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Tabby,Cliff and the Business Trip Ch. 01

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The taxi pulled up to the white-faced hotel. Tabby looked out with a look of excitement on her face. This was going to be the best five days of her life. A holiday in Florida with her Dad, well not really with her Dad, he was here for a conference. Tabby had been offered the chance of coming along to sun herself on the beaches as a treat.

Soon they were standing in the hotel suite with their cases. It was beautiful, all Martha Stewart. A large king sized bed was in the bedroom and a frilly covered single bed was against the wall in the lounge. Cliff carried their cases through to the bedroom.

“Well, this looks great,” he said. “You should be comfortable here while I’m at the conference.”

“Dad, I intend getting as much sun as possible. Hopefully I won’t be spending much time in here,” the 18 year old said. “But you are right, it’s really nice.”

“Now honey, I have to go to the conference dinner in an hour or so, will you be ok here by yourself tonight?”

Sure, but you will be back later won’t you?” Tabby asked.

“Oh yeah, but it might be late, you know how these things go,” he laughed.

There was just enough time for a shower and a change of clothes for Cliff before he left. He gave Tabby a peck on the cheek before leaving by taxi.

The conference was being held at another hotel complex a few blocks away. Cliff had taken the taxi, as he was a little unsure of the way. It was the usual kind of function. The delegates milled around talking, drinking complementary glasses of wine and eating from trays of nibble food being guided around the floor by a swarm of young waitresses.

After his first glass of wine Cliff noticed a slim young waitress with long blond hair tied back with a frilly white lace hair band. Her long legs in the black stockings, below the standard black miniskirt impressed him greatly. Soon he found he couldn’t take his eyes off her lithe form. Her breasts seemed to heave against the flimsy white blouse. When she moved into certain light the blouse became almost transparent, revealing the lace camisole she wore beneath.

Cliff moved from group to group chatting with colleagues from all over the country. Some he hadn’t seen for a long time, but his concentration was taken with the young blond. She glanced in his direction just as his roving eyes had once more scanned her lovely shape. She gave a nervous smile in return and scuttled a way with her empty tray.

Once more Cliff excused himself from a boring colleague to follow the object of his desire. This time she had completely disappeared through one of the doors leading to the kitchen. He cursed under his breath. Nearby was the main drinks table. It’s rows of glasses being served by two men.

“I’ll have one of those,” Cliff said approaching the table.

“Certainly sir,” the waiter said, tipping the wine bottle to pour the clear liquid into the glass.

“Thank you,” Cliff said. “Um, by the way, would you know the name of one of the waitresses?”

“Sir?” the waiter asked puzzled.

“The tall blond girl,” he tried to think of a better description. “I think I know her from somewhere but I just can’t put a name to her.”

“Tall blond? We have a few waitresses that fit that description,” he said.

“Oh, sorry, I’ll have to wait till I see her again and ask.” Cliff smiled and turned a way from the table.

As he stood sipping on his wine, looking through the crowd for someone he recognised, the girl reappeared carrying a tray of delicately cut sandwiches. Again he watched her expertly weave through the crowd, stopping every now and then to have a sandwich picked from the silver tray.

He watched as she moved between the groups. His first reaction was to turn back to the bar and ask the man who had just served him, but he was busy now with another customer. The young girl glanced at Cliff; her face seemed to blush slightly as his eyes scanned her again.

That was not the only reaction, Cliff could feel a stirring in his pants. A feeling of lust passed through his veins. He didn’t stop it, nor did he move his eyes from the beautiful tall figure.

She walked around, her beautiful butt swaying in the short black dress; her long legs with the shiny black heels, making his cock grow harder. Gradually he worked himself closer to the young girl. She had noticed him and flashed him a shy smile as she slipped away into the crowd again.

Cliff lost sight of her for a moment. Then he spotted her. The tray was gone and she was standing near the large glass entrance doors, her hands crossed delicately in her lap. He moved toward her. Finally he was standing directly beside her. They exchanged a glance and smile. Just as he was about to make his move a bell tinkled and a silence fell on the crowd.

Near the front of the large room someone was about to make a speech. Everyone stood in respectful silence as a microphone buzzed into life. Then the speech began.
Cliff was totally distracted by now. He kept glancing at the waitress.

“What is bursa escort your name?” he whispered across the small gap dividing them.

She looked nervously at him. “Karen,” was her reply.

“You have worked hard tonight Karen,” Cliff continued in a quiet whisper.

