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Tamara’s Pleasure

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Note: Thought I’d put this up. I don’t think I’ll write another contemporary story in a while. An experiment. Maybe failed. 🙁

* * *

South Florida, 1998.

Karen was 19, thin but curvy in the right places, and a little on the short side. She was also a blonde—Tamara loved that. She had been with one blonde in her life, and she wasn’t a futa.

The two worked together at a pet store. Karen had recently hired on as a cashier. Don, the new manager, tended to hire cute little blondes for cashier positions. Tamara had worked there for the past two years and, after year one, finally landed herself a cushy position as an “inventory control specialist.” The two had the same hours—shocking that the girl could get a 9 to 5 shift so quickly, but the turnover rate was high at the pet store. Sometimes you just got lucky.

Tamara was a little older and wiser than Karen: 25, thinnish and pale, her hair long and reddish brown. She did okay, sexually speaking, but was still on the shy side. She didn’t know if a girl like Karen would ever go for her at first, and though she saw her in the break room a few times, she never said hello.

That was all about to change.

One evening, Tamara’s best friend Maxine overheard Karen arguing on her cell-phone in the parking lot—or the aftermath of an argument, rather:

“Yeah, she left me for an actual guy. Right. I don’t know why—I’d think since I’m futa, I’d be the best of both worlds for her, but, you know. Whatever. He was rich, too. Maybe that’s it. Here I am, working this fucking job as a cashier at Pet’s-N-Moar. I still live with my parents. He’s got his own place. A car. He’s some CEO or something of his own tiny business. Yeah. Right.”

Maxine knew Tamara had a thing for futas, to put it mildly. During their usual after-work chit-chat session, Maxine told Tamara the news:

“Are you serious?” Tamara said.

“Yes. She said it.”

“Jeez, I’ll be looking now. It’s amazing how well they can hide it.”

“I know, right?”

Tamara wondered if Karen would really like her, though. She was the type of girl who looked like she could get anyone. But judging from what Maxine said, she only liked girls. Or, rather, she was in a relationship with a girl. It was a good sign.

She’s probably sad and lonely Tamara thought. She needs rebound sex. Bad. Still, Tamara was always too shy to initiate things, usually. She was very submissive—both sexually and in her whole dynamic with life—and she usually relied on someone else to be her match-maker. At work, Maxine usually filled that role.

“Okay,” Tamara said, “I want you to get a sense of what she’s about, first. You can tell her that I like her, then see how she reacts.”

“I know the routine,” Maxine replied. “I wonder if she’ll be hesitant, though, because she’s a futa. I mean, is there any way I can drop a hint that you’re into that?”

Tamara thought a moment. “Act like we’ve been together, before. And say you liked to use a strap-on me.”

Maxine giggled. “You’re going to lie to her?”

“Why not? Guys do it all the time. She’ll think it’s cute.”

“She probably knows I’m straight. I mean, look at me.”

“What do you mean by that?” Tamara laughed.

“I don’t know. Figure it out!”

“Oh, hell, well, think of something.”

“Okay, I’ll think of something.”

Maxine thought of something alright—one day she simply told Karen that Tamara, the inventory girl, had a thing for futas.

“You can tell?” Karen asked, blushing.

“Yeah, well. . . I can barely tell, but I can tell.”

“I thought I hid it so well.”

“Oh you did, but I have an eye for that sort of thing.”

Karen laughed. “Well, she’s pretty. I’ll have to talk to her sometime.”

And she did.

* * *

Fast forward to their second date: movie night at Karen’s house. Karen had a thing for B-movies—all types. She rented two classics—Crystal Doom II: Revenge of the Blade Elf and Hive Dwarf Zero—as well as one she hadn’t seen before: Tower Chaos.

The latter was especially dreadful—terrible acting, gratuitous and over-the-top violence, ridiculous puppet monsters, a soundtrack that consisted entirely of a Casio keyboard and a bass guitar. Tamara thought all the movies were dreadful, actually, but wasn’t going to say as much. Futas were usually weird, somehow—obsessed creatures. Some would collect over-priced and useless trinkets, others would become arm-chair fashion historians. Recreational knitting was also big among them—some of the most elaborate designs in the country were by futas. Karen didn’t knit: she watched B-movies and tacked their posters all over her wall. Tamara thought it was cute.

“Well, that was an. . . experience.” Karen said once it was over.

Tamara laughed.

“See why I love B-movies?”

“Oh yeah. They’re fantastic.”

“They are. I know. It’s weird. I can’t believe you’ve put up with me for this long.”

Tamara smiled.

“Can bursa escort I get you another iced tea?” Karen asked.

“Sure.” Tamara replied.

