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Team Building

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The company organised an annual team building opportunity for both key and junior staff members, held somewhere in North Wales, normally in late October. The event was a great diversion from the day to day workload pressures. Most of the staff enjoyed what could be a real fun break, especially if the participants enjoyed the physical aspects and were reasonably fit. Wendy fell quite happily into both of these areas. It could however be a bit daunting for people who have not experienced some of the aspects of the Outward Bound regime especially when the weather is not so good.

This was the second time she had been selected for the team building week, the first had been four years ago when she first joined the company. Being aware now of what would be required of her, she was looking forward to a week in the mountainous countryside, climbing and abseiling, with probably a bit of canoeing or raft building thrown in for good measure.

Wendy was twenty six, with fair hair and a well kept body. The sort of woman that would always get a second look, her bright blue eyes ensured that eye contact was maintained just a little longer than normal when both men and women looked into them. She had no ties at home living alone in a small two bed apartment close to her work base as she had done for the past two years. The death of her parents in a flying accident had left her enough to buy the apartment outright. For a while she had shared it with a like friend, Gillian, but she had moved on almost a year ago. The relationship with Gillian however was not that strong but at the time it satisfied a need in both of them.

When the participants arrived on the Sunday, the meet place was in the village where the cars were left for the duration. Along with those that came by public transport, they were picked up by minibuses and ferried up to the professionally run lodge. Rooms were pre-allocated, the girls sharing two to a bunkroom, the lads kept nicely apart from them in a communal dormitory, probably for fear of extra-curricular activities as a result of the invigorating exercise and fresh air.

At first, she hadn’t given her cabin sharer much attention, she was an administration assistant from somewhere in the Northern office and was probably about nineteen but looked younger, almost like a schoolgirl. Wendy had already unpacked and was sitting downstairs in the lounge so she had seen her arrive on the second transport. She saw her looking at the room allocation before making off with her travel bag. At the time, Wendy had no idea that she was to be her room mate but after she got up and looked again at the listings, the penny dropped.

That afternoon there was a social get together, with the team leaders explaining, as they always did, the do’s and don’ts, where the boots and the cleaning gear was kept. Finally, in turn, each of them had to stand and introduce themselves but were not allowed to say what their position was in the company. Not that that mattered because they all knew what department each of them worked in anyway but it was just a reminder that they were all equal for the duration.

Her roommate was a shy Linda from Durham, unmarried, no boyfriend and living with Mum and Dad, an only child and with a local accent that had a nice lilting tone. Wendy watched her as she reeled off her personal introduction. It struck her then that she really was very attractive with dark hair tied back in a pony-tail, quite a sweet boyish, slim figure and a most appealing pert bottom and tiny breasts that Wendy could almost die to get her hands on. It crossed her mind that at least she might get a look at her without the confines of the tracksuit and tee shirt she was wearing at the moment.

During the final team session, after they had eaten, the trainer was showing them how to tie various safety knots, Wendy noticed Linda looking in her direction several times. A couple of times they made eye contact, just for a brief moment. Finally, the group adjourned to the lounge and sat around in three or four groups chatting, a log fire crackling in the hearth adding to the general ambience. Wendy joined a couple of the guys who like her were in engineering so she didn’t get any time with Linda who was sitting with a group of young people, but once again, she noticed her keep looking towards her. This she thought was a little strange but let it pass although she did on one occasion, make eye contact with the girl holding it for just a little longer than might be normal. The girl blushed as if she had been caught out in something but Wendy smiled at her and she returned the smile and then quickly turned away.

At this moment, Wendy wasn’t sure what had happened between them but she was intrigued as it was something a little different than would be expected between two people who were at the time no more than casual acquaintances. She hoped that the continued eye contact suggested an almost intimate contact but felt perhaps that she was reading too much into porno izle it but nevertheless, hoped that she may have had some interest other than Linda seeing her as a roommate.

At a reasonable time, Wendy made her excuses to the men that she was with and headed off to the room for a fairly early night, ready to face the next day’s rigours. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Linda getting up and following along behind her so she turned and waited for her, holding out her hand as she approached.