“Thank you,” came the crisp reply.

“My name is Cliff by the way,” he said. There was a long pause. “I think you are beautiful.”

Karen blushed, uncertain how to take this complement.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” Cliff added.

“No, no, thank you,” Karen answered.

“Um…how can I say this…you make me feel so hot,” he said. “I am really turned on by you.”

The blonde didn’t know what to say. She stood staring straight ahead, but her feet shuffled nervously. A smile spread on her face.

“Come with me,” she instructed. Cliff didn’t have time to respond as she slipped through the main entrance doors into the lobby. Already Karen was at the main entrance to the conference centre. He quickened his step to follow her. She held the front door open.

At the bottom of the steps she waited again for the older man to catch up. Then she darted into the darkening evening along a path that led across the front of the large building. Cliff followed as her heels clattered on the concrete. They rounded a corner into an alley between the plant room of the conference centre and a chest-high raised garden.

Cliff caught up with the fleeing waitress as the path disappeared into the darkness. He reached out and grabbed her thin arm, stopping her in her tracks. He pulled her in towards him.

“God you are so beautiful,” he said pressing his lips on hers. She struggled a little, trying to pull free. Then as he released her from the kiss she giggled. “Turn around,” he ordered.

She turned so her back was facing him. Cliff still restrained her arms, pushing her against the wall of the raised garden. His other hand started to burrow under the sort skirt.

“No, no, not here. There’s some chalets around the back…I have a key,” Karen said.

“Shut up my little slut,” Cliff hissed. “I want you now.” He had the waist of her black panties and pantyhose in his hand. “I want your little pussy so bend forward, cause I’m going to fuck you right here.”

Karen let out a little yelp as her panties and pantyhose were pulled down her legs to mid-thigh. Her pussy was so wet with desire that she bent her body as he had commanded, sticking her butt in the air, bracing herself against the garden wall. She could hear his zipper go down.

“Jesus, you are so wet,” Cliff commented as he touched her pussy for the first time, feeling her wetness with his finger. “I hope you have a nice tight cunt.”

His cock slapped her inner thigh as he moved between her legs. The hand that had been holding her arm now had hold of the blonde ponytail in the white lace hair band. She moaned as the head of his cock found its target. She parted her legs a little more as he pushed in.

“Oh,” she moaned. “Oh, yes.”

“That’s it my little slut, you cry out for it,” Cliff whispered as he slowly eased the rest of his cock into her. “God you are a tight little pussy.”

As his cock started to work itself in and out of her pussy Cliff reached up and pulled the shirt from her skirt. Using one hand to steady herself Karen used her other hand to unbutton the white blouse. Cliff reached up under the white lace camisole to her lace bra. Hooking his fingers in each cup he pulled the bra away from her firm little breasts.

“Fuck you have small tits,” he said as he pushed deeper and deeper into her.

“Oh, God, oh,” Karen didn’t really hear him as she orgasmed for the first time. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me.”

Cliff’s hand cupped one breast then the other, pulling on her small hard nipples. This made Karen moan even more. Her pussy was so wet now that Cliff was sliding back and forth into her with ease. He pulled down on her breasts as he started hitting her butt with more fury, his balls slapping against the white mounds of her butt.

“I really wanted your cunt,” he hissed as he mauled her breasts more. “I wanted to feel my cock in you, fucking you, making you cum.”

His talk aroused Karen more. Her clit was now on fire. She was pushing herself back, away from the garden wall, against Cliff’s attack. He was impaling her, deep inside her wet, moist hole. In and out it pumped her.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck my pussy,” she moaned. “Oh, yes.”

She was coming again. Her pussy tightened on Cliff’s throbbing rod. He pushed in deep again, feeling his load swell inside. Then he let go. Spurt after spurt of hot jism filled her. He grabbed her hair, pulling her head back. He pushed his cock in as hard as he could. Her back arched and she moaned loudly as he emptied his balls.

“God yes, yes,” Cliff hissed. “Take my cum, take it all you little bitch.”

Karen just moaned as her pussy was filled. He seemed to hold it there forever, spurt after spurt washing her insides. Then he seemed to bursa escort bayan relax, almost collapsing both of them onto the wall.

“Oh, that was good,” Cliff said as he let her hair go. His breathing was coming in short heavy bursts. He didn’t release his cock though; it remained within the warmth of her pussy, his weight continuing to hold her in a semi-bent position. “Did you enjoy being my slut?”

