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� Van T Z Boi 2019



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“What are you going to do?” the boy asked puzzled.

I pointed at the group of naked men; they were retreating back towards the gate to where the days games had started.

“I am going to do them,” I laughed, my day was not over yet.


I followed the line of naked men back into the safe space. At the gate I turned, as I expected the boy was still there watching, I waved and closed the gate, my last sight of him was his waving arm. The men were all sitting around the coolbox, bottles of beer were being drunk and I saw the pills being handed out. I took the soda offered to me and grabbed one of the tuna sandwiches, I needed the energy. The men were talking animatedly about what had happened, what they had experienced.

“Do we have to pay extra?” Mr Ray asked pointedly, the typical selfish attitude of his type showing clear and upfront.

I hoped Daddy would charge him a hell of a lot extra but my sense of fairness reminded me that if it had not been for his demand for the public open air fuck we would never had met the boy. I smiled as I recalled how he tasted, `I hope daddy lets me have fun with him again sometime” I wished.

“Well if you allow your participation to be used in the commercial video we will produce; we will naturally blank out your faces, then I”m sure we can sort out something mutually beneficial,” Mr Jerry was evasively expansive and I hid my smile. I knew Daddy had it written into the contracts what he could do with any video that was shot and the mere fact he had film of them with a very underage boy was blackmail evidence enough for him to do whatever made him the greatest money.

Mr Rick was still stunned by what had happened, I was sure that what he had been allowed to do was far beyond any fantasy that he had ever dreamed of. He would be confessing his sins and reliving them nightly for a long time I was sure. I looked at him, he caught my inviting glance and then I lay back and spread my legs wide, my gaping boypussy winked at him as I made my pussylips open and close slowly Mr Rick went bright red and he grunted and panted, his slim mandick bloated and twitched a couple of times. I saw him pop the pill he had been given, he knew he would need its use. I winked my eye at him and he smiled, his dick rose up and stiffened as the pills went to work.

I finished my soda and sandwich and spent a few minutes with the newbies, stroking them, rubbing their dicks and sucking and licking their bloated helmets.

“You”re such a sinner,” Mr Rick whispered as his finger probed my boypussy, he was becoming familiar with my whoreness, he probably thought somewhere in his religious minded head that he could save me but fuck me at the same time.

I wrapped myself around Mr Ray making sure I had control of his hands and especially his fingers. He sniffed and inhaled my fuckodour with relish.

“The things I could do to you if I had you for a night,” he whispered throatily.

“I”d only need twenty minutes and you”d be fucked out for a month of Sundays,” I whispered back and bit his nipple. He grunted with the pain but his dick stiffened rock hard in microseconds. I had the brutes measure and was sure I knew how to handle anything he threw at me, daddy is such a good teacher where men who fuck boys are concerned.

“I”ll take that twenty minutes,” he whispered and gave me the look.

“You don”t have the nuts or enough cash,” I whispered back and bit his nipple again, but this time with teeth.

“Fuck me!” he exclaimed and I released my grip.

Mr Alan was smiley and happy, he was an easy mark I knew but with him I would make sure he got value for money.

“Daddy gonna make his little boy very happy?” I purred as I stroked his dick. He trembled and a gloop of his precum spilled from his slit, his hand was trembling when I took hold of it and wrapped his fingers around my cocklet.

“Oh Davey,” he sighs as his eyes mist over; he is thinking of his son again, the son he was never able to fuck the way he can fuck me.

“Davey loves your huge big daddy dick daddy,” I nuzzled against his ear, he twitches and his dick bloats and pulses, the precum dribbles down the side, the shiny sticky stuff gleaming in the sun.

Mr Jerry smiles and nods his head, I saunter over beside him, he”s ready for a lone time with me and I”m always ready for him. The newbies watch intently and intrigued as we walk away, Mr Nate and Mr Bob ignore us, they know the score and they pop their own pills readying their cocks for my pussy.

The sun is still fairly hot and I feel its glowing warmth on my skin. Mr Jerry walks me towards a leafy bush, here the sun shines down on the side where the others can”t see us; as I said its alone time, no cameras, no observers just us, one hot to trot cock and one ready to fuck boypussy.

