Eyl 13

The Affair Ch. 01

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“Oh please, I’ve seen the way he looks at you. He is so flirting with you,” Curtis said to his wife, Maggie.

“Whatever. We’re just fooling around,” she responded as she fixed her hair in the hallway mirror. She had just celebrated her thirty-first birthday, but still looked young enough to pass for twenty seven or eight. She had short blonde hair and green eyes. There was no sag on her body either, Maggie kept herself in pretty good shape. Since marriage, she had put on a few extra pounds, but nothing too noticeable. Maggie was a native of Alabama, and her voice proved it. She had the deep southern accent.

“Yeah, right. He wants another kind of fooling around and you know it,” Curtis replied.

“Stop it, you’re just being paranoid now.”

“You’re beautiful woman. I take it as a compliment that another man is interested in my wife. I’m okay with that,” he walked up behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her waist, looking into the mirror while resting his chin on her shoulder. “You know why I’m okay with that?” While her accent was clear to detect, he didn’t have one. Curtis was a few years older than Maggie. He was a little taller too, with short dark hair and a moustache. His voice was deep, yet cracked a little.

“Why?” she reached back to touch his face.

“Because I trust you,” he kissed her cheek.

“Good. Well, babe. I have go to work. I’ll see you tonight,” Maggie turned around and kissed Curtis as she left the room and jumped in her car.

On the twenty five minute drive to work, Maggie couldn’t help but let her mind wander as she listened to the car stereo. Was Patrick really flirting with her? He knew she was married, so it wasn’t like he had a chance to be any more than just her friend, right? It was flattering that a younger man by at least seven years could be attracted to her. If she was single, maybe. But she was a married woman now, and she loved her husband. Maggie had never thought of being unfaithful. But the words of her husband got her thinking. Maybe she had caught Randal looking at her from time to time. But that didn’t Göztepe Escort prove anything, did it?

Maggie got to work before Randal. He wasn’t scheduled in for another hour and a half after her. She tried to concentrate at work, but her mind started wandering. Was Randal really flirting with me or was he just trying to pass the time? A lot of people flirt around here. It helps to get through the day. She caught herself flirting too, it didn’t mean she was physically attracted to that person. She kept telling herself Curtis was wrong. Randal didn’t want to be more than just friends with her.

But the more she thought about it, the more little things he did seemed to fit with what Curtis said. He did flirt with her a lot. He said he enjoyed working with her. But, why? She did enjoy his company. Randal always made her laugh. That was another thing. He did have the most amazing eyes she had ever seen. That was the first thing she noticed about Curtis when she met him, was his eyes. But Randal’s were a different shade of green. If she tried, she could see herself getting lost in his eyes.

He was a handsome man, funny, charming. Maggie felt her self smile. “What’s wrong with you, Maggie?” She asked herself as the smile faded. Was she actually thinking about another man? This is all Curtis’ fault, she thought. He planted all these thoughts of Randal in her head. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t be sitting here wondering what his kiss felt like. And that’s when she noticed the moisture forming between her legs. Oh my God. This was the first time that another man other than Curtis had caused a sensation inside her. Maggie was starting to feel real guilty about it now. She didn’t know what to do. Did she confess to Curtis that his suggestion made her turned on by another man? Would he leave her?

Maggie took a deep breath and once again blamed Curtis for this situation. He planted this in her head. It’s all his fault! She wasn’t feeling anything towards Randal. It was just the power of suggestion… well, that’s she thought until she looked up and İstanbul Escort saw him walking towards her.

For the briefest moments in her mind, she could see him kissing her, almost taste him on her lips. She knew she shouldn’t be feeling this way, but Randal was making her weak. And the closer he got, the more curious she was becoming of him. She tried to shake that vision of him in her mind, but it wasn’t working. And to make it worse, he had switched directions and was crossing right to her.

“Hi Maggie,” Randal smiled as he walked past her on his way to the back room. She smiled back, trying to cover up the thoughts she was having about him at that very moment. That had gotten more intense. As he walked by, she watched his lips as he said hi. They looked so soft and gentle. She wanted to feel them on her lips, on her neck, and places she knew she shouldn’t want another man to kiss. The lips were one thing, but her thoughts weren’t so innocent anymore. She felt guilty enough about wanting him to kiss her lips, let alone her breasts. This wasn’t good at all.

The only consolation Maggie was beginning to feel was that she didn’t work in the same area as Randal. So maybe she could get through the day with only seeing him a few times. But the question still remained, does she tell her husband? She decided against it, seeing how she wasn’t going to act on these thoughts and like she’d been convincing herself all day, it was HIS fault, not hers.

Because she barely saw him that day, she was all right. Sure she thought about him occasionally, but Maggie was a professional. She did her job the way she was hired to do it. She bumped into Randal twice that first day, and both times led to her visualizing him in ways she knew she shouldn’t.

This went on for a week. At home she pretended nothing was going on. She did something she said she would never do, she lied to Curtis. He didn’t ask directly about Randal. But she could sense he was hinting about him. If Maggie thought the conversation was heading towards Randal, she would change the subject. She Anadolu Yakası Escort didn’t want to think about him at home, at least not in the presence of her husband.

Another few days had past since the fascination she was feeling started. And with each passing day, Maggie was starting to question. Was it just a fascination or was she developing a crush on Randal? No matter how many times she told herself she was a happily married woman, the simple thought of him made her want him. She started to get nervous. What if these feelings never went away? More importantly, did she want them to go away? Maggie felt so alive when she had her little fantasies about Randal.

Then after about a month of fantasies and desire, Maggie crossed the line. She had seen Randal many times, talking to her five or six times that day. She lost track how many separate little fantasies she had about him. On the way home from work, she was so turned on from a replay of one of those fantasies, Maggie had to stop the car and pull over. Right there on the side of the road she slid her hand between her legs and began to play with herself. This was not like Maggie at all. But at this point, she didn’t care. She moaned out his name as she erupted in her panties. And the thing that troubled her the most, she liked it.

When she got home, she tackled Curtis to the ground. He must have wondered what came over her that night. She seemed to be overcome by lust. And if she couldn’t have Randal, well, she was going to have to settle for her husband. Maggie and Curtis has a pretty tame sex life, but that night she showed her wilder side. He raised an eyebrow but never questioned it.

The more time she was at work in close proximity to Randal, the more her passions began to grow. And it got to the point that she knew she needed to quench them. But could she really cheat on her husband of seven years? Fingering yourself while dreaming of someone else is bad enough, but to actually give in to your carnal desires? Could Maggie do it? She was now convinced what Curtis has said six weeks ago was true, he did want her. At least that’s what she thought. Maybe it was wishful thinking on her part. The only thing she knew was her pussy was on fire when she heard his name or saw his face. She wanted to fuck Randal, but could she go through with it. Could he? Would he?

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