“Hello, I’m Wendy, you must be Linda.” as she shook her hand and made a physical connection.

“Yes, that’s right,” she more or less whispered, “This is my first time at this sort of thing.”

Wendy gave her a little reassuring smile as they walked side by side, “Don’t worry, it’s a fun thing really and if you get stuck, I can give you a hand, we’re on the same team so it won’t be cheating.”

As Linda stood aside for her to go before her into the room, she looked at her and said “After you.” and stepped back for Wendy to go into the room before her.

“You didn’t need to do that.” Wendy said, perhaps sounding a little annoyed, “We’re all equal this week.”.

“Uh oh, sorry, I guess it was force of habit you being so much older.”.

Those few words completely deflated her, ‘Did she think I was her Mum or something’ Wendy wondered.

“That’s you off my Christmas card list.” Wendy managed to come back with.

Linda was mortified when she realised what she had said but when Wendy starting laughing, it restored the moment and although still a little embarrassed, the moment passed but they now had a little shared intimacy with each other.

They both readied for bed, discreetly turning their backs to each other as they undressed and climbed into their nightwear. Wendy hadn’t expected anything even marginally sexual to happen on the course so had only brought a basic and very unsexy top and bottom sleep suit with her which she climbed into. When she turned, Linda had a fairly short nightdress on but had kept her panties on until she had pulled back the duvet. Then, pulling it over her like a puppy in a sack, wriggled out of them and leaned over to put them on the stand with her other clothes. So, following her example, Wendy climbed into her single bed after putting the light out, managing to stub her toe in the darkness to the merriment of both of them. She didn’t think she was that tired as she looked across at the girl opposite her, all sorts of thoughts racing through her head but before long, was in a deep sleep.

She woke with the morning light just creeping in through the window and turned to look at her sleeping partner, fast asleep, her dark hair spilling all over the pillow. It was still early but Wendy wanted to get a shower so she climbed out, grabbed her robe and made her way to the female bathroom and took a very pleasant but quick shower. After she had dried, she made her way back to the room and started to dress. The noise must have woken Linda as she opened one eye and looked across at her. For a moment, she seemed to be struggling to work out where she was but then she was sitting up in bed, looking as fresh as a daisy.

“Good morning.” Wendy ventured, “Did you sleep well, I slept like a log, must be the mountain air?”.

With a little stifled yawn, she looked at Wendy almost fully dressed and said “Am I late, you’re nearly ready?” and swung out of bed, reaching for her dressing gown.

Wendy made a great play of putting her socks on and giving them her every attention but in fact, she could just see the dark triangle of pubic hair beneath the girl’s nightdress hem and then it was gone as she pulled her dressing gown around herself and after grabbing at her wash bag and towel, headed out of the room to the shower.

“Don’t be long,” Wendy called after her “I’ll wait for you and we can go along to breakfast.”

She was quite quick, returning with her hair soaking wet wrapped in a towel, the dressing gown pulled tightly around her, her nightdress in her hand which she slipped under her pillow and pulled up the duvet to cover the bed. She dried her hair with the towel, then turning her back to Wendy and without removing the dressing gown stepped into her panties and pulled her track suit bottoms up over them. Carefully taking her arms out of the sleeves, with the gown still covering her, the little bra went on next, then after shrugging off the dressing gown, she pulled on her tee shirt. Wendy had a view of her slim back but it was very fleeting. When she turned around, Wendy had deliberately turned away from her but those little subtle erotic glimpses had created what were the inevitable feelings of sexual excitement.

Two days went by during which they did quite a lot of rock climbing and together, the two girls formed more of a bond. Linda had a fear of heights but with a little help from the instructor and with Wendy’s hand on her bottom pushing her up to the next brazzers level, they did well together. Wendy was certainly fitter than her that was for sure as she seemed to run out of steam quite often and needed more than a little encouragement. They were good days however, they both enjoyed it despite the tears when she realised how high she was during the first climb but with her partner tight up behind her and roped up with her as they made the ledge, she gained the confidence to go on. The three men that were with them, also called encouragement to her, the five of them ending the first two days in the big outdoors, working as a team.