“You okay still, it”s been a longer and heavier day than usual?” Mr Jerry sits down and I sit down beside him.

“I”m fine,” I tell him, we know each other well, there”s no need to lie, if I”ve had enough then I”m free to say so but I”m not tired and the session with the boy has energised me, especially as daddy will be very pleased with what I did.

“Your daddy will be really pleased with you,” I look at him, was he reading my thoughts.

Mr Jerry leans close and kisses me, it”s a simple press against my lips but I sense the hidden meaning. I kiss back, just a little pressure and at first repel his tongue. I know what I”m in for, Mr Jerry has been fucking me for some three years now and it”s always good. Here in this little patch of heaven away from the others and the responsibility of running the show Mr Jerry becomes his true self. I lay back and let him make love to me.

Mr Jerry is forty-five and a self-made man, he owns a computer firm and that”s how he met daddy plus the fact he loves fucking underage boys. I also know that he loves my boypussy above any of the others he”s had access to. He owns a big mansion with huge gardens and an outdoor heated pool. All his staff know, they get paid well to keep their mouth shut like when he fucks me by the pool or in the garden. He has an enlarged picture of my boypussy weeping his spunk, the pearly dribbles of his mandew oozing out and down my gaping hole, it hangs in his bedroom right by the head of his enormous bed. His bedroom is vast, the bed a double king size and above it are the mirrors, mirrors that can be altered to magnify the scene below, its ace when I watch myself wanking my cocklet and having a dry cum.

Mr Jerry kisses my brow and then my eyes, it”s his usual routine but it”s never boring, he”s slowly bringing me to the boil and I arch my back and purr for him as the pleasurable tingles start to itch up inside me. He suckles my little nubs, nipping them with his lips and kissing down my chest to my bellybutton, here he licks the wrinkled bumps, delving into the furrows, tasting the remains of someone”s spunk that”s got in there. He turns me over and parts my cheeks, I feel his warm breath on my boypussy lips and then zonguldak escort his tongue licks across the sensitive nerves making me squeal with delight as the itching tingles flame and blaze. I writhe and wriggle against the grass, rubbing my dicklet against the soft blades, the edges of the grassy stalks scraping at my exposed boycrown and creating bigger and bigger tingles. His tongue delves deep inside me, he takes no notice of the sodden mess of spunk that is congealing in my boycunt, it”s just part of me now as my boypussy is so popular.

Mr Jerry spins me round so I am on my back, he swallows my cocklet and the empty sac and his head bobs and sucks and swallows until I tremble and judder through my boyjoy, it”s a good one, I rock all over as the warm flares shoot through my body and leave me panting for more. He lets go of my boytreasure and edges up over my body, I can feel the heat from his dick as it pulses above my tummy. Grinning I reach down and grab the shaft, I work his dick over my pussylips, stroking where it makes me feel really good and then I push it between my gape. Mr Jerry sighs and makes the slow penetrating thrust that sheaths his thick seven inches of boyfucking manmeat inside me. We hold our position not because I need time to take him but because we both like that initial sensation of coupling. He quivers; his aroused weight on his palms as I feel his trembling dick pulse and throb gently inside me.

“Always so tight,” he whispers in my ear; I ought to be the amount of exercises Daddy makes me do to keep my boypussy supple and firm.

I pull his head down so we can kiss, he bends his back to manage this and then as he straightens up I am face to teat with his chest. I am too small for him to fuck and kiss at the same time, so I work his nubs with my mouth and tongue and lips as he powers his dick inside me. Mr Jerry rides me calmly, his hips thrusting in a slowly increasing rhythm, his dick rubbing and stroking inside me, my pulse quickens as my excitement rises and races.

