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Teach Me How

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“Every class, she just sits there-looking as if she’s doing me a favor by being here.”

Truth is she was doing him a big favor. He loved to watch her saunter into class, never on time but always at the right moment. Not only did she walk in late to every class, she relished the attention it gave her. She never sat in the back so as to blend in with the folks who are already there-no! She took her time and walked slowly down the aisle’s staircase and surveyed each row to make sure all eyes were on her-and indeed they were. She was a striking young woman. Her skin was mocha brown with that twinge of gold that gave her such a beautiful, natural glow. Her legs went on for miles and her hips were round but not overt. She had a strong, athletic build, and she walked with the grace of a seasoned dancer. Her breasts were full and buoyant while her smile and beautifully sculpted face and lips made most deem her as attractive. But the eyes had it. Her eyes were dark and intense, as if they could spin the many tales of Scheherazade and more. And when she found her place- usually in the front- she sat down slowly into the chair, pointing her toes and lifting her knees slightly before she crossed her legs. And she always wore skirts or dresses. She knew that her legs were beautiful-and she loved to show them off. It was never scandalous, though. The garments usually came to her knees or just a bit above or below- but it was enough to add to that mystery she loved to create. When she sat down and crossed her legs, just a bit of fleshy thigh would peek out. Oh how he had loved watching and waiting for its return each class!

But this time, she caught his gaze lingering just a bit longer than usual. He looked away, embarrassed but she just smiled. Today she was wearing a tighter-than-usual black mini skirt with wedge sandals and a yellow tank top.

He continued to preach and profess about business marketing tactics, answering the occasional question or two, while noticing that she seemed completely uninterested in a thing he was saying. Every now and again she would look up, give a soft smile or yawn, but most of the time, she was writing. But she wasn’t taking notes. He wondered what she was writing so fervently about that it had her constant attention every time she was in his class, but he just could not get close enough to her to find out without creaming in his pants. This girl had an amazing effect on him and he wanted to know more, but the rules forbade him to do much more than offer a tutorial. So that’s what he decided to do.

“Alright, guys. Class dismissed.”

She gathered her things slowly, obviously not in a rush. She seemed like the type to drink everything in- whether it’s a drunken fight or a baby being born. Her intensity seemed to spill onto the Earth as she blessed whatever she gazed upon with her presence. But he had to stop her.

“Excuse me? Can I speak with you a moment?”

She looked confused at his question, but happily obliged and sat back in her seat as he stood in front of her. He had never been this close before. He smelled her intoxicating scent of musk, tuberose and apples. He looked down at her and their eyes met. “I notice that when you come to class, you are always late-“

“Does it bother you?”

“No, it’s not that. You come in late and you sit in the front and you never look interested in what I’m saying. And you’re always writing. But I can tell that you’re not taking notes-just writing.”

“So what do you want to know?”

He looked at her wondering which question he should ask next. Should he ask her if she thought he was interesting? If the class was interesting? Or should he ask what could Kartal escort be a personal question, of what she was writing? He went for it.

“What are you writing about in that book of yours?”

She smirked then said, “That’s personal.” He kicked himself for prying, but soon he was glad he had. “But it concerns you. So would you like to find out?” She intrigued him to no end and she knew it. She picked up the notebook, opened it and handed it to him.

“Thank you,” he said, meaning it.

“You are very welcome,” she said as she continued to smirk.

He began to read and soon his eyes started to light up. He finished a page, closed the book and chuckled.

“So this is what occupies your thoughts while you’re in my class?”

“Yes. If only they could come to life.” She studied his face for a reaction, but she was looking at the wrong part of his anatomy. He began to swell, as he fidgeted and tried to make it less obvious. Once she realized what he was doing, she stood up, leaning into him.

“So, will you allow my words to come to life?”

He knew he couldn’t say no to this amazing creature, but how could he really say yes? He was, after all, her professor-tenured, no less. His thoughts raced in his mind as he desperately tried to find the words and the actions to move but then she kissed him. He had to kiss her back. Her lips were so soft and pliable as she readily accepted his tongue to mingle with her own. She moaned as she lifted her right leg and wrapped it around his body as he held her in his arms. She tasted good, but he wanted more. He broke their passionate kiss to speak.

