The Anal Game Ch. 01

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Dildo Machine

Somewhere along the line something funny had happened I decided. My name was Charlotte, and along with a group of 4 other girls we were unable to leave the space station. It wasn’t for the lack of being physically restricted, there were escape pods often just meters from them, and in fact my first lesbian experience had happened in one, but anybody who tried to leave just froze. They stood in place for hours, mind completely blank unable to move unable somebody moved them back to the middle of the room and spanked them. Most of us suspected it was something to do with the blue braces on our arms which we were unable to remove, any attempt would also end us up frozen.

In fact being frozen was a common occurrence, not just at escape attempts but seeming whenever anybody other than the group of 5 wanted them to be. At various points people of both genders would visit the ship. The group, who ‘affectionately’ known to all the travellers at the bitch-sluts or something just the BS were then slaves to whoevers will. This could be done by being frozen, just going with it or for rewards which were handed out at the end. Rewards varied but were basic just necessities — food, water although these days more toys were being ‘gifted’ to the BS’s.

I had lost count of the number of times she’d been frozen early on, although now she realised the futility and went along with it more. Most of her visitors were in fact girls who she was often required to lick furiously until they had their orgasm again and again. Whilst almost all things sexual I had now experienced, there had been one that I had never tried, anal. Until today.

I and the other BS’s watched as the travellers came up. I noticed Jane quickly, a visitor I had licked to orgasm plenty of times. Jane nodded at I and without a word they departed from the main room and into one of the many side rooms, this one was simply titled Snow, not because it was cold, but because it was completely white.

“The normal?” I asked.

“To start with yes, sometime in things will change but just go along with it, it will be obvious what’s different.” Came Jane’s reply

I moved up against the wall, head pressed hands pressed up against it, ass firmly pushed out towards Jane. I turned my head round to see her disrobe down to her bra and thong. She was an attractive lady, long blonde hair, greeny-blue eyes and some very large tits. I felt her hands run up my legs to remove my skirt, knickers and tights, before she moved up, instinctively I put my hands up in the air and she took off my shirt and bra. Even after all this time, I still blushed slightly uncomfortable about being nude among somebody I only knew threw weekly sex visits.

As I put my hands back on the wall, I felt Jane’s fingers enter my pussy. She was pressed up against me, one hand fingering my pussy roughly the other squeezing my tits. Her fingers in my pussy were pushing in deep but with skill. It wasn’t long my pussy was soaking and her fingers were wet. I was starting at the wall, moaning loudly as was Jane’s preference, and I could almost see her power hungry smile. As I reached my climax she stopped, so close to orgasm I nearly wept in disappointment. She was at teasing me like this, only once had I ever cum with her, dozens of other times I had been left hanging on the edge. This time I was sure she had mis-calculated but instead I was burning with passion. She put her fingers in my mouth and without a thought I licked them clean, before feeling her other hands fingers enter my pussy again. However instead of teasing me this close to the edge she simply got her fingers wet before putting those in my mouth. It was a taste I was used to by now, not a favourite of mine and nothing I would do by choice if given not to, but hardly the worse thing ever and something I could taste perfectly fine. After she had made sure her hands were clean of my juice she pulled me away from the wall.

I watched Jane take her bra and knickers off at last before she sat against the wall and spread her legs apart. I knelt down before she spoke

“Slightly different today, make sure your on all fours, head in my lap licking me as normal but ass held high up to the sky.”

I did as she obeyed, Jane bahis siteleri was somebody who was ready to freeze me at the slightest excuse and spank me unless I was red and raw. I started to lick Jane’s pussy, moving my whole head up with my tongue as she moaned softly. I noticed that her eyes were open this time, normally they were closed. I didn’t give it any thought as I continued to lick her. I felt her hands on my head, another rare event, although it had happened before but never this early.

Then I felt somebody else’s hands on my hips. Instinctively I made to move to turn around but Jane’s hands held my head in place.

“Uh uh, keeping licking, not your business to know.”

As I went back to licking I felt the hands on my hips move to my ass, and a male voice said

“Phwar what a body.”

“Yeah,” I heard Jane reply, “Anal virgin as well”

That’s when I realised what was happening, I was starting to panic. Sex with most guys that arrived, was rough, although it was semi-rare for her, normally it was just blowjobs until them cummed in her mouth and made her swallow it. Anal was a avenue she had not even considered. Any remaining doubts about what was happening went when I felt a plastic nozzle of something pressed against my asshole and squeezed in, presumably lube I hoped. I felt the man’s hands pull my ass cheeks apart and his cock put in place on my hole. Then with no hint of being gentle, he forced it all in.

