Teasing Begins

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It was around 8 am and I had just gotten out of the shower. After drying off I put on my clothes, brushed my hair and my teeth then started my day. Before I left the bathroom however my underwear felt pretty uncomfortable so I decided to take them off. I slid them from under my skirt and looking at them I realized they were an older pair that I should have thrown away a long time ago. My bedroom was just down the hallway and I could easily grab a new pair. Leaving the bathroom my brother Jack quickly took my place nearly bumping into me as shut the door behind himself.

“Careful!” I said jumping out of the way.

“Sorry sis I really have to pee.” I heard him yell from the other side.

Jack was a year younger than me but everyone always thought he was the older one. He was about six foot two and I was five foot four. It didn’t help that I naturally looked a little younger than I am along with the fact that I have such a small frame.

I heard my phone go off and went to my room to see who it was. Looking at the screen I saw it was a text from my dad.

“Get your brother and meet me at the hospital.”

Seeing the message I quickly grabbed my purse put my phone in it and yelled for my brother to hurry up because dad was in trouble at the hospital. Once Jack was in the car I drove as fast as I could. Upon arriving at the hospital we both tried texting and calling dad with no response.

“Excuse me but I’m looking for Blake Matthews,” I told the woman at the front desk.

She saw we were in a panic and after looking up the name she told me that my father was getting x-rays now and for us to take a seat. We tried asking what was wrong and she informed us that he broke his right arm nothing serious. Hearing that it was just a broken arm helped me and my brother relax as we both took a seat in the waiting area. Luckily the hospital wasn’t to busy and it was just him and me in the room. Jack sat down first and started playing on his phone as I paced a little around the room. Once I finally calmed down I sat across from my brother and took a deep breath.

As time went on I tried more and more to relax. I noticed Jack didn’t seem to worried, he kept looking over at me and checking on me to make sure I was okay. About ten minutes had gone by and I noticed Jack was periodically looking over at me. At first I figured it was to make sure I was okay, however now the way he was looking was more like he was hiding something.

“Are you okay Jack?”

“Yeah sis why do you ask?”

It took him a brief moment to answer and when he did his voice was a little shook up.

“Dads gonna be okay it’s just a broken arm,” I explained to him.

“Yeah I know, just worried about how it happened and all. I want to make sure you’re okay you know.”

The room was slightly cold and it was making me have to use the restroom. I asked Jack to watch my purse and told him that I would be right back. When I went to go pull down my panties I noticed that I never put any on back at home.

“What but I had panties on in the-” then I remembered that I took them off and threw them away and because of the urgency and worry about dad I rushed out completely forgetting to put a new pair on.

I could feel the blood rushing to my face out of embarrassment. Never would I go without panties, especially in a skirt. Washing my hands I tried to pull my skirt down just a little to cover up as much as I could. Just the thought of anybody knowing I wasn’t wearing anything underneath was giving me a slight panic attack.

Sitting back in my seat I thanked my brother for watching my stuff and crossed my legs as much as I could. Looking around the room I noticed a few more people had entered the waiting room since I left. I knew no one had any clue that I didn’t have panties on and for the most part I’m sure their minds were all else where.

Playing on my phone to pass the time I constantly felt like people were looking at me. Somehow I felt as if someone knew I didn’t have panties on and was trying to stare at me. Moving my just my eyes to look around the room again I saw everyone was preoccupied with a magazine, their phone or the tv in the room, it was all in my head. The last person I looked at before returning to my phone was my brother to make sure he was okay. When I looked at my brother I noticed he face was looking at his phone, however his eyes were looking elsewhere just like mine were. After looking at him I noticed his eyes darted back to his phone.

“No way! Was that why he kept staring at me earlier? Did he know? Was he staring at me to try and look up my skirt?” I kept trying to peace it together in my head until the door opened and our dad came out with a cast around his right arm.

“Hey dad you okay?” Jack asked.

“Yeah I’m fine just a little accident. Thanks for coming to get me.”

