The Aunts Ep. 01: Mary

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My Aunt Mary had some issues, most notably with her marriage. She was a thin little woman of about 35 years with long jet black hair, a tiny waist, a little bubble butt, and very perky 32 A, or possibly B cup tits, with upturned nipples that showed through the tight T shirts she liked to wear, almost never with a bra.

She was as we say in Texas, cute as a bug.

And she was a flirt. She had been brushing her little tits on me since I got home from college, and giving me that sly look with her ice blue eyes.

She was my mom’s youngest sister. I was 5 years old when my mom died from a stroke. The still teen aged Mary developed a bond with me and my sisters, and always stayed in close contact with us as we grew. She was clearly our favorite aunt, and very protective. She did her best to make sure we were always taken care of.

About 5 years ago, her husband Joey gave her a pretty bad beating, so she shot him.

But Mary was a terrible shot, and the bullet just grazed him.

He seemed to have learned his lesson though, and he treated her pretty well for a few months.

Then he beat her again, and of course, she shot him again. Still a poor shot, but this one jacked up his arm pretty good. A messy divorce followed quickly.

Aunt Mary grew ever closer with my wife Laura and I. We did things like fixing up her house and car for her, we went places together, and had a lot of fun.

My wife and I were avid shooters, and we taught Aunt Mary to be an above average shot. I learned not to shoot pool with Aunt Mary, at least not for money.

In her youth, she had earned money hustling guys in bars, pretending to be drunk and stupid, then running the table on them. Not only could she shoot pool, she could hold her liquor like a man twice her size.

But Aunt Mary couldn’t let go of those issues.

Sooner than I expected, she was seeing Joey.

Laura tried to talk to Mary about it, but to no avail.

“I love him.” Mary told her. “He makes me do bad things.”

About 2 years after the divorce, they were walking down the aisle again.

Joey made good money, and he did a lot of things to regain Mary’s trust.

New car, big diamonds, remodeled the house, and remodeled Mary’s tits.

The best plastic surgeon in Dallas did a fantastic job on Mary’s tits, and now she was sporting a firm round pair of 32 DD’s under her tight T shirts, still almost always without a bra. On her thin 5 foot 1 inch frame, they looked enormous.

I’ll never forget the Christmas party, when all the men were gathered around the tube watching football.

Mary popped in to the room, in a tight t shirt with no bra as usual.

“Show us your new tits Mary!” Joey said drunkenly. Mary pulled her shirt up and her perfect tits fell free.

Uncle Charles almost shit his pants. Aunt Ella almost came unglued on him for the way he stared lustfully at his own sister’s tits.

Later I pulled Ella aside. Ella was a 5 foot 6 natural blonde, with clear blue eyes, and tits just as big as Mary’s were now. Only Ella’s were real. A narrow wasp waist and just a touch of roundness on her hips and buttocks made Ella quite a package, even in her early 40’s.

“Aunt Ella, you know you’re way prettier than Aunt Mary.” She knew she was.

“Don’t be too hard on Uncle Charles, there’s no guy in the world that wouldn’t have stared. If I had a choice between you and Aunt Mary, I’d pick you in a minute.”

She seemed to think that was vaguely creepy, but she agreed to forgive him.

She was my aunt by marriage, and Uncle Charles was a dick. For years I’d thought how much I’d love to fuck Aunt Ella.

Now she knew it, and while she seemed flattered, she always kept her distance from me after that.


Joey being Joey, it was only a matter of time till he beat her again.

And Mary being Mary, and being an above average shot now, she emptied the clip of a .45 automatic through the center of his chest. He would never beat her again.

There was little question he had it coming, but the police in the suburb of Dallas she lived in felt they had to arrest her for something.

Aunt Mary agreed to bahis firmaları a plea bargain, and served 90 days in jail for discharging a firearm within city limits.

Aunt Mary got out of jail, none the worse for the wear. Her employer was very supportive, and had generously paid her legal fees. Her job for was waiting for her on the day she was released.

She adjusted very well, after the initial shock of having killed her husband, but she just couldn’t bear to stay in the house any longer.

She put it on the market, and rented a smaller house, two streets over from us. Once more, she was a regular sight in our home.

And she was still a flirt. Only now it was almost painfully hard to resist when she put her big round tits on me. She wasn’t just brushing them lightly on my arm anymore, she was positively mashing them against whatever part of my body she found handy. And I loved it!

For a lot of reasons other than Aunt Mary’s flirting, my marriage to Laura had collapsed. She bitched constantly about stupid things, and she had really let her body go.

When I met her she had the finest butt I had ever seen, and a pretty face, with wide set green eyes. Her thick blonde hair was always perfectly groomed, both on her head and on her tight wet pussy, which I jammed my thick 8 inch cock in to every day.

At first that is. Now once a month was about all I could expect.

