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Thank You Officer Ch. 02

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It was 11:30 when I woke up. I trudged downstairs for some coffee and was amazed at the silence of the house. I couldn’t even hear a clock ticking. I sat down at the table with a cup of coffee and the morning paper. I was glad I had a savings and even more glad that Kath and Randy had offered their own house for a while.

Still I didn’t want to sit around all day and do nothing. Being an active person who enjoyed their work and lifestyle I’d go stark raving mad just doing nothing. Time to be up and about.

I cleaned up what little there was to clean and jumped in the shower. I was out and dressed in no time and had just finished my make up when there was a knock at the door. As I ran down stairs the phone rang. I opened the door at the same time I said “Hello” into the receiver.

“Delivery for Paradise?” and “Hey you’re finally awake…” at the same time.

“Hold on….did you say Paradise?” I asked.

“No…your awake….” and “Yeah, am I at the right house?”

“No, no, no Kath…hold on there is a delivery guy at the door…”

“Can you tell me where Paradise is?” the young guy at the door asked.

“Right in front of you.” Jimmy answered. I hadn’t seen him come up.

I couldn’t help but smile remembering last night. And he was in uniform again. I couldn’t believe he had this effect on me. “Hiya Jimmy….Hey Kath I am going to have to call you back.”

Just a giggle and a dial tone. “You know Jimmy…my name is not Paradise.”

“Yeah it is after that blow job last night….cause that’s where you put me, in Paradise.” He handed the delivery guy 20 bucks and smiled at him. “Thanks dude.” The delivery guy was staring at me with a look of awe on his face. I couldn’t help but giggle. “UUhhh…don’t you have more deliveries to make?” Jimmy asked him with a smile as he reached over and palmed my left breast.

“Jimmy!” I exclaimed with a smile. “Your too bad.” I reached bornova escort for the box the delivery guy was holding as Jimmy tweaked my nipple. “OOOhhhh!”

“Oh my God” the delivery guy whispered as he turned around and walked down the steps.

Jimmy smiled at me and said “Open the box…” as he walked in and shut the door. “I think you’ll like it.”

“Do you now? You think you know me after one blow job huh?” I glanced up at him as I opened the box. I scooped out some of the packing material and dug for what was buried inside. “Oh wow…uuummm…I don’t know what to say Jimmy…” I looked up and he was looking at me with this big streak of mischief in his eyes and a huge grin on his face. The dimple that displayed itself in his left cheek was my undoing and I knew it.

“Read what it does…out loud…” He reached down and rubbed his hand across the front of his pants.

“Ummm…let’s see…” I was going to torture him I decided. “It says right here that it is a remote control vibrating panty….”

“No the other one…” Jimmy smiled as he again ran his hand across his cock.

“Ooohhh…ok…it says it has life like feeling and it’s 10 inches long and 4.5 inches around…with clitoral stimulators…guaranteed to make her moan and sweat…” I smiled over at him. “Sounds like you would like to play.”

“No Paradise….I want to watch you play. Play for me baby….please.” He ground his hips against his hand. “I’m going to watch you and your going to watch me.” He freed his dick and stroked it several times. “Your nipples are hard Eden…I can see them sticking out through your shirt. Free them love…give them what they need. Give me what I need…”

I stood up and removed my clothes and as I was reaching for my panties he said “No leave them on…I’m taking them when I leave.” How could he possibly know how to turn me on like this.

“Yes buca escort sir, Officer….” I replied as I watched his cock jump at my words. So it’s like that …a fantasy about making it in uniform…I could really help him out!! “What do you need Officer…”

“Lay on the couch and spread your legs…” he replied as he moved closer. “Yes that’s it…turn it on…slowly, make it vibe slowly….” He sat on the coffee table and leaned over me a bit. The feeling of him watching this huge cock like vibrator humming between my legs was very erotic. “Slide it slowly back and forth…yeah baby…show me what feels good to you…show me all the spots that get you.”

I slid the vibrator over my now wet lips. I could feel the moisture through my panties. As the huge vibrator hummed incessantly I moaned and looked at Jimmy. “Uuummm…that’s good….” I said as I slid my other hand into play. My fingers were wet and I realized there was only one other time I had ever been this wet…last night.

“Pull your panties aside and work it into your pussy…slowly…I know it’s big but not as big as I am. Show me you can take it….”

The fake cock was big and I knew it was going to stretch me. I placed the head at my opening, felt myself getting wetter, and pushed until the head was in. “Oh my God Officer…that’s going to be too much for me…” I cooed.

I knew I could take it all as long as I went slow but why not play along.

“Deeper Paradise…” He didn’t take his eyes off of my wet pussy with the vibrator just barley pressing into me.

I pushed again and felt two more inches slide into me. God this was feeling good. I looked at Jimmy and he was looking at me smiling. “Deeper.” he commanded. I pushed again and moaned. “Look at you…so open…take it all.” He was stroking his cock with a steady pressure. “I am going to stretch you more than karşıyaka escort that.”

“Please…oh God Officer…what should I do now?” The vibe was buried in me and the clit stimulator was placed just right. I ground my hips against it and moaned louder.

“Turn up the power…here I’ll do it for you.” Jimmy leaned over me and his cock brushed the side of my face. It seemed to take him forever to up the power. I felt the increasing vibe slowly and knew he was watching it slide in and out of me. “So beautiful Paradise…so pink and wet…gush for me girl..”

His hand was back on his cock and he was pumping it into his hand like crazy. It was directly right over my face. I was close and moaning like crazy. “Oh Officer…is this right?….that feels so good but I can’t make myself gush…oh yeah….uuuummmm…”

“Fuck it Eden….it’s me sliding in and out of you…feel my dick stretching your hot pussy?…hold on baby….it’s going to be so good….I want to see you gush Paradise….I know you can…do it for me love….”

I felt the orgasm building. I was lost to the power of it. I looked at Jimmy and he smiled. “Gush….let it go baby….” And I came with a flood of liquid. I trashed and moaned and ground my hips against that huge vibe that was now filling me. “Pull it out…let me see…” Jimmy said. His voice sounded choked.

I pulled the vibe out and felt the liquid explosion gush out of my pussy. “OOOHHH…MY….GOD…JIMMY….” I screamed. He looked at me and came all over my face. “Oh Paradise…I knew you could….that was beautiful…” he fell on top of me and smiled. “You got cum on your lips…”

I licked it away and smiled. This felt so right. No hang ups and no bullshit. No games…just pleasure. This was a guy after my own heart. “Jimmy…I need…”

“Don’t you two ever stop?” Kath asked. We hadn’t even heard her come in.

We jumped and laughed. “What’s the fun in stopping?” Jimmy asked. “Paradise…give them to me….”

As I slid out of my panties and handed them to him I realized they were soaked. “Here Officer…for evidence.” I smiled.

“You learn too fast…call you later baby…” He stood up and put his dick back in his pants. “Be ready…”

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