Swim Coach Rewards Pt. 04

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Part 04 – Becky

The team was again giving me those lust-filled smiles, as we gathered at the poolside. I wondered which of my sexy swimmers was going to give me their intimate thank you. All their sexy, nubile bodies got my cock going, and I could see them grinning as my erection made its presence known.

After practice, I quickly changed into shorts and a T-shirt and headed over to the locker room door.

Monica was the first one out, she smiled and moved in, our mouths came together in a hot, wet rush, and I felt her hand stroking my cock through my shorts.

When she pulled back her face was flushed, and she purred, “Enjoy today’s thank you, Mark. Until we can be together again, looking forward to that.”

As she left, Suzie was next, giving me the same wet rush of lips, and the stroking of my prick. She left with a smile, then right after she was Deanna Lostrin.

“Still not me today Mark, damn, I’ve heard about how hot you are, Suzie and Monica were virtually walking on air, when it’s my turn, I wanna be ravished!” Deanna cooed.

She grabbed my head, our mouths were sharing tongue-filled swirls of passion, she reached down to grasp my cock, moaning into my mouth as she stroked the length.

When we broke the kiss, she grunted, “Oh fuck, I just wanna get on my knees and suck you until you blow your load right down my throat! So hard to wait my turn!”

She was followed by Tina Sutter, purring, “Not my time either Mark” before plastering her lips against mine, her hand stroking at my bulge, her tongue plunging into my mouth, when she broke the kiss she growled, ”but when it is, I want your cock to fuck every hole I have, yes even my tight little asshole, you’ll love taking a ride up my Hershey highway, as much as I love being butt fucked!”

She grinned as she felt my cock rock hard against my shorts. With a smile and a wiggle of her hips, she was gone. Down to Lisa and Becky, and Lisa opened the door and came up to me.

Lisa grabbed my head and gave me another tongue twirling, her hand stroking at my full bore hard-on.

“Becky’s turn today Mark, go and get her, she’s extra hot, wet, and ready for you. We all gave her pussy a few good licks, we love to take good care of each other, she tastes really good.”

Oh yeah, sounded like Becky was up for just about anything, and I quickly slipped into the locker room. Becky was waiting for me with a big smile, oh yeah, really nice.

She was very nicely put together, short brunette hair, hazel eyes, and she looked like a 37-36-26, a nicely voluptuous shape, I guessed her breasts would be about a 34C, she was the tallest at 5’10”, and her weight was 140 pounds. She really outclassed our competition in the breaststroke.

As Suzie and Monica had done, she was wearing a set of tight panties with a message, these were ivory white, over the front panel, written in red was the invitation “You’ve come this far, now Cum inside.”

Becky strolled up to me, and cooed, “Ummm, I’ve been dreaming of my turn, take me over to the Coaches quarters, and let me give you my personal thank you!”

Once we were behind closed doors, she purred, “Peel my panties off Mark, get me all naked for you.”

I happily complied, taking in the sight of her fantastic ass. On her right ass cheek was a tattoo of a Bee, with the word Sexy written above it in a cursive script. I just had to kiss that tattoo, planting more kisses all over her sexy, full moons as she cooed with pleasure.

She led me over to the bed, and purred, “Lick my tight little asshole Mark.”

She knelt on the bed, pulling apart her cheeks, showing off her pink asshole. konya escort Oh yeah, so sexy, and I eagerly dove in, licking and kissing, enjoying her coos of pleasure.

“Oh yeah…lick my hot, tight hole…Mmmmm I love it.”

I could hear the wet squelch as she powered two fingers into her wet heat. Her grunts and moans increased, but before orgasm, she stopped.

“Mark, stop licking my asshole.”

I stopped, wondering if I had done something wrong. Before I could ask, she growled, “Ummm, I’m such a bad girl, getting my tight little asshole licked, and enjoying it. Spank my ass Mark, a bad girl like me deserves a good hard paddling!”

Oh man, Becky was a kinky one. I took my trouser belt and swished it around, I saw the lust-driven gleam in her eyes as she looked at the belt.

“Do it, spank me!”


The first three strokes make her shriek, I waited for her to tell me to stop, but she didn’t.


WHAP…..”Ohhh, yes, spank me, daddy, make my ass sting.”

WHAP….”Ohhh yes, it stings so well, more daddy!”

WHAP….”Tan my ass, beat the bad horny girl out of me!”

Holy fuck, now that was seriously kinky, my cock felt like steel.

WHAP….”Mmmm, another one daddy!”