“Yes,” Karen answered through her own heavy breaths.

“Good,” Cliff said. His hand reached down for her panties and pantyhose. With one similar tug he pulled them up, releasing his cock as he did. Cum dribbled from her pussy into the lace and nylon, staining it and making her feel uncomfortable. “Leave these on, just as they are. I might want to fuck you again later. Understand?”

Somehow it made Karen feel sexy and a wave of lust went through her despite the uncomfortable dribble oozing down her leg inside her pantyhose. “Yes,” was her simple answer.

Cliff zipped up his pants as she buttoned the blouse up. It was much darker now as they returned down the path to the conference. By the time they re-entered the building their flushed faces had returned to normal.

“Thanks,” Karen smiled as she peeled away from Cliff in the lobby. She would have to perfume herself to disguise the smell of cum coming from her panties.

Back at the hotel Tabby had changed into a short summer dress to go to dinner. It felt funny sitting in the big dinning room alone being waited on at the age of 18. This was her first experience of the big wide world and she was lapping it up.

The meal was wonderful. She enjoyed it. She also enjoyed the glass of wine that she ordered to go with it. At the moment she wasn’t brave enough to order a whole bottle, but the glass had been enough.

There were a number of small two-person tables in the dinning room that followed the curve of the large glass frontage that looked out onto the park-like grounds behind the hotel. At a table two from where Tabby had been sitting enjoying her meal sat a young blond lady. She was in her late 20’s or early 30’s and obviously use to dinning alone.

The two lone females finished their meal together and found themselves exiting the dinning room together. Through the meal Tabby had noticed the older woman glance her way with a smile.

“Hello, my name is Jane. Are you a conference widow as well?” The blonde woman asked Tabby as they left the room together.

“Hi, I’m Tabby,” Tabby smiled back. “Well sort of. I’m actually here with my Dad and he’s at the conference.”

“Oh, a little treat for the loving daughter,” Jane laughed. “So you get to do the shops while he attends the boring old sessions.”

“I guess that’s the deal,” Tabby laughed back. “But I want to see more of the beaches than the shops myself.”

“After all that young bronzed male talent eh?” Jane carried on.

“I’d be so lucky. If I get a tan I will be happy enough.” Tabby was enjoying talking to this lady; she seemed to understand the teenager.

“You are a beautiful young girl,” Jane said as they reached the lifts. “You won’t have any trouble with the studs around here.”

The lift doors opened and the two women stepped inside.

“Thank you,” Tabby replied. “But like I say I really just want to relax and enjoy the sun.”

“And what if you meet a sexy body on the beach? Will you turn him away?” Jane continued the line of questioning. “You are lucky being as young as you are and having a body like that. I wish I were so lucky. What floor are you going to?”

“Oh, second floor thanks,” Tabby replied. “You are pretty good looking. I’m sure you will get your share of the action. Oh, sorry, I forgot you are married…I shouldn’t have…” Tabby blushed at her blunder.

“That’s ok honey,” Jane smiled. “If I get the urge I usually get what I want. I don’t let a little thing like marriage get in the way. Do you want to come up to our suite for a drink? The men will be late tonight.”

“Ok, that would be cool,” Tabby agreed as the door opened on her floor.

Jane reached out and pressed the door-close button. Soon they were stepping out on the sixth floor. She led the way along the passage to suite 609. Inside it was the picture of luxury. Tabby had been impressed with their downstairs room, but this was more than one step up on that.

“What would you like to drink?” Jane asked after showing Tabby the large comfortable couch to sit on.

“I don’t mind. A wine would be fine,” Tabby replied.

“Make yourself at home. I will just get our drinks,” Jane said.

Soon the blond returned with two wineglasses of sparkling white wine. Tabby thanked Jane as she took one of the glasses. The fizzy wine went up her nose as she sipped. Tabby held back a sneeze before she swallowed. It was nice and sweet to taste.

“This is a wonderful suite,” Tabby commented. “Ours is not nearly this size.”

“We can’t really afford this,” Jane confided. “Tony’s boss insists on us having the best escort bursa when we go to these events. It’s great isn’t it.” She screwed up her nose in a cute teasing smile. “There’s a television in here and in the bedroom. Would you like to see it?”

“Yeah, I would,” Tabby replied, putting her glass carefully on the coffee table.

