Suzy’s Story – Part 6 (Final)

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(I strongly suggest you read parts 1 to 5 first…)

I was beginning to think that maybe I’m some sort of a freak. No other women I have known have ever indicated that they may have the same kink as I have. I have done internet searches and found confessions from women who like sex with older men, but they haven’t been group sex. And most seem to be fantasies. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I have a feeling I’m in a very small minority here. Anyway, I’m having a great time and I don’t feel I’m exploited; I’m certainly appreciated! And well treated. But I do have times when I worry about what I’m doing. Then, after a few days, and when the weekly meet is coming up I get so damned horny I forgive myself for having these thoughts. This week I also had a little visit to my usual underwear supplier.

When I got to the hotel next time I was quite early, but Gareth was there already and reminded me that he wanted me to have plenty to drink. I reassured him that I hadn’t forgotten and that I was already feeling in need of a pee, but not desperately. I went into the loo to get changed as Gareth began opening a large hold-all and taking out towels.

I wore a rather nice matching set of red satin undies: tie-sided panties, under-wired push-up bra, deep suspender belt and red stockings. Then I had some rather old, but still serviceable, red high heels and over it all a forties-style red dress with white polka-dots. As I came out I noticed everyone was present and all were brandishing their cameras in readiness. Someone put on a music channel on the hotel TV and I began to move around for the boys. Gareth took control, getting me to sit and bend in various positions, ensuring they got a flash of panty and especially panty-gusset.

After a few minutes of this teasing Gareth unzipped my dress for me and helped me off with it. Then we moved into what was clearly his main interest. This entailed my crouching down with my knees well apart so that my panty-covered crotch was nicely visible. Gareth got down low and got me to lean back against the wall so my gusset was pushed forwards. Then he went to work with his fingers over the panty crotch area and I felt tingling in my vagina as he played with me. He had one hand under my bottom feeling the panty nylon over my anus and the other hand was paying attention to my clit and external lips. I felt my panties getting wetter with my juices. Gareth’s camera was on the floor pointing directly between my legs, the guys were generally focusing on the same area. As he stroked me, I felt his fingers move briefly to the side and he undid the ties that held the panties in place. He continued his wanking of my privates and the panties fell away, exposing me fully, as I’ve been exposed to these men so may times. Once again they roared with approval and I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. Then Gareth opened my pussy lips and pulled a couple of towels under me. He signalled one of the others and another towel was put in place. Then he whispered “let it go whenever you want, Suzy, but try to make it last!”

Having drunk quite a lot of water in the previous hour, and with the pressure of my suspender belt on my bladder from the squatting position I was in, this request didn’t come too soon. I began to relax my vagina and felt my pee-hole begin to distend. “Oh, yes, she’s opening up” said John and I felt the first drips of pee begin to flow.

“Fuck, yes!” breathed Gareth as I began to piss onto the towels. Gareth still had one hand on my anus, with a finger gradually entering my ring, while with the fingers of the other he held my lips apart as the pee flowed. I did my best at making it last, which wasn’t too hard as there seemed to be pints of it. I managed to raise my pelvis a little to give a better view, and Gareth’s hand on my arse helped lift me more. The pee began to flow with more intensity and was shooting forward into the room. Just in time, Teddy threw another towel out and managed to save the carpet. I slid forward and lay on my back, Gareth had to take his hands away and then I lifted both legs up, back and apart and continued weeing for my audience. Gareth looked like he was in heaven as he took his prick out and began wanking over me. In seconds he ejaculated great gobbets of cum over my nice bra. “I hope some of you got good shots of that” he said, “I got carried away and forgot the camera!”

I looked at him to make sure he was satisfied with what I had done for him, and I saw he had another little scene in mind. “Let me clean you off, Suzy” he said, standing over me as I lay on the damp towels with my legs wide apart, my panties off and the rest of my red underwear dotted with his cum. Then he began to pee over my chest and washed the cum off me and my spattered brassiere.

“Blimey Gareth, you’re a kinky sod!” said James with a big grin on his face and everyone gave us a round of applause. I winked at Teddy and mouthed “Your turn next” at him as I retreated to the bathroom to wash myself down and get into another outfit.