The third evening, Wendy was able to spend a little more time chatting to Linda, but as there were a couple of other women in the group who had joined them, the conversation was mainly swopping stories about their personal situations, marriage, boyfriends and parents. When they broke up to get some sleep, it was pretty much like the previous evenings in their room, with Wendy wanting to get a better look at her young friend’s body. This evening however with more success, as Linda seemed to be more at ease and was a little less reserved. She didn’t bother to turn her back when removing her undergarments and whilst Wendy averted her gaze, she noticed that when she in turn undressed, Linda didn’t avert her gaze. She seemed to not be embarrassed now by Wendy seeing her body. But, there was no opportunity to go any further as Linda jumped into her bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. Wendy finally drifted off to sleep with thoughts of the forbidden fruit in the bed next to her, feeling that familiar dampness between her legs.

The fourth evening was more of a social event. The whole of the group were together in the lounge with the instructors and it turned into quite a fun evening. Although no concert pianist, Wendy was able to knock out a few tunes on the piano in the corner keeping the party atmosphere going until quite late. Linda was drinking wine along with the others but had consumed perhaps a little more than she was used to as when she stood up to go to bed, she was very wobbly, clinging to Wendy who had moved alongside her for support. A couple of the men were a little concerned and offered to help but Wendy assured them it was OK, so with an arm round the girl for support, the two girls tottered of to bed. By the time they got into the room however, Wendy thought Linda was going to pass out but she carefully helped her over to her bed, laid her down and began to help her to get her clothes off.

Her top came off first and then after undoing the bra, there were those beautiful little breasts open to her gaze. They were so cute but beautifully shaped with delicious little pink nipples. She was very giggly and uncaring by this time. Wendy sat her up and helped her on with her shortie nightdress making sure that her hand brushed across a nipple. Then, laying her back on the bed, took off her trainers and socks and carefully pulled down and took off her track suit bottoms. Unsure if she dared remove her panties, the last item, the doubt was resolved as there she was taking them off herself. It seemed she was no longer aware of Wendy who wasn’t sure if it was just what she did when she went to bed, but there it was in front of her for her to stare and wonder at.

Wendy was captivated, Linda’s legs were apart as if she wanted in a strange way to be looked at, but by now, the girl seemed to be nearly asleep, her mouth just slightly open and breathing the breath of someone going into a deep sleep. Wendy reached out and touched the pinkness hidden amongst the glossy black hair with the tip of her finger. Linda didn’t stir, her eyes still closed, her breath coming evenly. She waited before making yet another gentle touch, then so quietly moved upwards for just one touch of that hidden clitoris. Her finger lingered, just applying a gentle pressure on the spot. All the time she was watching to make sure that she didn’t go too far and that Linda wouldn’t wake up screaming but her breathing was still deep, so she thought that by now she was well asleep with the effects of the wine.

As she so gently moved her finger on her clitoris, she felt it begin to harden under her finger. ‘My God’ she thought ‘I have to stop before it all goes wrong’ and moved away from her and actually suddenly felt a little guilty. She was more than a little concerned that Linda would have some recall about what had just happened. To cover this, she took Linda’s hand and put it down between the girl’s legs, pushed her legs together, rolled her onto her side and covered her over with the duvet hoping that if she came to wondering why she was sexually excited, she would believe that it was of her own actions.

Still sitting on the bed, Wendy urgently pulled down her own pants and watching her, began to masturbate, dipping her fingers into the slippery secretions and rubbing at her clitoris until the orgasm hit fake taxi porno her. She was still excited even after the rush of the release, so after putting out the light, she undressed, climbed into her own bed, now naked and began the gentle rhythm that brought her once more to orgasm.

