Taking Care of Business Ch. 12

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Several months later Ryan was coming back from lunch. The sweltering summer heat made him glad he didn’t work outside. Heading back to his desk, he shared an elevator with a hot, young red-headed co-worked named Tammy. Tammy was tall and thin with nice b-cup breasts. Just like today, she always wore short skirts that showed off her long, smooth legs and low cut tops that gave anyone taller than she is a nice view of her cleavage. Tammy and Ryan worked in the same department so they knew each other.

The elevator began to rise as Tammy and Ryan chatted politely. Their chat was interrupted by a loud explosion. The elevator stopped and then fell. Ryan and Tammy were thrown to the floor when the elevator slammed to the ground. They stayed there as the roar of objects hitting the elevator car rang in their ears. Once the roar died away, the two crawled to their feet. “You ok,” Ryan asked. He was mostly sore but his shoulder was killing him from landing directly on it.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” said Tammy. She sustained nothing more than bumps and bruises. “You ok? What the fuck just happened?”

“Dunno what happened but it didn’t sound good,” Ryan said grimly. Ryan tried to open the roof hatch so they could get out. The hatch would only move a few inches before it hit something. “That way is blocked.”

“How about the doors,” said Tammy, “you get that side, I’ll get this side.” They tried but neither could get a firm grip.

“Hold on,” said Ryan, “lemme pry the door apart so we can get a good grip.” Ryan pulled out his buck knife, unfolded the blade and slipped it between the doors. He pulled the knife to one side and opened the doors enough for Tammy to get her fingers in, “got it?”

“Yup,” said Tammy. Ryan dropped his knife and got a grip on the door. They pulled them open to find rubble and debris. “What the fuck?”

“Aaaa,” Ryan stammered, “I think we’re seriously fucked!”

“Tammy began to pat the pockets of her skirt, “shit, I don’t have my phone.”

Ryan grabbed a piece of rebar and braced it between the doors to keep them open. “I have my phone,” Ryan said, “luckily I charged it last night.” Ryan dialed 911 and pressed send. He didn’t start breathing again till the operator answered. After Ryan gave the operator their names and location, he found out what they thought had happened.

Once he hung up, Ryan told Tammy what he was told. “There was an explosion, they think it was the gas main but they aren’t sure.”

“So when are they going to get to us,” Tammy said.

“They don’t know,” Ryan said, “they are putting out fires and then they can start rescue ops. I’m supposed to leave my phone on so they can track the signal. It’s going to be several days.” They both stood silent looking at each other, scared they may not get out.

After a few minutes of silence, Ryan finally spoke, “let’s break into those vending machines and get the food and drinks out of them, in case something shifts or whatnot we’ll have that stuff with us.” Ryan and Tammy went to work breaking into the vending machines and pulling out the drinks and snacks. Luckily the drink machine was stocked with lots of water and sports drinks.

After they got everything into the elevator car, Tammy said, “I have to pee!” There was nothing she could pee into. They decided the only thing they could do was use the little bit of space outside the elevator car. Ryan turned his back as Tammy pulled up her skirt, removed her panties and squatted. After she relieved herself, “um, got something to wipe with?”

“Oh,” Ryan stammered. All he could think to do was cut part of his shirt. He took his knife and cut strips of fabric off for Tammy to use.

After that there wasn’t much to do but sit and wait. It got hot without the air conditioning. The rescue crew called Ryan’s phone as night fell, letting them know it would be about 3-4 days before they could get to them. They had to be careful not to disturb the rubble pile too much as they went so it didn’t totally collapse. The night was cool but the elevator car was stuffy. Both Ryan and Tammy had trouble sleeping and neither fell asleep till sheer exhaustion overtook them.

The next day was spent sitting and chatting about their lives. They received their daily phone call from the rescue crew. There wasn’t much to do and the heat was stifling. Ryan got so hot he cut his khaki’s into shorts and both had removed their shirts. That left Ryan in a t-shirt and Tammy in a camisole. Night number two brought more of the same, they didn’t fall asleep till they could no longer stay awake.

Day three brought cooler temperatures with rain moving through. It partially helped the rescue operation by cooling the rubble down but slowed it by making the ground muddy and soft. Ryan and Tammy did little more than sit in silence for hours at a time. Both ate and drank sparingly as neither was very active. That night, before sundown, Tammy exclaimed, “pew…I don’t know about you but I stink!”

“Yeah,” responded Ryan,” two days without a shower in this heat. I feel escort kartal nasty.”

Tammy looked at the bottles of water lined up next to her. “How about we each take two bottles and at least rinse off? We could do it tonight when the sun goes down, we wouldn’t be able to see each other then.”

