Ten Years Gone

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I had not seen him in over ten years. He had been by first true love. I was just a teenager, he was much older, and I had fallen hopelessly head over heels for him. Nothing had happened, but in some way that made me even crazier about him. I m now in my late twenties and I have had my fair share of men and romances, but I always found my thoughts running back to him. His black hair, his intoxicating cologne, but mostly the way he looked at me with those incredible blue eyes. It was as if he looked right into me, he knew what I was thinking, and what I secretly wanted. Although it was slightly disconcerting I have to admit that it gave me wonderful butterflies in my stomach. In addition, he always treated me with such love and understanding. I could tell he was a caring and gentle soul who would never hurt me. When I was with him it was as if I was the reason for his existence, that I was the embodiment of all of his desires.

And now I was driving over to his house to have dinner. We had stayed in touch over the years through email and I mentioned that I would be back in town for a week or so. He then suggested I come over for dinner. Dinner, but I knew it would be much more than that. He knew how I felt about him. I could not hold that back in all the emails that flew back and forth between us. I knew how he felt about me as well. I’ll admit I poured out all my desires to him. I had been so disappointed with the men in my life that I just had to get all of that out of my system. Part and parcel to that was the realization that the men in my life were always mentally being compared to him, and they were all found wanting. For a time I would enjoy myself, but in the back of my mind I was wishing, hoping, that somehow they would magically turn into him, and when they didn’t, I ended up disappointed. How could I not tell him this? How could I keep this bottled up?

Briefly, I thought that telling him all of this might be either upsetting, or make him feel that I was creating an unrealistic image that he could not possibly live up to. Yet, it did not even seem to phase him. In fact, he opened up and told me of his long held feelings for me. His desires were exactly what I had I hope for, but nonetheless I was struck by their intensity. His impassioned emails made me feel alive, which was something I had not felt in a long time. On top of that his rapacious desire to possess me insured that I would spend most of every day in wet panties after reading his latest email. His letters were a delightful mix of love and lust; he told me he loved me from the moment our eyes met, but he knew it was not the right time. He wrote of how much he thought of me constantly through the years even when he lost hope of ever seeing me again. His emails full of hunger, his uncontrollable need to have me for his own, and finally now he’d hoped that that his unsatiated hunger, and his time in purgatory, were at an end. He had patiently waited, unable and unwilling to get me out of his thoughts. Patient, as I worked my way through life only to come full circle back to him.

I decided to pull out all the stops tonight. I was going to make him drool the moment he saw me. I had a pretty good idea about his wardrobe preferences and besides which he was a man, and I knew a thing or two about them! I knew he liked really big hop earrings and they went quite nicely with my short red hair. I also knew he like short skirts (which showed off my petite frame) and high heeled chunky shoes which raise me nearer to his height. For my top I wanted something low cut to show off my nice rack. All that was left was a bit of lip gloss, mascara and eye shadow to complete the look.

And so now as I stood on his doorstep I took a moment to settle down before I knocked. When he came to the door I tried my best, but I’m sure I looked quite nervous.

“C’mon in” He paused for a moment. “You look absolutely beautiful.” His eyes twinkled just like I remembered.

“Thanks,” I managed to say.

“I’m almost done with dinner. Can I get you a glass of wine?”


He was even more beautiful than I remembered. Older, yes, but he never lost his boyish quality that made you think he was much younger. He was wearing an apron over dark pants and a white shirt. His tousled black hair framed a warm and handsome face topped off by an incredibly sexy moustache and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. As he poured the wine I could smell his cologne. I had often bought the men in my life that same cologne, which I knew was simply escort an attempt to capture something I had lost. I realized just then that it was his fragrance. It was as if it made just for him, it reacted with his chemistry and he wore it like a second skin. It sent a wave of exhilaration over my body.

As we drank our wine in the kitchen we caught up on each other’s lives. Small talk soon gave way to more serious conversation just as the wine was making me feel relaxed. In the back of my mind it registered that there was very erotic music playing in the background. I couldn’t make out specifics, yet the overall impression was very sensuous.

“I can’t get over how gorgeous you are. Every year you get more and more beautiful.” His sparkling eyes were filled with such longing.

I’m sure I blushed like a school girl, but I could not stop looking at his eyes. I felt like I was about to burst. Every fiber of my being was filled with desire for him.

As if he could read my thoughts he reached over and gently cupped my head in his hands and then softly kissed me. I felt the butterflies return. He pulled away still cradling my head in his hands. “I have wanted to do that for a very long time.” He softly smiled.

Yes! My whole body was quivering. I was so ready for this!

“Dinner’s ready. Let’s set down and eat.”

I had all I could to compose myself and sit down. My mind was racing. What had happened? Why hadn’t he? Then it dawned on me. He was establishing control. He was letting me know that we were on his game plan. He would take things at his own pace, and I would have to follow. I was surprisingly aroused at this realization, suddenly and desperately anxious to be controlled by him.

