest/Taboo …

“Yuck,” she thought. “What a turn off.”

“Lesbian Sex,” she decided. “I’m in the mood for a delicate touch.”

Clicking on the Lesbian Sex link, Kristen began to scan through the titles that appeared. One of the things she liked about .com was the way that each time you visited the site, you were presented with a different batch of stories from the long list of submissions.

Scrolling down, she read the titles and the brief synopses. She spotted a submission by one of her favorite writers, “SelenaKittyn.”

She had often wondered about “SelenaKittyn.” She was one of the more prolific writers on , and her stories covered a wide range of topics. She and Jason had both gotten off a number of times to her work. The highest compliment, she figured, you could give to a writer of erotica. One of their favorites was a series titled “Babysitting the Baumgartners,” about a young babysitter who becomes the plaything of a hot couple during a family vacation. Group sex was definitely on Kristen and Jason’s fantasy list.

Kristen didn’t often visit .com without Jason, but that’s not to say that she had never done it bayan escort before. She clicked on the link for the story titled “C-u-n-n-i-l-i-n-g-u-s.”

“Mmmmm,” that sounds promising, she thought.

She began reading a story about two college roommates discussing the inadequacies of men in the cunnilingus department and by the fifth screen, she could feel that all-too-familiar throbbing between her legs. The fingers of her left hand drifted down to her panties, and she lightly traced an outline around her labia. Using the nail of her index finger, she ran it up the length of her slit slowly until reaching her clit. As the nail grazed her sensitive bud, she quivered and felt the heat rise in her body.

In the story, the carefree and open Christy was showing her shy, reserved roommate, Dawn, how to teach her boyfriend to eat pussy.

Christy convinces Dawn to let her demonstrate first hand, or rather first tongue, the finer points of oral sex. It isn’t long before Christy has Dawn’s jeans and panties stripped off an her face buried between the shy girl’s legs, making her pussy throb from the tongue-lashing she is getting from Christy.

“This story is good,” Kristen thought, “but I need a little help.”

Without taking her foot off the desk, Kristen stretched to reach over to the desk drawer and fished around inside until she found what she was looking for. Out came her hand, clutching her prize — a small pink silicone vibrator shaped like a penis.

The vibrator was much smaller than a real penis — or at least much smaller than Jason’s penis — but it was perfect for what she had it mind.

Because of its small size, the penis vibrated at a faster rate than some of her larger dildos. Its realistic shape and ridges added to the experience.

With one hand on the mouse, she allowed the other holding the dildo to drift down to her panty-clad pussy. She briefly let go of the mouse to twist the little knob on the end, which set the tiny dick a-buzzing. She kept it on a low setting at first. She was in no hurry.

As the little dildo buzzed against her box, Kristen returned to the story where Christy was now seeking a little tit for tat from the at-first reluctant Dawn.

“Are you ready for your lesson?” she (Christy) murmured, grabbing a pillow and laying back on it. Her knees were up and open, and I (Dawn) could see a little glistening pink between her lips.

“In… what?” I asked, watching her hand slide down between her legs, finding her clit.

“Let’s teach Josh (the boyfriend) how to eat pussy.” She was grinning at me, her finger moving back and forth.

Fascinated, I watched her play. She rubbed herself differently than I did when I played alone. I made fast little circles, but she used the fleshy hood in an up and down motion over the bud of her clit.

“Is it tit for tat time?” I asked, swallowing, meeting her eyes.

Kristen leaned back in her chair a little more, spreading her legs wider to give her freer access to herself.

“Oh yes,” she thought. “It is definitely tit for tat time,” Kristen said, really getting into the story now.

Looking down at the buzzing little dynamo, she saw that her nipples were once again straining against her T-shirt.

She loved how her new breasts were firm but still hung naturally on her. Her doctor was a genius. Briefly taking her hand off the mouse, she ran the back of her fingers up along her side to where the large armholes of her T-shirt allowed access to the sides of her breasts. She loved it when Jason touched her like that. Most men only focused on the nipples, but for Kristen, the sides of her breasts were the most sensitive parts — not that she didn’t love it when he pressed the flat palm of his hand into her mounds and slowly rotated them around. “Oh, that felt good too,” she thought.

She continued her teasing touch by using her nail to circle around her right nipple, being careful not to actually touch the areola or nipple itself. She liked to build up anticipation. Round and round she went, still reading the story as she absent-mindedly drew closer and closer to her prominent nipple. Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore, and grasped her breast and gently squeezed. The pressure sent a electric shock through her body that seemed to end right at her cunt. She felt a new trickle of fluid slip from her and slide down the crack of her ass.

