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Tales From the Loft: The Hunters

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Tales From The Loft: The Hunters

Co-written by: Mojavejoe420 and Melanieatplay

“The Hunters”

“And so, I decided not to wear a bra to Brooke’s birthday party. I didn’t know she was going to have a water balloon fight. I was just hoping to get Tommy Marston’s attention.”

Mel rubbed her breasts as the night air breezed past us. I kept sneaking looks at her while trying not to crash the car, being that it was a beautifully restored 1967 Mercury Cougar (351 Windsor, naturally), and of course, it didn’t have airbags. So I really didn’t want to crash, but it was a challenge.

“I got soaked, and my nipples were totally visible in my now wet T-shirt.”

She had now pulled her dress’s halter style top aside and exposed her breasts to the warm night air.

“They weren’t this big yet, back then. But they were bigger than most anyone else’s at the time. Red light, Jim.”

I stomped on the brakes just in time to make only a small screeching noise as we halted just short of the line.

“Keep your eyes on the road, mister.”

“Then keep your tits in your dress or so help me—“

My cell phone interrupted my empty threat; my brother Robert, the family man.

What’s he doing calling me on a Friday night?

I pushed the button and put him on speakerphone.

“Hey Ro-bear! What’s the good word, old man?”

“Jim, I’m so sorry to intrude but I need your help badly. Kristin broke her leg just now and we’re on our way to the hospital.”

“Holy shit! Is she alright?”

“She has a broken leg, numb nuts, of course she’s not alright. But here’s the thing. Jesse is having her Drama Club party tonight, it’s already underway and—“

No, do not ask me to go over there! Tonight is “Hunt Night”, where Mel picks the best looking single girl in the club and gets her to come home with us and we fuck for hours and… ah shit.

“— I need you to come over and chaperone. They aren’t any trouble, they’re just drama kids. Not jocks or anything. But I need an adult there. Can you and Mel come over?”

Fuck! But he’s my brother. And my niece, Jesse, is a wonderful girl who I did not want to disappoint. Ah shit.

“Um, yeah. Of course. We can be there in like… about fifteen minutes.”

“Great, thanks so much little bro. I owe you, big time. Tell Mel I’m sorry, Okay? Call you in a few hours, thanks.” We said our goodbyes and hung up.

“I guess we won’t be needing these tonight,” Mel stated as she tucked her breasts back into her dress.

Awww shit!

– – –

“Oh I’m so sorry!” Jesse exclaimed as she met us at the door. “You guys are all dressed up! Were you going out?” She gave us big hugs and we tried to comfort her, telling her it was no big deal. She was rather anxious about her mom, but her friends were rallying around her and she seemed fairly okay.

We waved and joked a bit with the kids, but we didn’t want to trample on their fun. These were pretty strange kids, they weren’t really drinking. Only two or three out of the thirty or so had beers. But they were still having a good time singing and laughing and… doing whatever the fuck else nerdy kids do.

I fixed Mel and myself up a couple of triple vodka cocktails and we drifted around my brother’s big house. He owned a commercial landscaping business and did very well. The hardwood floors carried the sound all around, though, and it was grating on our nerves a little bit. Not having kids, we weren’t used to this kind of constant ruckus.

I nodded my head towards the staircase. Along with the many bedrooms, Robert had a study up there that was open to the downstairs area. I figured we could hang out up there in relative peace while still being able to keep an ear out for more broken legs, etc. I followed Mel up the stairs, watching her ass sway every step of of the way. She gave me some extra jiggle, she knows me pretty damn well.

We sat in the big comfy chairs and enjoyed our drinks, and Mel continued her story of how her big breasts got her in trouble in high school.

“So, like I was saying, I’m standing there in my wet t-shirt,rather oblivious to the situation. Suddenly, the boys all stopped and just stared at me, at my chest. I was like, ‘What?’ you know? Then they laughed and the girls got mad at me, and I looked down and my nipples are trying to poke out of my shirt. Tommy, my crush, came over to me and said ‘let’s get you into something else’. We went inside Brooke’s house where I thought he was going to help me. Instead, he just lifted up my shirt and grabbed my boobs and—“


Mel leaped up to peer over the half wall to see what expensive thing broke.

Jesse’s voice floated up in a couple moments.

“Just a plastic bowl! Nothing important!”

Hails of derisive laughter followed, apparently the studly actor-boy dropped an entire bowl of popcorn which, in my eyes, is a serious offense and not to be laughed at. Mel kept looking over the railing just to be sure, and I went off to the bathroom to take a leak.