She was right, without the little light they were getting from the sun, it was pitch black. “Sounds like a good idea. I could use it to get the dust off at least.”

Just after dusk the elevator car was dark. They each took two bottles of water, stripped and stood at the back of the car so they wouldn’t have to sleep in the water. The splashing of water filled the car as Ryan and Tammy rinsed off the grime. With no towels they had to drip dry. Eventually they pulled their clothes back on, ate and then laid down to try to sleep. As usual, neither could fall asleep. Several hours passed when Ryan heard a chattering sound. Not knowing where it was coming from, he asked, “you hear that sound?”

“Yeah,” said Tammy, “it’s my teeth. I’m freezing.” Neither had thought about the cooler weather. Tammy was thin with little meat on her bones to help keep her warm. Add in the “shower” and the colder than normal temperatures and she was freezing.

Ryan crawled around and next to Tammy. He lay right next to her on the floor and held his arms open wide. “Come here,” said Ryan, “snuggle up close and I’ll help you keep warm.”

Tammy was hesitant. She wasn’t sure she wanted to snuggle with Ryan but he would be warm. Tammy finally decided what could it hurt, she would be warm. It wasn’t like he would try to rape her or anything. If he wanted to do that, he could have done that anytime he wanted to. “Ok,” she said as she snuggled against his warm body. “Thanks.” Ryan closed his arms around Tammy. She felt his warmth begin to surround her. Ryan ran his hands and arms up and down her back and arms to get Tammy warm. They both enjoyed the feeling of being close together. Tammy’s teeth stopped chattering and they fell asleep quicker than they had the previous two nights.

Tammy awoke the next morning, rolled over on her other side and moved tight up against Ryan again. When she did, she felt something hard against her ass, Oh my God, Tammy thought. She reached her hand behind and felt the hard rod between Ryan’s legs. Jesus, Tammy thought, that is his cock, wonder if he knows how to use that thing? A familiar feeling stirred between Tammy’s thighs as her mind turned. How can I get him to fuck me? It had been a few months since her ex-boyfriend fucked her…the night before he left.

Tammy’s mind worked quickly to formulate a plan to get Ryan’s cock inside her. Tammy figured that if she dropped the bar they had been using to prop the doors open when they pee’d, then she could get Ryan to hold the doors open for her. If he held the doors open, then Ryan’s cock would be right in front of her as she squatted. Then all she’d have to do is move quickly to unzip his fly and pull his cock out before he stopped her.

It seemed like a perfect plan to Tammy. Once she had Ryan’s cock out and in her mouth there would be no stopping. What guy would stop a woman from sucking his dick, thought Tammy. Tammy slowly and quietly got up and found the bar they used. She snuck over to the doors and opened them. When she opened them, she saw that the elevator care has shifted. I thought we were moving last night, thought Tammy. She held the bar out and let go. Ryan sat straight up from the sound of the bar clanging as it hit the rubble below. “What the hell was that!”

Tammy turned around with an innocent look on her face, “I’m sorry, I dropped the bar we use to hold the doors open. It slipped out of my hands.” Time to put my plan into action, she thought. “I really have to pee! Can you hold the doors open, PLEASE?” Tammy began to squeeze her thighs together and dance around like a little kid who has to go bad.

Ryan wiped the sleep from his eyes and slowly climbed to his feet, “yeah, I’ll hold the doors.” Now that Ryan’s heart slowed to normal, he was a little groggy and not entirely awake. Ryan pushed open the doors and Tammy pulled up her skirt, took off her panties and squatted in front of him. Ryan heard the now familiar sound of Tammy peeing. This is when it hit Ryan that his morning wood was at full mast and would be incredibly obvious considering it would right in Tammy’s face. Holy shit, though Ryan, my cock is only inches from her mouth! Ryan’s cock jumped in his pants. He began to think of anything he could in a vain effort to get his cock to soften.

While Ryan tried to occupy his mind with any non-sexual thought he could, he didn’t realize what Tammy was doing below him. Tammy had finished, wiped her pussy clean with water and was now slowly unzipping his fly. Ryan didn’t react to Tammy till he felt her hand pulling his cock out though his fly. What the hell, he thought. Then he felt Tammy’s wet mouth surround the head. Oh my God, he thought but all that escaped his lips was, “uugghh!”