Karen grabbed their two empty glasses and raced off into the kitchen. She had one of the cutest butts Tamara had ever seen—especially in purple leggings. They went well with her big white T-shirt. Tamara thought it was funny that Karen didn’t even bother dressing nice, but somehow looked exceptionally sexy. Tamara didn’t bother either that night, wearing her usual T-shirt and jeans ensemble.

It didn’t take long for Karen to return with the iced teas. “Here you go,” she said, setting the iced tea on the coffee table in front of Tamara. Tamara took a quick glance at Karen’s crotch. She noticed a slightly larger-than-usual bulge.

“Ugh,” Karen said after taking a big gulp, “I wish I had your job. I hate being a cashier sometimes. Most of the time, actually.”

“Yeah,” Tamara replied. “I started out as a cashier. It sucked. We’re even busier now.”

“How long did you have to cashier before they moved you to the back?”

“8 months.”

“Wow. Holy shit. I wonder if I can last that long.”

“I wish there was some openings in the back. Actually, Don said we might be even cutting a few positions.”

“Really? Why?” Karen looked so adorable when she was surprised.

“I don’t know. We are busier. I guess corporate’s making some changes.”

“I hope they don’t cut me.”

“I doubt it. You show up on time. You work the hours they want. It’s the other girls they’ll go after first.”

Karen took another gulp of her iced tea. Her throat looked beautiful as she swallowed it down.

“I wonder if I could sleep my way out of cashiering.” Karen asked sarcastically, “Who would I need to fuck?”

Tamara laughed. “Well, Don. I guess.”

“Ewww,” Karen said, scrunching up her face. “I’d fuck him if he made me manager. But he probably doesn’t like cock, does he?”

Tamara giggled. “I don’t know,” she said, “maybe he loves it.”

“Kind of like you?”

Tamara blushed. “Yeah, I guess so.”

Karen slinked over closer to Tamara then rested her head on her shoulder. Tamara shivered with delight. “That’s what you came here for, right?” Karen asked coyly. “Or was it the movies?”

Tamara didn’t say anything. She looked again at Karen’s crotch. The bulge was getting larger.

“I guess. . . yes.” Tamara said.

“The movies?”

“No. . .”

“Right,” Karen giggled as she caressed Tamara’s leg. “You came here because you wanted to please my cock. I know it. You wanted to put your little lips around it, feel it slide over your warm, wet tongue then bump its tip against the back of your throat. Right?”

Tamara couldn’t speak. Karen’s hot, warm body against hers was simply too much. Her whole body ached with anticipation.

“Well, let’s get started then,” Karen said.

* * *

Tamara bit her lip, overcome with the thought of what was about to happen. Karen leaned in closer, hesitant at first, her heart pounding with anticipation. She moved towards Tamara, bringing their faces perfectly close to one another then captured Tamara’s lips with her own, sliding her tongue deep into Tamara’s mouth. Tamara sucked it gently, surrendering to the sensation as she wrapped her arms around Karen’s small shoulders, bringing her closer. Karen giggled in her mouth, her tongue writhing. Then she pulled away, sliding off her shirt and throwing it across the room. Her breasts were just as good as Tamara imagined: firm and pert, with pink, delicate nipples, now hard with desire. Her mouth watered.

“Your turn,” she giggled.

Tamara hurriedly took off her shirt, then unsnapped her black bra. Karen wasted no time: she slinked down and licked Tamara’s exposed right breast, sucking on it hard and giving it a gentle bite, sending a shudder of ecstasy through Tamara’s body. Tamara gasped, running her hands over Karen’s smooth, naked back.

“Mmmm,” Karen moaned as her tongue circled over Tamara’s wet nipple.

Tamara’s whole body shivered with lust. She kissed Karen’s hair, inhaling the sweet fragrance of her lilac shampoo and the natural scent of her body, baffled by how much she now wanted her. Karen raised up and kissed her again—her tongue invading Tamara’s surrendered mouth like it owned it, writhing and sliding, their moistures mingling—then pulled away, her eyes remaining fixed on Tamara.

God she’s a tease Tamara thought. I’ll show her. Tamara dropped to her knees then slid her fingers over Karen’s warm hips, slowly pulling her pants down. Her skin tingled with hot-blooded lust as she saw the bulge beneath Karen’s tight black panties—the moment she had been waiting for. Tamara pressed her face against the bulge’s hard warmth, inhaling Karen’s musky scent. She kissed it through the fabric then tugged the panties down, freeing Karen’s cock from its prison.

