Survey Says!

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Linda Falco didn’t know which was more incredulous – the questions being asked her by the stranger across the table, or how aroused those questions were making her.

Maybe it all had to do with the survey taker himself. He was not your typical four eyed, balding, overweight bureaucrat. Linda would bet her last dollar that the man whom the government was paying to ask her extremely intimate questions about her love life had majored in football in college with a strong minor in cheerleaders! His longish black hair kept falling into his deep blue eyes. The pale blue polo shirt he was wearing covered his muscular body while at the same time left little to Linda’s imagination – which was fine by her!

“Before your current partner, how many sex partners have you had?”

It was one of his most intimate questions yet! As she ticked off each of her former lovers in her mind, a parade of sexual images flashed before her eyes, especially her first lover… He had been something else. Come to think of it he was not unlike a slightly younger version of her survey taker…

“Sex.”, she said.

“Excuse me?”

The realization of what she said caused Linda cheeks to glow red with embarrassment.

“Um… No. I meant to say six.” Suddenly feeling hot, flustered and embarrassed, Linda felt the need to get up from the table and get some fresh air.

“Would you like some water”, she asked her guest.

“Yes, that would be nice. All of this talking dries… out…” Linda was on her feet and headed to the kitchen before her guest finished his sentence.

Relieved, she filled two glasses with ice from the fridge and water from the tap. Then she stood for a long moment just breathing in the fresh clean morning air through the open kitchen window. Something was happening here and she wasn’t sure that she should try to stop it. In fact, she wasn’t sure she could stop it if she wished to.

On the other hand, she thought, she should be ashamed of herself. She was acting like a school girl! After all, despite the intimate nature of the questionnaire, her guest had not been anything less than a complete gentleman – totally no-nonsense and businesslike.

“Can I help you?”

Linda could tell by the sound of his voice he was now standing in the kitchen doorway. She turned towards him and offered him a glass of water. He thanked her, and took a long drink from the glass. But he didn’t make a move to either enter the kitchen or return to the living room where they had been doing the survey. He seemed content to straddle the doorway.

Puzzled, Linda figured it was her responsibility to lead them back to the living room. As politely as she could she squeezed past her guest. As she did this, her breasts brushed against his rock hard chest and her left thigh brushed against his tan Dockers. She felt something kartal escort she would lay odds wasn’t a magic marker – it was too big.

“I’m going to have to trade this glass of ice water for a cold shower if you do that again.” He said – a polite smile crossing his face. “I’m sorry I guess I should have moved out of your way.”

Linda was furious with herself. There was enough room in the doorway that she could have gotten past him with touching him. It was becoming obvious to her, that her body and her mind were not on the same page.

“I could have asked you to move… if I had wanted you to.”

Where the hell did that come from? Linda couldn’t believe that she had said something so incredibly… corny! She was about to continue on into the living room where they could conclude the survey, when her guest placed his water glass on the nearby counter.

“You didn’t want me to move?”

Linda felt his hand come lightly to rest on her hip.

“Well, umm… You… see…” The cooling effects of the fresh air and her glass of water had evaporated. Waves of pleasant heat seemed to emanate from the man’s finger tips and radiate through her body. To her breasts, god she wanted him to touch them. To her belly, she wanted to feel his weight on top of her. Finally, down between her legs, where she wanted to feel him in her.

“Is this, um, part of the, um, survey?” Linda looked up into those blue eyes and could see the gentle smile there that said no, it wasn’t. The slightest pressure on her hip, urged her closer. She closed the short distance between them until her breasts touched his chest. Even through their clothes, the heat of his body felt wonderful. It enhanced the warm dampness growing between her legs.

He took her water glass and set it on the counter.

Not taking her eyes from him, she pressed closer, smashing her breasts against him. Linda felt the cool metal of his belt buckle against her bare belly as it hiked up the hem of her blouse. She felt the heat of his crotch matching hers as she saw his lips descend to claim her.

Eyes closed she gave herself up to the sensations of the kiss. His warmth and strength seemed to be all around her all at once. She breathed in the aroma of his cologne, ever so faintly tinged with the smell of her own arousal. The hand that had been on her hip sought out her breasts, answering her unspoken plea. The other journeyed to the small of her back, and then slipped under the waist band of her jeans and panties where his middle finger gently explored the crack of her ass.

Their tongues teased each other as their nostrils flared and their breathing quickened. She was consciously pressing her lower body against his reveling in the feel of his hardness, through their clothes.

As if in response to an unspoken signal, they moved maltepe escort bayan as one to the sofa in the living room – shedding pieces of clothes along the way. By the time Linda felt the front of the sofa against the backs of her calves she was naked, except for her socks. She sank down backwards into the plush cushions. Watching her guest remove the last of her clothes she absent mindedly stroked her pussy. When he saw her touching herself, he took the waist band of his boxers and pulled it down slowly until just the head of his cock could be seen.