Yes, maltepe escort Tammy thought as she began to suck Ryan’s head in and out of her mouth. She felt her pussy getting wet as the slurping sounds she was making joined Ryan’s grunts and groans. Tammy reached up and began to cup and caress his big balls. She was really working Ryan’s cock, slurping up and down the long shaft and taking him deep in her throat. She wanted to drink his thick cum. Tammy looked up as she sawed back-n-forth on Ryan’s cock. He was holding onto the doors, his head tilted back, his mouth open and moans of pleasure echoing around them.

Tammy pulled back and slurped as she released the fully engorged cock from her mouth. Ryan looked down in disappointment, breathing heavily from the way her talented mouth had worked his cock. Tammy looked up at Ryan with a hungry, fuck me look, “fuck my mouth.”

Ryan blinked, “what?”

“I said, fuck my mouth,” Tammy repeated in a more forceful tone. She took the head of Ryan’s cock back in her mouth and said in a muffled tone, “hard!” Ryan began to move slowly in and out of Tammy’s wet mouth. Tammy pulled her mouth from his cock. “If I wanted to be fucked gently I’d get my brother to pull his dick out. I said I want you to fuck my mouth hard! Now slam this thing deep and hard in my mouth, give me that hot cum of yours!”

Ryan nodded as Tammy once again took his cock in her mouth. This time Ryan thrust his hips forcefully, pushing his cock down her throat and back-n-forth across her tongue. He didn’t hold back at all as he slammed his cock in and out of her mouth. Ryan looked down and watched as his cock disappeared between Tammy’s lips. The sight was something out of a fantasy or a porno but the feeling was real. With on last deep thrust he released shot after shot down Tammy’s throat. She swallowed each blast without choking. Ryan howled with the intense pleasure and release Tammy’s mouth brought to his cock.

After his cock stopped pulsing and began to soften, Ryan pulled it out of Tammy’s talented mouth and stumbled back several steps. “What the fuck was that,” Ryan asked.

Tammy smiled, “I woke this morning, snuggled close to you and felt that monster again my ass. I reached around and felt how big it was and decided I had to have it. Besides, this might be the last fuck you or I ever get so I planned this…now, what are you going to do?” Tammy stood up and pulled off her camisole, removed her bra, pushed her skirt down over her hips and let it fall to the floor. She stood there naked for Ryan’s eyes to feast on.

That’s exactly what he did. Ryan’s eyes scanned Tammy’s body. Moving from her bright green eyes to her long neck to her firm b-cup breasts and hard nipples and down her flat stomach to her pubic mound. Tammy was noticeably aroused. The small landing strip of red hair led directly to her swollen labia. Ryan’s gaze lingered before traveling down to her soft thighs and long, athletic legs. His cock was slowly coming back to life as he drank in Tammy’s sexy body.

Tammy finally spoke, “so now that you’ve had a good look are you going to stare at my cunt all day or are you going to make it cum?” Tammy’s voice went from demanding to sultry and sexy, “are you going to fuck my pussy, satisfy my pussy, make it cum over and over?”

“Lie down and spread those long legs,” Ryan said. Tammy moved to the side and lay down on the floor in the spot they had slept the night before. Ryan hurriedly removed his clothes and dropped to the floor. He crawled on all fours towards Tammy, stopping when his head was between her knees and above her exposed pussy. Ryan inhaled deeply, reveling in the scent of Tammy’s arousal. He lay on his stomach, inches away from her secret garden. Ryan could see her juices flowing freely from her love tunnel. He studied the delicate pink folds and engorged clit.

Ryan lowered his mouth to the entrance of Tammy’s cunt and slipped his tongue inside her. Tammy jumped and moaned as Ryan licked her sweet juices. She spread her legs and pulled them back as far as she could as Ryan lapped at her hole like a thirsty man drinking water. Tammy’s hips were rocking and she was already moaning loudly. She’s definitely a screamer, thought Ryan. Ryan moved his tongue, tracing the folds of Tammy’s pussy up to her clit. He flicked and teased the aroused nub with his tongue before sucking her clit into his mouth.

“Ooohh yeah,” Tammy growled with excitement, “suck that pussy, suck it good! OOOhhh!!” Tammy let out a loud scream as Ryan suck her to her first orgasm. He felt jets of girl cum against his chin.

Fuck yeah, Ryan thought, she’s a squirter! Ryan held her clit in his mouth as Tammy growled and bucked through the pleasure coursing from her crotch. As Tammy’s orgasm subsided, she laid breathing heavily, her chest heaving as she caught her breath. Ryan let her clit slip between his lips and then sucked it back between his lips. He continued to let it slip out and then suck it back in over and over. Tammy started to groan again pendik escort bayan as she built back up to her next orgasm.