When we were dating Laura would pull the head of my dick in to her mouth at just about any time, and swirl her tongue gently around it while her soft hand slid smoothly up and down my shaft, until she felt it begin to throb, Then she would pull my cock all the way in while I pumped my hot thick load straight down her throat.

She hadn’t done that in years now. My once beautiful wife was starting to look more like Shrek.

The divorce was arranged, and immediately we started to get along better.

It wouldn’t be final till the end of the month, but I prepared to move in to a new apartment anyway, which would be ready on Friday.

Laura had no problem with me staying, we didn’t work the same days anyway, so it wasn’t like we’d be hanging out together.

Sunday night we actually enjoyed a very nice fuck, the best we had had in a long time.


Monday was one of my days off. I worked four 10 hour shifts a week. I really loved the extra day off.

I had slept late and was lounging on the couch just before noon, when the phone rang. I reached over and picked it up.

“What are you doing?” said the familiar voice of Aunt Mary. It was the quirky way she started every conversation on the phone.

“Laying on couch.” I replied.

“Lemme talk to Laura for a minute.”

“She’s working, she’ll be home around 4. Want me to tell her to call you?”

“Four! That gives us around four hours!”

Aunt Mary was always saying crap like that. But she never followed through on it.

“You bet it does! I just got out of the shower, why don’t you come on over!” I said, with a tone of mock seriousness she had heard before.

“Be there in 5 minutes!” she laughed, and we said our goodbyes.

3 minutes later I heard that light but rapid knock on the door that could only be one person. I quickly opened it, and there, in all her glory, stood Aunt Mary.

The tight T shirt she was wearing allowed her big firm tits to sway gently from side to side. It was 100 degrees in the Texas sun, and still her erect nipples looked ready to burst through the soft fabric.

A thin film of sweat moistened her skin.

She walked in and hugged me, smashing her tits against my chest, and thrust her leg out backward to kick the door shut with a loud slam.

She stood on her toes and mashed her lips against mine. Our tongues were swirling in each others mouths. My hands grabbed both cheeks of her firm bubble butt, and pulled her hips tight against mine.

When we broke our kiss, Aunt Mary turned around and pressed her tight little butt against my crotch and rocked her hips in a circle.

My arms wrapped around her, and my hands slid up under the tight T shirt to massage her big firm tits. I had wanted to do that kaçak iddaa for so long!

“Where’s the bedroom sugar?” she said, although she knew good and well where it was, and was already leading me to it by the hand.

Now we stood kissing at the edge of the king sized bed. I lifted Mary’s shirt off over her head while she expertly unbuttoned my jeans and worked the zipper down.

My long thick cock was fully erect, and sprung straight out to slap against Mary’s bare belly.

She slid her pants off and pulled me down on to the bed, spreading her legs wide for me to mount her.

“I don’t have any rubbers, but I’ll pull out.” I said as her hand encircled my throbbing cock, guiding it to the silky opening of her neatly trimmed pussy.

“You don’t ever have to pull out of me, sweetie.” she muttered.

I pushed gently, and my long thick penis slid to the bottom of my aunt’s vagina in one smooth stroke.

Aunt Mary didn’t have the tightest pussy I had ever had, but the texture of the walls of her pussy was incredible, like a magic coating of some sort, that bathed my entire cock in a rich luxurious sensation I had never known before.

I began to fuck my beautiful aunt with long smooth strokes.

Aunt Mary’s fuck skills were absolutely off the top of the chart. She rolled her hips in a figure 8 motion, first in one direction, then the other, changing at random, while she expertly rolled my balls in her soft little hand.

She could sense my building orgasm, and change her rhythm and motion to take me right to the point on the edge where my cock tingled almost painfully, hold me there, and back me down again.

20 minutes later, I was still stroking smoothly in and out of her velvety hole.

She began to tremble.

“Oh god… Oh god.” Aunt Mary grunted and locked her legs around my back, pulling me in up to my balls, holding me there so tightly I couldn’t move at all. She rocked her hips rapidly straight up and down. I felt her vagina flush wet, and begin to spasm violently.

A series of powerful orgasms swept over my pretty Aunt Mary.

My balls were almost aching to unload. I felt as if I hadn’t cum in years.

Our lips pressed together, our tongues swirled gently in each other’s mouths as I made love to my aunt, with a fire and passion I had never imagined.

I felt the head of my dick begin to tingle and swell.

“Are you ready to cum for me sugar? There you go baby cum for mama… just cum in me sweetie.” she whispered in my ear.

She gently stroked the skin at the base of my balls with her hand, and stuffed her hot, wet tongue deep in to my ear.

And I lost it.

I moaned, and buried my steaming cock deep inside Aunt Mary’s hot wet pussy.

My shaft began to throb as I felt the first spurt of my hot thick cum race up the tube in my dick, and burst from the slit in the tip to splatter against her cervix.