“Harder,” I murmur and the pressure increases, Mr Jerry lets more of his weight fall on me as he concentrates on bringing me to a peak. His cockhead batters my nub, the tingling heats flare and itch and blaze and the cosmic starring commences across my eyes as the trembling tingling heat becomes a furnace of searing delight. I yelp as I fall into the abyss, the hot dick inside me battling my nub into blissful defeat. I quiver and purr and writhe and mew as the explosion of boyjoy is dynamited. Trembling I clutch at Mr Jerry as he continues to thrust away inside me, once more my boyjoy rocket takes off, I visit the stratosphere of beautiful tingling ecstasy and then wallow in the furrow of continuing bliss as Mr Jerry”s plunger fillets my boypussy.

A quiet growl and the tensing of his body and then Mr Jerry shoves me hard into the grass, pinning me to the turf with his impaling scalpel. I feel his cockhead bulge, swell and throb, the shooting wetness fires away inside me and Mr Jerry growls into my ear. I hold him, making my membrane manipulate his cock, squeezing every last sexy sensation out of his dick and making him grunt once more. My hands clasp his arms, squeezing his muscles as his manjoy escalates and then eases. His body becomes limp first and then his dick softens and he lies still and quiet, his body pulsing to his heartbeat. He breathes slowly and deeply.

“Always good boy, always good,” he kisses my forehead. I know I am not just a handy cunt to drop his load in.

I”ve lost count of how many times Mr Jerry has fucked me, daddy will have a record of the number of times we”ve met but then we don”t just fuck the once and then there are the times I wank him off or suck him, thinking about it I could probably fill a bath with the amount of cum that”s been fucked inside me, sucked inside me, or just wanked onto me. The delicious thought of me emerging covered from head to toe with the combined pearly dews makes me smile, `daddy would love that,” I giggle and Mr Jerry moves.

“I”m not hurting you am I?” he asks quietly.

“No, Mr Jerry, you made me feel good like you always do,” I lean up and kiss him on the nose, which makes him smile.

“I suppose we ought to let the others fuck you now,” he grins and winks his eye and then carefully eases his dick backward out of my boypussy. Smirking I clamp around his dick and shaft with my pussy muscles, he chuckles and has to work harder to get his dick out but that is all part of our fun but eventually he backs out, his dick spills onto the grass between my legs.

“Pricktease,” he titters and kisses me on the lips.

I wait, he kisses down and then sucks and nips my boynubs, twisting my stiff teats with his lips. I wriggle and he kisses down, a quick lick and suck at my bellybutton and then he latches onto my boydick. His lips swirl about my boycrown rasping against the so sensitive nerve endings. I gasp as the tickle tingles and flares inside me and then wait as he continues to suck my boydick, soon it as hard as daddy ever made it and I arch my back, my boypussy gapes as the sensations rock away inside me and a small drop of cum slides out with my boyjoy contractions. Mr Jerry sucks hard and quick, taking my boydicklet and my squidgy fold of skin that will one day contain my balls. I grab at his head and force myself deeper inside his squelching mouth, so hot and so comforting and exciting me to my bliss. The stars rocket and sear my eyeballs as the surging flares, my body trembles and Mr Jerry teases a long drawnout orgasm for me. Clasping his head, twisting his sparse hairs between my fingers I even manage to fuck his throat for a few heavenly moments as my passion and my boyjoy explodes, flares and fades. Daddy tells me that when I”m old enough to cum, to spunk my seed it will be awesome but at that moment nothing could be better than this blissful joy.

“Always good Mr Jerry, always good,” I chuckle as I speak and Mr Jerry grins back.

He sits up and I lean over and suck him clean, swallowing even the small pieces of grass that have broken off with our shenanigans and stuck to his sticky dews. His dick bloats in my mouth and I suck him deep, taking his glans right into my throat before squeezing the last strings of his cum out of his tubes.

“UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuurrrgggghhhhhhhhhh!” he sighs as I take him to the pain pleasure point. He allows this for a full minute before grabbing my head. “Enough, enough,” he wheezes, and I relax and suckle his dick, working it slowly out of my mouth. “Slut!” Mr Jerry pouts his lips but I know he doesn”t mean it.

We walk back to the group, Mr Jerry groans as he sits down, his bloated but limp dick flops about as he grudgingly reaches the ground. He takes the full bottle of beer Mr Bob hands him and takes a long deep draught.

