Sweet Torment

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As usual, this work is not intended for minors. Hearty thanks again go out to gimmie_your_load for the lovely character of Lucia. Comments and criticisms welcome. Enjoy.


Part 1 – Build Up

Jim took another bite of his sandwich and felt the buzzing of his phone in his pocket. He fished it out to find a new text from Lucia. His cock began to harden before the message even opened. Looking down at his phone his eyes widened at what he was reading, and then an audible groan escaped his lips. Damn that girl. She knows exactly what she’s doing, he thought, his thick cock now straining at full-mast down his left pant-leg.

It seemed like ages since he last saw Lucia, and after their first encounter (after he’d given her his third generous load that night) she had made him promise to save all his cum for her. Normally this wasn’t a problem at all, what with her being an insatiable cum-slut, but their work schedules had been such that they hadn’t been able to see each other for almost a week now. And her ‘personal’ messages certainly weren’t helping matters. Oh, is she going to get it tomorrow night, he thought, tapping out his equally depraved reply . . .


As he dried and put away his dinner dishes, Jim’s thoughts drifted to the wicked texts he’d gotten from Lucia throughout the day. Wonder what she’s up to tonight? He dried his hands and got his phone, bringing up Lucia’s number as he made his way to the couch. Things were a little quiet now that he’d found his own place, but he had to admit the privacy had its benefits.

“Hey, hun. How ya doin’?” Lucia said, answering her phone.

“I’m doin’ great, Luc. D’you have fun this afternoon?”

“Hehe, well, I wouldn’t necessarily call it fun per se, but I definitely enjoy how much . . . smoother everything is now.” Jim could actually hear the twinkle in her eye as she said this. “I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night, stud.”

God, she doesn’t even have to try, Jim thought to himself as his already-stiff cock began to leak precum into his shorts.

“You just love getting me worked up, don’t you? Those were some very naughty texts I got this afternoon,” he said, slowly unzipping his fly.

“Hehe, who, me? I don’t know what you mean, Jim,” Lucia said innocently. Again, he could actually hear her mischievous smile over the phone. “What’s that noise? Are you taking your cock out?”

“Shit, girl, you get me so worked up I can’t stand it,” Jim said as he slowly began to work his hand up and down his shaft. “I had to stay at my table for an extra fifteen minutes at lunch today, trying to get him to go soft, you wicked little minx.”

“Is your cock all hard because of little ol’ me?” she teased. His cock gave an involuntary lurch. “Mmmm, I can’t wait to taste him again,” Lucia moaned. “Have you been saving all that hot cum for me, baby?”

“Oh, yeah, girl. I am gonna drown you tomorrow night,” Jim replied, working with firmer strokes as the precum flowed out of the fat head of his cock and down his shaft. The thought of Lucia, begging for his cum, those gorgeous eyes pleading with him, almost had him ready to explode right then and there.

“Really? God, that is SOOOO hot. I remember that first load that you tried to choke me with; I thought I had died and gone to cum heaven!” He heard Lucia’s breathing change and thought he heard the rustle of clothing on her end, as well.

“Dammit, Lucia, there’s so much precum over here, it’s ridiculous,” Jim said in mock lamentation. He made sure to play up the sloppy, squishing noises his stroking was making for Lucia’s benefit. Now the thought of Lucia playing with herself was forcing him to slow down and ease up. Maybe this call wasn’t the best idea, Jim thought, as that familiar ache began to envelope his balls.

“Ohhhh. I can picture that fat cock of yours, all slimy with precum, that humongous cockhead all swollen and just begging for a tongue-lashing,” she said, audibly licking her lips. Her breathing was definitely coming in shorter rasps now. “I wanna run my tongue up the bottom of your cock, tasting that thick, juicy precum all the way . . . try to wrap my hand around your thick shaft . . . squeezing it tightly so I can plant soft kisses right on that sweet spot under you head . . . ohhhhhhh,” she trailed off into a soft moan.

Jim had to let go of his cock; this was just too much. “Holy hell, woman! My balls are going to explode!” Jim exclaimed softly, his own breathing a little ragged. “You’re such a naughty girl, Lucia. Are you rubbing your clit right now?”

“Mm hm,” was the strained reply over the phone.

“Is your left hand playing with your breast, Lucia? Are you squeezing that nipple for me?”

“Ohhhhhhhh . . . ” was all the reply he needed.

“Oh, I’d love to have my lips wrapped around that nipple. Sucking firmly on it, using my teeth to bite and scrape just a little. Rolling your other nipple between my fingers, giving it a firm tug. bahis firmaları Would like that, baby?”