The two women walked through the bedroom. The bed was huge with a large four-poster bed with lace curtaining draped tastefully over it. A large drink cabinet hung from the wall with an array of glasses and drinks to chose from. The half-drunk bottle of wine was open on the cabinet. Facing the bed was another cabinet containing a large wide-screen television. Small padded chairs and a proper large dressing table completed the furniture.

“Wow, this is something else,” Tabby stood in awe.

“Good isn’t it,” Jane had moved close to Tabby’s shoulder. “It’s so nice and sexy.”

Jane placed a hand on Tabby’s shoulder. Tabby was still staring at the amazing décor, the pretty little lace doilies and the range of perfume and make-up on the dresser. A bouquet of flowers decorated a small table between the dresser and the bed.

“The bed is so comfortable,” Jane continued. Her hand was now brushing the hair away from Tabby’s ear and her voice had become a sultry whisper. “It feels like heaven…you just sink into it like a lover.” The blond lent a little forward and kissed Tabby on the bare shoulder.

This action startled the brunette. She twitched as Jane kissed her neck now. The blond’s touch was so soft and silky. Tabby felt a twang of desire deep within her body.

“What are…” Tabby’s voice trailed off as Jane brought her lips to Tabby’s. The two women kissed. Whatever Tabby had been going to say was lost in the kiss. It was the most sensual the young girl had ever experienced.

Jane moved her other hand around the young brunette’s body, holding her tight as the kiss lingered. Tabby found her body responding as her own arms circled around the older blonde’s waist. Jane slowly moved a hand up, toward Tabby’s breast. The kiss broke just as Jane cupped the small firm breast through the cotton of her dress. Tabby let out a gentle moan.

“I knew you were a beautiful young girl, but I didn’t realise you were so sexy as well,” Jane whispered, feeling the firm breast. Again Tabby moaned. “I want you Tabby, I want to make love with you.”

Slowly the blonde guided them toward the large bed, kissing as they moved. She kicked off her heels as they collapsed together on the soft luxurious bed. Jane found the zipper to Tabby’s dress and slipped it down with ease.

“Oh, oh,” moaned Tabby as Jane slipped the shoulder straps down her thin arms. Tabby’s breasts were revealed in a lilac lace bra. Jane kissed the bare skin of her breasts, first one then the other, nice lingering kisses.

Jane sat up and started to undo the buttons of her own blouse. Tabby laid back on the bed and watched. She had fantasised about another woman before, now she couldn’t believe it was really happening. Jane flicked the blouse off, revealing a white lace bra beneath. Expertly the older woman wriggled out of the tight fitting skirt she had been wearing, leaving only the matching white lace panties that she wore.

It was Tabby’s turn. She tugged the dress right off, bringing her lilac panties into view. Jane tossed the dress off the bed, leaning forward to kiss Tabby again on the cheek, her hand finding Tabby’s breast in its lace covering. Tabby moaned as her nipple was tweaked gently under the lace.

The bra went limp as Jane found the clasp. The cups slipped below her breasts as Jane continued to play with Tabby’s nipples. Tabby could feel the crotch of her panties getting damp as Jane touched her.

Tabby reached for Jane’s breasts as well, touching the larger but just as firm mounds. The nipples were like hard rocks as she pulled the white lace bra off. Both women were groaning at each other as their hands wandered around each other’s bodies.

It was Tabby who first moved to Jane’s crotch. Her hand was touching the curve of her crotch through the white lace. Like the brunette Jane was damp. Tabby ran her finger along the length of her crotch, making the blond let out a long low moan.

Jane moved her body so that she was over the top of Tabby, her breasts dangling from her body. Jane’s crotch was now directly above Tabby’s face as Jane kissed Tabby’s belly. Tabby reached up and slid the white lace panties down Jane’s thighs, exposing the well-trimmed pussy.

Tabby moaned first though as Jane licked across her clit, holding the crotch of the lilac panties to one side. Instinctively Tabby opened her legs. The older woman moved her hand into position. Tabby felt the finger probing past her pussy lips, into her body. A shudder of excitement went through her body.

As Jane began to finger Tabby, Tabby placed a hand on Jane’s bare crotch. She pressed her thumb against the blonde’s clit and a finger at her wet, hot entrance. Both women were now writhing in pleasure as they fingered and licked at each other’s hot pussy’s. They moaned softly as the tempo increased. Tabby could feel her orgasm building within her small frame. Then it hit, her back arched and she let out a loud moan.

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