Mr Alan is next, I take his hand and tug it, “Little Davey is looking forward to pleasing his big daddy,” I whisper in my best `Babyboy” voice. Mr Alan trembles and I feel the tingle in his hand.

I direct him away from where Mr Jerry and I performed, I choose a sunlit area, the low bushes hide us from the group. Mr Alan sits down and then I push him backwards, surprised he falls on his back. His mantits wobble and shake as does his hairy sac. He looks at me with surprise. Grinning I give him no time to speak but kneel down and attack his dick, the tablets have done their job and he plumps and fluffs like an expensive hotel towel. I can see the pleasure light up his eyes as he stares at me sucking his prick, his prickhead wholly inside my mouth, it is a hot sight to see such a young pair of lips clamped around his cock, a fantasy he has probably imagined daily. He purrs and stares at me, his eyes misting with his fantasy dream.

Quick as a flash; once he is stiff I jump him. I straddle his plump thighs, he wheezes as I land on him, my hand grabs his six inches of bloated cock and I slide down it, he glides in, his foreskin skinned back by my boypussy lips as he enters and then I squash his balls as I land on them. Mr Alan grunts and his eyes boggle, his jelly stomach quivers as I find my position, my pussymuscles gripping his shaft and compressing the spongy hardness, caressing his cock with my wet membranes and sending his pleasure soaring as he feels the exquisite delight and his fantasy takes a dissolute turn.

“Oh daddy you feel so big inside me,” I yelp at him as I put my hand behind me and grab his balls, squeezing the squidgy sac, feeling the extra heat that surges within his gonads. “Daddy, Oh Daddy you feel so good,” I gush as buck and twist, mincing his dick inside my boyhole. He closes his eyes and sighs as the tingling escalates, his sensual nerves already excited beyond any naughty dreams are once again taken to higher and more depraved tunalı escort level of immorality. “Is your Davey making you feel good Daddy?” I silkily spout the drivel that my daddy has taught me as I squeeze his dick and his balls simultaneously.

“Oh Davey, my Davey,” he moans and gurgles as I rock back and forth, his swollen plumpness rubbing my internal nub, giving me a small dose of pleasure, a pleasure that I can take and ride with.

I look at him knowing he is completely under my control, I had intended to work his dick and bring him off but my own lust agitated by Mr Jerry”s pleasuring is tickled by his pulsing cockhead. Daddy says it”s ok to have my own fun when working my pussy so I decide to make it special for me and therefore special for Mr Alan. It”s not daddy”s dick but it is a dick and I know what to do with those. I settle myself in, rocking and twisting my torso so that the seven inches goes where it is most needed. I get a couple of vibrating twitches and Mr Alan sure appreciates those as he grunts and his body trembles, it”s like watching jelly wobble on a plate but sure as hell what”s inside me is not wobbling; it”s doing its job. The tingling warmths rise and rise as I bob and buck, I grab my pricklet, squeezing my little crimson bulb; Mr Alan is not quick on the uptake so I have to grab his pudgy hand and wrap it around me, using my own hand to direct him until he got the message.

I jerk and ride Mr Alan, keeping sure his hand is working my dicklet. The glow is beaming inside me, the tingling heat that radiates from my hidden nub, Mr Alan is an easy ride; his plump cushioning body is a comfy saddle, his dick hard enough to provide the stimulation I need. I bounce and roll, his prick rubbing my passion point with intense precision due to my seat on his tackle. I close my eyes, try to imagine it is daddy I am riding, I squeeze my boyteats, `I wish Mr Jerry was there to suck them, he”s so good at that,” I think as the heat inside starts the furnace again. The tingling itch demands more and more, I need that extra, that `moreness” to get there, to reach my reachable stars. The sensations hit full throttle and I compress and squeeze and bump and grind in an increasingly livelier rate. Mr Alan is still rubbing me, he”s got the idea now and is doing his best to match my jerkings, he”s also twitching and trembling as his own motor is gunning. I jumpjerk in sprightlier movements, I can see the finish line, the starry sparkly chequered flag is waving; I sprint for the exploding finish. The glittering swirling flag furls around me as I go into the beautiful orgasmic spasms of blissful dry climaxing, as I twitch and judder I become conscious of the shooting bullets that are suddenly ricocheting inside me, Mr Alan is panting and gasping, his whole body is shaking, his grip on my pricklet becomes painful as he exerts his orgasming pressure on it and I yelp loudly and then have to really shove hard to push his hand of my poor shrinking aching cocklet and I”ve lost the last good bits of my climax whilst Mr Alan is still enjoying the ride of his life. `This is the life of a whore” I curse mentally but daddy”s words come hurtfully back to me, `business is business, look after the client and I will look after you” I grit my teeth and moan and sway.

