Sweet 18 Ch. 01

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This is an attempt at a more straight-forward story (compared to the convoluted mess that was my last story). The inspiration for it were the comics of Nobodyinparticular, whose work I like a lot; I tried to take his very surreal world, and see what happens when you apply some basic “real world” rules to it (mostly: no statuary rape). So: all persons in this story are over the age of 18.


His wife was like no other wife – oh boy was she ever different! – but there was one thing she did have in common with all female stereotypes: she loved talking on the phone. When he left her in the living room downstairs, almost an hour ago, she was yakking it up with one of her friends, and now she was no doubt on her nightly conversation with her mom. Good lord, the woman was coming to visit tomorrow, what was there to talk so much about?!

Well, of course there was, and John Evans-Martinez was very much aware of it. Tomorrow was his boy’s big day! Well, his actual birthday was two days ago, but the family celebration will be taking place tomorrow, Friday. The big 1-8! There was a palpable buzz in the house for weeks, his wife virtually on edge with excitement. Well, it was really her day, too…

He stretched on the bed, the thought of his wife exciting him – as it never failed to do for over 2 decades, really. As a 19 years-old she had a voracious sexual appetite, and the 25 years since had only made her more ravenous. He smelled his armpits, making sure – yup, he was good. He looked at his body, sprawled on the bed; he was a little on the thin side, but his daily runs kept him in good shape for a 45 years-old – hell, he looked good for a man half his age! He stroked his dick, lightly. The guys on the high-school swim team had called him ‘elephant man’, and it wasn’t on account of a large schnozzle. His nose was just just fine, as was his dick, which had bagged him a few hotties, back in the day – though Jessica wasn’t all that impressed… Well, there was enough about him that she liked to make her stick around for 24 years!

He heard her steps coming up the stairs, and he propped himself up on the pillow, spreading his legs a bit, the way she loved to see him when coming in. He was showered and shaved, and ready for love! Ooops…! He managed to turn the TV off just as the door opened. Last thing he wanted was for her to get the idea of watching some dumb Netflix original or something for the next couple of hours..!


Jessica smiled as she came into the room and saw her husband waiting on the bed. God, he was so cute, with his dick slowly rising as he watched her walking in. He looked good – very good! – for his age, and he was pretty much the best husband you could find. She knew he had been awake since 6 in the morning – making breakfast, going for his morning jog, commuting to his dumb IT job across town, commuting back, making a run to the supermarket, making dinner, cleaning everything up – and there he was, fresh and enticing, waiting to pleasure the love of his life!

“Sorry about that, honey, you know how Brenda can be – she wants me to help her out with that new zoning law, she’s organizing the whole neighborhood, it’s such a pain in the ass…”

“Well, what’s the point of having a lawyer for a friend if you can’t smooch some free legal advice, right?”

She shook her head as she came over to the bed. “No way, I might help her do some canvassing around with the petition, but she wants legal advice she’d need to pay.”

She unbuttoned her shirt and took it off, slowly, enjoying the look in his eyes as he watched her. She was 44, but she knew she looked good, very good. She worked out regularly, and with her great genetic heritage her 5’10” frame was filled out very nicely. She looked down as she unhooked her red silk bra – her tits were not big (not like her mom’s, she thought), but they were round and firm, with no sign of sag. She ran her hand on her toned abs – you could feel a six pack under her silky, smooth skin. She loved working out, and often thought of taking it up a notch; her genetics were great for it, she would be amazing! – but she needed her killer, more conventional looks for her job. Many people were turned off by too-muscular women, and as a trial lawyer she couldn’t risk alienating any single jury member…

John shifted on the bed, clearly impatient. She smiled. Poor boy! She was taking too much time getting to the main feature! She took hold of her skirt – respectable enough, but showing a nice bit of her toned legs. A girl lawyer’s best weapon! – and pulled it down slowly. She looked in her husband’s eyes as she worked it down her shapely thighs. She was wearing a matching red silk panty, fitting snugly around her midsection, and for most of the day it served a very important function. But the first thing she did once she came home from work was release its precious cargo, and now it was laying free, exposed slowly as her skirt rode down. John gulped loudly – she knew relaxbet g├╝venilirmi his mouth was filling up with saliva, faster than he could swallow it. 24 years, and her majestic shaft still drove him wild…

Even at rest, her girl-cock was an impressive sight; at 7″ it was almost as long as her husband’s fully-erect dick, and almost twice as thick, the head peeking out big and dark. Her testicles – large as tennis balls and smooth – were cradled in her panties. She wriggled a little, pushing the skirt past her knees, and worked it off, one leg after the other, feeling her dick swinging a little as she did. Her husband groaned, and she smiled down at him. “Coming, honey – don’t blow your load…!”