“We can’t do this, not here anyway. Let’s go to my office.”

She said nothing. She just picked up her things, grabbed her book from the desk and led the way. She knew where his office was because it was right across the hall from the department chair’s office. He was a longtime friend of the family and knew her parents well. Once before the door, she quickly scanned the area to see if the chair was in his office, but the lights were off and the door closed. The coast seemed to be clear. He unlocked the door and turned on the light as he let her into his lair. She had never been inside his office, but it looked just as she imagined it to be- filled with big giant books, pictures and plaques on the wall and some forest for good measure. She noticed he had a big and hard wooden chair to sit in instead of the issued leather-backed chairs.

“What’s with the old school chair, Rich?”

He was stunned. She spoke his name with the all-knowing ease of an ex-girlfriend.

“It’s better for my back.”

“Well,” she mused, “you’ll let me know if I hurt you, right?”

He couldn’t help but laugh at her gall and unabashedness. “Maybe.”

After making sure the door was locked and the blinds drawn, he walked towards her, hand out. But she turned away and walked towards his desk and sat on it.

“Here. I want you to fuck me here.”

He met her seat as he took her face into his hand and began to kiss her, once again, passionately. He inhaled deeply as she pulled him into her frame, feeling her nipples harden against his chest. He paused for a moment to search her eyes one last time for any shreds of apprehension, but found none. She smiled slyly, knowing full well what he was doing, as she had seen this look before. She pushed him away slightly as she turned her back to him.

“I’m really enjoying your class, you know. I’ve learned a lot- as you can tell from my grades.” She placed her hands square flat on the desk and bent over slightly while lifting her skirt to reveal her bare ass. Rich gasped at the Kurtköy Escort sight as she was becoming everything he imagined right before his very eyes. Looking slightly over her shoulder she said, “But I think I could’ve done much better on the last quiz. In fact I know I could have, but I was distracted as you were wearing your casual Friday skinny jeans with an awesome dick print to match.”

He knew those pants well as he often wore them out for drinks with friends. Rich was your now average, thirty something urban hipster- tall, bearded, and man-bun rocking. Sometimes he wore the compulsory dark frame glasses instead of his contacts to complete the look that waffled between skinny jeans and fitted Banana Republic chinos. Most would say he was an all-American type, replete with blue-green eyes and a killer smile to match his sharp wit. As much as he tried to not get aroused by her, he just couldn’t help it. He remembered the day as well, since she wore a flippy little white skirt, which beautifully contrasted with her milk-chocolatey skin he wished to devour.

She licked her lips and continued, “It was your fault really, but I’m the one who should be punished.”

Rich quickly scanned the room for a paddle like object and settled upon the yardstick he had in the corner. Rich then walked around to the front of the desk and broke the yardstick over his knee for effect. Never breaking gaze, Rich walked back around the desk and stood at her side.

“So Nathalia, you knew I was turned on by you?” She was silent and he continued, “You knew I was turned on by you, you wore that little white skirt, sat in the front row, and repeatedly crossed and uncrossed your legs in front of me, huh?” She remained silent. He screamed, “Answer me!” as he thwacked her cheeks with the stick.

Nathalia remained silent as he smacked her bare ass again, this time twice, as she trembled and murmured,”yes”.

He leaned over and whispered while cupping her ear, “What was that? I couldn’t hear you. Maybe I need to repeat myself…” as he whacked her again with the stick four times.

“Yes professor!” she screamed.