Tamara was in awe. It was as large, if not larger, bursa escort bayan than any man’s cock she had seen. It looked exactly alike: veins bulging, its tip a dark pink, its shaft heavy and powerful, straight, fat, thick and long, with an orb of gleaming fluid oozing forth from its tip. Tamara looked up into Karen’s grinning face, smiled, then gracefully wrapped her wet lips around the tip, loving how warm it felt against her flesh. She ran her hands over Karen’s ass as she slid her mouth further over the cock, not stopping until she fit it all in. Then, with her mouth full of cock, she moved her tongue slowly against its underside, pushing the saliva in the back of her throat forward to coat it further. Karen groaned, inching her hips forward and running her fingers lovingly through Tamara’s hair. Her cock got even harder.

“Mmmmf,” Tamara groaned. She gripped the cock’s warm, hard base and began to move her head back and forth in a deliberate grinding rhythm—slow at first, so as to draw the pleasure out longer. Her sex clenched.

“Fuck, yes,” Karen whispered.

Tamara closed her eyes and swirled and squirmed her tongue wildly as she thrust her head back and forth, at times slowing down suddenly just to tease her further.

“Oh God!” Karen cried, gripping Tamara’s head tight. “That’s it. More. Fuck!”

The sound of her voice, lost in ecstasy, was the most intoxicating thing she had ever heard. Tamara bobbed her head faster, back and forth, as Karen began to thrust in rhythm, fucking Tamara’s sweet, slutty mouth like the submissive pleasure girl she was. Tamara’s mind flooded with the thought of Karen’s cum spilling out—white flowing from an engorged reddened tip—coating and filling her throat. Saliva dripped down her chin as Karen thrust. She would swallow every drop.

Then, shockingly, Tamara she slid her mouth off and gazed coyly into Karen’s sweaty, panting face. Karen grimaced. Tamara grinned, then gently kissed Karen’s naked, white thigh, rubbing her saliva-covered cheek against it. She wrapped her fingers around the wet shaft, squeezing it tight, and pressed her face against Karen’s sack. Karen gave a soft cry as Tamara took one testicle into her mouth entirely, relishing its flavor. She gave it a soft tug, then stuffed the other into her mouth, circling her tongue over its warm skin.

“Oh fuck,” Karen whimpered.

Tamara giggled. She slid her mouth back over the tip. Karen groaned, pushing her cock further in. Tamara gripped hard at the cock’s base with one hand then slid her other hand over her clit. Rubbing ferociously, she moved in for the kill, bobbing her head back and forth, wet and sloppy, over Karen’s aching, hard shaft. Karen grimaced, grabbing Tamara’s head and thrusting her cock straight down her throat, her sack slamming against Tamara’s chin. Tamara groaned and bobbed her head faster, floating on a wave of pure, surging desire. She dug a finger inside herself as she licked and sucked with wild abandon. Karen, pushed to the breaking point, rocked her cock back and forth into Tamara’s begging, whimpering face.

Ecstasy. Both were losing their minds in the moment—Karen, unaware of anything but the irresistible sensation of her cock pummeling Tamara’s sexy, drooling face, screamed and howled, flexing her legs and ass hard as she pumped. Tamara gasped for air, mouth full of cock, begging for more. Her sex ached and clenched—her skin prickled with stimulation.

“FUCK!” Karen cried. Tamara knew she was close—her cock had become like steel.

Then it happened:

Rich, hot cum shot forth from Karen’s cock in long, powerful ropes, splashing down Tamara’s eager throat. Karen groaned as if in pain, her legs trembling, her hips and spine spasming with each shot. Tamara whimpered, wanting more. She swished the hot semen throughout her mouth, enthralled by its lush, salty flavor—the flavor of Karen.

Karen, exhausted, gasped. Her body went still as the last spurts drained into Tamara’s hot, wet throat.

* * *

Tamara swallowed it down, grinning as the warm liquid slid down her throat. She could suck it down all day.

Karen pulled out of Tamara’s mouth, panting hard, exhausted. She looked down at Tamara, licking her lips, saying nothing.

She looks so sexy with her face covered in sweat like that, Tamara thought. She hungered for more. She wanted Karen’s big, fat cock inside her sex, stretching her out, pounding away at her—so deep, thick and long, fucking her into oblivion. She didn’t know how it worked with futas—if they needed to wait a little while or if they could jump right back in. She hoped the latter.

Karen grinned, her sexy, pale body gleaming with sweat.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” she said.

Tamara smiled coyly, getting up from the couch and sauntering in that direction. She wanted Karen to watch her ass as she walked, thinking about how good it would feel for her thick, long cock to slide into her pretty little escort bursa pink sex and feel it tighten around her. Tamara opened the bedroom door and jumped on the bed, pulling off her pants and throwing them aside.

Karen’s cock was still hard when she walked through the door, staring at Tamara’s tight little body. Tamara bit her lower lip demurely, arched her legs up then slide her panties down over her feet.

