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Teacher gets owned

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I walked into their trap. I am Carl Hopkins, a twenty eight year old inner schools teacher. Maybe a hard task master in class, but you have to stamp your authority on these kids or you get nowhere trying to educate them. One group of 5 sixteen year old girls were particularly unruly in class. Their ringleader was Maisy, a rude, arrogant butch looking bitch of a girl. I knew from experience that if you give those sort a inch, they will see it as weakness and you have lost the class. So I consistently ensured that I kept pressure on Maisy by ridiculing her in front of her peers whenever possible to diminish her control and power. But I had not reckoned with the idea of them seeking revenge!.

As I left school I saw Sandra, one of my pupils at the gate with 2 large cardboard boxes. She was struggling holding them and trying to walk down the street. I pulled up and offered her a lift. She gratefully accepted and directed me to what I assumed was her address. On arrival I helped her with the boxes. She led the way to the front door and I followed with the 2 boxes. She opened the door and asked me to put the boxes into the next room. I entered the dimly lit room and suddenly felt a sharp needle sensation going into my arse cheek . I swore “Fuck” and turned still holding the boxes and saw some silhouette before slowly feeling my senses shutting down.

I awoke drowsily to the sensation of cool air on my body and shivered slightly opened my eyes and saw the faces of Maisy and her gang looking down at me, camera phones in their hands filming me.

“what the fuck is happening” I said as I attempted to raise myself. As I moved I realised I was naked…the bitches had stripped me naked. “what the bloody fuck you think your doing” I protested and tried to get to my feet while self consciously covering my groin with one hand. I fell back…I reached a hand to my neck and felt a chain fastened around it that had prevented me rising. I looked around and saw the chain was fastened to a link protruding from the floor. I looked around more and realised I must be in a cellar. “Well Mister Hopkins it was really not very fucking nice the way you’ve been treating me in class. I must say it really pisses me off, so I am going to really enjoy making you change your ways you cunt” Maisy stated in a conversational voice ….I shuddered.

As I covered my genitals I felt something on me. My fingers felt what felt like leather. Looking down while still trying to conceal my groin I saw that they had fastened a leather collar around my scrotum so that my balls were bulgingly exposed. And something like a small box attached to it.

“I see you have found my little control toy” Maisy said with a wicked smile on her face. She continued. “What you have got there Mr Hopkins is a converted control collar we fastened to your balls. Originally it was used to stop dogs barking by giving them electric shocks. Course they were Düzce Escort banned…but I found one…and this button” she opened her palm to reveal a small black plastic box with a red button. “controls it…I press this little button and you will like this, you being a teacher and its scientific sort of stuff……I press this and a radio wave is picked up by the collar and you know what happens……your fucking balls gets electricity running through them…you ever had your balls electrocuted Mr Hopkins?.

“I said have you ever had your balls electrocuted Mister Hopkins” Maisy once again showed the switch to me. I nodded no, as my body starting to tremble. “ You will have to experience what it is like Mister Hopkins or you perhaps will hesitate obeying me…..and you will obey me you cunting bitch”. “ now stand up.

I moved back a bit to allow some slack in the chain that was fastened to the floor and stood slightly crouched hands still covering my groin. “ stand straight up hands by your sides Mister Hopkins” I did what was asked noticing whenever Maisy mentioned my name it was sarcastic said. “chest out” she ordered…I obeyed…I stood completely bollock naked, except for the collar on my exposed ball sac and chain around my neck, my flaccid cock exposed to the girls I taught in class. They started taking photo,s. I moved to cover my genitals. Maisy pressed the red button and bolts of electricity shot through my balls. I screamed has the electricity shot through my ball sac again and again. I was on the floor curled in a foetal position writhing with every shock to my genitals she inflicted.

The shocks of electricity stopped. “painful was it?.” Maisy said soothingly . “ Yes” I whimpered, “Good, now you know what youll get if you ever even slightly disobey my instructions right.” I nodded yes. “ Good..stand up again”. Maisy ordered.

I was standing again nakedly exposed as ordered. Maisy,s girls still remained so far as spectators and somewhat shadowed due to the bright light that shone on me. “Right Mister Hopkins” That sarcastic phrasing of my name again.” I want you to fucking wank yourself off for us. And when I tell you things to say while your wanking yourself, you will say exactly what I tell you understood?” she again showed the red button to me. “OK” she said “Start wanking your cock for us…we want to see you wank “. The phone cameras appeared again.

I moved my right hand to my flaccid cock and started doing as instructed masturbating myself as a group of five 16 year olds girls that I teach watched me. “Say I want to fuck you Maisy” Maisy ordered. I knew she would have no hesitation of pressing that red button and sending bolts of electricity through my balls if I hesitated or refused what she said. “I want to fuck you Maisy” I said. “Keep wanking and say” she told me what to say as I wanked.

“ime fucking your cunt Maisy” Ime going to shag your arse off” “Ime going Düzce Escort Bayan to cum in you” “I always fuck school girls” she kept on with what I was to say as I wanked and repeated her words.