As the cock seared inside me I felt many things, degraded was there a constant companion of mine. Embarrassment was another. The pain was huge, for something to so suddenly invade something so tight was nearly unbearably. I screamed loudly, stopping my eating out of Jane at the sensation washed over me. I felt used, again a common feeling but never this high.

I nearly orgasmed then and there.

There was nothing like it, there was no reason why I should like it, I didn’t mind rough heck I didn’t mind servicing multiple people at once but there was something about being totally and utterly used, for only his pleasure, none of my own. For no servicing, no biological need only the tight sensation for the man and the sight of me with my eyes wide and asshole stretched that for no reason made me more horny than anything I could have possibly imagined. And that was the first thrust.

I felt the cock push its way inside me, once twice more. My whole body moved with its entry. Any though of licking Jane were gone, not that she seemed to care — she was clearly enjoying the sight in front of her.

“Wow this is tight, she needs to her ass more.” Said the man

“Clearly does, not great at this yet, need her trained up though before the games begin next week.” Replied Jane.

This might as well have been in another language, relax my ass whilst I had a cock in it? How on earth did you even try and do that. Also having being in space for so long a week meant nothing up here, though if I was honest it wasn’t my priority at that point.

I felt the man’s cock leave my ass, before I felt the nozzle come back, this time a very large amount of some fluid spurted out, and the man’s finger entered my ass.

“Fuck it’s still tight, guess it comes from having being a virgin at it.” He said as his finger helped spread the fluid in my ass. It was marginally better than the cock in terms of pain, although it still hurt. His finger left my hole, and he barked:

“Ok hands on your arse, spread that hole for me, let’s see if we can make this work.”

Slowly I moved my hands behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart. I think I moved slowly than they liked, I felt a slight tingling sensation — an early sign of a possible freezing but it went away before it came.

The man was clearly eager to get on with fucking my ass, almost as soon as I had spread myself for him his cock was back in. This time his cock slid in easier, although not much. After a few entries he put his hands on mine, further pushing my cheeks apart and widening my hole. His cock, which felt massive in my tight hole mercilessly forced it way in deep inside me.

“That’s better, still a bit tight but more accommodating now; if this bitch could only relax then it would be canl─▒ bahis siteleri perfect.” Came the voice

“Yeah this is what the training is for though, when it comes time for everything to be in place she might be better.”

“Better be one of the others is like pro at it, feels awesome.”

“Well we’ll have to see.”

This casual conversation I almost didn’t hear. My world at the moment was one full of movement. My asshole stretched against his cock being relentlessly pounded away. A world of pain, shame and yet I was still as horny as I had ever been. My pussy was dripping and desperate. Then without warning the man cummed in my ass. A stick mess filtered in my ass.

“Well I’m done for now, I’ll see you soon Jane, you can clear her up and I’ll see you soon.”

“Yeah bye Bill came the voice; yeah I’ll clean her up.”

I was curious as to why the Bill was asking Jane to clean me, normally after a visitor session it was mandatory to wash unless otherwise requested and every part of us had to be spotless without exception. I then found out that Bill/Jane’s idea of clean was clearly very different to mine.

“Now don’t move unless I tell you to.” Said Jane, she moved behind me and took a long look at my ass. Gave it a firm slap then stuck a finger inside. Like Bill before I felt her finger explore my ass, although this time her fingers were rubbing against were Bill had cummed inside me. I moaned loudly and her fingers continued to explore. I had a strong idea of what was coming now, and seconds later I was proven correct. Jane’s clean hand opened my mouth before her other fingers placed themselves in my mouth on my tonguee and I licked them clean. Whilst it didn’t taste any different to when I swallowed straight from a guy’s cock the knowledge made me more disgusted than normal. Jane’s hands repeated this process twice more, and then when she was sure I was clean she went to her cloths and out of one of the pockets and pulled out a device that I hated with a passion, Jane’s bright blue programmable vibrator.

“Ok up on the table then.”

I moved to obey, the knowledge of what was about to come had me as worried as fearful as normal. I got on the table but then panicked.

“Please I said, please it’s been a tough day already.” I begged

“No complaining, I’ll be back early morning.”


I never finished the word, I froze still. Unable to move I felt the handcuffs restrain my arms, ropes tie my legs apart to the table then when Jane was sure I was unable to move physically, she moved me onto my side, and spanked my ass and unfroze me, although I still couldn’t move at all. Then after making sure I couldn’t even move on my side with some more rope she moved onto of me straddling me at first and she fiddled with the dreaded vibrator.

“Oooh you shouldn’t have complained, I’ll come late morning then, and maximum efficiently.”