I just started to piss when the stereo started blasting “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Apparently, the entire Queen catalog was very popular with drama kids.

I finished up, then I opened the bathroom door to see Mel standing at the half-height wall, shifting her weight back and forth on each leg, kind of dancing in place a little to the rhythm of Freddie’s piano.

Damn, those legs of hers just didn’t quit. My eyes traveled up from her feet, carefully tucked into four-inch designer heels, then to her smooth calves, and on up to her shapely, well-toned thighs. The view didn’t end at her dress, either. Cut several inches above her knees, it hugged her shape and framed her curvy, soft-yet-firm ass perfectly. I could see her gorgeous cheeks moving under the tight fabric.

She turned and looked at me as she heard the sound of the toilet flushing. Mel gave me that smirky little smile of hers; the one that says ‘I need some lovin’, and slowly reached a hand back to her ass. Then slowly, ever so slowly, she pulled at her dress… lifting it up… exposing more of her upper thighs… until I could just barely see where her legs came together. She turned back to look over the balcony, still swinging her hips to the music.

My cock twitched and began filling. Here she was, teasing me with her ass, and she knew that I knew she gave herself an enema before we went out, so her ass was ripe for the taking. I mean, how cool is that when your woman prepares herself for anal attacks?

I looked around rather frantically in the bathroom. Nothing good on the counter, so I opened the cabinets below the sinks and rummaged through the piles of junk… aha! Baby oil! That’ll work!

I strutted out next to my girl, and lifted her dress up higher, completely exposing her gorgeous ass. I always loved it when she didn’t wear a thong.

“Intentions? Mr. Sexy?”

I placed my middle finger directly on her asshole.

“Here? Now? Are you sure?”

She looked around downstairs. The kids were mostly in the great room singing and stuff, and the others were in the TV room or kitchen. They already had strict instructions from my brother not to come upstairs. We couldn’t actually see them, so they couldn’t see us.

“Yes. Here. Now.”

Deftly, I one-handedly unzipped my slacks and pulled my raging erection out for her to admire and fear.

She looked at me skeptically.

“If you just go in dry, I’ll scream bloody murder.”

That’s when I produced the half-full bottle of baby oil from behind my back.

She smiled.

“Well… maybe I’ll just purr, then.”

I set the plastic bottle down and rubbed her bare ass cheeks with both hands, pressing and squeezing firmly as my hands traveled over her entire ass.

Mel bent forward and stuck her ass further outward for my pleasure. I loved sliding my fingers down her crack, then spreading her cheeks open so I could see her in all her glory. She loved to be looked at, loved to be exposed and have her most private of areas put on display to me and those she liked. I moved forward and rested my hard cock in her crack, rubbing my length along her asshole.

“Baby girl got herself all ready for me earlier today, I can’t disappoint her when she does that.”

She mewled as my hot cock ran up and down over her even hotter hole.

“Daddy, are you going to take my ass?”

“Whose ass is it, baby?”

She giggled.

“Your ass, Daddy. It’s yours to do with as you please.”

I reached over and grabbed the bottle of baby oil, turned it over and liberally drizzled her cheeks with it. Her ass glistened as I rubbed it in thoroughly. She spread her legs wider as my now oil-slicked hand ran up and down her backside, gently easing over her ass and pussy.

Mel emitted little moans as my right index finger circled her hot little asshole, smearing the oil around her tight opening.

“Yes… Daddy… mmmmmm”

I dropped some more oil directly onto her asshole. A small trickle ran down her leg, I tried to catch it but was too late as it ran down her shoe and onto the rug.

With my left hand exploring her dripping pussy, I pushed my finger into her ass. Gently probing back and forth, adding a little oil as needed, I pushed in up to the second knuckle. Her ass was so tight! But of course, I had been there before so I knew she would open up. I continued working my finger in deeper and deeper.

I poured more oil onto Mel’s ass and removed my finger, but only so I could get another middle finger in on the action. I not so gently pushed both fingers inside her. She stiffened at first, then relaxed her sphincter, allowing both my fingers inside her. I moved forward and rubbed my throbbing cock against her ass and thigh, getting him all nice and oily.

I started fucking her ass with my fingers, slowly at first, then picking up speed. I had to let go of her pussy because she was going to cum.

“Daddy, please! Why?”

“Not yet, baby. You ready for me?”

She moaned for a few moments as I kept stretching her asshole.

“Yes, Daddy. I want you in my bottom.”

“Nope, you know what I want to hear.”

She turned back to me, then smiled and dropped her head a little.

“Yes Daddy. Please fuck my asshole.”