“Oh Daddy, Big Dicked Daddy,” I gush heavily, “you make your boy feel so good,” I lean forward and suck his right tit hard, he squeals, purrs but then I feel his cock soften and shrink.

Carefully I sit up on my knees, his shiny worm slides out and down and lies limp and slimy over his sac, he looks fucked out and it”s all down to me. My little nub twinges, `so near, so fucking near” I grumble to myself but lean down to clean his dick, at least his spunk tastes okay so it”s not all bad. I lie down beside him as he slumps into a post fuck doze, it gives me a little time to prepare myself for my next client.

Mr Nate walks me to a sunny spot, it”s in full view of the group, Mr Nate likes an audience, he fucked me once in the window of his shop. It was quite late at night so at first there were no boys or people passing by, but daddy arranged for it to be available on the net and it made a good lot of money, especially when he gave out the address, a small crowd turned up to watch and Mr Nate and I got a round of applause once we finished.

Mr Nate stands with his feet apart and I kneel down to suck his dick. I slick his foreskin back with my lips; the bloated crown deepens in colour from pink to mauvey purple. I squeeze it with my lips, the precum oozes inside my mouth and I savour the taste on my tongue. His dick hardens until it is stiff, I love that special soft spongy hardness of a lusty horned up dick, the way the skin feels, all warm and alive as it trembles and pulses and the velvet plush feeling of a cockhead; and then there are the manly dews, spicy, salty, peppery and all combinations inbetween. I know my daddy has trained me, taught me how to worship dick but I am sure there is something of him in me as I just love dick. Mr Nate sighs and strokes my hair as he sweeps his hips, his dick sliding further inside my mouth, the bellend rubbing up against my upper palate. I suck and slather my tongue along his shaft; it quickly becomes wet and sticky. Mr Nate grins and steps back.

I grin as he positions himself on the ground; he squints down his body, lining his throbbing fucker with the watching group. I can see they try not to watch but it”s inevitable for them, they have to see me being fucked, it”s in their nature now especially after the fun we”ve had so far. I stand astride him and lean back as I drop down; Mr Nate catches me in his hands and directs my continued fall. As I become enmeshed in his arms my legs open wide, my little cocklet sways and jerks in the air and my boypussy comes into their direct view. Mr Nate doesn”t need to see it, he knows where it is. Carefully I reach down and under my side so as not to disturb the view; my hand clutches Mr Nate”s cock and directs the pulsing tip at my boypussy lips. I watch them, watching me as I bend my hips and Mr Nates cock slides in sweetly. A heavy groan from me fulfils their thoughts. Slowly I drop all the way down, fully supported by Mr Nate as his cock glides in deep until I bottom out. Mr Nate lets out a satisfied groan of delight, one that is echoed by the watchers, I can see hands move to caress cock.