She was not sure how long she had been asleep but awoke to feel someone getting into bed with her. There was a whitish light in the room from the bright moon in a clear sky. In the white glow, she could see the outline of Linda’s face, then a little voice said “I’m a bit scared, and the room’s going round a bit, can I get in with you for a while, there’s something outside making a noise?”. Wendy moved over to make room holding back the duvet and then suddenly the young girl was in her arms, snuggling into her neck, whispering so quietly she could hardly hear “I liked what you did when you put me to bed”.

That little confidence made her heart jump. “I thought you were asleep” she whispered back “You looked so beautiful laying there” was about all she could say.

She was taken aback by the disclosure but at the same time more than a little excited that perhaps Linda wanted to get a little more physical. Her hard little breasts pressed against Wendy’s and she held her tight, soothing with her hands on her back and then she felt one of Linda’s legs go on top of hers so she slipped her own leg up between the thighs which had opened, she could feel the slight scratchiness of the pubic hair on her thigh as she pushed it up between her legs. Linda’s sex was pressed against her. She felt her face pushed towards her and gently nibbling her neck. Stii, Wendy wasn’t sure but allowed a little more pressure with her thigh between her legs and then, imperceptibly at first, Linda was moving. Not a great deal to begin with, just slight changes of pressure and all the time she was kissing Wendy’s neck and making little sounds. Wendy couldn’t help herself, it seemed to come naturally as she clenched and released her thigh muscles in time with Linda’s smaller movements until the girl was pushing down hard on her and she could feel a subtle wet slipperiness from her.

Her head moved back from Wendy’s neck and her mouth was there for her to kiss. Their mouths joined together and they kissed deep and hard, the tongue licking at her. all the time the movements on her thigh getting faster and harder, then with a little cry she came, shuddering and making noises into Wendy’s open mouth.

Holding her close while her breathing returned to something approaching normality. It was then that Linda perhaps felt a little guilty at what had happened between them. “Oh my God” she said “I’m sorry Wendy, I dreamt that you were touching me and then I woke up and heard noises outside and was scared but you were so warm and you were naked and I couldn’t stop what I was doing and when you kissed me, it was so good.”

“Sshh, it’s fine, “Wendy told her “I liked what you did, it was exciting and I wanted to kiss you and make you feel good, go to sleep now.” She kissed Linda on the mouth and she kissed back but she wasn’t ready to sleep, she wanted to talk.

“I’ve never done it like that with anybody else before” she confided, ” My Mum and Dad are quite strict and I’ve never had a proper boyfriend. I’ve had sleepovers with some of the girls when I was at school, but we only talked about it and practiced kissing and things and with one of my friends, we cuddled a lot and sometimes we touched each other over our pyjamas but we didn’t really do each other, you know, properly, but once she let me rub myself on her but it didn’t happen, she didn’t ever rub herself on me. A couple of times she did herself down her pyjamas but only under the covers and she wouldn’t let me look. It didn’t really work for her I don’t think but she seemed to want me to think it had. I’ve always felt closer to other girls and I think about them a lot, not boys.”

The confession, if you could call it that, was not what Wendy expected and she was surprised at what she had told her. After a few minutes she asked Linda “Do you do yourself then? “.

There was a little silence as she thought about the question. “Yes, I do it quite a lot actually, I started doing it before I left school but I’ve never told anybody about it apart from my best friend Janice but that doesn’t count does it, we don’t really do it together, just mostly talk about it and we kiss each other. When I got into bed with you, I knew what I was feeling and that you had touched me there and I needed someone to hold me tight and then when you didn’t have any clothes on, it happened and it was all so nice and it made me come. It was so much better than doing it on my own. “

Understandably, Wendy was by now very turned on the way this conversation was going, she wanted to come herself, she wanted yet another orgasm. “Shall we do it together? ” Wendy asked and moved over onto her back and started to play with her own so sensitive clitoris, carefully slipping a finger in for lubrication, waiting for Linda to do the same in the confines of the small single bed but instead, the girl turned onto her stomach and stuffed the pillow between her legs and stated moving backwards and forwards on it.

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