I drizzled my cock with the oil and stroked it a couple times to ensure proper coverage… fuck this oil felt good!

I pressed my rigid cockhead against her backdoor and, Sancaktepe Escort without even knocking, entered her domain.

“Ga-ahhhhh” she groaned as I pierced her body. The oil was so slick that it allowed me quick access to the depths of her anus. I had to reach around and clamp my hand over her mouth as Mel started making too much noise. I relented for a few moments, allowing her to breathe through her mouth and for her mind to catch up with all the sensations, then plowed in deeper until I hit bottom.

“Take me,” she panted. “Take all of me.”

Mel pushed back into me, meeting my hard anal thrusts. God, I just loved fucking this woman! She went in one hundred percent, all the time. I had to cover her mouth again as she started getting too vocal. I admired her curves as I continued to rut inside her. Her perfect hourglass figure just looked incredible, especially with my cock going in and out of her well-oiled asshole.

The rest of her body soon began to shine like the oily parts as a film of sweat covered her. I reached up and yanked her ponytail. Combined with my other hand still on her mouth, I could really pull her back hard against my cock.

I could tell by her breathing and moaning that she was getting close, I was too. Reluctantly, I let go of her hair (I had to keep her mouth covered as she was screaming into my hand) and reached around between her legs. She stiffened as my fingers rubbed her clitoris. My throbbing cock was almost to the breaking point when I felt her clench, the telltale sign of her impending orgasm.

“You ready for Daddy to cum inside your ass?”

She nodded quickly and grunted twice.

I pulled back on her with my hand, pushing hard on her clit as I thrust deeply into her. Mel huffed and puffed through her nose, trying to breathe in more air so she could scream with her orgasm. But my hand still blocked her mouth, and she just moaned and huffed while her pussy and ass trembled with pleasure, squeezing my cock in the process. I threw my head back and came deep inside her, shooting hot squirt after hot squirt into her ass. I loved giving her my love juices, and she loved receiving them.

After about a minute or so, we had calmed down enough to where I could concentrate again; the kids were still downstairs listening and singing to music and things seemed normal. I released my grip on Mel’s mouth and she breathed heavily through her open mouth. Her sweat-glistened bare breasts heaved with each breath.

“Thank… you” she gasped through her smudged lips. “I needed air!”

“Well I was just trying to keep you from alarming the entire neighborhood!”

“I know… oh God you’re dripping, let me get that.”

I staggered a bit to the side and leaned on the half-wall as she knelt down in front of me. Without hesitation, considering where my cock has just been, she leaned forward and engulfed my cum dribbling cock in her mouth, cleaning him and swallowing down all the residual juices. With her tits pressed against my leg and her tongue working me, she stopped the downward slide of my cock and he began responding again.

She suddenly pulled off me and leaned her head to the side.

“Oh! Hello there, young man.”

I turned, and no less than ten feet from us stood a young kid, obviously one of the party-goers, and obviously he had been watching us for awhile as his jeans were quite bulged. Not to mention the large wet spot on the front. That amount of pre-cum takes awhile.

He didn’t know what to do, but his face flushed a deep crimson.

I pulled Mel up by her hand and winked at her as I whispered, “Here’s tonight’s prey, love.”

She smiled at me, a little surprised. “You sure?” she asked me.

I winked and nodded my head. “Go get him, tiger.”

We both walked in his direction, forcing him back into this bedroom, and we closed the door behind us.

“I’m, ummm… I’m really sorry, ummm, I didn’t mean to, ummm… you know, like, wawatch–”

We smiled at him as he ran out of things to say. Mostly he just stared at Mel’s large, bare breasts. I hadn’t zipped up either so I was there with half a stiffy.

“Young man,” I began. “What’s your name?”


“And how old are you, Taylor?”

“S-S-Seventeen, Sir.”

“Tell the truth now, son. How old are you?”

I cut my eyes and he blushed again.

“Yes, Sir. I’m… ummm… fifteen.”

Mel looked him over.

“Have you had sex before,Taylor?” She asked.

He looked down shyly.

“Yes… umm, of course I… I have…”

“You’d better be truthful, I can always tell when a young man is lying to me.”

She can?

“No… I… I haven’t had sex before.”

There were a few seconds of comfortable silence, then I looked at Mel.

“She’s pretty, isn’t she, Taylor?”

“She’s amazing, Sir. I mean, You’re amazing, Ma’am.”

It was kind of funny watching him squirm. But I remembered those awkward teenage years; it was hard enough to function with all those hormones on a normal day. And here he was trying to remain cordial with Mel’s bare breasts just hanging there.

