Eki 18

Tales of Promiscuity Pt. 03

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Alex went out of town the next day. He was going back to his hometown for a relative’s birthday.

‘Good’ I thought to myself. This meant I could think about our situation with a clear head. I knew this couldn’t continue. The attraction was undeniable, but I figured maybe I could redirect it.

I texted Sean to see if he could hang out. Unfortunately he was busy so I was on my own. No problem. I took a cold shower, hoping to calm myself down. No such luck. I looked at the hickeys across my neck and collar bone, remembering the night before. I got worked up again, and giving up on the cold shower, I turned up the heat of the water to finish bathing. I left the bathroom in a towel, went to my bedroom, and dug out my purple vibrator. What was originally a gag gift from a dear friend, ended up being quite the life-saver in my time as a single woman.

I laid back on my bed, turning it on the lowest setting. I gently ran it across my breasts, relishing the gentle vibrations on my sore nipples. I was soaked before I could even move it down to my now aching groin, and came quickly once it was pressed to my clit. Mechanically, it got the job done, but I still wanted more.

I knew it would be a fruitless endeavor, so I cleaned the vibrator off and put it away.

I set up in the living room, playing a video game to while away the time before I could go to bed. Class hadn’t started yet, so there was no homework to do, and very little that I felt like unpacking. Once I deemed it an appropriate time to start drinking, I grabbed a beer, drinking it while I continued playing video games.

A short while later, Kyle and Steve, my roommates, made an appearance. Kyle didn’t drink, but Steve joined me and we played a few rounds of Smash Bros., Steve and I were both easily defeated by Kyle. He was almost superhuman in his ability to game. We were no challenge for him.

Sean had been texting me on and off throughout the day. Not as flirty as he’d been last night, I wondered if he might be not as into me as I thought. I was disappointed, but I’d live.

As the night progressed, I had more to drink and my roommates and I defaulted to watching terrible movies. One thing I can say for alcohol, though, is that it makes me more bold.

There was no more illusion, I was bordering on explicit with my texts to Sean. Just short of sexting, I was making it very clear (in my opinion) what I was after.

‘It’s not fair that you’re being such a tease,’ Sean texted. I sighed, frustrated that he wasn’t getting it. At this point, he was home and by his own admission, not doing a damn thing.

‘Then why don’t you come over and do something about it?’ I messaged back, taking another sip of my beer, slipping out of the thread of conversation my roommates were having.

‘What’s in it for me?’ Sean’s reply came quickly.

‘Me’, I replied. I was almost holding my breath as I pressed send, hoping his reply would come just as quickly.

‘I mean, I know you’re there. But what’s in it for me?’ I couldn’t tell if he was being dense, or just hoping I might be willing to send pictures. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Guess I was going to have to lay all my cards on the table.

‘Dude. Do I have to spell it out? ME’ I smashed the send button, shoving my phone in my hoodie pocket.

‘Oh. I’ll be right over’ I barely took in the message before I heard a knock on the door. I opened it to see Sean panting. He must have run the two streets over to get here. I raised an eyebrow, and moved out of the doorway to let him in. After a cursory “hello” to my roommates, I grabbed his hand, leading him towards the stairs.

“Wait, Göztepe Escort did you just come over to fuck?” Steve called to our backs as we went up the stairs.

“Fuck off, Steve!” I called, good naturedly back over my shoulder, glad I had opted for even shorter shorts today. I could feel the air on the bottom of my butt as I walked up the stairs. I was almost shivering with anticipation.

I opened the door to my room, still leading Sean by the hand and closed it behind us.

“Are you sure about this?” The question was barely out of his mouth before I closed the distance, kissing him on the mouth before he could ask any more stupid questions.

There was no hesitancy as I unzipped his hoodie, pushing it off his shoulders and onto the ground. My hands were already at the waistband of his jeans, fumbling with the button. My urgency seemed to have caught him off guard, but he was recovering quickly. He moved one hand gently up, framing my face, while the other snaked around my waist, pulling me in close. There wasn’t room to maneuver my hands to get his jeans off, so I contented myself with pushing my hands up the hem of his shirt, dragging my nails down his surprisingly muscled back.