I continued saying the words told to me as I wanked and wanked myself in front of the pupils I taught, till I felt the spunk in my balls getting ready for ejaculation. She told me “Ime cumming Ime Cumming…keep saying that” I did I started repeating “ime cumming” as I wanked myself harder and faster.I kept wanking and kept saying Ime cumming till finally I ejaculated and thick white cum spurted out of my cock. I carried on milking my cock till all the sperm had escaped.

“That was fun to see you fucking wanker” Maisy told me “Stand straight hands by your sides” I took my hand from my cock letting it droop semi hard in front of me.

Maisy moved away then came back with some clothing and knelt on the floor and started wiping my cum that shot on the floor. “ I have now got your cum on my knickers, skirt and blouse Mister Hopkins……What would happen if I said you tried to rape me… a 16 year old. And The recording I have of you saying you want to fuck me?. And I know what your fucking cock is like so can describe you naked. My oh my I think you are fucked!”. My mind as racing, but I knew she had me fucked up good and proper. No matter if I was believed my reputation and career will be in tatters.

“ on your knees Mister Hopkins” I knelt meekly……..”now repeat what I say” I did. “ I want to fuck Adrian Metcalfe…I want to fuck his arse off” I said, Adrian was another pupil in my class a feminine looking kid who was reportedly gay.”Your wish is granted” Maisy said….”Adrian”

From the shadows were the group were standing Adrian appeared. Moving forward he said “Thanks Maisy” and started undoing his pants. Maisy flashed the button at me again” Suck him off Mister Hopkins” Adrian stood before me is effeminate face looking down, his longish hair in a feminine style cut hanging either side of his cheeks. He pushed his pants down exposing is semi hard smooth cock and shaved balls and pubes. He pushed it into my mouth. The click of camera phones again and this time the group came closer to get a better look at Adrian face fucking his teacher. I felt his cock getting harder has he fucked my face and I started gagging and instinctively grabbed his arse cheeks . I heard laughter and giggles as I did this. He kept mouth fucking me a bit longer then pulled out. He pushed my head forward and down causing me to be on all four. Maisy knelt in front of my face holding the red button “stay still Mister Hopkins…surprise”

Adrian moved round stroking his hard cock, bent heard and felt his spit on my arse cleft. Felt his finger moving the spit lubricant towards my virgin arse hole. He spat again and started moving his finger into me and finger fucking my arse . “ Oh he,s tight” Adrian said “ But Escort Düzce my cock will soon sort that out” I heard him spit once more but did not feel it an my arse so presume it was for his cock.

I sensed him behind me then saw his pants thrown in front of me then his shirt….he has gotten naked while the girls watched and recorded. I felt his cock flicking my arse cheeks…he was putting on a show for them using me. I felt the tip of his cock at my back passage. Felt him pushing into my arse then out again. He repeated this several times slowly entering further each time. He said “Ready” I didnt know whether he was talking to me or commenting to the girls. But he then entered my virgin arse once more, this time though I felt my inner arse muscles surrendering to his hard cock and felt him going further and further into me. He started thrusting slowly at first then harder and harder, tears of pain and embarresment welled up in my eyes and I could not prevent myself grunting with every thrust into me. This spurred him on and he roughly fucked my arse. He thrust so hard that I toppled forward, he came with me keeping his cock deep in me so that I was face down and Adrian on top of me.

The girls filmed as I lay spread naked face down with Adrian one of my 16 year old pupils naked on top of me his arse moving up and down fucking his cock into me. He started thrusting faster and I heard his grunts in my ear as he bit into my neck….he started to go more rigid and climaxed…and I felt his cock muscles milking his cum into me and he grunted in unison to the spurts of his seed . One of the gang asked “you’ve cum in him?” “Yep,”Adrian replied to her as he finished ejaculating and started to climb off me “ Mister Hopkins has got gay cum in him now….that,s what Maisy wanted”

Adrian climbed off me and left me lying prone on the floor as he strolled past me flaunting his hairlessly smooth body that had just fucked his cum into me in front of the girls. He looked down at me, “ You liked this?” he said patting his now semi hard cock from underneath to make it bounce. Then he lifted his cock to expose his shaved scrotum and the outline of his balls “Maisy wanted me to empty these into you while they watched” gesturing to his balls “ even more fun with them knowing it was me who was the first to put his cum in you”.

“On your feet” Maisy ordered and prompted me with a kick in the ribs. I stood again naked in front of my tormentors. Maisy faced me “ Now Mister Hopkins lets get this straight. We now have pics and film of you naked ,wanking, sucking cock, being fucked up the arse. Audio of you wanting to fuck me and do all sorts of things. And your cum on my panties and clothes. Using any of what we have means your career would be finished, and maybe you could end up in prison if I said you tried to rape me…and you know what they do to your kind who interfere with kids in there”

I felt crushed and knew they had me….and Maisy knew too. She nodded and I felt a jab in my arse cheek and things became blurred.

I came to in the back of my car…hoping that it was a bad dream….and knew it wasn,t.

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