“My friends call me, Mel,” my girl said as she extended her hand. He politely shook it, but Mel didn’t let go. Instead, she pulled his hand towards her, so he took a couple steps closer.

Still holding his hand, she brought it up to her left breast, brushing the back of his hand across her bare breast flesh and nipple. His eyes widened and his breath went ragged.

“Have you ever touched a woman, like this?” Mel asked.

Her voice just dripped raw sexuality.

“N-no Ma’am—” Mel gave him a little glare. “Mel! I mean, no Mel, I haven’t.”

She reached up with her other hand, and turned his hand so it was now placed on her d-cup breast.

I watched him smile as he squeezed gently, then he suddenly stopped, turned, and looked at me.

“She umm… took my hand…”

“It’s okay buddy, go ahead. I’m going to sit down over here,” I said while pointing at a chair, “pretend I’m not here. Just go with it and try and keep up.

I’m wasn’t entirely sure what made me do this. Normally, we’d pick up a girl in a bar or club and all three of us would fully participate. We’d never gotten a man before, even if Taylor could be considered to be a man, and it certainly wasn’t one of my fantasies to watch my woman get fucked by another guy. If that were to ever happen, I guess I pictured me being involved, also. But since Mel was being such a good sport when our plans for the evening got turned upside down, I just wrote it off to being in a charitable mood.

I got pretty turned on watching her walk this kid through the paces, though. At five foot nine and wearing four inch heels, she towered over Taylor by several inches. He was so outmatched, so out of his element, but his shyness wore off quickly and he seemed to forget about me as I quietly watched while they stood beside the bed.

“Why don’t you help me get out of this dress.”

She turned around and lifted her hair up. With trembling hands, he reached for the zipper.

“It’s okay, I won’t bite… I promise… but you have have to be gentle.. the material is very delicate.”

He unzipped her all the way down to the very small of her back. Mel turned to face him again as she let the dress drop to the floor. Taylor ran his unbelieving eyes up and down her completely naked body. I watched as he studied her curves intently, and I loved the look of wonder in his eyes.

“Now, we need to get you naked, just like me,” Mel said in a giddy, sing-song voice.

She reached over and began to unbutton his shirt, then pushed it off his shoulders.

“You have a very nice body,” she said while running her hand over his chest. “Do you work out?”

“Yes, a little,” he said shyly.

He did have a bit of muscle definition, for a nerd anyway. Or, maybe she was shining him on to build his confidence. Either way, it was working. His breathing was shallow, his chest rose and fell while she seductively ran her hands over his little thatch of chest hair. Then, her hands moved lower.

“Lets see what we’re working with, down here,” she said playfully.

Her hands moved lower and she undid the button fly on his jeans, and gently tugged his pants down a little.

“Oh my, you need to wear boxers, these tighty-whities aren’t very becoming.”

A bright, red crimson blush broke over his face.

“I- I didn’t expect to be showing them to anyone tonight.”

“You always have to be ready, Taylor… you always have to dress to impress… remember that.”

“Okay… ummm… I will, from now on.”

She tugged his jeans down, a bit lower. There was a very prominent wet spot staining the white cotton and his erection was straining against the material. I watched as she ran her finger over the pooled wetness.

“Do you know what this means?”

His eyes widened.

“Umm… What?”

“It means I excite you, doesn’t it?”

“Well yeah. I- I do like you.”

“Tell me what you like about me,” she said playfully. “A girl likes to hear those things.”

“You… you… have really nice tits.”

Mel smiled a little smile at him. She had the dirtiest mind of anyone I had ever met, and yet she was still a lady. “Call them breasts… that’s much sexier… okay?”

“Okay, you have nice breasts. Amazing, fantast-“

“Thank you, Taylor. What else do you like about me?” She sexily purred.

“God… everything.”

She smiled.

“You have to be more specific.”

“You… you don’t have any hair… there.”

“Do you like that?”

“Yes… it’s like…”

“Like what?”

“Like a girl from a magazine.”

“Do I look like those girls… those pretty girls?”

“Yes… you do. Ummm… much prettier, though.”

I smiled.

He’s catching on!

Mel gave him a big smile and tugged his briefs down, his cock popped out and stood at attention.

“Oh… I like that.”

“You do?”

“Yes… have you ever shown it to anyone before?”

Another big blush broke across his face.


“So… I’m the first one to see it?”


She stood up, leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Gently at first… then with more passion. His hands reached out and rested on her hips.