I sit up and straddle Mr Nate, facing them, I know that Mr Nate has arranged a camera to capture their faces and their actions as I bob up and down and swivel on his cock, leaning back and rising high enough for the head of his cock to rest just inside me before I drop back down on the shaft. I ride Mr Nate, using all my skills to bounce and roll as I manipulate him inside me, my little nub flares and heats up as I get his crown to rub and massage my passion point. I rabbitfuck him, his fleshy lance heating up with my drilling lips and his juddering cockhead beats at my passion bud. I feel the warming delight flare and pulse, it surges and rises and then I am overwhelmed by the flooding ticking tingle as I orgasm. I can see the yearning, aching, hungering in the watching eyes, they have all felt the power of my climaxing and even seeing it happen with someone else makes them experience it all over again, cocks twitch and bodies wriggle and eyes are shot with envious knowing. I over moan and over groan, accentuating my movements and noises, not just for their benefit but also for Mr Nate”s as I feel the bloating of his plunger, his own passion is about to unload and I need to make it as good as possible for him. Swiftly I compress my pussy around his cock, squeezing the swelling cockhead and the juddering shaft. His hard ridge extends and becomes even stronger, steely hard as his cockslit pulses and the jets of creamy pearly manseed billows and flutters inside me, his dick jerkthrusts five times in quick orgasmic succession; slowing to a gentle pulsing vibration as his balls are emptied. I swivel on him, twisting his cock with my body, making the pleasure extend to the pain point. Once I reach this I squeeze Mr Nate hard, he pants and grunts and his whole body shudders and he yelps and bleats, but this is what he wants, he wants the pain pleasure, it is a need within him, he has to pay for his sins and what more delightfully way to pay penance than to have your manly cock tortured beyond pleasure. Mr Alan and Mr Rick are confused by this but Mr Ray, his eyes light up, he understands pain; that is part of his dissolute pleasure.

I press and compress until Mr Nate squeezes my arm; that is his signal, the pleasure is over the pain now pure pain, he has reached his saturation point. I release him inside me, his cock spurts that final dribble and I feel the swiftness tunceli escort of his shrinkage. Breathing hard he gets up.

“My sweet boy,” he beams at me as his dick shrivels between his legs but he doesn”t care, he has got his rocks off his way and he is happy.

Mr Rick is trembling, twitching spasmodically as he knows it”s his turn. I grab his hand and hep him to his feet, his body sags apart from the slim pole between his legs. I lead him away, lead him to a concealing space, the bushes are low but we are going to be below their height.

I sit down and tug him down beside me; he creaks as his ancient body has to make movements that are alien to him at his age.

“Okay Father?” I whisper my question, he nods and wipes his mouth, “I wonder what the bishop would say if he saw you now,” I giggle and Mr Rick grins.

“He”d probably join in,” his mouth forms a happy smile, “his acolytes are all young and good looking,” he chuckles, “but none match you,” he cackles at this, he is more at ease and I smile.

I slide my hand up and down his cock, it firms up and he sighs, “I wish I had met you earlier,” he muses.

“But then I would have been much younger than I am now,” I roll my eyes at him and he laughs.

“I am going to go to hell for my sins,” he smiles, “but at least I will be going with my dick held high,” he rocks with laughter and then as my hand wraps around his dick and squeezes and caresses him, the sounds become sensual and sexual.

I lean over and take him in my mouth, a long full swallow so his dick touches my throat. Mr Rick sighs and strokes my head as I suck and suckle him, this time he knows what to expect and more importantly he knows what he wants and even better that he is going to get it. I bob rapidly summarily wetting and moistening his fucktube. Out of the corner of my eye I see him his close his eyes and his lips move, `some sort of prayer” I think as I dribble more saliva on his prick. Once he is gluey wet I sit up and move to lie down, my legs spread wide, my boypussy gaping at him.

Mr Rick stares for a full minute, his own had caresses his cock, working the gloop of precum that has bubbled from the tip over and down his boyfucker. Mr Rick”s old man body creaks again as he crawls over to me, as he sways above me, this is where he becomes unsure, hesitant; I gently grip his drooling cock and carefully direct it, pulling him moistly in. He bends his head to see what he can as he feels the wet warmth of my damp pussylips clamp around him and then my muscles suck him in; he follows his dick and sinks down weightily on top of me. I gasp out a breath of air to encourage him.

I inhale his stench, that rutting old man sex stink, the incense traces are long gone, replaced by masculine musk and must, interwoven with salty sweat and old dried dust. He drops down, his weight as he has been taught on his forearms, I lie in the enclosing tunnel formed by his weighty figure, impaled on his Rod of Jesse as he enjoys and relishes the fact and the sensation of his dick `lawfully illegally and gospel unholy” inside the arsehole of a prepubescent boy. `Has anyone ever confessed such a depraved sin to him as the dissolute one he is permitting himself to indulge in,” I smile thinly at the thought.

