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The Attendant Ch. 16

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In a world where gay men have been stripped away of their basic human rights through the “Attendant” status, Peter becomes a slave in his own household. Soon, his step-father and younger brother learn to take their roles of “Masters” very seriously.

This is a dark, authoritarian, dystopian fiction. It includes numerous elements of non-consensual BDSM, dom/sub practises and sex, including slavery, and rape, as well as incestuous relationships. The story does not, in any way, reflect the views or political opinions of the author.

All characters are above 18 years old.


The Attendant.

Chapter 16: The other plan. [Finale Chapter]

— Martin’s plan —

“I know Pete. We will make him pay. I have a plan.”

I could not believe it.

I did not need to convince my brother! He already knew that our father was a monster and, better than that, he actually had a plan to save us!

Although, I did not get the chance to hear any more about Martin’s “plan”, our father came back in the room only seconds after he had left. He looked nervous and in a hurry.

“What’s going on here?” He barked at my brother.

Martin had taken my ball gag off. He was kneeling beside me. This was suspicious.

Martin spat on my face and harshly slapped my face.

“I wanted it to lube my cock in its fag mouth before fucking its ass, dad.” My brother casually replied, spitting on my cheek to punctuate his sentence.

Surely, it was the smart thing to do but I was terrified that our father would ask Martin to turn these words into action. Thankfully, he seemed to have other things in mind.

“No time for this anymore! We have to go.”

My father hastily and agressively unchained me. I almost fell from the torture table. Semen was still dripping from my opened asshole. I was very disoriented.

“What’s going on dad?” Martin was apparently as clueless as I was. It was not a good sign.

“Just follow me!”

I was struggling standing up after hours spent lying down, my arms and legs chained up in the air. The sleezy bar was agitated, all the remaining guests seemed in a hurry to leave.

We got out by a back door following General Thompson who literally ran to meet his chauffeur on the parking lot. He seemed concerned too.

Only once we were in the car, my father explained to my brother:

“Some liberals folks were about to come down here with cameras and shit, trying to expose something.”

“I don’t understand, what we were doing here, it was not illegal, no?”

Martin was right. These men were merely raping an Attendant. Nothing reprehensible in the eyes of the law.

“No, of course not! We did nothing wrong. But the way I reward the donators of my campaign should not be anybody’s concerns!”

In the back of the car, I kept my head down in silence as I had been taught. I had lost both the ball gag and the butt plug in the kerfuffle in the bar. I was numb. My ass hurt like hell. Was it a nightmare or had I been really fucked, pissed on and abused by roughly fifty or sixty men?

I held on to my brother words. I repeated them on loop in my head. He had a plan.

What plan though?

Was Matin in with the resistance? Did he get access to the flash drive? Did he have something else in mind? Fuck. What if his plan clashes with the Resistance’s efforts? We needed to talk, coordinate ourselves. It was early morning of October 31st, we did not have much time.

The sun was rising when we arrived home. I was extenuated.

My brother went to his room to catch up on some sleep but my Owner had several calls to run after the incident at the bar. I was asked to stay at his feet, licking them. After a couple of hours, I miserably fell asleep on the floor, his dirty toes stuck in my mouth. My ass had not been washed and was still filled with strangers’ cum.

I woke up on the floor in the living room, around noon. I was alone.

I drank some water from the kitchen sink and swallowed two pieces of bread. I needed to act fact. First of all, I needed to talk to my brother.

I went upstairs trying to remain quiet. Both my brother and father bedroom’s doors were closed. I assumed they were both sleeping at this point. I entered in my brother’s room in silence, my heart was pounding in my chest.

His bed was undone but Martin was not there.


I paced around the house, pretending to clean things up. After a while, I figured my Owner was gone too. Where the hell were they?

I took a very long shower. I spent nearly two hours under the freezing water trying to remove the filth of the previous night. I rubbed every inch of my skin multipe times but I still felt dirty. Every time my brain started to recall what had happened, I blocked these thoughts out. I simply could not afford to process my pain and my humiliation, I would lose my mind and there was no time for this.

Afterwards, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. If I wanted to burn down the house, I could, I had matches. There were knives too. I could just Erenköy escort bayan kill my step-father. End it all. But again, my brother told me he had a plan. Did he really?