“MMM… just a little less tongue… okay?” she said as she wiped a little of his saliva off her chin.

“I’m sorry! I thought-“

“It’s fine, honey, just take Escort Sancaktepe your time.”

Playfully, she pushed him back and he sat on the edge of the bed. She knelt down between his legs and removed his jeans and then his socks. His eyes never left her body.

“Can I… can I ask you something?” He said hesitantly.

“Of course you can.”

“Do you… ummm… shave?”

“Shave what?” She said whimsically.

She seemed to love messing him with.

“You’re… you know…”

“My vagina?”

He blushed again.


“I had it removed with a laser.”

“Ummm… why?”

“That’s a long story… for another time.”

She paused for a moment.

“Do you want to touch it?”


She stood up and slid onto the bed and patted the spot beside her. Quickly, he joined her.

“Okay, reach down and touch me… but remember, slow and very gentle.”

His hands were shaking, but he ran his fingers slowly over the smooth skin above her vulva.

“It feels hot, I can feel the heat.”

“Move them just a little lower,” she purred.

His fingertips touched the glistening lips of her pussy.

“It’s wet.”

“That means I like what you’re doing.”

She opened her legs a little.

“Slip a finger inside… but very gently.”

She moaned as one of his fingers disappeared inside her.

“That feels really good, you’re really good at this.”

He beamed, his confidence was obviously building.

“Now touch my breast.”

He reached over and palmed her full breast.

“That feels really good,” she cooed.

“It feels heavy.”

“Do you like how it feels in your hand?”

“It’s… I can’t describe it.”

“Feel my nipple, how hard it is. THats has always happened in a means I’m turned on by this, by you.”

She gasped again when he pressed the hard little bud between his fingertips.

“It feels amazing,” he said between shallow, labored breaths.

“Now, very gently, add a second finger.”

She stiffened as another finger disappeared inside her body.

“That feels really good, now move them in and out, slowly.”

She closed her eyes and concentrated on his fingers. Her hips were moving at a snail’s pace, meeting his gentle rhythm.

“Now use your thumb and rub right here.”

Her hand moved between her legs and she pulled her petals back, exposing her clitoris. She moved her fingers away and his thumb took its place.

“You mean right here?”

She let out a low, deep grown.

“God… yes.. right there… make little circles, but very, very gently.”

Her body stiffened again. Loud, squishy sounds emanated from between her legs. It had been a while since I’d seen her this wet, not since that interrogation roleplay we did a couple weeks ago. She was obviously enjoying this.

“Squeeze my nipple, just a little harder, Taylor.”

She closed her eyes again and her body began to shake. He looked at her face in amazement and watched as her orgasm overwhelmed her. When she came back around, she gently pushed his fingers away.

“Was that… ummm… okay?” He asked.

“It was really, really good,” she said while trying to catch her breath.

He looked very satisfied with himself.

“I’m not really even sure what just happened.”

She giggled.

“You just gave me an orgasm, honey.”

A look of wonder broke across his face.

“I did?”

“Yes… are you ready for an advanced move?”

“Ummm… okay.”

She took his hand in hers and brought it up to her face and licked one of his wet fingers.

His jaw dropped open as he watched her.

She shot him a shy smile.

“Now you do it.”

Hesitantly, he brought his sodden finger up to his mouth, smelling her scent. Then, he ran his tongue over it.

“Tell me what I taste like.”

“I… I can’t even describe it.”

“Jim says I taste like a peach.”

He smiled.

“Yes, you definitely do.”

He brought his other finger up to his mouth and licked the rest of her juices off his digits.

She looked down. There was a long string of pre cum dangling off his cock and nearly touching the comforter.

“You really like this, huh?”

“This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done.”

She giggled again.

“I think it’s time to take care of you, since you did such a good job with me. Lay down… on your back…”

He slid onto his back and his cock laid flat on his stomach. Then, she slid up against him.

“Just relax, I want you to enjoy this.”

He took a deep breath and steadied himself.

Mel scooted down the bed, dragging her breasts against his body, and ran the tip of her tongue along the blood engorged veins on the underside of his cock.

“Oh… God…” He moaned.

“You have such a nice cock, baby,” she cooed.

It was as if his lust-addled mind was unable to form words.

She moved her tongue lower and took one of his testicles gently into her mouth and sucked on the round orb. He was taking short, little sips of breath and he moved his hand to her long, flowing, blonde hair.

“It feels just amazing, your mouth.”

She let his ball slip out of her mouth and her tongue ran up his length, causing his body to stiffen.

She giggled.

“So much precum, you really like this, huh?”