WHAP….”Ohh Yes, one more daddy!”

WHAP….”FUCK I LOVE IT, give me your hard cock, I’m gonna suck you dry, just the way you like it!”

Her ass cheeks were reddened globes, and she smiled a smile of sheer lust as she took to her knees, my cock was so damn hard, spanking her had given me a real case of stoneware dick.

“Ummm, I love getting paddled then sucking a hard cock, my Daddy would whip me, then I’d thank him by sucking his stiff cock. I was the one who started off the cock sucking when we gave you our team thanks you, and I could feel your cock getting set to explode on the second round. Oh how I wish I had just a little bit more time, I could see the pleasure on Monica’s face once you blew your load into her mouth. Now that I’m properly prepared by having my ass tanned, I must have my mouth filled, right now, I can’t wait any longer!”

Hot damn, she was a real kinky one, to me, it was a major plus. She slipped her lips over the head of my cock, and swirled her wet tongue around, I grunted from the pleasure, she looked up to my face then drove her mouth down, not stopping until my balls touched her chin. I let out a loud grunt, damn that felt amazing.

She drew back, released me for a few moments, and growled, “Oh yeah, feel my mouth, let me suck every drop out of your cock, just like I did with my Daddy! Be my Daddy as I suck you dry!”

I got into the spirit of things, and growled, ”Get your mouth back on my prick, you little horny bitch daughter. Now that Daddy has whipped you, suck my cock, let Daddy’s load paint your mouth!”

With that, she let out a squeal of enjoyment as she plunged her mouth back down my pole, and started to bob her head, her lips a tight, slick grip, eager for a hot rush to fill her mouth. Damn, she was really great, swallowing me to the balls on every plunge. Looking down, I could see my cock, shiny wet with her saliva, appear then disappear as her wetly sucking lips worked over my prick. I could feel the rise, then she grabbed my balls, squeezing gently, urging me to blow.

“Oh fuck, gonna cum, Daddy’s gonna explode, fuck, FUCK!”

I let go, and I felt a hot spurt, followed by another, and another, her hot sucking action never faltered as she hungrily sucked at me, drawing every drop into her mouth, not stopping until she tightened her lips, and pulled back slowly, konya escort bayan releasing my cock from her hot mouth.

She looked up at me with a big smile, and purred, “Oh so delicious, I needed to taste your load. Monica and Suzie were right, your hot cream tastes the best.”

We rested for a few minutes, then she said, “Mark, let’s take a drive, I want to enjoy the outdoors.”

Once dressed, we went outside, and Becky showed me a VW Westfalia camper van, oh man, that was a real retro set of wheels.

“Until I can save up enough money to buy my own car, my parents let me drive the camper van to school and my part-time job.”

We climbed in, and Becky took the wheel. We were soon driving through the woods outside of town. Becky pulled off the highway onto a dirt road, and she took us into the deeper woods. A mile down the way, the road ended in a widened circle. She turned the van around and smiled.

“This is where my boyfriend brought me when he took my virginity after my 18th birthday, it felt so good when he plucked my tight little cherry! I am so fucking horny, I need to get well fucked!”

We quickly got naked, and Becky took a doggy style, cocking her ass up to me.

“Stuff my cunt lover, give me that hard, filling fuck!”

I quickly did so, nudging against her, then driving in until my pelvis smacked against her ass and my balls smacked against her pussy. She gave a loud growl as I made contact with her well-whipped ass.

“Oh yeah, give it to me lover, make me cum!”

I was happy to do so, gripping her hips and driving into her, over and over, I enjoyed the sight of her tattoo, she was one hell of a Sexy Bee for sure, and I stuck my finger in my mouth, slobbered all over it, then I started to rub at the tight pink pucker of her ass hole.

“MMMMM, oh yes, finger my hot, tight hole, I love it!”

Her panting and growls of pleasure increased, I poised my finger at the tight little hole and pushed in as far as I could. I started to finger bang the tight grip.

“Fuck, yes, feels so good, oh fuck, cumming, cumming, YESSSSS!”

Her pussy clamped down hard, rippling wildly, my cock was still building up a load, and I savored the gripping tightness as Becky sailed through her orgasm.

I continued to ram her, and Becky cooed, “Ummm, still so hard, oh yeah, Mark, pull out and drive your cock up my ass!”

Her hands came back, pulling her cheeks apart as I quickly pulled out my finger and nudged my cockhead against the tight pucker.

“Hard, drive it in hard, and fuck my tight little ass!”