I had never been that nervous in my life. I wanted to find Juliet or Nathan, tell them to stop the whole Resistance’s operation. This was too crazy, too dangerous.

From 5:30 pm, I was frantically looking at the window every two minutes to see if my father and brother were coming back.

The sun was coming down.

At 8 pm, I was going through crazy scenarios in my head, terrified of what would happen in the next few hours.

Outside, nobody was really celebrating Halloween. No children were in the streets. I thought back of the time when I was a child. When America was still a democracy. When gay people could get married. I laughed out loud like a maniac. Gay marriage, what a crazy idea! I laughed some more. Maybe I had gone through too much and I was becoming insane?

Finally, at 8:45 pm, my Owner and my brother came back home.

Both of them seemed a bit nervous but not overly concerned. I waited for them naked, kneeling down in the entrance. I was shaking although I do not think any of them noticed. I was not wearing my butt plug either but none of them seemed to notice, actually, they did not give me a single look.

“I think we’re good. The Party will announce my nomination tomorrow and it will be done. As for Ganderson, we need to be prepared to every eventuality, her staying or her leaving the oval office.”

My dad was casually talking politics with my brother. The world had not collapsed yet.

I served them dinner. I wanted to scream. I wanted to take my brother aside. I knew that somewhere, somehow, Terrence was sending the compromising files from the flash drive to every active email address in America. I knew that somewhere else, Attendants were preparing to burn down their houses. Were they though? Would that actually happen? Maybe someone in the Resistance had got arrested. Maybe nothing would happen.

Finally, while he was eating his dessert, my Owner looked at his phone.

“I just received a very peculiar email.” He stated.

My heart skipped a beat. This was actually happening!

My Owner started scrolling through, mumbling in his beard. I could not comprehend any word he was saying. My brother looked at his own emails. He seemed surprised. So, he did not know about the flash drive? Martin was not in with the Resistance’s plan?

“Dad, I think this is serious. Look, these is General Schneider.”

My former-father did not respond. He was only talking to himself, taking notes on a pad.

“Schneider, mmm, maybe that’s good. President Ganderson. What the hell is this crap?”

I am pretty sure he was looking to see if his own name would come up. As far as I knew, nothing in the files was related to my father.

“Oh god…” Whispered Martin. He had just opened a file containing thousands of pictures of Attendants being tortured. “This is…” He could not end his sentence. From where I was kneeling down, I could see pictures of an Attendant being threatened with a knife. Martin could not look at the rest of the pictures.

Maybe nothing would change but at least now, nobody could pretend they did not know about what was really happening.

Our father finally paid attention to my brother:

“Martin, we will have to arrange a meeting with Commander Johnson to adjust our political response and….”

Someone knocked at the door, interrupting him.

“Attendant.” Shouted my Owner at my direction.

This was my signal to go open the door. I hurried in the entrance, millions of thoughts battling in my head.

I opened to see Xavier Richard standing behind the door, looking grave and serious behind his tiny round glasses. He was accompanied by three other men. I knew two of them: there was Cooper, the buff guy who had come to take me on the faithful night I had become an Attendant, and Captain Philips who had fucked me less than 24 hours before. Behind them, another muscular guy was holding a gun and looked quite frightening.

“Where is your Owner, Attendant?” Asked Mr. Richard.

“My Owner is having dinner with his son. Please come in, Sirs” I bowed down.

I guided them in the living-room.

“Xavier, what a pleasure to see you here! Gentlemen.” My father nodded to the other three. “I imagine this is about this atrocious email we have just received.”

“The atrocious email?” Asked Richard. He seemed surprised, maybe they were not aware of the leak yet.

“Yes… I am afraid it does not look to good for Schneider. Being sodomized by his own Attendant, with his own cane! Whou would have thought? I guess you made the right choice betting on me!”

My Owner tried a confident smile but Xavier Richard just held his hand to make him shut up. This was very unusual, my father was hierarchically superior to Richard.

“Look Stephan, your rumbling about Schneider will not solve anything. I am afraid that I come here tonight Escort içerenköy bearing some very bad news.”

“What’s happening Xavier? You are worrying me.” Enquired my father. I could see he was battling with himself to remain steady and keep up the appearances.