He didn’t answer her, but I could tell she was loving this, playing with him like this.

The tip of her tongue grazed the head, then she put her lips on his stomach. There was a loud slurping sound as she collected the pool of precum off his flesh and swallowed it.

A little smile broke across her face.

“I don’t want to waste any of this,” Mel explained.

She ran her fingernails across his chest, leaving little red marks before taking him into her mouth. Instantly, his hands gripped the sheets and he pulled hard, nearly tearing them off the bed. Mel moved her mouth lower, and soon she was taking him down to the root.

“Oh, Jesus… Jesus…” He moaned.

He moved one hand to her head and formed a tight grip on her hair, probably subconsciously, but she was undeterred as her head bobbed up and down furiously on his member. I knew he wouldn’t be able to last long against that type of onslaught, and I was right.

After about forty-five seconds, a minute, tops… Mel’s mouth went motionless and she locked her lips around the head. Taylor started to thrust in her mouth. She placed her hands on his thighs and his breathing became uneven, then he exhaled hard. He closed his eyes and I watched her start to swallow.

Lucky little bastard.

She let him slip out of her mouth and she ran her tongue up and down his length collecting a few droplets of semen that she’d missed. Amazingly, he was still hard.

She giggled.

“You were really pent up, that’s not healthy.”

“I… ummm…”

She playfully kissed the tip of his penis.

“It’s okay, I’m just messing with you.”

She slid up his body.

“Now you need to hold me, that’s what lovers do afterwards.”

“Ummm… they do?”

“Yes, of course. And… if your partner does something really nice for you, it’s perfectly fine to say thank you.”

He wrapped his arms around her and she curled into him, like a kitten. He kissed her hair and whispered “Thank you.”

“You’re going to be so popular with all the girls, this is priceless information I’m teaching you.”

“Well… I… I… really enjoy all of this.”

A content, easy smile broke across her face, she was loving this.

“Put your hand on my breast.”

He happily complied, cupping her..

“Yeah, just like that, perfect.”

Her nipples grew to full hardness as he played with them and a little moan escaped her lips.

“I also like… this… rubbing up against me.”

Embarrassingly, he scooted back a couple inches.

She frowned.

“No, don’t be embarrassed… I like feeling it rub up against my thigh.”

He moved closer again.

“MMM… and it’s hard again.”

He blushed.

“I don’t think it ever went soft.”

“You know what that means… I need to take care of you again.”

He grinned.

“Really? Will you?”

Wordlessly, she slid down his body and moved herself between his open legs. His breathing got heavy in anticipation of what he knew was coming. She cupped his balls while taking his turgid member deep into her mouth. Instantly, his body went stiff.

“God… that feels good” he moaned.

Slowly, she worked him in and out of her mouth. Seconds later, her saliva was dripping down his cock and a little had begun to collect on her fingers as she continued to slowly knead his testicles.

I watched as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. She quickened the pace and rapidly moved him in and out of her mouth and throat over and over.

“Oh God… Oh God…”

He must have been orgasming because I could tell Mel was swallowing. While he was coming down from the peak, she was running her extended tongue over his testicles and shaft. Then, she shot me a playful look.

“Why don’t you cum this much on your second time, Jim?”

I laughed at her good-natured teasing. She always loved messing with me.

“You should’ve seen me at fifteen. I came twice as much back then.”

She licked over the head of his cock like a lollipop, as it semi-deflated.

“You know, I would have loved to have seen you at fifteen,” she giggled.

“I had about as much game as Taylor.”

She hadn’t moved from between his legs and our little conversation seemed to be turning her on.

“I bet you drove all those little high school girls crazy,” she said while kissing the inside of his thigh.

“I didn’t know if I was coming or going, most of the time.”

“I could’ve made a man out of you,” she teased.

I broke into a little laugh.

“Why do I not doubt that.”

I couldn’t believe it. It only took a couple minutes of her smooth ministrations while she was talking to me, no less, and he was hard again.

“You ready for one last go, Taylor?” She said.

“Will you… Ummm… put me back in your mouth again?” He said pleadingly.

She gave the head of his cock one last little kiss.

“How about we find another place for it to go?”

His eyes got wide in anticipation.

She slid up his body and sat on his stomach, straddling him. Then, she leaned Sancaktepe escort Bayan down and they exchanged a soft, wet kiss.

“They say you always remember your first time,” she said seductively, “and I want you to remember this, forever.”