I could hear murmurs from the room as the men discussed Gareth’s session and presumably readied themselves for the next one. I concentrated on Teddy, knowing that his fantasies included sexy underwear big time, and that he really appreciated what I wore. He was never just a man who wanted me to get them out, or get naked as soon as possible – I had watched him in previous sessions and could see how he focused on my underwear as he took his shots, how he liked to catch the fabrics, how he sought out interesting angles to capture me as I unzipped, or unhooked, or unclasped stockings or bras, and he loved it as I slowly removed my panties, gradually exposing my secret places. I knew he would love my newest purchase.

I joined the boys and we had tea and a chat. It was a very pleasant time as I fondled some of them through their trousers or unzipped them and held a dick or two. We had a lazy feely session for about 30 minutes where they attended to my breasts and bottom over my clothes. I didn’t let them see my underwear, but I was happy that this was getting us all into a state of excitement. Finally I was ready for Teddy. Groan!

Actually Teddy turned out to be a surprise.

For a start he handed his camera to Harold and instructed him to capture everything for him. So I got him to sit on the end of the bed and I sat astride him and ground myself onto his lap. I felt him respond as his penis tightened his trousers. I was wearing a long full 50’s style skirt and a plain white blouse. I had no stockings on, but some mid-height blue heels. I took one of his hands and pulled it down onto his lap and lifted my skirt over it so no-one could see it as I sat with my legs apart on his knees, facing him. I watched his face intently as I felt his fingers slowly run up my leg seeking my panty crotch. Then, as he found the edge of my panties the look of surprise and elation when he discovered that they didn’t cover my pussy was great fun. I felt his penis jump as he slid a couple of fingers into my vagina. “Oh Suzy, split-crotch panties! Thank you, thank you!”

“Want to see them?” I asked, and I stood up and removed the skirt by unzipping it at the back and letting it fall.

I stood in front of Teddy nice and straight so he could see the panties properly. They were really lovely, made of a mid-blue silk with black lace around the waist and the legs, but also the entire crotch area was missing. This too was framed with black lace; the panties were beautifully made and quite expensive. They could have been tailor-made for my privates; whoever designed them certainly got it right. Just standing there you couldn’t fully appreciate how well they did the job, so I turned round with my back to Teddy and bent forward to touch my toes, standing legs-apart as I did so. You could hear a pin drop as I slowly bent forward and the gusset, or lack of it, came into view. My vagina and my anus were completely visible, framed sensually by the black lace of the panties. I swayed slightly from side to side to open up my lips and to make my anal-ring wink a little. I was pretty wet by now.

Suddenly I felt breath on my pussy and Teddy’s mouth was planted full-square on my lady-bits. I was wet enough, but Teddy’s saliva poured onto me and he began sucking and licking with a fury. I was stunned. I opened my legs further and pushed back at him as he hungrily devoured me. Then seconds later I began to shudder with my own orgasm and a surge of juices ran out of me.

Teddy was pulling off his clothes and pulling on a Johnny as I came, then he plunged his dick up my vagina and pumped away. My heels made me just the right height to accommodate him. Everyone else followed his lead and stripped off; there were six completely naked men and me in the room. Some put down their cameras, others operated one-handed as they began to pleasure themselves.

“Can we DP you Suzy?” asked Michael, and I realised what the guys had been talking about as I had been changing.

“Oh, yes” I replied, “do me in both holes, guys. Do me in all holes!”

“Hang on a minute, though” said Teddy “This is my session!”

I was feeling completely wanton and desperate for all of them. I felt almost wild and feral at that moment. But there was a different atmosphere in the room too, and I was just beginning to pick up on it. I wish now that I hadn’t been quite so positive about the dp.

I was standing up – just; bent forward with Teddy up my pussy, my lovely panties still in place and my top still covered by my bra (which they hadn’t seen yet) and my blouse. I was in heaven, feeling Teddy’s long cock sliding in and out of me, gradually speeding up and seeming to get further inside me with each thrust. Sometimes he stopped when fully up me, his body pressing against my buttocks as his penis was pushed right into my uterus. I felt someone stand beside me and begin to fondle my bust as it hung down, it was Michael. Then his fingers were undoing my blouse buttons and then transferring fondle action to my bra. This matched the split-crotch panties – mid-blue silk with black lace trim; “lovely matching undies” breathed Harold as he videoed the action, “someone get her blouse off so we can see it properly” he continued, and Michael helped me remove it, as Teddy continued to do me.

I spread my legs a little as the guys stood back so Harold could get good shots of me being rogered in my underwear; I took the opportunity to take a look at all the stiff penises ready to have me, and felt more juices forming in my vagina.

“Come on Teddy, I thought we were going to dp her!” shouted James, with a hint of anger in his voice.