“That’s more like it,” he said as he placed the stick on the floor and unbuttoned his pants. “Turn around,” he ordered, as Nathalia did so. “Down on your knees…and you better suck it good or else.” Nathalia assumed the position and began licking his balls and shaft tenderly when she was interrupted. “It’s not a newborn baby- it’s a cock! Suck it right!” He was forceful and stern- so different from his classroom persona- and he could see she was getting turned on. Nathalia’s nipples hardened as he reached down to pinch them through her top. She began sucking his shaft down while squeezing his balls between her fingers. As the saliva built in her mouth, she let it drizzle down his shaft while swallowing him almost whole. Rich’s cock was pink, veiny, and thick- just the way she liked them! Nathalia looked up at Rich to catch him smiling as he moaned with pleasure. Rich coordinated her movements by pumping in and out of her glorious hole while yanking her thick and curly hair. She continued to tease the head with her tonsils as his thrusts became more insistent. Nathalia began to gag as she spit on his rod to ease its way further down her throat. Nathalia got a little lower on her knees- into an almost crouching position- to help his dick reach maximum depth down her accommodating throat. Feeling her uvula tickling, he stopped thrusting for a moment to enjoy this wonderful sensation from this exquisite girl. Nathalia stuck her tongue out as far as she could until he finally released her from his grips.

“Verrrry good- you Maltepe Escort catch on quickly in all arenas, huh? Well let’s see if that cunt is as sweet as I had hoped.” He patted the desk, motioning for her to have a seat upon it. Nathalia climbed up as Rich pulled off her skirt and panties. Before tossing them aside, Rich inhaled deeply as he smelled the crotch of her navy blue lacy bikini, which made Nathalia giggle. “Do you find something funny?” he sternly implored.

“No, Professor,” she replied as she straightened up.

“I think you do. Well we’ll see how much you’ll be laughing when I refuse to let you cum…”

“Oh please, no!” she begged. “I want you to make me cum so badly! Please make me cum, Professor!”

“I’ll think about it.”

Rich finally disrobed completely, casting his button-down away and onto the floor with her things. Rich then pulled around his big wooden chair to make himself more comfortable between her luscious legs. He placed each one slowly over his shoulders as he stared for a few moments at its wondrous sight. Nathalia had a nice trim up top with her lips bare and ready for suckling. He insisted she lay back as he delved into her clamshell tongue blazing. Nathalia let out a sharp and guttural moan as he immediately hit the right button, releasing his long strawberry blonde hair from its man bun. Rich shook it out as she playfully tugged at his beard, before returning to her temple of yearning. He teased her as he flitted his tongue across her clit while suckling her lips, driving her wild. She caressed his back with her soles as he thrust his tongue into her waiting chamber. Her thighs began to clench as she bucked her hips into his face. She pulled his hair as he finally clamped down on her clit, sending her body into spasms. He could feel her wetness in his beard as he secretly hoped her scent would linger there for days, right under his nose. She smelled like the languid waters of the ocean right after the rain on a summer’s beach. He wanted to continue his meal but as her breaths grew more shallow and sparse, he knew she was about to cum. But he couldn’t let that happen so easily, now could he?

“Please, don’t stop,” she said, thrusting her hips further into him. She tried to grip him with her thighs, but they were weak and trembling now. She was just where he wanted her. So Rich abruptly stood up and shoved his still throbbing member deep into her cavern, causing her to scream out-“Yes God! Oh fuck me Professor!”

Rich knew he wanted to feel all of her- G-spot, cervix, hell, her guts! So he positioned her with hips slightly tilted up and ankles at his ears to get the maximum depth. She welcomed this as she grasped the edge of the desk with all her might while he ravaged her pussy with his thick member. Nathalia could barely hold on as he was hitting all the right places and knew she was going to explode.

“I want you to fucking cum…and I’m going to cum inside you my little tease!”

“Oh fuck yes, Professor! Fucking jizz inside me you fucking beast!”

His pace hastened as she let go of the desk and wrapped her legs even tighter around his neck. Rich slapped her ass and thighs as their movements became synced for that magical moment of bliss. He could feel her walls clenching as she screamed out, “Oh my fucking God, I’m fucking coming all over your dick, Professor!”

Which of course helped him turn the corner as he halted all movements and spasmed inside her hot, juicy tunnel without words. He could do nothing but collapse into her embrace, as they lay on his desk, he still inside her, completely spent. Nathalia ran her fingers through his hair as her chest heaved up and down with his. With her legs still wrapped around his shoulders, she whispered into his ear:

“So did I pass?”

“Just barely- you may need a few more sessions but as always, I’m here to help,” he said with a wink.


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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