“Yesssssssssss . . .”

“But I know what you really want. Keep that pressure on that clit, girl. You want my cum, don’t you, Lucia? You want to taste my cock and work it over with that lovely mouth until it shoots that creamy load, isn’t that right?”

“Ohhhhhhh . . . yessssssssss . . . “

“God, you’re such a little slut for my cum, aren’t you, Lucia?”

“Mmmmmmmm . . . mm hm . . . ohhhhhhh”

“Say it for me, baby. I want to hear you say it. Tell me you’re a dirty little slut for my cum, Lucia,” Jim urged, knowing she was right on the brink of a nice little orgasm. God, nothing turns me on like pushing a woman’s buttons, and Lucia seems to be always running hot!

“Ohhhhhhhh, Jim! I’m a dirty little slut for your CUUUUUUUM!!!!” Lucia practically yelled the last word as she went over the edge and up into the heights of pleasure. It took all Jim’s strength to not to grab his cock and go with her, as it strained and twitched in his lap. No. Don’t waste it. It will be SOOO much better with her tomorrow, he told himself.

Jim tucked his straining cock back into his pants. He got up and walked back into the kitchen, listening to the soft sounds of Lucia’s shuddering as she rode out the last waves of her climax. He opened the freezer, grabbed a bag of peas, and returned to the living room, placing the impromptu ice pack gently on his crotch.

“Oh, my God, Jim! I needed that so bad tonight. I’m SOO glad you called, hun!” Lucia exclaimed. Jim smiled to himself, imagining her flushed face and chest, that dreamy, post-orgasm glaze in her beautiful eyes.

“Me, too, babe. Damn, you are just incredible, Lucia!” Jim exclaimed in return. Damn work and responsibility; I want to go over there now!

“You ain’t so bad yourself there, hun. Damn! I am gonna sleep good tonight!” said Lucia, laughing softly.

“Sweet dreams, gorgeous. I’ve got even more in store for you tomorrow night, don’t worry.”

“Yum. I can’t wait,” Lucia said, giggling. “Have a wonderful night, stud.”

“‘night, Luc.” Jim said as he hung up the phone. “Whew,” he sighed to himself. That woman is going to be the death of me. God, she is the hottest woman I have ever met, and she doesn’t even have to try! But she’ll get hers tomorrow night. That teasing works both ways . . .

Part 2 – Sweet Torment

“Holy shit! That’s awesome!” exclaimed Jim, laughing uproariously.

“I know, right? Needless to say, we never tried that one again,” Lucia said, with that same genuine smile of joy that caught his eye the first time they met.

They were sitting on the couch in Lucia’s living room, relaxing after a light Friday evening dinner. Jim was still amazed that a woman so god-damned sexy could be so bright and so fun to be with, too. He felt like he could sit here listening to her talk all night.

But, damn, I could suck on those delightful breasts all night, too, he thought while admiring her impressive rack. Tonight she had on a nice gray sweater that somehow managed to be both modest and delightfully suggestive at the same time. He hadn’t failed to notice how lovely and full her ass looked in those dress pants, either. Jim was still wearing his clothes from work: some semi-nice olive pants with a long-sleeved blue button-up shirt. Both were sitting barefoot on the couch, facing one another.

“So earlier you were going to tell me about your fist kiss, before you were so rudely interrupted,” Lucia said, with a wry smile.

“Oh, yeah. Well, I don’t know if you know this about me, but I wasn’t always such a smooth operator with the ladies,” said Jim, with an entirely straight face.

“No. You?” Lucia inquired, giggling.

“Hey, watch it,” Jim said, trying to look askance at her, but breaking out in a grin despite his best efforts. “So it was with my first serious girlfriend, right after we had graduated from college.”

“Wait, you didn’t kiss a girl until you were, what, 21?” asked Lucia, incredulous.

“Well, not a real kiss, no. And I was almost 23, actually.”

“Those poor girls didn’t know what they were missing,” Lucia remarked, smiling lasciviously.

“Hehe,” Jim chuckled softly, “We lived a few hours apart from each other, and I was up visiting her at her place not long after I had graduated. She was working nights at the time, so when we hung out we’d often stay on her night schedule.”

“How long had you guys been going out?” Lucia asked, scooting next to Jim on the couch.

“We’d known each other for awhile, but we’d only really been dating for a month or so. I’m pretty sure that I had told her that I never kissed anyone before, but I don’t remember for sure.