Sean sighed as he felt my hands at his back, his mouth moved from my lips to my ear, gently sucking on the lobe. I arched my neck, giving him more room to explore with his mouth, thankful that it was dark enough in my room to hide my bruises from the previous night.

As he ran his tongue down my neck, I angled him towards my bed, gently pushing him against it until he sat down, staring up at me expectantly. Not wanting to delay any further, I tore off my hoodie, shirt and bra in record time, crawling on top of Sean, straddling his hips. I leaned down, kissing him again, as his hands explored my back, caressing along my spine. Such a different touch than the one I’d had the night before. Sean’s touch was gentle, almost hesitant. Like he was afraid of shattering the moment by touching me in the wrong place.

His hands moved along my back, tickling along the base of my spine, causing my hips to grind down to his. I could feel his erection with my groin, and I knew I would need to have him soon. Sean’s hands found my ass, pulling me harder against his cock. I needed to see it. I leaned up, and finally managed to unbutton his jeans, pushing them down just far enough to get my hand on his dick.

I pulled it out of the confines of his jeans, stroking it gently as I registered the lust in his eyes. He didn’t have the girth of Alex, but that made it more manageable to get my hand around.

“Holy shit,” he murmured, watching as I slowly stroked up and down. Carefully, I moved off the bed, kneeling between his legs, and took him into my mouth. I had been horny all day and I may have been too enthusiastic. I was able to take him all the way, hitting the back of my throat. I used my tongue to swirl over the head, as I pulled back, and took him all the way in again. I was using one hand to support myself against the bed, and the other moved up and down his shaft, mirroring the movements of my head as it bobbed up and down.

“Stop, stop I’m getting too close. Gimme a minute” Sean’s hands moved to push me off, but I slowed down, kissing his reaching hand, then taking his index finger into my mouth. I let his hand go, standing up to take my shorts off. He followed suit, abandoning his jeans, as well as his shirt.

It was the first time I’d seen him shirtless, and I was surprised by what I saw. Sean was secret built. I never would have guessed by seeing him clothed that his muscles were as well developed İstanbul Escort as they were. His chest had defined pectorals, and his abs moved deliciously under taut skin. His shoulders were more broad than I expected and I knew he could toss me around if he so chose. At that point, I really wished he would.

Again, I moved forward to straddle him, my pussy against his cock, and his hands moving to my breasts. I reached between our legs, holding his member so it aligned at my entrance.

“You good?” I asked, not wanting him to finish too fast. He nodded, moaning as I eased myself down on top of him. Before I could get into a good rhythm, he grabbed me by the waist, pulling me down to him. His hands again found their way to my buttocks, holding me in place as he moved his hips beneath me, controlling the pace of his thrusts.

My face was now buried in the crook of his neck, so I began kissing my way up and down his neck, down to his collarbone. One of the arms wrapped around my waist loosened, coming up to cradle the back of my head, holding me close, intimately. I turned my head, as he turned his and our lips met again, this time with matched intensity. There was no more hesitation in his kiss, but almost greed, tasting me as we made out, the controlled pace of his thrusting jostling me slightly as my tongue explored his mouth. He was panting as I pushed up to ride him.

I braced my hands on his chest, pushing my breasts together as I rode him hard. My hips driving up and down, my head thrown back enjoying the sensation.

“Can I cum in your mouth?” He gasped, getting close as I rode him. Without a second thought, I got off him, kneeled between his legs and took his member back into my mouth. He came almost instantly, warm and salty at the back of my throat.

“Hoooly shit.” He breathed as I finished swallowing. I wiped my mouth as I climbed back up to lay down next to him. He immediately went to kiss me, catching me off guard. My ex never wanted to kiss me after I’d swallowed his cum, but I was happy to oblige Sean.

He reached down to my pussy, gently rubbing my labia, finding my clit. I opened my legs slightly granting him easier access. I’d always been responsive to clitoral stimulation and it didn’t take long for me to orgasm, moaning into his mouth as he eased off, but he didn’t remove his hand.

“How many times can you cum?” Sean asked. His voice was husky, low.

“Um, I don’t know. I’ve been able to on my own five times” I replied, curious about what he has in mind.