I didn’t say to much as I was ready to go. The room felt like it was on fire by this point as my face was redder than a tomato from embarrassment bursa escort and anger. Jack and my dad drove together while I drove my car back home. The entire time all I could think about was if my brother was actually trying to stare up my skirt. Arriving back home I saw I was the first one home. Rushing back up to my room I quickly grabbed some panties and put them on.

For the rest of the day all I could think about was my brother and how he tried staring up my skirt, just the thought of it made me angry. By the time dinner rolled around I made sure to sit away from him and then again as we watched tv. The more I though about it the more I realized that sitting across from him is exactly what he wanted. Looking over I saw he was staring at me again as my skirt had ridden up and was showing more of my thigh. Not wanting to make a scene I excused my self and went to my room.

“I can’t believe him!” I yelled into my pillow. Not knowing what to do I paced around my room in anger. “What kind of pervert tries to stare up his sister’s skirt? What kind of pervert checks out his own sister?” Repeating that last statement over and over in my head made me realize something as I began to calm down.

Taking a few deep breaths I stopped pacing around the room and looked at myself in the mirror. My brother was checking me out. I never thought too much of myself because I had such a small frame. In my opinion guys always wanted girls with big tits or a big ass and here I was a 30 B cup bra size and a size small in panties. Sure I had a little of a bubble butt the was perky from dance class, but nothing crazy like some of the other girls I’ve seen.

As the night went on I kept looking at myself and thinking about my brother looking at me. Before I knew it my right hand was rubbing my clitoris as my left hand explored my breasts. My legs were spread wide open as I thought about my brother sitting across from me just watching me play with myself. I made sure to face towards his bedroom so it was like he was watching me. My legs began to tremble and my feet started to point straight out as I felt my orgasm was close. the only thing on my mind was my brother watching me as I had the best orgasm I ever felt.

Laying in bed with nothing on I couldn’t help but feel sexy. I never thought of myself as sexy before until now, knowing I was being checked out. This was a feeling that I wanted more of and was prepared to get. Feeling the cool breeze on my naked body started to get cold so I put on some pajamas and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and felt slightly guilty about what I had done. I contemplated if I should try to get my brother to check me out again. It felt wrong but I did like having the attention. As I walked through the house thinking about what I should do and ended up in the kitchen. Looking through the fridge I didn’t find anything I wanted eat and decided to make some oatmeal. Shutting the fridge door I saw my brother was awake and my face got a little red.

“Hey Tess, little cold this morning?”

“Not really,” I answered confused by the question.

The question was quite odd as it was fairly warm in the house thanks to it being spring. Starting to boil the water I looked down and noticed my nipples were poking through my top. I had been so caught up in thought earlier that I hadn’t realized I was still in my pajamas without a bra on. Taking a deep breath I tried to calm myself as I felt my face turning bright red again.

“This is what you wanted Tess.” I thought to myself trying to breath.

Turning back around I noticed Jack had left. I was slightly frustrated, yet relieved. I wanted to try and be a tease however it felt slightly embarrassing having someone stare at me. Hearing the water boil and a few drops hiss from hitting the flame brought me back to Earth and back to breakfast.

The morning continued as it normal, Jack left to hangout with some friends and due to my dad’s broken arm he was stuck at home. It was around noon so I decided it was time to do some stretching and workout a little bit. I put on some yoga pants and a sports bra. Putting some earbuds in I turned up the music and began to stretch. Thanks to being in dance class I was pretty flexible, I was able to bend right at the waist and touch the floor with the palms of my hands with ease. Next I needed to balance myself a little and used the wall for support. I raised my left leg up twisted it just a bit and had my toes touched my head then repeated with my right leg. Dropping down I did the splits slowly then kept my legs spread and reached for one foot then the next. Stretching took me about twenty minutes, which is also how long it took me to notice that my dad was in the kitchen watching me.

“Oh hey daddy.” I said removing the earbuds.

I saw him gag a little on his drink as he tried to swallow. Making sure he was okay I went over and checked on him.

“I’m okay sorry just lost in thought is all. What are you doing sweetie?”

