Terry Pt. 03: Wife Hires Lover

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Chapter 3 – Terry’s story – in which Terry purchases a hot waitress for her and her husband to share as Terry embraces her husband’s exhibitionist needs.

“We have to talk about this,” Terry said for the fifth time since they arrived at their hotel room that night.

Mike’s gaze didn’t meet hers. “Not now, Terry. I’m not gonna say it again.” He was pissed still.

“Fine, let’s just go eat. The kids are doing their own thing tonight,” Terry said.

“Whatever,” he said.

Gritting her teeth, Terry wrapped her arms around herself. She didn’t feel as angry as she should at his attitude, but she did guilty as hell because she’d let a strange black man cum inside her at a disgusting rest area! What had she been thinking?

And yet, she’d already masturbated twice in the bathroom since arriving at the hotel. It was so hot she kept reliving what had happened in her mind like a movie scene on replay. She was so aroused she was actually considering what Mike said about the threesome. After the thought entered her mind once, it stayed there as minutes crept by into hours. Until Terry was unable to think about anything else.

What would it be like to be with a woman? To squeeze her breasts and suck on her pretty little nipples? What does her neck smell like? Her hair? How does she kiss compared to a man? And, more importantly, could Terry make her come?

Meanwhile, Mike paced angrily, running an agitated hand through his shaggy hair.

Terry’s pussy was wet, all day she’d been gushing with excitement. In her head she ran through scenario after scenario escort ataşehir of how she, Mike, and another woman could have sex. The more she thought about it, the hotter she got.

Maybe she should. It would certainly break Mike’s sour mood for this vacation, and it would help Terry to relieve some of the tension in her pussy.

Terry decided then began planning. For dinner, she wore a sexier number with a delicate black heel. She knew Mike loved liked the dress because it fit her loosely around the thighs and could easily be lifted so he could turn her around and fuck her. Terry didn’t bother with panties—she wouldn’t be needing them. He looked at her strangely when she put the dress on but didn’t say a word.

They went to the semi-upscale restaurant in the bottom of the hotel. The hostess sat them at a small, romantic table for two. Silence hung heavy and awkward between them. How did she go about fixing this? She wanted him to apologize for what he did but she also wanted to tell him that she’d listened to him. Because she loved him more than anything.

“Hey, Mike,” she began.

Mike lifted his gaze from the menu. “Yeah?” He sounded irritated.

“I was thinking about—”

Their waitress suddenly popped up. Terry arched a brow at the girl’s beauty and even her husband sucked in a breath at the sight of their waitress.

“Hey there, y’all, I’m Robin, your server tonight.” She announced herself with a casual air. Robin was southern, pretty, and had long, wavy hair the color of mahogany. She had tan, brown skin with golden-flecked kadıköy escort eyes, a dusking of freckles across her cheeks, and a mole above her lip that made her appear exotic. She was curvy with full breasts, a small waist, and pretty legs.

Briefly Terry wondered what she her pussy would taste like. She pictured Mike plowing his huge cock into the beautiful Robin as Terry held the girl from behind, caressing her breasts and kissing her on the mouth. Her groin ached, throbbing.

The sweet Robin took their order and left. She was sweet, smart, and nice. There was a hint of southern drawl in her voice. Mike looked slightly dazed by it all.

“Mike, about what I was saying…” she began.

Sighing, Mike held up his hand. “Hold on, please. I don’t want to fight anymore. This is supposed to be our last family vacation. I don’t want to do it like this, babe. You know I love you.”

It felt so good to hear the words, her heart felt inflated like a balloon with too much air. “I’m so happy to hear that but there’s still something I need to tell you.”

“No, please, can’t we just drop it?”

“Mike, it’s not like that.” Terry paused as Robin came back with their food and drink refills. They were both hungry from the road and so they cleaned their plates easily. After they were finished eating she tried again. “I need to tell you something so can you keep your mouth shut for a minute?”

Mike’s mouth floundered open and closed. “Fine,” he said, looking sullen.

“Mike, I’m going to bring our gorgeous and sexy waitress, Robin, up to maltepe escort bayan our room to play with us. Now I’m going to pay and talk to this girl and all I want you to do is leave her a very large tip before you go. We’ll be up soon.”

Mike did a double take. “Wait. What? Huh?” He couldn’t process what she said. So she said it again, word for word.

He shook his head afterward, flustered beyond speech. Finally Terry slapped him firmly across the face. “Go upstairs now,” she ordered. “Get cleaned up, undressed, and wait in the bed for us. I’m bringing a beautiful woman up for us to play with. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I love you, baby,” she added the last softly, gently.

Mike’s gaze softened and a smile curled his mouth. “I love you too. Can’t wait.”

After he left Terry waited for Robin to come back.

The offer of multiple orgasms didn’t sway the sweet Robin.

But money did.

Terry and Robin made their way up the long elevator ride to their floor. Robin fluttered beside Terry, nervous but excited. Terry understood the feeling.

“Robin, before we do this I want to tell you one thing,” Terry said. They’d stopped right before her and Mike’s hotel room. Their kids had their own down the hall. Mike was right now on the other side of this door, possibly naked and strewn across the mattress waiting for them.

Knowing that she was bringing a beautiful, sexy woman into the bedroom with them didn’t make Terry feel disgust or fear at all. Instead she felt in control, powerful, and terribly aroused. There was something she wanted so potently she was afraid to even think about it.

Robin nudged her. “Well, what it is?”

Oh, right. Terry wrapped her arm around Robin’s slender waist and leaned in close. Theirs mouths almost touching. She whispered, “I can’t wait to watch my husband fuck you.”

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