“Mmmm,” Karen groaned. “Let me see it.”

Tamara smiled mischievously then spread her legs, letting Karen get a good, long look at her supple, wet sex.

Fuck me, she wanted to say, but she didn’t.

She leaned back, spreading her legs further. Karen got on the bed and caressed her thigh as she gently stroked her thick, hard cock. Then she crawled her lithe, sweaty body on top of Tamara, her gaze fixed and certain.

Fuck me, Tamara’s mind cried out. Fuck me, now. Please.

Karen bent her face down to Tamara’s and kissed her hard, letting her weight press upon her, sucking on her writhing, wet tongue then dragging her teeth over her lower lip. Tamara moaned in her mouth. Her body shivered for another taste of her breath. She ran her hands over Karen’s back, stroking her down with her nails, bringing her closer, her legs wrapping around her.

Karen exhaled hard, gazing into Tamara’s sexy eyes. She slid down and took Tamara’s left breast in his mouth, swirling her tongue for the nipple and sucking on it hard. Tamara gasped.

“Good,” Karen said with a grin. “You’re ready.”

Tamara nodded, desperate for Karen to begin. Karen smiled evilly, then slowly guided her cock towards Tamara’s sex. She reached down and grabbed it, loving how strong and warm it felt—almost rock-hard—then helped guide her in. As the tip penetrated, so big and full, she let out a small cry, relishing the feel of her hardness spreading her open. Karen pushed in further, letting her cock’s girth expand the ridged, pink walls of Tamara’s aching sex.

“Oh fuck,” she hissed.

Karen pushed even more—as far as it would go. Tamara, unable to contain her desire, kissed and licked at Karen’s shoulder. “Oh God, fuck me, please,” she cried.

Karen giggled and grabbed Tamara’s creamy, pale hips, dragging her down towards her cock. Tamara squealed, spreading her legs wide. Her sex was wet and ready.

Karen stared down at Tamara, her eyes fixed ravenously on Tamara’s sexy form. Then, without wasting another moment, she pulled Tamara’s hips forward with a sudden jolt, sinking her cock deep inside her. A tremor of pleasure surged through Tamara’s flesh. “Fuck!” she cried, gripping the sheets.

Karen thrust again, holding tight onto Tamara’s hips, sinking her cock even deeper.

“Ugh, fuck!” she whimpered.

Karen grinned, then began to pump her cock slowly into Tamara’s tight, wet sex, mesmerizing her with her movements. Tamara closed her eyes, fixating on the dark, powerful sensations now blossoming in her sex, enchanting her as her sweaty, naked body squirmed helplessly, her breath quickening in pace.

Karen’s cock was so hard—so big, so powerful inside her, ravishing Tamara’s hot sex with strong, desperate thrusts, her pace growing quicker by the second. Tamara gasped, loving it, her body trembling. Each thrust felt deeper and harder than the last.

“Ugh!” she moaned. “Yes, oh God yes!”

Karen groaned, sinking her cock in deeper, pumping faster as her delicate hands gripped tight against Tamara’s sweaty skin, piercing her sex again and again, overwhelming her body and mind with raw, hot pleasure. Tamara dug her fingers into the sheets, her toes curling, legs wrapping around Karen as her sex flooded with sensation.




Karen took what now belonged to her, sliding her cock in and out, over and over, slick with Tamara’s juices, her hips pushing and withdrawing in rhythm with her breaths. She groaned, gazing down at Tamara’s beautiful form.

Tamara gasped, loving the feeling of Karen’s thick cock inside her—fucking her trembling body, pulse after pulse of writhing pleasure ravaging her insides. Her mind reeled as her mouth whimpered. She couldn’t get enough. Everything inside her was alive with scintillating lust, plunged deep past pain. Her mind was on fire with it—her body was burning. She writhed helplessly as her sex hummed with pleasure—a thick, hard cock pressing hard against her flesh, dark pleasure surging through her body.

“Fuck!” she cried out, desperate for more.

Karen kept pummeling away at her, closing her eyes, mouth agape as her tight little ass as her swollen, fat thrust cock deeper into Tamara’s tightness, thrust after intoxicating thrust. Tamara’s hips spasmed—her sex clenched tight. She groaned, but wanted to scream.

Fuck me, please Tamara’s mind cried out. More. I need more!

Her sex again clenched tight against Karen’s cock. She burned—hot, intense, blind with desire, in love with the way Karen was fucking her into oblivion, thrust after thrust—the hard, naked cock of a futa battering her insides, breaking her down. She surrendered to the pleasure throbbing deep within her, whimpering as if in terrible pain. She couldn’t take much more.

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