“We have been made aware of very troubling activities Mister Clarck.”

It was like I was reliving the exact scene of my arrest, six months before. Was I losing my mind? Probably. Inspector Cooper was smiling largely.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand what this is about. And my name is General Clarck, not Mister Clarck. You certainly know that, Xavier.”

“Stephan Clarck, you are under arrest for engaging in unlawful homosexual activities.” Richard finally stated with a heavy sight.

My heard dropped in my chest.

“Xavier? What? What the hell is this non-sense? I am totally authorized to fuck my Attendant if this pleases me! This does not make me a homosexual!”

“This had nothing to do with you Attendant, Mister Clarck.”

“I won’t say this again, you address me as General!” My father was now very agitated and I got chills all over my naked body.

“We address you how we fucking please, faggot!” Interrupted Cooper, visibly very pleased by this new turn of events.

“I won’t let this go down!” Shouted my father. “You have no idea who you are dealing with. I can have Commander Fallon… No, forget this, I can have President Ganderson on the line in a minute! This is outrageous. Unacceptable!”

“Neither will be able to help your case Clarck.” Stated Philips. He took some documents from a brown file that he was holding. They were polaroid pictures; I had not seen polaroid in years. He handed them to my father.

If it was possible, the atmosphere in the room got even more tense.

My father started shaking uncontrollably, unable to detach his eyes from the incriminating pictures.

“Those are… Those are… This is evidently a set-up! Come on Xavier, this is obviously a political ruse! Parker must be behind this! Philips, after everything I’ve done for you! I’ve just nominated you… this is… this is plot against the Governor of Ohio!”

“Stephan, do not make this harder than it already is.” Stated Richard. “Mister Clarck you have been photographed having sexual intercourse with another Man, Mister Tom Garner, in your office, inside an official state government building! This is a disgrace which goes beyond anything we could have ever imagined. We have no other choice but to proceed with your immediate arrest.”

Tom Garner, he was the young photographer assistant. What the hell? My mind was exploding.

“No… No Xavier… This is…”

“Will you accept to follow us to the station or will we need to use force?”

My father turned to my brother. I was terribly confused but Martin was not.

I could not believe it. Just like Cooper and Philips, my younger brother was actually smiling. This might have been the scariest thing to happen thus far.

“Martin?” Begged my father.

“Father, all I can say is that I am shocked and appalled. This is sickening. Gentlemen, would you escort this man, well, this being, out of my house!”

“Martin!” This time my father really lost it. His eyes looked like they were about to come out of his head. “Martin… This is… NO!” He screamed out of his lungs as Cooper was trying to grab him.

“Calm down Stephan.”

“No! You don’t understand! This… Martin is the homosexual! THIS DISGUSTING BOY HAS BEEN AN HOMOSEXUAL ALL HIS LIFE! BOTH OF THEM, FAGS!” He pointed at my brother and I. “NOT ME! I… THIS IS A SET UP!”

Despite the yelling, Martin remained calm and even stood closer from his father, facing him, almost dominating him. When did my baby brother turn into this confident and unapologetic man? I was as impressed as I was terrified.

In a firm voice, Martin stated:

“Evidently, there has been a single homosexual in this house all this time, and it was you father. Not Peter, not me. It was you.”

At this point, my father ran towards my brother and pushed him against the couch, it moved and broke the coffee table. The two fell over the couch and started to fight on the floor, in the broken glasses.

My former-father started strangling his own son:

“You… fucking… faggot!”

I was too stunt to move but thankfully, the inspectors acted quickly. Philips used his Taser on my father — it was his speciality — and the other two men grabbed both of his arms. Xavier Richard stayed aside, just repositioning his round glasses on his nose. After a second electric shock, my father dropped on the floor, unconscious.

My brother seemed ruffled but fine.

“Thank you, gentlemen.” Martin said, standing up as if it were nothing. “Should we fix the fate of the Attendant now? As discussed, I am afraid that all of this was a tragic mistake from the start.”

Xavier Richard looked at me. He then winked at my brother. My heart was racing again. That was it then, my brother’s plan! Was I about to get freed?


Tuzla escort The Resistance Plan —

But Cooper cut off the conversation:

“Gentlemen, outside!” He shouted.