I did so, the tight grip of her ass was the tightest hole I’ve ever taken. Becky’s howl joined my loud grunts as I drove in until I was buried. Becky was letting out mewling cries of pleasure as I started a rhythm, fucking that incredible tightness.

“Oh yeah, I love getting buggered, fuck my tight ass, I want your load to cream my bowels!”

The grip was amazing as I gave her what she desired, getting a hot fucking rhythm going as I plowed her tight sweet butt. She was masturbating furiously, rubbing her pussy wildly as I gave her a long hard ass fucking.

“Oh fuck, gonna cum again, cum with me Mark, spunk down my tight ass, YEAAAAAAAAAAHHH!”

Becky tumbled into orgasm, my cock felt like it was in a vice grip, one last hard, balls deep thrust and I exploded, gushing a load to paint her bowels in white, as she shuddered and moaned through her climax.

As we sailed through the afterglow, Becky’s purred, “Ummm, that felt so good, Mark, you are a very sexy man, this is the best sex I’ve ever had. Let’s stay out here escort konya for a while, I love to see the forest around me.”

The sunlight was muted by the large pine trees, and it was very peaceful. I must have dozed off for a while, when I woke up, I felt the eager sucking and licking at my cock. Becky had my cock stuffed in her mouth, slobbering and slurping all over my dick. I was quickly back up to full, and Becky looked up, saw me awake, and smiled.

“Ummm, get you all warmed up. Take me to your place Mark, my parents won’t be home until midnight so they won’t know I’m getting home much later, I want to get my pussy pounded in your house.”

After stopping off at school to get my car, I led the way. Once inside my house, she was quickly naked, and purred, “Let’s go take a shower.”

In the shower, under the warm water and the soaping and rubbing, I was quickly back up as I pressed gently against her back, she felt my hardness against her ass cheeks and pressed back against me, I reached around, cupping her breasts, pulling and gently tweaking her stiff, erect nipples. She gave a growl of desire, as she turned to face me, Becky reached down to feel my cock surging in her hands.

“Oh yeah, take me here, I’ve always wanted to do it in the shower.”

I quickly moved in, pressing her back against the shower wall. Our mouths came together in hot, urgent, hungry kisses, the lust was sizzling once more. I grabbed her ass cheeks, pushing her up higher so I could nudge my cock against her. Lowering her down, she was letting out squeals of joy as I impaled her fully, her sweet snatch was oven hot, swirling with juices and gripping at me tightly. She may not have been a virgin, but the tightness let me know she was no school slut either.

“Ummm, oh yes, so deep, fuck me hard and fast, I want it now. I want your cock head to kiss my womb, then blow your load all over her!”

Her long legs wrapped around my waist, keeping her ass cheeks tightly held, I drove into her, Ummm, she was a sweet ride. Every in-stroke her walls were parted, still with that gripping cling, the bliss on her face made for a wonderful sight. The bathroom was filled with Becky’s squeals, cries, and groans of pleasure, mixing in with my lust grunts as I really laid the wood to my sexy swimmer.

“Ah-ah-ah-ah, oh I’m so close, fuck me, hard lover, make me cum!”

I drove into her with everything I had, the slick grip of her around my cock was amazing, and I felt my cock thump against her cervix, and Becky’s loud cry as I breeched her, my cock head now poised at her womb.

“Oh yes, your hard cock is kissing my womb, nnngggghhhh, nnnnnnnggggghhhhh, fuck, damn, give it to MEEEEEE!”

The grip tightened down, starting to pulse with orgasmic spasms, as Becky’s shriek filled the room. I grunted loudly and buried it one last time, and I felt my cock erupt, our orgasms blending as I squirted a hot load into her, her womb eagerly sucking at my cock head, pulling every drop from me.

I held her tight while her body shuddered in orgasm, waiting until the tsunami of climax had spent its force before I lowered her down so her feet could touch the floor.

She looked into my eyes, smiled, and cooed, “Ummmm, that was so wonderful Mark, god, you are an amazing lover. Like Suzie and Monica, I want to get more of you after the swim season is over. You’ve spoiled me for any of the boys, I need the Man you are!”

A little while later, after hot, tongue-filled swirls of passion, I watched her as she got behind the wheel of the VW, she had a huge smile on her face as she waved to me and drove off. I reflected on what had transpired, half the team was eager to become a regular lover, I wondered if all 6 of them would become that. Might have to set up a schedule. Six days of fucking, and on the seventh day, I could rest. That made me laugh pretty damn hard, if that happened, I was pretty sure I would be up to the task.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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