Dinner was simply delicious. He could really cook, but I was a chore to concentrate of the food as I was continually distracted by my soaking wet panties. I could still feel those soft lips and a slight tingling from our kiss. We sat around the table afterwards, I was enjoying my buzz from the wine a little smoke that we had after dinner.

He cleared this dishes and I thought we might go into the other room. However, he took my hands as I stood up, and with willful slowness kissed me again. Instantly it felt as if my knees were giving way. Every cell in my body screamed all at once. Unlike the first one, this kiss continued as we melted together. It was then that I felt a wave of cum sweep over me. Starting with my feet, it rolled over me all the way to the top of my head. I’m sure he could feel my body explode as he held me tight. As I didn’t want the kissing to stop, all I could do was moan.

“Mnnnnnnnn. Onnnnnnnnnn. Fnnnnnn.” I thought it was quite loud as my body shook from the orgasm he was giving me.

He pulled away from my lips. “”Did you like that?” he said with a smile.

“That’s never happened before,” I replied. He looked at me quizzically. “No I mean I’ve never cum from just kissing,” I explained.

“I told you years ago that you would be mine. Now do you believe me?

I nodded. “I have always been yours.”

He didn’t say a thing. He gently pushed me back up on the dining room table, slowly pulling my soaked panties down, and kneeled down before me.

“I have wanted this for so long.” He said as he looked up at me.

With his soft hands caressing my thighs and ass he began to lick me so delicately, so sensually, that I knew I was going soon going to cum again. His tongue, so soft at first I was unsure if he was touching me, caressed and teased my pussy. Long ice cream licks, followed by tender flicks on my clit, brought me to the edge very quickly. He would sense this and ease back just enough to keep me from losing control. He was showing off his power over me and he knew he was good at it. No one had ever licked my pussy with such passion and intensity, I could feel his hunger for me like an electric charge. He used his tongue expertly, bringing me back to that edge several times; after ten minutes or so my body was aching for release.

“Oh my god! My god! My god! Baby, baby make me cum!” I pleaded.

He looked up into my eyes. “Time to cum for me baby.” With that he swirled his tongue around my ass in ever tightening circles. By the time his tongue had found its mark I was blowing like a volcano.

“I’m cumming baby, I fucking cummingg haaarrrrrd!”

He kept slowly licking my ass, looking up at me like a man dying of thirst who has just found water.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fucking cumming!” I had lost all control.

His escort bayan tongue moved back up to my pussy eagerly licking up all my juices. He looked positively radiant.

“You are fucking delectable.” He commented in between licks.

“That did it! The look on his face was enough, but now he had to go and say that! I exploded again so quickly I didn’t have time to prepare. Everything shook, my body, the table, everything. He began to moan and lick me with even more eagerness as I gave him another sweet present. I thought I would have a chance to calm down after this last cum, but he had no intention of slowing down. I was his plaything and if he wanted to make me cum a dozen times, he was going to do just that. He possessed me, but with a mixture of gentility and lust that it seemed perfectly natural.

He stood up now and I slipped off the table. I could somehow still feel his tongue swirling around my ass as I unbuckled his belt and took off his pants. His cock was beautiful, a nice thick shaft with a large head that I knew was going to drive my pussy crazy. On my knees before him I began to nibble on his superbly heavy balls. As my lips and tongue caressed them I noticed that he tasted marvelous. I looked up at him, his love for me clearly apparent on his face.

“You just knew how much I love getting my balls licked and sucked didn’t you?” he asked quietly.

I smiled and continued to lick and suck his balls until they were completely soaked with my spit. I had never produced so much spit, but I knew that he loved it sloppy. As I pulled back several strands of spit remained connected to my lips and his balls. I also knew how fucking hot this looked so I just held myself there, lips and chin soaked, with thin arcs of spit trailing to his balls. He just stared at me.

“Fuck.” He paused. “You look so fucking gorgeous right now.”

I made sure he was looking right into my eyes as I opened my mouth and began to slowly swallow him. Without using my hands I lowered my hungry mouth millimeter by millimeter on his throbbing shaft. Like his balls, his cock tasted so good I began to salivate even more. By the time I had taken three fourths of him down, spit began to drip past my lips. I wanted to take him all the way down, so I relaxed my gag reflex and slowly continued. All the time I keep staring up into his eyes.

He looked right back at me and when I had almost taken all of him he said, “Cum for me baby.”

Before he had even finished the sentence I was rocked by another orgasmic wave sweeping over me. I still had him deep in my mouth.

“Ffffghhhhhnnn,” I said, not wanting to take him out of my mouth.

“That’s delicious baby, I can feel you cum in your mouth. You know when you do that you make my cock thicker”

I needed to catch my breath so I reluctantly took him out of my mouth. Even more strands of spit trailed from my lips to his thick shaft.

“That’s another thing that’s never happened before.” I gasped.

“You know I can make you cum whenever I want.” He stated very matter of factly.

“I’m starting to believe.” I smiled back at him.

“I think it’s wet enough,” he said looking at my handy work on his throbbing spit soaked cock.