Taking a second to scroll up to the next part of the story, she then slipped her hand under her T-shirt and cupped her left breast, feeling its weight by lifting it slightly. She didn’t bother teasing this breast. It already knew what was coming.

Instead, her fingers went straight for pay dirt, capturing that hard nipple between her thumb and index finger and pinching and rolling it — not too hard, but not too soft bayrampaşa escort bayan either. As Goldilocks would say, “Just right!”

Kristen was beginning to lose interest in the story on the screen and was becoming more interested in the story the little dildo was writing on her pussy. Withdrawing her hand from her left breast, she reached down and pulled the edge of her panties aside to grant the little vibrator unencumbered access to her drooling vagina.

For some reason, Kristen always felt a little nasty when she pulled her panties aside like that. It was even sexier than being completely naked. Maybe it had something to do with her teenage years when she would let boys touch her “down there,” but wouldn’t let them take her clothes off.

She was on a mission now. She turned the vibrator to high as she continued to run the head of fake cock up and down her slit, pausing each time when it reached her clit. She now had both legs up on the desk, one on each side of the large monitor and was almost reclining in the chair.

For a second, she wondered how she must look to someone watching her, and a moment of panic passed through her mind as she glanced up at the video camera, wondering if she had remembered to close the privacy shade.

She had.

Although, the camera wasn’t supposed to transmit anything unless you were involved in a video chat, she always worried that some enterprising hacker out there might be able to tap into the camera and peek in on whatever she happened to be doing at the time.

Well, if they can, they’d certainly be getting an eyeful, she thought, toying briefly with the idea of opening the privacy shade just for fun.

Kristen had a touch of exhibitionism in her, but she was still a little too conservative to completely let go. Maybe someday as her confidence continued to grow.

Her ministrations were having the desired effect, and she became more daring with the little dildo, allowing it to slip up inside her before popping it back out and circling it around her clit. Round and round, up and down the little device traveled, even heading as far south as her tender little anus, where the buzzing added a whole new dimension to her excitement. She may not have wanted Jason’s big cock up her tight back door, but it didn’t mean she didn’t like a little stimulation down under.

She imagined that Christy from the story was doing to her what she had been doing to Dawn. She wondered if she’d ever have the nerve to make love to a woman. She and Jason had fantasized about the possibility many times, but Kristen had long ago learned that fantasy and reality were two different things. Besides, Kristen wasn’t sure she could go down on another woman.

She was getting close now, but she needed both hands to finish the job. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties and lifted her ass off the chair so she could slide them down. She didn’t bother taking them all the way off, but rather left them midway down her thighs, stretched wide by her parted legs, which were still up on the desk.

Again, she brought her little friend home and focused it on her clit as the fingers of her other hand reached under her ass to toy with her openings. She loved her hand grazing her ass as she slipped her fingers in and out of her hole and the vibrator worked its magic on her clit. She felt the familiar feeling building and knew that it wouldn’t be long. She felt like such a slut lying there with her legs spread wide, frigging herself with the tiny vibrator while she fucked herself with her fingers, her hips thrusting up and down to meet the vibrator and her fingers.

When the orgasm hit her, she lifted her hips off the chair, bucking and moaning as waves of pleasure rolled over her. She buried her fingers inside her sopping cunt and felt the contractions squeeze them. As the crescendo receded, her fingers slipped from her body and her ass came back to rest on the chair. She was breathing heavily and noticed that there was now a wet spot on the chair’s upholstery. Well, the dog would have fun sniffing that one.

She turned off the little buzzing vibrator and covered her mound with her right hand, relishing the feeling of warmth that it gave.

“Ooooh! That was a good one,” she thought as an aftershock rippled through body.

Kristen was about to get cleaned up to return to bed, when she heard the familiar ring of the iChat software announcing an invitation to chat.

“Great,” she thought. “He’s a little fucking late now!”

But when she closed the Web browser and saw the invitation, she realized it was from her best friend, Rachel.

Kristen and Rachel had been friends for several years now — ever since Rachel had become her personal trainer.

Maybe it was the fact that she had always found Rachel attractive, or maybe it was the story she had just read, or maybe the fact that she was sitting there recovering from a mind-blowing orgasm, but Kristen felt a new little tingle in her groin as she went to the keyboard to accept Rachel’s invitation to chat.

To be continued …

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