“Five, huh?” He smirked, his fingers picking up speed again. Realizing what he has in mind, I leaned back, settling back on my bed. Sean was still on his side, his left hand between my legs, rubbing around, but not quite touching my clit. His right hand was keeping himself propped up, his mouth made its way down to my breasts. Already, I could feel pressure building in my abdomen. His left hand rubbed diligently, spiraling closer to my clit. Teasing out another orgasm. My breathing accelerated as he finally touched my clit, and it was enough to make me cum again. With nothing to moan into, and knowing my roommates already knew what was happening, I didn’t hold back.

“Oh God, Sean. I’m – ” My hips bucked against his hand as I came, again.

“Two” he chuckled, moving his hand away from my clit, massaging my inner thigh as I caught my breath.

“Are they always this intense?”

“Hm?” I was still coming down, and hadn’t quite caught Sean’s question.

“Are your orgasms always this intense?” He asked, clarifying his original question.

“I mean, yeah? Should they not be?” I was Anadolu Yakası Escort starting to feel self conscious. It’s not like I would fake it, but I also don’t act like a porn star. The reactions were all natural.

“I’m just not used to being with a woman so responsive, that’s all,” his hand was still on my thigh. Sensing that I wasn’t too sensitive to be touched, he moved my leg over both of his, further exposing me. I could feel his cock against my ass, surprised to realize he was getting hard again. Smiling, I wiggled my hips, teasing his growing erection.

Sean reached down, adjusting his cock to align it to my pussy, I angled my hips to better ease him in. He slowly began thrusting from behind me, making sure the angle worked before picking up speed.

Once we settled into a rhythm, his left hand again moved to my clit. There was more friction than before, so I grabbed his hand, bring his fingers into my mouth. He moaned, closing his eyes, enjoying the feeling of my mouth. Once they were wet enough, he moved his hand back to my clit, rubbing in time with his thrusts.

He shifted the arm holding himself up to lay under my head. I brought my arm up to wrap up behind his head, my back arching, allowing him to push deeper into me. I was moaning again, enjoying the closeness, and he picked up the pace of his thrusting. It was like tunnel vision – I wasn’t aware of anything, other than his body against mine.

His hand worked tirelessly on my clit, building me up to another orgasm. They were coming easier and easier, needing less stimulation. He breathed into my ear “Cum for me, baby” my core tightened, as much from his words as from his breath. I came hard, my muscles contracting around his cock. I rolled away, my skin tingling. Even the bed sheets were starting to feel like too much. I panted, trying to pull myself together.

“Holy fuck,” I moaned, once I had enough breath back to speak. Sean was watching me, his grin was mischievous. While I laid there panting, he’d leaned his back against the wall of my bedroom, stroking himself, to stay hard while I recovered.

“What’re you smiling about?” My face was pressed into my mattress, so I was surprised he even understood what I was asking.

He simply held up three fingers, still stroking and still smiling.

“You’re a bastard, you know that?” I rubbed my eyes.

“It’s been said, but I can live with it” he was still grinning.

“Five orgasms might actually kill me. Or make my tits fall off.” I joked. Some truth in it though, I couldn’t handle any more stimulation. I pushed myself up, crawling towards Sean.

“Doesn’t mean I’m going to leave you hanging, though.” Before he could reply, I brought my mouth to his dick, taking him fully into my mouth. Gentleman that he was, he held my hair off my face, though it may have been a bid to watch me blowing him. He relaxed against the wall, focusing completely on the sensation, I alternated stroking him and blowing him in turns, enjoying the feeling of being in control. I could still taste myself on him as I licked from shaft to tip, giving special attention to the tip before moving back down again.

All too soon, I felt his grip tighten in my hair and I knew he was getting close. Once more, I pushed my head down, his member hitting the back of my throat. His cock twitched, and a small amount of cum hit the back of my throat.

He moaned, softly saying my name as he finished. His eyes closed basking in the moment before he scooted over, laying down on the bed next to me, our faces only inches apart. He pulled me close to his chest wrapping his arms around me.

“Was I worth the trek from two streets over?” I mumbled, already starting to drift off.

“For you, I’d make the journey from four streets away. Five, even.” He chuckled as his own joke.

“Bastard” I muttered, kissing him one more time before finally dozing off.

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