My cock continued to throb and blow long ropes of sperm deep in to her belly.

Soon, it was gushing out around the thick base of my cock with every throb, flowing down her heart shaped ass, forming a pool on the sheets below us.

It had been over an hour since Aunt Mary knocked on the door, when I rolled off of her. My dick flopped out of her and slapped against my stomach, as I fell exhausted on to my back.

My load continued to ooze from her rapidly closing pussy.

Now it was time to give her fabulous tits the attention they deserved.

I pulled a nipple gently in to my mouth, brushing my lips and tongue over it, till it had stiffened fully. I moved back and forth from one to the other, as I massaged the beautiful globes and rubbed my crotch lightly on her silky smooth thigh.

My long thick penis began to stiffen again.

“You wanna try ’em out?” Aunt Mary whispered with a wicked grin.

I straddled her belly and began to slide my dick in and out of my pretty aunt’s deep cleavage. Our sweat was all the lube we needed, and I savored the rich sensation as I plunged deep between her tits, dragging my bag lightly over the sweaty skin of her belly. In a surprisingly short time, I was ready to cum.

Aunt Mary kaçak bahis sensed by the short choppy strokes, and the swelling of my knob, I was ready to blow. The head began to tingle.

“Shoot it in my mouth baby doll.” She whispered.

Just in time, I pushed the head in to her open mouth, and began to ejaculate.

Her lips formed a tight ring around my wildly spurting prick, and she began to swallow eagerly. She didn’t spill a drop.


A little while later, we had carried our clothes out to the couch, and sat there talking and thinking about putting them on.

“We’ve still got a couple of hours…” Aunt Mary smiled wickedly, pressing a big firm tit against my arm.

We began to kiss again. My fingers drifted down to her pussy. Her hand drifted to my cock.

I had been fingering her for about a minute, and my cock was just about fully hard again, when one of my fingers slipped a bit and gently brushed her asshole.

She shuddered suddenly, and thrust her tongue deeper in to my mouth.

I touched it again, and a moan rose from her throat.

“Don’t touch that unless you’re gonna finish it.” she gasped.

I had never butt fucked anyone, I thought my dick was just too thick, and I told her so.

“I can take it. I can take it all but you have to do it just like I say… will you do it baby? Finish it for me…”

She rolled on to her belly, and lifted her perfect little bubble slightly. I noticed a small tattoo of a skunk on her right butt cheek.

“Do I need to go get some lube?”

“No… just use your spit. Spit on it and rub the head on the outside. Don’t push, just hold it there.”

I put a handful of spit on my thick bulb, and rested it gently on Aunt Mary’s asshole.

She pushed back slightly and began to slowly wiggle her tight bubble butt.

I could feel the tip start to spread her anus, a little more with each delicious rotation of her hips. Soon most of the head was lodged in the opening of her asshole.

“Push a little sweetie.”

I pushed gently, and the tight ring of muscle snapped down over my glans.


30 long seconds passed.

“Ok.” she whispered. I pushed another inch in to her tight anus.

“Wait… Ok.” Another inch.

I pushed again. Then again I waited, over and over, until finally, several minutes later my cock was completely buried in my pretty aunt’s asshole.

“Slow sweetie… fuck my asshole nice and slow.”

I began to pump my thick meaty rod slowly in and out of her. Her anus was stretched in to a tight ring that clung to my prick as I drew back out of her. The sight was incredible!

In a few minutes, Aunt Mary had adjusted to my girth completely and I was sawing my cock furiously in and out of her tight pink asshole. I could feel my cum building in my balls.

“Oh.. oh.. Aunt Mary I’m gonna cum in your asshole!”

“Do it sweetie.. do it” she groaned as she felt my thick rod begin to pulse and throb wildly. My semen boiled over and shot from the end of my cock deep in to Aunt Mary’s rectum.

Suddenly, the front door opened.

Two steps in to the room, and my wife had a full view of the couch.

I yanked my spurting prick quickly out of my pretty aunt’s anus and jumped to my feet. The last few spurts of my semen shot across the room toward Laura.

“What the fuck!! How long has this been happening! You BASTARD! Fucking your own aunt! Get out! Just get the fuck out of here right now!”

I spent the next few days at Aunt Mary’s.


On Friday my apartment was ready. I was glad to move in, and start getting on with life. If I had stayed with Aunt Mary much longer, there wouldn’t have been any skin left on my dick.

Laura made sure the whole family knew what she had seen.

Some were outraged, some just laughed.

I got a few lectures over the phone, but it was what it was, I had no real regrets.

After a few months the furor began to die down, and I found myself finally able to relax. On a rainy Monday morning in October, I was snoozing on the couch, when the phone rang.

A vaguely familiar voice on the line spoke my name awkwardly.

“This is your Aunt Ella… Um, would you mind if I stopped by for a little while…”

Her voice trailed off. My penis began to stiffen.

To be continued

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