He pulled me up and turned me around bending me over the kitchen counter.

“Nice fucking shoes” he said.

Those chunky five inch heels shoes were more than just sexy, they put my ass up at just the right height for his delicious meat.

“I was hoping you would love them,” I said.

I was so fucking hungry for his thick cock, my pussy was so wet and so ready for him! Instead I felt the tip of his cock on my ass, and before I could even say a word he popped that big head in. It was one of the most exquisite sensations I have ever experienced. My ass came hard and quickly on his massive head. I grabbed the edges of the countertop in a feeble attempt to maintain control. Lights were going off in my head as I tried to comprehend what was happening. I was fucking exploding on the head of his cock in my ass! He wasn’t even moving. He was holding himself there soaking up everything I was giving him.

“I love the feel of your ass cumming.” He whispered.

With my ass exploding like that it was near impossible to respond, let alone form coherent words.

Gradually, at first imperceptibly, he began to pump his shaft into my ass. There was no pain or discomfort, just a natural, easy motion that was slowly sending me to that edge again. I gripped the countertop bayan escort tighter as he held on to my hips and thrust his cock deeper and deeper into my ass. He was magnificent. I could feel every inch of his cock. I could feel every pulse, throb and motion. When I felt his balls slap my pussy, I knew he was all the way in me. Like a piston he keep pumping and pumping my ass, his cock demanding that I submit to him and give him everything he wanted. I was sinking deeper under his control.

“Fuck that ass baby! Yes! Yes! Yes! Take it, just fucking take it!” I screamed.

“Do you like the feeling of my cock deep in your ass baby?” he asked

“Fuck yes! Fuck yes I do!” I replied.

“Good, because I fucking love your ass baby.” He paused. “Fucking heels, a short skirt, and a tight little ass! Fucking heaven.”

Every throb of his shaft, as he pumped in and out, sent warm waves of cum all over my pussy. I could sense, and the intensity of the pulses increased that he was about to explode.

“C’mon baby, empty those fucking balls in my ass!” I couldn’t believe what I was saying.

His body shuddered as he unloaded deep in my ass. It was so heavenly, feeling his cock pump gallons of jizz, that I blasted another orgasm all over his shaft. His cock kept blowing and I kept blowing for what seemed like several minutes. Yet he never slowed down his relentless fucking of my ass. He stayed hard and hungry.

“I can fuck you like this all night,” he declared. “I can cum a dozen times.”

With that he pulled out of my ass and plunged right into my pussy. Needless to say I exploded for the umpteenth time as soon as he entered me. His firm, but soft hands stroked my body as the head of his cock rippled up and down inside my pussy. Soon the orgasms were so close together that they became one long one. It was a good thing I had this countertop, because I don’t think I could have held myself up.

With every stroke he was taking everything from me. I was melting under his power. Soon the world blurred and then faded away, replaced with the sensation of his cock dominating my pussy. His hands roamed freely over my thighs, ass and back, instinctively knowing where to touch me at any given moment.

“You are mine.”

“I belong to you.”


“Forever my love”

I felt his cock throb as he unloaded deep in my pussy.

“Fuck yes,” was his only comment.

Still he never slackened. In fact could have sworn that each time he came his cock grew bigger, thicker. He seemed to be running on pure lust. I was now completely submerged in his world of carnal cravings, and unbridled sexual desires.

The next thing I knew we were heading for the bedroom. My entire body was on fire for him. I wanted him to take me, dominate me, make me cum until I was completely drained. Most of all I wanted that thick cock in my mouth again. I laid down on my back on the bed and hung my head slightly over the edge. He smiled, knowing exactly what I had in mind. He easily positioned himself standing beside the bed, his cock right in front of my upside down face.

I fought the urge to immediately swallow him all the way down and contented myself with teasing the head, and licking the top of the shaft. Languidly he began to pump his cock into my mouth. And just like my ass, he was soon going deeper and deeper. With graceful passion he thrust his cock further down my throat. So gentle, yet so powerful. So loving, yet demanding. I was swept away again as he fucked my mouth. I could feel his whole body, his pent up thirst for me, his lascivious cravings that had gone so long without release.

I too was feeding off of him. This first time he came in my mouth, as soon as a felt the first throb, I swallowed him all the way down and held him there. His body shook hard as he exploded right down my throat. I didn’t have to think, everything just came naturally. I devoured his cum with wild abandon. For well over a minute his cock throbbed and pumped cum into me. My god, I thought to myself, his balls are fucking huge! After two minutes the throbbing slowed down and I let him go.

He looked down at me with such love that I was speechless.

“You are everything to me,” he said.

“That’s what I want to be.” I shifted around so that I could look at him right side up. “I see you’re still hard!”

“I’ve got ten years of catching up to do baby.”

“So what do you want to do next?” I asked.

“What’s my name?” he replied.

“Jeffrey,” I said.

“My full name.” he demanded.

“Jeffery Scott,” I answered again. The smile on his face said everything. He pulled me up to him and kissed me hard. I began to melt all over again.

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