Linda smiled, and said, “More.”

“More, what?” he replied.

“More of that cock of yours that you are going to fuck me with.” Linda said with devilish breathlessness.

“Show me how much you want it..”

Linda feigned shock and then gave him an evil grin as her index finger and middle finger disappeared inside of her. Her lips parted and her breathing was labored as she slowly thrust her two fingers into her cunt and then, just as slowly slide them almost all the way out.

He moved the waist band of his boxers halfway down the shaft of his cock. It was rock hard and Linda could clearly see its veins.

“Again”, he demanded. “Slow-ly”, his voice caught as his fingers that were holding the waist band of his boxers brushed against his balls.

Linda started to comply, but then changed her mind. Without warning she buried her fingers inside herself -so quickly she made herself gasp aloud.

“That’s not how I said to do it!” He scolded. Now his breathing was becoming labored, “I’ve got a good mind to put my clothes on and leave.”

“Go ahead”, Linda groaned as she pumped her fingers into her cunt once more, “If you think you can.” He was about to respond when she pulled her fingers out of her pussy, raised them to her lips and slowly licked them clean.

“I’ll spank you for your disobedience, later.” He said breathlessly as he disposed of his boxers and descended on her.

“Threaten me with a good time, will ya!” Linda’s chuckle merged with a moan as she felt the warmth of his cock pressing against her pussy. He held it there for a moment teasing her with it as he hovered above her, supported by his muscular arms. Her arms found their way around this his back. She wanted to feel his weight on her. She wanted to feel his cock inside her and she would not be denied. She reached up to kiss him.

“Fuck me now!” She moaned just as their open lips met.

Then he eased his weight down on top of her. His tongue plundered her mouth as his cock filled the void between her legs. God! Linda thought to herself, this man feels so fucking good! It’s been way too long…

It started with long slow thrusts; his cock probing every inch of her cunt. Then their lips parted as the tempo of his thrusts increased.

“Oh, escort pendik fuck, yeah!”

Linda wrapped her legs around his waist as he went at her harder and faster. Their sweating bodies moving as one, each thrust giving each of them the pleasure they so desperately sought. She felt the familiar, but long absent tension rising in her cunt; felt the first twinges of muscle spasms between her legs, felt the moisture form her pussy dribbling its way down the crack of her hot ass.

“I’m gonna cum.” He gasped.

Linda felt him start to tremble. So he was not just a good fuck, he was a gentleman. She grabbed his ass cheeks with encouraged his thrusts. She wanted him to know that he didn’t have to pull out – that she wouldn’t let him pull out.

“You want it babe?” he growled above her.

“Yeah. I want… it… allllll. Fu… fu… Oh, Fuck!”

Linda screamed – at lest she thought she screamed — as her orgasm hit her with a force she had never before experienced. Her visitor collapsed heavily on top of her as he thrust his cock into her cunt one last time. Then his hands held her hips like a vise, as he ground himself roughly against her. First his cock quivered violently inside her over and over and then, finally, sadly, shrank inside her.

They fell asleep – a tangled mass of arms and legs.

* * *

Linda awoke on her sofa to a knock at the door. Her visitor was gone and she was completely dressed, except the fly of her shorts was completely undone and her blouse was hiked up over her breasts. Her hand rested inside her panties, it and her panties were soaked.

A second knock spurred her into action.

“Just a minute!” She called.

She zipped up her fly and straightened herself up as quickly as possible. No time to change her underwear, but she stopped at the downstairs bathroom to quickly wash her hands before she answered the door.

The sky blue shirt and the government logo it bore were instantly familiar to her. But that is where the familiarity ended. The man wearing it was paunchy, middle aged, and a poster child for male pattern baldness. Just what one would expect from a Government survey taker.

“Good morning.” He said, “I am Mr. Filby from the Government. I am her to do a survey about sewer lines. That is, if I can have a few minutes of your time.”

“Perfect!” Linda said with a wry chuckle. “Apparently my mind has been in the gutter all morning!”

“Excuse me?”

“Never mind, Mr. Filby.” Linda said, “It’s just a bad joke. Perhaps I could get you a glass of water?”

“That would be nice. Thank you.”

Of course her sexy survey taker had been just a dream, Linda thought to herself. Things like that don’t happen in real life. After she finished filling two glasses of water at the kitchen sink she turned around and saw Mr. Filby briefcase in hand, shoulders hunched over standing in the doorway to the living room. You know, Linda thought to herself, he may not be my “dream lover”, but at least he is real.

“Ms Falco, why are you looking at me like that? Ms. Falco!”

“Oh! My! MS FALCO!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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