A programmable vibrator, the memory of when she had first told me was still clear. A device that initially was made to help women achieve orgasm easier. It could measure how close you were and speed up or whatever your preference was to help finish you. Only some people, like Jane, found it was more fun to set it to denial mode. Instead of vibrating till orgasm it brought you to the end then stopped dead leaving you begging for more. Then when you had calmed down enough it restarted to leave you on the edge again. It would only stop this with user intervention, so Jane liked to leave it going for a few hours as she left and returned.

“Well given that its only 9pm now back on Earth, I’ll return say noonish. Bill might make a visit too if you’re lucky.” With that she cheekily kissed the vibrator and pushed the start button. Immediately it started to vibrate hard and fast. Even in Jane’s hands I could feel its force, and it was quickly placed in my pussy. Jane waved and left the room.

Initially it felt great; I didn’t want to enjoy it though. I knew how it liked to tease, how it found all the spots that made you wet, how it knew how loudly you moaned and rubbed harder on those areas, all intended to pleasure the user. It rubbed my clit hard as my pussy went wet again. Then on the edge it stopped leaving canl─▒ bahis me screaming in frustration.

5 minutes passed, my breather slowed but then it restarted. Pleasure flowed though me initially again but again it stopped, quicker this time. Then after another pause it started. Again and again it happened. I struggled against the ropes desperate to bring myself to release, knowing it was impossible but desperate for a release. Again and again the device whirred, never letting me orgasm, never quite finishing me.

I lost feeling of time, my body went numb, my voice was hoarse. After what felt like an eternity Jane arrived back with a man, who was presumably Bill (this was the first time I actually had seen him.)

“Please Jane, please, let me orgasm.”

“Tut tut, we’ve only just arrived! You need to patient.”

“Pleeease I’ll do anything!”

“You’ll do anything anyway if I say so.”

“Please I’m begging you, let me!”

“As I said be patient, it’s not fair if you orgasm before me and Bill is it?”


“Silence or we’ll go right now, were not due back until the games start.”

I waited, still desperate as the device whirred inside me. I couldn’t control the moaning, not that they seemed to care. They undressed as slowly as possible, clearly enjoying the scene in front of them, Bill’s cock was rock hard, and Jane’s smile was as predatory as it had ever been. Eventually they took the device out of me, but no more attention was giving to my burning pussy.

“You’ve got my vibrator all wet, and you haven’t even cleaned it yet.”

I wondered briefly how I any of that was my fault before Jane lowered the vibrator to my mouth. As per normal I licked it clean. Meanwhile Bill untied me.

“Well time for round 2, get yourself bent over that table.”

I got up slowly, tired from my ordeal and lent on the table. I was knackerd and desperate for an orgasm but knew it wasn’t coming yet. When I was in position Bill placed my hands on my ass. I felt the increasingly familiar nozzle on my hole. Meanwhile Jane had a camera and it was fiddling with the controls. She moved in a circle around me taking two pictures of me front on, then several from behind. I noticed the red light on the camera turn on — great I though, now she’s recording me.

“Give a wave for the Camera” said Jane.

As I gave a nervous half-hearted wave back I felt Bill insert his cock in my ass and I gasped. He held it in their for a second, before withdrawing it. That shame feeling from earlier, that embarrassment pain and the feeling of being used all mixed together to create something both wonderful and appalling. Before he put his cock back in he gave my ass a slap. He entered me again, but withdrew quicker this time before placing it back in. Unlike earlier he managed to get a rhythm going, his cock sliding in and out of my most private place. Every entry causing me to gasp in pain, and moan in delight. All the meaning Jane was recording me, one hand clearly on her pussy stroking it. As Bill fucked my ass he started to slap it as well. I cried out at the punishment my arse was taking but the only effect it has was to cause Jane’s smiled to widen. After what felt like an age Bill stopped and moved in front of the table.

“Mouth, open now! Quickly!”

I moved to obey, although he was clearly close to cumming and didn’t hang around. Instead of me giving him a blowjob, he was face fucking me. I struggled to take the cock in my mouth properly but luckily he cummed quickly.

“Swallow it!” He Barked.

I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t asked/ordered to swallow it, but I did as he asked. I opened my mouth after to prove it.

“Good girl, well I’ll see you next week for the games” Said Bill.

“See ya” Said Jane.

“Wait! What about my orgasm!” I said.

“Oh yeah, well just be glad Bill was kind enough to fuck you and leave it at that or I can get the vibrator back out.”

“But…” I started to say.

“No more lip out of you, say thank you to Bill or else.”

I started at Bill, say thank you to somebody who had used me for their pleasure with even less though of my own than normal?

“Thank you Bill.” I mumbled.

“Louder, say it like you mean it.”

“Thank you Bill!”

“That’s better, well bye”

So there I was. I was desperate to orgasm and very sore. We were unable to self-pleasure these days; we got frozen if we tried.

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