“Just stretching bursa escort bayan then I’m going to workout a bit.”

“Well you are definitely flexible Tess.”

“Thanks,” I replied giving him a smile.

Putting my earbuds back in and turning the music on I got on the treadmill and started at a decent walk and worked my way up to a jog. As I continued to jog I always looked at myself in the mirror as motivation to stay looking good. When I looked in the mirror this time I noticed my dad was still in the kitchen with his head tilted slightly and he was biting his lower lip while staring in my direction. I jogged for about an hour on the treadmill and by the time I was done again I noticed my dad was still in the kitchen. With him looking at me, I decided to test something. Doing a few after workout stretches I made sure to do them in front of the treadmill. Having the mirror in front of me I could see if my dad would stare at me while I stretched.

Bending over I made sure to keep looking forward to see what my dad would do. As I bent over right on queue his lips formed a small circle. I slowly moved my feet further and further apart until I was doing the splits and there was no more space between the floor and my legs from one foot to the other. My body never left my dads sight as his eyes locked onto me.

Finishing up my stretches I could feel myself blushing a bit. I couldn’t believe that for over an hour my dad sat in the kitchen just watching me. It made me feel sexy that not just one but two men were checking me out, definitely made me feel that working out was worth it.

“I’m gonna go take a shower,” I told my dad as I went upstairs.

While in the shower I tried to think of all the ways I could tease my dad and brother. I wanted to be sly about it and not draw too much attention too quickly. The more I thought about it the more I wondered how far I would go and how far they would go. Thinking about teasing my dad and brother started to turn me on again. My own hands started to caress my body as the thought of if one of them touching me started to fill my thoughts.

Their hands would be much rougher with me, grabbing my small frame and pulling me closer to them as one of their hands went up my stomach towards my breasts. Feeling them squeeze me with one hand as their other hand worked their way towards my soaking wet pussy. I would gladly spread my legs for either one of them as I felt their cock grow and press against my ass. Leaning my head backwards I would kiss them on the lips as they took advantage of me. During my fantasy I leaned my head back and felt the wall of the shower bring me back to the realization that none of it was happening.

Trying to breath I noticed the bathroom was covered in steam. Turning the water off I stepped out and dried myself. I couldn’t believe how turned on I had been getting from the idea of teasing my brother and dad. Making my way to my bedroom I looked through all of my clothing to see if I had any cute or sexy outfits. The only thing I saw that could be sexy were my workout clothes, even my underwear was a little on the boring side. This realization was very upsetting and I needed new clothes if I was gonna get more attention. It was about 2:30 pm which meant I had plenty of time to go do some shopping.

By the time I was done shopping it was dark out. I had picked out plenty of skimpy shorts tops and other garments to wear around the house to tease my dad and brother. The attention was nice but there were two things I knew. First was that I didn’t want to just start parading around the house in completely different attire and throw any weird signals. Secondly I wasn’t a hundred percent comfortable showing to much yet so going a little slow would help build confidence too. As soon as I got home I threw all my new clothes in the wash so I knew they were clean and ready to wear starting tomorrow. It was a cleaning day tomorrow so doing this small load wouldn’t get in the way of normal cleaning for tomorrow.

The next morning I woke up bright and early, I wanted to lay out my clothing and make sure I was ready to wear something a little more skimpy than normal. I knew with cleaning it always got a little warm from moving around so much. After looking at the clothes I went with a loose fitting tank top with black booty shorts. Tank tips were normal for me so the only change with it was that it was bigger rather than form fitting, as for the booty shorts I could always use the excuse of spring making it warm and didn’t want to wear pants. Looking at my self in the mirror I immediately noticed that if I wasn’t careful then my boobs would fall out and you could see everything. I put on a bralette which was a little see through but only if you looked real close. Taking a few deep breaths I tried calming myself before leaving my room. Knowing my bra was see through caused me to chicken out as I changed to a regular bra before leaving my room.