Tammy moved her hands to Ryan’s head. She began to pull his head against her pussy as her hips flexed and her groans drew in volume. She was getting close again. “Jesus Ryan,” Tammy panted, “you know how to fuckin suck a pussy!” She began to arch her back as Ryan moved his tongue to lick at Tammy’s clit. He wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked as he licked. Tammy was grunting and growling as she rose up to her elbows, watching as Ryan brought her to another intense orgasm. “FUCK YEAH,” Tammy roared as she came again. Her clit pulsed against Ryan’s tongue as she squirted her juice. Ryan rode out the orgasm, sucking and licking to prolong Tammy’s pleasure.

Tammy finally said breathlessly, “please, stop.” Ryan stopped and released her clit with a kiss. “Uhh, God damn I can’t take anymore,” Tammy said in a weak voice. Tammy flopped down onto the floor, panting with her eyes only half-open and her legs spread wide. “Stick your dick inside me, “she said quietly.

“You sure,” Ryan smiled, “you don’t want to rest first?”

“NO,” Tammy said forcefully, “I want my wet cunt filled with your cock!” Tammy was regaining her strength and the fire in her eyes was evident. Ryan crawled between Tammy’s legs and placed the head of his cock at the wet entrance of her cunt. “And don’t tease me with that thing like you did with your tongue,” demanded Tammy, “fuck me stud!”

Ryan slammed his cock deep inside Tammy. Despite her tightness Tammy was so wet that his cock met no resistance. Ryan pistoned in and out of Tammy’s cunt. He could feel her wetness covering his balls, crotch and tights with every long, deep thrust. Both moaned as Ryan thrust forcefully again and again into her wet depths. He drew back slowly and quickly pounded his cock back inside her with each stroke. Ryan felt her gush as Tammy screamed her pleasure.

“Fuck yeah,” Tammy yelled, “don’t stop, don’t stop…I’m gonna cum again!!” Ryan continued to pound her cunt hard, thrusting deep. Tammy kept yelling “don’t stop” as orgasm after orgasm exploded like waves onto a beach. The feeling and sounds of Tammy’s orgasm pushed Ryan to his own intense release. He thrust deep one last time as his cock expanded and shot his load deep inside Tammy. She felt the swelling of Ryan’s head with each shot and the warmth of his release.

They were both exhausted from their mutual pleasure. Ryan pulled his wet, limp dick from Tammy’s tight cunt. He used all his last remaining energy to roll over onto the floor next to Tammy. Tammy rolled onto his chest and they fell asleep. This had been the most either had done since the explosion and they were exhausted from little use of their muscles combined with little substantial food.

Hours later…CRASH!!! Ryan sat straight up and Tammy’s eyes shot open. “What was that,” Tammy exclaimed.

Before Ryan could answer the doors parted a crack and then opened completely. A rescue crew had made it to them. Ryan and Tammy were stunned at first. The lead worker was also stunned at the scene of Ryan and Tammy lying naked. Finally, he stuttered, “ummm…we’re here to get you out.” That’s when Tammy came to her senses and realized she was buck naked. She rolled over to face away from the rescuer.

Ryan spoke up, “Thank you. Can we have a moment to dress?”

“Sure,” the rescue worker said, “but hurry, we need to move.” The rescuers let the doors close and Ryan and Tammy jumped for their clothes and dressed quickly. Once dressed they opened the doors and the rescue crew led them out of the rubble to safety.

They were taken to a triage tent to be checked out by the doctors. Both were in relatively good shape. Ryan had a badly bruised shoulder and they both had some bruises and minor cuts but neither had need for further treatment. When the doctors cleared them, the investigators stepped in and they spent an hour answering questions about what they saw and heard. The investigators gave way to HR employees going over administrative detailed and disaster recovery plans and where they could help. Ryan would finally get to put his computer networking degree to use when they started setting up the new office.

By the time they were told they could go home, it was dawn. When they left the tent they got their first look at the building. About a third of the left side of the building was gone, lying in various piles. The other side of the building and the parking garage looked perfect, like you could go right up and start working. A couple workers took Ryan and Tammy’s keys and went into the parking garage to get their vehicles out of the garage. “What a week,” Tammy said.

Ryan chuckled, “no shit…first time I’d rather be working.”

Tammy chuckled, “yeah. Ummm, look, about what happened yesterday…” Tammy paused. “I don’t know why I did that, guess I was scared…”

Ryan interrupted, “Tammy, don’t. We were both scared. We both had doubts we were going to make it out. We had sex, we’re both adults. Neither of us forced the other. We did it; don’t think either of us was expecting anything more out of it. It’ll be a bright spot in an otherwise horrid experience. An intimate, secret moment that we shared…nothing more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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