He was pointing at the window; a strange orange light was lighting up the streets and now the inside of our messy living-room.

“Fuck, this house is actually burning down!”

For a minute, I had forgotten this was supposed to happen. But it was happening, right before our eyes. Attendants were completing their missions, creating chaos.

“Hurry-up guys, this is not good! Let’s bring this one to the station!” Xavier Richard said pointing to my still unconscious father.

“Wait! What about my brother?” Shouted my brother. “What about the Attendant? Don’t forget our deal, Richard!”

Martin tried to run after them but the inspectors were already pulling our father out of the house. They threw him in their van like a huge piece of meat. Philips teared up his shirt in the process. Some of our neighbours were standing outside in their robes or pyjamas. Everyone seemed confused by what was going on.

An instant later, my brother and I were alone in the house and everything went quiet. It felt like I had just run a marathon. I had not realized that I was sweating a lot, pearls of sweat were dripping down my ass crack.

Martin was looking through the window. He seemed determined not to look at me.

“Martin?” I whispered softly.

He stood there for a while before finally conceding to turn around. His gaze went naturally on my dick. I had forgotten that I was still naked before him. He walked towards me, I did not know what to expect.

He hugged me and suddenly broke in tears on my shoulder.

We stayed like this for long minutes, unable to say a word to each other as he was breaking down. Still, I was trying to hold myself together, I knew the night had only begun.

“Pete. I’m so sorry.” He cried out. “I’m sorry about last night, about everything. I know you can never forgive me for what I’ve done to you but, if you knew how sorry I am…”

“Martin, calm down…”

Martin was uncontrollably sobbing now. A few minutes before, he was so calm, so impressive confronting our father but right there, he was my baby brother again.

“I’m so sorry Pete… He manipulated me, he lied… He made me do stuff.”

He knelt down and grabbed my naked legs. His head was at the level of my dick. Tears were running down his beautiful cheeks.

“Martin… calm down. Please.” I begged.

“Pete… I… The things they did to you… I’d do anything to change this…”

“Martin, breathe!” I knelt down as well to be at his level, I held his head in my hands. “Martin! You have to get yourself together!” I slapped him to get him to calm down. “We need to talk.”

I locked eyes with him. He breathed deeply and we both sat down on the floor, leaning against the back of the couch.

“Just tell me what happened Martin. We need to figure shit out.”

“Peter. I feel so stupid… I was wrong. I thought it was you. I thought you were trying to frame me.”

“When did you figure that dad was lying?”

“A few weeks ago. I think I figured it out during the photoshoot they made us do. They shocked you so bad that you fainted at some point. And during that time, dad did things to me as I was wearing the Attendant’s uniform. Horrible things… And it just hit me. It was him… Not you! Maybe I always knew in some way but Pete, he manipulated me for months, probably for years!”

I put my hand on his watery cheek.

“I’m the one who’s sorry Martin… I thought you were gay and I was afraid of what would happen to you so I told them it was me. I thought about mom. I tried to help. This was a terrible mistake.”

“You were right though.” He marked a pause. “I am gay.”

At this point, we both stopped talking. That was such a huge thing to say in the world we were living in. We heard something which sounded like a bomb outside.

“But I have never watched porn. I promise. I know it is forbidden to act on my sick impulses and I swear I have never done it.”

“The system is sick Martin, not you.”

He smiled lightly. We heard another detonation outside and a fire truck passed by the house. Martin had calmed down and spoke again.

“Since the photoshoot, I have been working on a plan. I wanted to stop dad. I knew he was a homosexual and that it could get him arrested. I wanted him to confess everything.”

“What did you do?”

“Well… It was tough. Dad is smart and he could have all the sex that he wanted with Attendants so he did not have any real reason to go with another Man and risk everything. I was giving up on my plan when General Thompson offered to help me.”

“What? I thought that Thompson was working with dad!”

“Maybe, but behind the scenes, Thompson still wanted the Governor’s job, they made a deal with Xavier Richard and Captain Philips. The three of them were secretly working against our dad and against Schneider this whole time. I don’t know how Thompson knew that I would be willing to come after dad as well, but he approached me and we made a deal. We organized a set-up with the photographer’s assistant that we had met during the campaign photoshoot. The poor guy is just a collateral victim of this plan.”

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