Once I got down stairs I put my hair in a ponytail escort bursa and got to work. First I put a load of laundry in as it could be done simultaneously with other chores. After the laundry was started I did the dishes. While I was cleaning my brother left his room and started helping me clean the house a bit. I noticed he took his time to gather the trash and waited until it was completely full to take it out. The entire time I pretended not to notice and even put my earbuds in to listen to music so I had a rhythm to shake around a little bit to. Spraying the dishes got my shirt slightly wet and it clung to my body in some areas revealing my bra a little bit more. With my bra hanging out of my shirt I was glad at this point that I changed it.

Each chore went by pretty fast today as I was more concerned with my brother staring at me vs doing the actual chore. Even though I was distracted I made sure that what I was cleaning actually got clean, unlike Jack. The best part of the chores was right at the end when I was sweeping. When I went to get the last bit of dirt into the dust pan I made sure to bend right at the waist again with my legs slightly spread and my ass pointed directly at my brother.

Unknown to my brother I had turned my music off sometime ago but left my earbuds in. Peaking through my legs I saw him staring right at me then heard him let out a damn. Hearing that drove me crazy, it meant I had him right where I wanted him.

“Are you okay?” I asked standing straight back up and facing my brother.

His face immediately got red knowing he was caught looking at his sister. I asked again if he was okay and why he said damn.

“Just you know my back hurts from taking out the trash earlier it was pretty heavy.” He said stumbling on his words obviously lying.

“Oh yeah I saw you filled it up quite a bit this time before taking it out. Not sure why you didn’t just take out two bags instead of one big one I’m surprised it didn’t rip.”

“Didn’t notice I guess.”

“Well I’m done cleaning besides laundry but I’ll get that later. What about you?” I asked him knowing full well that he was done.

“Yeah me too.”

“What’s your plan for the day?”

“Just hangout with some friends I guess.”

“Okay well have a fun day Jack.”

Going back up to my room my heart was beating hard and fast. The entire time his eyes were on my body it was driving me crazy and making me nervous. Looking in the mirror I saw my grin was going from ear to ear. Turning to the side I checked myself out looking at my legs and backside. The shorts rode up slightly and part of my butt was peaking out the bottom. Laying on my bed I couldn’t help but squeak a little as I had accomplished my first time of purposely teasing my brother and even got a “damn” out of him.

Throughout the rest of the day I wore the same outfit and walked by my dad plenty. I made sure to ask him periodically if he needed anything and if he was doing okay. My favorite part of teasing my dad was “accidentally” dropping some of my clean clothing from the laundry and having to bend over to pick it up. I made sure to make it seem like I was struggling to give him a longer view of me bent over. Hearing him ask if I needed any help reassured me that he indeed was staring my way.

“No thanks daddy I got it.” I said grabbing the dropped article and continuing to take the now clean clothes back to my room.

By the time night had come I was worn out. I had put a lot of effort in to cleaning and teasing, even going out of my way sometimes to make sure they would notice me. Laying on my bed I felt devilish knowing I was giving them a show.

Day after day had gone by and I teased both my dad and brother whenever I got the chance. I didn’t want either them thinking I was doing it purposely nor did I want them catching each other staring at me. Each time I teased one of them I made sure it was just me and one of them.

A little over a week since I had started teasing them had gone by and I started pushing some limits. After my showers I would walk around in a bra and either shorts or pants, or I would have on just a shirt and some panties. Excuses were simple like looking for something to drink or eat. At first they asked me to put something on and whenever they did I would so it didn’t seem suspicious. Gradually over the next month I would walk around like that after my showers for several minutes up to a couple hours until finally they stopped asking and just accepted it. I was slowly conditioning my brother and father to be okay with me being half naked around them.

After getting them used to seeing more of my body I started walking around in short silky robes. At first with bra and panties on underneath, then slowly nothing besides the robe was on my body. The inside strings were always tied completely while the outside belt was looser so it would open up and show my chest but not my boobs. I talked to my dad about his work and his arm for about an hour and during that time a good twenty minutes or so he stared right at my chest. My robe would slightly open up and close as we talked giving him more of a view at some points and I always pretended to not notice him being a pervert for his daughter.

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