“Anyway, we had stayed up most of the night watching movies and hanging out, but it was time for me to say goodnight. I don’t know what came over me, but as I got to the doorway I suddenly thought that I should kaçak iddaa kiss her. She was behind me holding the door open, and I hesitated for only a moment before I decided to go for it. I turned around and she looked up at me, probably expecting me to say goodbye, when I slid my right hand just under her ear and leaned in. I’m sure it wasn’t the most amazing kiss ever, but it was a lovely moment: us, standing on her doorstep, our lips locked in their first passionate embrace.”

“Wow. As first kisses go, that sounds pretty damn good, hun,” Lucia said with her head on Jim’s shoulder, looking up into his eyes.

“Oh, but that’s not the best part,” Jim said, and Lucia arched her eyebrow at him.

“We parted from the kiss, and I stepped back and said, ‘Goodnight,’ and just turned and walked away as steadily and coolly as I could.”

“I thought you said you weren’t smooth?” Lucia asked, smiling knowingly up at him.

“Oh, just wait. So I got to my car and was about to start it when I felt around for my cell phone. I checked and double-checked my pockets, both in my pants and in my coat. No luck. I thought, ‘You have got to be kidding me. No way I left it in the apartment.'”

“You didn’t!” Lucia, trying not to laugh.

“Yup. I thought about just leaving, not wanting to ruin the moment, but we were going for a day-hike with some friends in the morning and needed to coordinate. So I had to swallow my pride and walk back over to her apartment.”

“That poor girl. What did she think you were up to?”

“At the time I had no idea, but later she told me she thought I had come back for some more sugar, and she would have been more than willing to oblige. She looked so confused when I told her I couldn’t find my phone. So that’s how I had a wonderful first kiss, and managed to look like a complete doofus at the same time,” Jim said laughing softly at himself.

“Ha! That’s pretty impressive, Jim. Who would have guessed that even you had an awkward phase, huh?”

“Yeah, but it worked out okay in the end. That girl taught me a lot about kissing.”

“Well, remind me to send her a ‘Thank You’ card,” Lucia quipped, as she slid into Jim’s lap and leaned in for a kiss of her own. Jim closed his eyes as their lips met, bringing his hands up her back to pull her in close. Her own hands gripped the front of his shirt, pulling Jim up and into her, her breasts mashing delightfully against his chest. As their tongues intertwined passionately, Jim’s cock quickly began to swell and distend under Lucia’s ass. She moaned and ground down on the top of his thick member through their pants. Jim slowly pulled back, sucking her bottom lip between his teeth and gently biting down as he withdrew.

Jim looked up into those enchanting brown eyes, lidded with desire, and softly brushed Lucia’s hair over her ear. “Lucia,” he whispered, “you are so incredibly beautiful.” Then he pulled her in for another kiss. His hands roamed down her back, stopping at her thick, round ass and squeezing firmly. She once again moaned and kissed him harder, her hands gripping his cheeks as their lips and tongues danced.

Jim broke from her mouth and began to softly kiss across her neck, following her jawline. When he got below her ear he started using a little bit of tongue and sucking gently with each kiss, working his way down toward her chest. At the same time he hooked his hands under her sweater and started to pull it up. Lucia’s hands automatically went to help him, and his mouth lost contact with her skin just long enough to pull the sweater up and over her head in one smooth motion. She was left in a tank top and bra, and Jim wasted no time in returning his mouth to her lovely cleavage. In moments the shirt was off and her bra was flung across the room, leaving her soft, full tits open to his admiring gaze.

His admiration lasted only a moment, for he was eager to taste those beautiful breasts and worship them with his lips and tongue once again. But as his mouth descended, he felt Lucia’s hands on his chest, stopping him. He looked up into her eyes to see what was the matter.

“God, honey, I want your mouth on my tits so bad. But right now I want that cock in my mouth even more! I’ve been hungry for this monster all week!” Lucia said as she disengaged from Jim’s lap to stand in front of him. She smiled down and slowly turned to face away from him, unfastening her pants. Then she hooked her thumbs into the waistband and slowly began to roll them over her gorgeous ass. She bent at the waist and slid the pants down revealing her full, round cheeks in a pair of lacy black panties, and then the rest of the way to the floor. God, what an amazing ass, Jim thought to himself as he licked his lips.

Jim had found that following his instincts had paid off in spades with Lucia, and so with little hesitation he leaned forward and spanked her right ass-cheek. It wasn’t a terrifically powerful blow, but the *smack* stood in stark contrast kaçak bahis to the silence of the room. She squealed and looked back at him with a mixture of desire and embarrassment, blushing more than a little. Right again, he thought to himself with a smile.