“OK, I’ll take a break” agreed Teddy.

James said “lets do her standing up” and stood still with his engorged prick magnificent. He rolled a durex over it and got a handful of lube on his fingers while he gave me a dirty grin. I walked over to him and pressed my anus against his manhood as he reached down and slipped his slimy fingers in my little hole. Seconds later his big dick was past my ring and reaming me out. Michael came over and stood in front of me, his prick johnny’d-up and attentive. He grabbed my bra cups and lifted them over my boobs so they came free, then reached round behind me to undo and remove the bra completely, then he pushed his chest against me, sandwiching me hard between himself and James. His penis pressed against my mound. I was dripping. He reached for his erection and pushed it down as he moved his hips slightly away from mine. Then he was in my pussy and I was full! I had James in my arse and Michael in my pussy! I felt dizzy with the naughtiness of it! The others were frantically trying to get good views of me being double penetrated. James and Michael were really going for it, really pumping me vigorously. Rather getting carried away.

“Michael, lift Suzy’s legs off the floor, then we can see better” said John, as Michael reached down for me legs and I felt myself being held by a combination of his arms and both men’s bodies. I was at their mercy now and no mistake. I was almost in a sitting position but three feet off the floor. My crotch was being pulled open and the guys were able to look right up and see those two cocks entering me, as well as all the juices dripping out of me and onto my thighs.

“Fucking hell, you dirty bitch” said John as he came alongside us and put his fingers on my perineum, feeling my holes as his mates dicks went in and out of me. “I reckon I could get a finger alongside each prick guys!” he shouted. He was breathing hard and fast, his face was purple.

I wasn’t sure about this. I felt uncomfortable about his language and he wasn’t asking my permission. I looked across at Harold who was still filming and he looked concerned. But before I could say anything I felt John’s fingers pushing into me as the other guys thrust up my holes. Fortunately I was VERY wet down there but even so, it was painful as my anus was stretched to its utmost and his finger and James’s cock went up me. My vagina was more accessible and John’s finger and Michael’s cock were just about OK. But I didn’t like the feeling of being quite so taken for granted.

“Shit, this is good, Suzy’s twat is fucking begging for it! Her flaps are sopping wet; God she needs this!” said John as he pulled and pushed at my privates.

“Oh yes, Suzy is being VERY dirty” agreed James and he started roughly pounding my arse along with John’s finger. Michael was whistling and going at me like a hammer. I was being tossed around and was helpless as I had no foot on the ground.

“Please guys, that’s enough!” I cried. “John, I’m not ready for your fingers too! You’re hurting me, its too rough. Let me down now”.

They ignored me. “Harold, I hope you’re getting this, this is fantastic. She’s getting a real seeing-too now the randy cow! This is what she really wants from us!” said Michael. I was shocked and felt horrible. I felt that I was being ****d. Harold put down the camera and he and Gareth and Teddy sprang over and pulled the others off me.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!” erupted Gareth. He looked appalled. “How can you do that to Suzy after all she’s done for you? Didn’t you hear her? Didn’t you realise you were being rough and that she didn’t like what you were making her do? What kind of people are you? I thought you were decent blokes. Get the hell out of here!”

I ran to the bathroom and shut the door. I wasn’t hurt, just really, really shocked and disappointed and let down. I had been having such a fantastic sexual life in the past weeks, thinking I had found nirvana, when these guys, who I thought we had built up a mutual trust and respect, had acted like b**sts and let me down so badly. I burst into tears as I could hear sounds of scuffling and the slamming of the hotel room door.

Eventually I calmed down. I put a bath towel around myself and left the bathroom. I saw Harold, Gareth and Michael standing there looking embarrassed and morose. “Oh Suzy” said Michael, “that was so awful. We’re so sorry that happened. How can you trust any of us ever again! We can’t fathom why they did that. They had been talking together in corners in recent weeks so we think they must have planned it. They clearly had a different attitude to sex and women than we do. We’re so sorry. We don’t know what to say. How can we make it right?”

They looked so dejected and depressed I almost broke down again. Instead I went over to them and grabbed them all in a great big hug. We stood like that, just holding each other for ages. No-one touched me inappropriately. It just felt warm and comforting. Harold had tears running down his cheeks.

“Well” I said, “if there’s just the four of us we can meet in my flat in future; and you won’t have to share me so much, will you?” I paused for a few seconds. “Their loss!”


(Let me know if you wish to see more of my stories)

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