She took off her high-heeled shoes, then her panties, and clapped the main light off. She climbed on to the bed, going over her husband’s now fully-erect penis, letting it brush against her pussy, hidden behind her balls. She moved back and forth, letting his dick massage her labia as her sex juices started their gentle cascade. Her own cock was growing erect, veins appearing around its massive girth, and she moved forward, straddling his midsection. She put her hands on his shoulders, her massive cock laying thick and heavy on his smooth chest, the head almost fully exposed, touching his throat. His eyes were shining as he looked up at her, and she smiled down at him, lovingly.

“Ooh, did mommy make daddy wait too long for her lovely cock?”

He didn’t share her love of role-playing – OR baby talk – and she took wicked pleasure in tormenting him with it. He didn’t roll his eyes, but it was touch and go. “Well, I think mommy should feed daddy her cock soon, or daddy is going to sleep…!”

She pouted tragically. Her cock was now at full length – over 11″ – and she took it in her palm and smacked it lightly against his chin. “Daddy is being mean to mommy… I’m thinking maybe he doesn’t like mommy’s cock, any more!” He laughed, exasperated. “Damn it, woman…” his hand came up and took hold of her heavy shaft, his head straining forward, taking the tip of her cock in his mouth, and he sucked on it gently, wetting it. When his tongue started playing with it she groaned, arching her back, pushing her shaft further forward. The whole head was now inside his mouth, and he was playing with it lustily, rewarded with her soft moaning.

After a moment she pushed his head back, roughly, extricating her cock from his eager mouth. She rolled off him and laid down on her back, beside him, her dick a hefty pillar of vein-covered meat, straining upwards from her body. He followed as if under its spell, maneuvering himself between her thick thighs, and went to work on the towering shaft. He licked it thoroughly, his tongue going over every inch of pink flesh, enjoying the feel of the veins running up and down it. He then pushed himself forward and up, positioning his mouth over the dark, red head. His eyes went up and locked on hers, and he opened his mouth wide, his jaws almost creaking with the effort, as he slowly bent his head down, gradually taking the massive shaft into his mouth.

Jessica shivered with the pleasure of her husband’s tight, hot mouth around her womanhood, his tongue swirling lazily around it, her pre-cum drizzling down his gullet. She put her hands around his head, loving the feel of his silky, dark-brown hair against her palms. She moved her tight buns in slow, almost imperceptible movements, pushing herself further inside, craving the feel of the silk-like tunnel waiting just ahead. She hadn’t had that many men – or women – fellatio her, her cousins the only ones who got to do it many times over the years, more for nostalgia’s sake than anything else. She almost laughed when she thought of her cousin Jeff – the man was a grandfather, already, but he still gagged when her shaft reached the back of his throat! John had no such problem. Of course, they HAD done this thousands of times, over the years…

She moaned with pleasure as his throat welcomed her, hot, silky and tight. Oh, so so tight…! His throat muscles contracted and released as he took more of her cock in – the world’s friendliest boa constrictor, milking her womanhood with surprising force. She gasped as she felt his fingers on her engorged testicles, massaging, squeezing them lightly, sliding down behind them, a finger slipping inside her wet labia, twirling upwards… her husband was all she ever needed, really – and tomorrow… She felt her monstrous cock spasm at the thought of the day she had been waiting for for so many years. Her husband jerked in surprise, and she stroked his head, smiling at him. “This is so good, honey… so tight…”

His eyes shone back at her, full of love. She remembered their first time, back in his tiny dorm room, remembering his look of panic as she entered him, the eyes wide with fear as her full girth filled his mouth, the hungry head beginning its journey down his throat… he struggled but relaxbet yeni giri┼č she held his head firmly, not moving, whispering sweet nothings until he relaxed, and she continued. That was her last time deflowering a virgin – 25 years ago! She didn’t miss it, or give it much thought, for most of those 25 years – but over the last few months it was on her mind pretty much constantly…

