Eyl 13

That Night

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Neither could later recall how it happened, but soon the kisses had gone from experimentation, to passion and emotion, and her top was now coming off of her own volition. He looked down for the first time at her half-naked body, a new twist on a person he’d seen and watch for years but never felt quite THIS way for. But now he could see her in all her beauty: exotic skin and soft curves, fine lines stretched and twisted as she brought her top off over her dark hair and pretty face.

Those cat-like eyes watched his own as he looked down her form once again, from shoulders to breasts, which were small but firm, soft and rounded like rolling hills. He ran his hands down that body, down to her navel where he began kissing his way up. He lips and tongue brushed the underside of her right breast, and she sighed aloud, and he had to keep from exclaiming his own joy aloud. His hands massaged her skin and form, his fingers tracing lines over her jaw and lips.

His own finally wrapped themselves around her breast and he began to move his tongue over her nipple, then graze his teeth over it, somewhere between a light nip and a passionate bite. Maltepe Escort He exerted enough force to walk the line of passion and pain but not cross it as his sucked on the soft bud, nibbling and running his lips over it. She sighed again, this time with his name escaping her parted lips. He ran kisses and breathes, licks and nibbles around her neck, her ears, her breasts, back down to her navel, wetting a trail down through the valley, deep into her belly, down further.

He was in her arms again. And once more, if you’d asked them to later recall how exactly it was said, they would not remember. But they confessed their true emotions for one another right there, and it was all up hill from there. The next weekend they found themselves at a posh hotel for the night. He spent a half-hour alone just undoing buttons on her silky blouse as he kissed her deeply, moving his hands over her skin, his fingers catching themselves in her choker necklace.

They made love until the sweetest hours of the morning. Then slept till the alarm woke them. Showering together, he pressed her up against the wall of the small shower. Her Ümraniye Escort breathing became ragged again when he slid his hands down her buttocks from behind, licking her ear lobe. He moved his hand around the front, teasing the hair between her legs, slipping one finger inside. She moaned. He probed deeper within her as he whispered her own name in her ear. Sliding his finger back out again far enough to run along the crevice and find her clit, moving his fingertip over it, slowly at first as the steaming water cascaded over them. Her hair was plastered around her face and her eyes were closed as she sighed against the wall, her hands against it for support as her legs spread wider. It gave her the ravished look and it only served to spur him on.

Still wet they moved back to the bed, falling upon it naked and hot. His tongue probed her mouth, then down her neck, between her breasts where his hands stayed to caress and fondle her nipples till erect again as his tongue slid between her thighs to perform the same acts his hands had just done. One finger entered her as well as he lapped at her, savoring the taste of her juices. İstanbul Escort She sighed and breathed harder, faster, as her passion mounted. He moved up to kiss her lips again quickly, the taste of her own excitements wet on his lips as they’re tongues slid over one another. She grabbed his manhood, slowly guiding it into her for them both.

They both moaned, and he kissed her. Pulling out to nearly the edge, he slowly moved back into her again as he watched her features in ecstasy. Back again, this time plunging in harder. She wrapped her legs about him, her own hands moving to her still erect nipples as he held himself up, watching as he moved in and out of her, again and again. Her other hand slid between her legs, rubbing her bud as he mounted her. He moved faster, in and out, over and over. Sweat poured from him, a drop touching her lips, her tongue darting to catch it.

Her hand moved at a frenzy and his own pumping was at near climax. They both moaned aloud now, breathing harder with each stroke.

“Ah, AH,” she panted, as they both reached a height of passion. He moaned again, loud, as he manhood left her and spent itself between them. He could feel the curly hair between her legs serving to finish the sensations of the fleeting climax. He collapsed into her arms, then moved his head to kiss her deeply. They both smiled and laughed together, spent and fulfilled…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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