Mel slid her bottom down his stomach, then reached behind and took his cock in her hand. The petals of her sex were glistening with moisture. She rubbed the head up and down the lips of her vagina until and rested at her aperture. She put her hands on his chest and scooted back, sinknig all the way inside her.

“Oh God…” Taylor said as he let out a deep, guttural moan.

“MMM… Yeah… you feel so good inside me, baby.”

They sat motionless for a full minute until Mel began to slowly move him in and out of her body.

He looked up lovingly into her eyes and I had to admit, I was just a little jealous seeing all that pleasure etched on his face.

“Put your hands on my breasts, honey,” she cooed.

Instantly, he moved his hands up and begin kneading her large breasts while she continued to slowly grind his member.

“Squeeze my nipples, just a little.”

She let out a little moan when he complied.

“Yeah… Taylor… that feels so good.”

She was moving her pelvis hard on his cock and both of their breathing became fast and ragged. Mel told me numerous times that this was one of her favorite positions because she could control the speed and angle. She affectionately referred to this position as ‘grinding the coffee bean,’ and that’s exactly what it looked like.

“Yeah… just a little bit more, baby… fuck yes,” she moaned.

His face tightened up and her body began to shake almost uncontrollably. Suddenly, she collapsed on top of him and they held each other tight until they’re heavy breathing returned to normal.

The boy, correction; the young man, and the woman kissed for a long time, until finally Mel rose up and broke the kiss. He tried to hold on for a few more seconds, but she laughed and escaped his clutches.

“Oh uh, I guess, we’re ummm… done?”

He seemed pretty dejected.

Mel patted his leg and said, “Yes Taylor. You’ve about worn me out! And it’s time we all get back to the party.”

She began to collect her things, well, there really wasn’t much, the dress and her heels.

“I umm… well, thank you, Mel.” He quickly turned to me. “And thank you, too Mister ummm…”

“Jim, Jim is fine. Listen bud. I know you’re mind is probably reeling right now. It should be. That’s how you’re supposed to feel. This is what they’re talking about when they say ‘mind-blowing sex.’ Know what I mean?”

“Yes Sir, ummm, Jim.”

He found his tighty-whities but Mel snatched them from him.

“You won’t be needing those, remember?”

They both laughed as she stuck them in her purse. They would go in her her trophy drawer, where she kept thongs and undies from her/our previous conquests.

“Hey bud. Mel showed you some top-level stuff here tonight. This would take you a few years to figure out on your own. But remember, Mel was very much warmed up before you even got here, right? Girls your age, they won’t be this ready to go. You need to go slower, a LOT slower! Do you understand?”

“I think so, yes.”

“Like for instance, don’t just dive in for a kiss, especially the first kiss. Mel, come over here.”

She faced me and we stood fairly close together.

“Like maybe, try this first. Look into her eyes… then look slowly down to her lips, then look back into her eyes. Lick your lips. Her peripheral vision will see you doing that. Then reach up gently, like this, and push her hair back a little. Or brush her cheek lightly, like this… she will tile her head a bit, maybe barely open her mouth, that’s when you lean in gently…”

Mel and I kissed, our mouths slightly open, our lips sealing together for a few moments. Mmmm… she felt so good.

“Yes, then back off after a three or four seconds. Don’t sit there and count, but just not too long. Then look into her eyes and let her process that kiss for a few moments. Her eyes may even be closed, she will probably pull you back to kissing her. Then, my friend, you are on your own.”

Taylor kind of laughed nervously as he got his shirt on.

“So, gently, that’s the key word here.”

“Yeah, always start gentle. After you’ve known her a while, maybe get firmer, you can go faster, but in the beginning, take it easy and don’t rush.”

“Well thanks, Jim.”

“Okay one more thing. Mel was already very wet when you guys started. Again, your girls will take a while to get there. Kiss a looooong time, you get me? And touching her is good but be slow about it, let it build up in her until her breathing has changed and her pussy is dripping. Then, you’re golden.”

“Okay, ummm… I kinda don’t know what to say. Thanks doesn’t seem appropriate, or is it? I mean, you let me fuck your wife, or um, whatever?”

I chuckled.

“We’re not married. Let’s just call this one of those ‘Pay It Forward things.’ I did you a solid, tonight. And you did good kid, she came for you, those were real womanly orgasms. So use what you’ve learned. Be a good guy and not a dick. Respect your woman, but also show her who’s boss. Women like that, don’t they?”

I pulled Mel a little hard against my side. She held on to me and gave a little growl.

Then he looked at her, I could see his face struggling with something to say. He was in lust with her, and he probably thought he was in love with her.

Sometimes, I hate that I’m so nice. But I wanted to let this kid have his last moment.