She felt her balls slap against his chin, coming to rest under it, their seemingly natural place… She tightened her hold on his head, signaling she was taking the wheel, and he pulled back, his eyes full of anticipation. She loved doing it with herself underneath, on her back – it was one hell of an exercise for her ass! Holding his head steady, she sank back into the mattress, her cock almost half out of his mouth – and then thursted with her glutes, driving back into him, her balls slapping against his chin with a dull thud. He moaned loudly, his eyes still open wide, wanting to feel her with his whole being (as he once explained to her; he was just too, TOO cute…). She pulled back and then came thundering in, grunting with pleasure as his tight throat flexed and relaxed around the familiar, beloved invader.

She settled into a rhythm, thrusting upwards with full force then pulling back slowly, enjoying the feel of his hot, glove-like throat, then roaring back in, grunting softly, enjoying his sexy moans. She was looking at him all through it, the gentle brown eyes now crossed – only suddenly they were no longer brown, taking on the grayish-blue color of her own eyes, the dark hair now chestnut brown, and the creases around the 45 years-old eyes gone. “Tomorrow,” she told herself, exalting, “tomorrow!”

“Oooh, baby, mommy is coming…!” She grunted, as she slammed against her husband’s mouth and stayed, moaning lustily as her plentiful baby batter churned up from her hot balls, making its way up the throbbing pillar of her womanhood. She focused on her husband’s eyes as she came inside his throat, torrents of her milky cum pouring into him in great, shuddering spasms, not noticing the cum splattering on her thighs as he himself came into the mattress.

But the face she was seeing as her hot cum filled up her husband’s belly was not his own; the face that her mind conjured up was that of a young man, a mixture of his Latino-Irish-German heritage: the 18 years-old virgin, Terry Evans-Martinez, their son.


He took longer in the shower, having to spend an extra 10 minutes trying to work as much of her cum out of his system as he could. Jessica was in bed, her back propped up on a stack of pillows..

“Sure you want to watch TV, now? It’s pretty late, lots of action tomorrow…”

She shrugged. “Oh, mom has been talking non-stop about that French series, I want to see at least the first episode before she gets here…”

“French? What – with subtitles…?”

“Oh, don’t be a baby! Mom says it’s fantastic, you’ll love it. Come on, I want to get started!”

He moved over to the night stand, and took a large battle of lube out of the drawer. He got on the bed, standing on his knees, and she spread her delicious thighs, presenting her semi-erect cock to him. He poured a generous helping of the lube on it, and spent a few minutes rubbing it in thoroughly, smiling as his wife moaned with pleasure. Having finished, he gave the red tip a quick kiss, and put the bottle back in the drawer. As she took hold of her fairly stiff rod, he turned his back to her and brought his buttocks above her glistening girl-cock, lowering himself gingerly. He wriggled his butt as his wife held her dick steady, and pretty soon he felt her shaft entering him – the lube doing its job, but also his butthole was in no way as tight as it used to be, many many many thousands of ass poundings ago…

He let gravity do its job, sliding down her well-lubricated shaft till his ass came to rest on her crotch, feeling her large testicles touching him, loving the feeling. He snuggled up into her – his 5’8″ frame a perfect fit for her more statuesque body – and she navigated to the show on their 60′ TV.

They watched in silence for a while. John found the series to be a bit too simplistic and cliched for his taste – not to mention the subtitles – and he soon lost interest, just enjoying the feeling of his wife’s delicious cock filling his butt, her amazing body enveloping him, her arms around him, plump, heavenly tits cushioning his back, her cheek pressed against his head. Could life GET any better?

A thought came into his head – and stuck. Try as did, he could not ignore it.



“Before, when you were fucking me…”


“You were thinking of him, weren’t you?

She was silent for a while, and he waited patiently. Finally, she paused the show. Her arms around him tightened, and she bit his ear, gently.

“You are my husband, I love you, and you are the only man for me. You relaxbet giri┼č know that.”

He nodded slightly. “So, you WERE thinking of him.”

A moment of silence. Then: “Yes.”

When he said nothing, she sighed. “I know it’s all very confusing, maybe worrying for you, but you need to believe me: this will change nothing between us. It just means that our family will become even more cohesive, with less barriers…”

He said, dryly: “I like barriers, they are not necessarily a bad thing.”