She stood and kicked aside the pants, kneeling between Jim’s legs. If his cock was hard before, it was a solid block of granite now, and his breath was already coming more shallow.

Lucia, still flushed, ran her hands up his thighs, over his pants. “Ooh, somebody sure missed me, hm?” she cooed, her hand caressing his hardness. She smiled that devastating smile up at him as her hands undid his belt and then opened his fly. He lifted up his butt and she pulled his pants and boxers down in one motion, his bloated balls settling heavily on the couch while his cock sprang up and slapped him in the stomach with an audible *SPLAT*.

“Oh, my God, I can’t get over how fat this cock is! Mmmm,” she said softly, licking her lips lewdly and subconsciously stretching her jaw in preparation for the task ahead. “And your balls are HUGE!” exclaimed Lucia, her eyes widening. She reached forward to gently cradle his swollen orbs and roll them around in her soft hands. “They feel so full, baby. Let’s see what we can do about that,” she said, and leaned forward to plant a few gentle kisses on each testicle.

Jim’s cock twitched and a huge bead of precum formed at the tip and began to slide its way down his thick shaft. Lucia watched its progress intently until it reached the base of his shaft. Then, looking up into Jim’s eyes, she stuck out her long tongue and began to trace the precum’s path back to its origin. She paused at the juncture of Jim’s shaft and cockhead, smiling up at him wickedly as she firmly swiped her tongue back and forth. Jim threw his head back and squeezed his eyes shut in mind-boggling pleasure.

He felt her left hand give his right nut a gentle squeeze. “Mmmm, I love the feel of your balls, and I love your soft, smooth sac, hun,” she said as she stroked her fingers around his scrotum. Then her right came up to firmly grip the base of his cock. In his state of arousal, her hand couldn’t reach all the way around and she paused in her lingual ministrations to once again marvel at the thickness of the monster before her. “Ohhhh, honey, you have such a gorgeous cock,” she whispered, her penetrating gaze turning him on just as much as her touch. “I love the way it stretches my mouth out,” she said as she planted a wet kiss right on the tip. A thick string of precum followed her lips, and she softly slurped it into her mouth. “Fuck! I love that, too.” Jim could only groan his appreciation and assent.

The rigid cock before her was a monument to Jim’s desire and passion for her. Lucia moaned softly as she lightly stroked up his shaft, savoring the feel of his immense girth and steely softness. “Jesus! You’re so hard!” she exclaimed in wonder. “I LOVE this cock!” Without any further ado, she opened her mouth wide and leaned in to engulf his cockhead.

Jim looked on in wonder and appreciation as Lucia worked her lips and jaw to try and fit the distended head of his prick into her mouth. He brought his hands and gently ran them through her hair, stroking the sides of her face with his thumbs. She paused in her determined efforts to look up at him, smiling with her gorgeous brown eyes if not with her overstuffed mouth. Then the head was in and he felt her teeth rest gently just behind his ridge, her tongue swirling back and forth, over and around the fat knob. “Holy shit!!” was all he could say, as Lucia’s eminently talented mouth brought him mind-numbing pleasure. He could already feel his testicles drawing up, preparing to dump the first part of their tremendous burden. Lucia squeezed what she could of the base of his cock, and gently tugged at his swollen balls, popping her mouth off of his cock to watch the streams of his precum and her spit flow over his shaft and stretch from his knob to her mouth. She watched in unbridled lust as his cock twitched and pulsed in her hand, letting him slowly down from the brink of explosion.

Jim could only groan as he felt the imminent orgasm slowly recede, the dull ache in his balls becoming slightly more acute. “Oh, hun. Are you ready to blow? It has been a loooooong time since you got shoot all that hot, thick cum, huh?” Lucia cooed softly, her voice dripping with desire and sympathy. Her warm breath caused amazing sensations to flow out from his cock, and she grinned as she felt it strain in her grasp and visibly swell. “Don’t worry, Jim,” she soothed, “Lucia’s here for you.”

With that she squeezed his shaft, sliding her hand slowly up with a slight twisting motion and back down again. She leaned in, staring into Jim’s eyes, and kissed his sweet spot. She smiled up at him knowingly and swathed back and forth with her tongue a few times. Jim was going crazy with pent-up lust and the crippling pleasure from Lucia’s skilled ministrations. He had never met anyone so adept at and so passionate about worshiping cock. GOD, but she is amazing! “God, you’re amazing, Luc,” he said, through clenched teeth, his eyes locked with hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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