“I’ve gotta hit the restroom,” I announced. “See you two out there in a couple minutes.”

I pretended to go into the bathroom but I was able to sneak my head around the corner and watch her walk over to him.

“I had a… ummm… really good time,” he said hesitantly.

She leaned in and gave him a soft, wet, lingering kiss.

“I really had a good time too, you’re going to be an amazing lover, you know that?”

Another blush broke over his face.

“You’re a really good teacher, thank you.”

“Everything that happened tonight will stay between us, right?”

“Yes, of course, Mel.”

“Good, I’m trusting you, Taylor.”

“I swear I will never say anything to anyone.”

“I know you won’t.”

He moved closer to her and gave her another long, passionate kiss. I let it go for almost a minute.

Time to break this up.

“Okay you two,” I said, chuckling. “Break it up, Romeo.”

Taylor pulled away reluctantly, looking like a puppy dog who lost his mommy.

“It will be okay. Remember this moment, always. But remember, sex isn’t love. You aren’t in love with Mel, although you may think you are.”

He nodded, but not quite believing me.

“Now, what girl down there have you had your eye on. You can say it, you won’t hurt Mel’s feelings.”

“Well um, there is a girl, Sarah. But she’s a grade ahead of me, you know. So I don’t know—“

I put my hand on his shoulder.

“Bro, Mel is a few grades ahead of you, right? And you fully pleased her. So don’t worry about that. Be confident, that’s all that matters. How do you feel now?”

“Um, pretty great, actually.”

He laughed a little bit.

“Dude that’s because you are relaxed and worry-free. You don’t care if you get laid or not, right? You know in your heart that you can make a grown woman cum, that you’re now an experienced lover. Go up to her, look her in her eyes, don’t look away. Just say, ‘Hey Sarah, I need to talk to you.’ Don’t ask her, tell her. Then make your move.”

“What’s my move?”

“You’re killing me, Smalls.”

Mel let out a little giggle before I continued.

“Get her alone, get pretty close. Tell her you’ve been thinking about her. Tell her you like the chemistry you have together. Say that you and her should give it a shot. Whatever man, just be direct and decisive, while remaining a bit aloof. Your life does not depend on this.”

“Okay, confident and cool, but gentle also.”

“You got it bro, now go down there and make some shit happen.”

We bro-hugged, then he kissed Mel good and hard one more time without asking which made me feel proud.

Mel turned to me.

“How about you, big guy? Need anything?”

“I need your mouth very badly, sweetie. Then after this we will go home and make love properly. If you’re good, I’ll let you lick my ass.”

She rolled her eyes at me, and she she got down on her knees in front of me.

I pulled my semi-hard cock out, dripping tons of precum from watching Melanie and Taylor. Mel took him all the way in, and he expanded inside her to his full length.

I dispensed with all niceties and pleasantries, I began fucking Mel’s mouth food and hard. Grabbing her hair, I fast-fucked her mouth, pulling her head down on my cock tot the root each stroke.

She screamed on my cock, I pulled out and let her catch her breath for a moment, long strings of saliva hung from her mouth.

She nodded and I resumed my assault on her mouth. She held her lips and tongue perfectly, making her mouth like a tight vagina for me. It didn’t take long, I just envisioned the evening’s events; taking Mel’s ass, watching Taylor fuck my woman, and seeing Mel’s face as she came countless times… Her tongue hit my cock on the right spot, each stroke, and I slammed harder and harder as I face fucked her.

Her face blurred as I fucked as fast as I could. My cock hit her throat each stroke… and I felt it building… that animalistic feeling… that wildness I get… then arriving… and then… I shot my semen into her mouth as I held her tightly to the root of my cock, pouring my hot sperm directly down her throat.

When I released her from my clutches, she fell back panting hard. I leaned down and slapped her face.

“Who loves you?”

“You do, Daddy.”

“Fucking right, I do.”

I pulled her up and pushed her against the wall, kissing her hard and hiking up her dress so my cock pushed into her bare skin. Even in this animal state of mine, I didn’t want to get cum stains on this dress of hers for the kids to see.

We kissed hard, and I could taste my cum in her mouth. We settled into a gentler kiss after a while. This wild man and his hotwife who wasn’t actually his wife regained their sense of normality. The craziness, the wildness, the hedonistic drive all slipped away.

And all that was left was the two of them, softly kissing into the night.

– – – – – –

the end

– – – – – –

A HUGE thanks to MELANIEATPLAY for her contributions to this story! Couldn’t have done it without her. KISS!

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