She laughed. They first had this conversation 23 years ago – before the birth of their first child – and several times since. She understood his position, and agreed to adhere to it – even though it went against the traditional futa way of life (and very much against her mom’s will – or was that why she agreed so easily?). But he had always known this day will come. “You can’t say that you don’t like how things work out with Sara, can you?”

He reddened. “You know I can’t. I’m not saying I’m against this – I just feel… apprehensive about how this particular milestone will affect US.”

She nibbled gently on his ear, and he felt her womanhood stir inside him, his whole body seeming to vibrate with its throbbing. She whispered in his ear: “Talk is cheap. How about I SHOW you?”

He tried unsuccessfully not to moan, as he felt the girl-cock growing and moving inside of him. “What… what about the… the French series?”

She laughed as she rose, lifting him with her, her cock firmly lodged inside him the whole time, and put him on the bed, supporting himself on his knees and elbows, his ass up in the air. “Oh, fuck the French and their pretentious drivel…!”

She leaned down over him, her tits squashed against his back, and whispered in his ear: “Also – and mind you don’t quote me on this – fuck my mom.”


“Hey, man – you hear that?”

Terry sighed inwardly. Yes, he heard that. He has been hearing it every night for the last 3 years, having ignored his sister’s advice and moved to her old room once she left for college. It WAS quite bigger, and it faced the small park – instead of the Formans’ bathroom window! – but it also was next to his parents’ room; and those two – well, they were NOI-SY. “Com’n, man, concentrate – I’m beating your ass, here!”

Matt sneered. “Sure you are, rookie. I’m just biding my time…”

They played on for a few more minutes, but as the sounds from the next room only grew louder, Matt paused the game and put his controller down. “Jesus Christ, it sounds like a riot in there! What the fuck are they DOING?!”

Terry reached for his Mountain Dew. “I would guess, sex?”

Matt snorted out loud. “Dude, I’ve heard my parents having sex, and it sounded nothing like this!”

Terry shrugged, sipping from his can. “What can I say – they are very passionate people…” One of the perks of being 18 was that he could now have his friends stay and play after 11 PM, but there were apparently some issues he forgot to take into account… “Old people having sex – big deal, let’s play.”

Matt shook his head. The muffled sounds of a bed creaking, grunts and moans could be heard from behind the wall, and it seemed to have his full attention. “In a minute. Pass me a Dew…”

Terry looked at his friend, who was listening raptly to the sounds of his parents fucking. He passed him a can. “Dude, this in NOT cool, those are my fucking PARENTS…!”

Matt sniggered. “You could say THAT again…” He moved quickly, and Terry’s fist only grazed his shoulder. “Look, I’m not kidding, this is super cool… I think my mom and dad only fuck on weekends – maybe even just national holidays – and you can hardly hear a pip out of their room…”

Terry took another sip. “Yeah, well, let’s see how cool you think it is after you have this party every night for 3 years, straight…”

“You’re kidding!”


Matt whistled. “He doesn’t look like it, but your dad’s is kinda, like, a super stud!”

Terry snorted. ohBOY how OFF you are! Out loud he said: “yeah, he’s all right.”

Matt was silent for a moment, taking thoughtful sips from his can of Game Fuel. Finally, he cleared his throat. “You know, man – no disrespect, OK? – but, if I was married to your mom I’d be boning her pretty much non-stop. Know what I’m saying?”

Terry raised a warning finger. “Dude, you’re on pretty thin ice here, OK?” He knew where this was going; he had had a variation of this conversation with several of his friends – Matt included – for most of his teens, and it was not helping him.

Matt persisted, getting more animated. “Listen, not to disrespect her or anything, she’s your mom and she’s a big-deal lawyer and all – but, man, she’s HOT! She’s like an Amazon or something – like Lynda Carter, you know?” He moved back, expecting another punch from his friend, but Terry just rolled his eyes and took another sip. Yes, his mother WAS hot, and he has been thinking about it a LOT in the last few years – but especially since last Tuesday… “Yeah, my dad is quite a lucky guy.” He said, casually.

Matt dug a finger into his arm. “Hey, you’re not doing so bad yourself, right? I mean, Lara Simmons – man, she’s…”

Terry cut him off. “We broke up.”

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