Mr Rick fucks me, he makes the moves and I supplement the sensations with my expertise. He feels dominant despite the fact I am the one providing the extras that make him feel rampant and raging. He thrusts hard and I respond with moans and pleas.

“More Father, Harder Father,” I plead at him, my hands grasping his flabby glutes to tug him against me and delve deeper if possible. His crownbulb bubbles at my nub, but it is not enough to rouse my passion, I need more after Mr Nate”s battering.

“You should have brought the altar cloth, worn your collar,” I whisper intently in his ears, “imagine fucking me in the church, on the altar, the people watching, the bishop panting.”

Mr Rick yelps and he sucks in a deep panting breath, he surges at me, his dick has grown balls at last and the plumpbud rattles at my nub, the about-turn is invigorating. I purr contentedly as his dick finds my spot, my careful use of my hands and my undulating muscles keep him on point and point he does. His eyes close and he mutters another prayer as he pulses and lances inside me. I quiver as the delightful bliss roars inside me and then I wriggle and writhe with my boyjoy. The stars glitter and the comets sweep and my sexiverese implodes within me. I am ecstatically happy and so I make him fuckhappy.

Daddy taught me well, it was easy for me to wriggle and writhe as though I was still dry cumming, the internal squeezing of my boypussy and the stroking and caressing with my hands and fingers added to Mr Rick”s bliss. He grunted and growled as his own tingling warmth entered the fiery furnace state, he quivered and juddered as the sensational delights flared and blazed within him. I could feel his heartbeat race away as his chest pushed down on me, his lust led weight became heavier and heavier as his passion commenced, he gave an enormous grunting yowl, shivered and shook and then I felt his cock jerk and the following wetness told me he had cum. I held him, gentling him as his twitching jerking ceased and he panted down on my ears, his breath a soursweetness of ale.

“Ooooohhhh God!” he breathed hard and shivered. His thoughts about the Glory of his God now enshrined in the dissolute act of fucking an underage and totally unholy boy, his seed wasted and not propagated but the glory of orgasm had been his Demi-God and his dick worshiped and gave its great offerings in praise of sexual release at a boypussy”s rampant altar.

I waited; his orgasm had been one of those quick but wholesome outpourings. He lay puffing slower and slower as recovery took its toll and time on his saggy body. Mr Rick looked up and then down at me, he saw his weight squashing me and manfully sought to prise himself upwards and off my struggling body. His cock slipped out, small and undignified and creamed with his juice.

“Sorry,” he said quietly, apologetic.

“I”m okay Mr Rick,” I reached for his slimy tube, “how”s the bishop feeling now?” I smirked broadly.

Mr Rick giggled and then chuckled and then writhed with laughter, nearly rolling over and squashing me again but I moved faster so I was able to sidle away. I liked the groggy old priest and didn”t mind him fucking me and would be happy to make him happy anytime he was prepared to pay daddy. He finally sat up, tears of laughter running down his craggy face.

“I shouldn”t be laughing, I shouldn”t even be happy,” he gurgled, his brain was reminding him of the Great Sin he had committed, “but I am,” he signed his hand over me. “Thank you, my son,” he added. I am sure he was blaspheming but then he was a man with a dick and I was a boy with a hole, so life fucks on!

I approached the group, Mr Rick slowly unsteady walking beside me; his hand on my shoulder as I supported him.

Mr Bob smiled and winked at me and I felt the tingle inside ready itself.

“I want my twenty minutes with the whore,” Mr Ray demanded, the scenes he had witnessed was driving his urges and he was a paying client. He stood there, his dick bloated and dripping and angry red with fucklust desire.

“I don”t need twenty minutes,” I told him and beckoned my finger at him.

Mr Jerry stood up, he was ready to intervene but I shook my head, “I”m fine, I”ll show him in ten minutes much more than he can imagine in twenty minutes!” I sneered.

Mr Ray launched himself at me.


End of Part Seven

To Be Continued…?????????????????????????????????????


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