Kas 03

Surprising Evening

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Glancing at the clock for the thirtieth time in the past ten minutes…. the anticipation of what the evening is going to bring is causing little tremors to move over me. Sitting in my module at work, I am thinking about how I had gone to that Adult bookstore at lunchtime. I didn’t have much time but knew exactly what I was going to buy. I had walked into the store, glancing around to see who was inside and quickly went to the west wall and found a strap on dildo. I remember seeing them online at one of the porno sites, John had been checking out the toys and I was glancing over his shoulder. This one had leather straps and the dildo was a soft baby pink, about 7” long and 1 l/2” diameter. I had run my hands over the display model and loved the soft silky texture, just holding it in my hand was causing me to quiver. I remember quickly paying for it, tossing the package into the trunk of my car, glancing around to see if I recognized anyone coming in and out of the store and slammed the lid down. I headed back to work, planning, thinking, and anticipating. Mmmmmmmmm…This could really turn into a fun evening.

Clearing my desk as fast as I can I manage to leave a couple of hours early. I say my goodbyes to everyone, scoot into the front seat of my car and head home, thinking about the new toy that is lying in the trunk. As I pull into the drive, John’s car is already there, this is a surprise…he is normally home later than I am. I’m thinking I will definitely need a new battle plan. I sit in the car and try to figure out how I am going to get the new toy into the house without him seeing it, I really want this to be a surprise and want to be careful how I present it to him. I get out of the car, go to the back and open the trunk. I carefully remove the wrapper, toss it back into the trunk and put the toy into my purse. I throw the purse over my shoulder and head for the door.

Opening the door I start to call out but hear music and a humming sound coming from the bedroom. I tiptoe to the back of the house and peek through the half closed bedroom door. John is on the bed, on all fours…. facing away from the door. His body is moving to the sound of the music and I can hear him moaning. His head is jammed into a pillow, his knees tucked up under him, one of his hands is between his legs sliding up and down his cock, the other hand working a vibrator in and out of the pucker in his ass.

I am frozen outside the door, watching, listening to him as he gets himself more and more worked up. I have never seen him masturbate before, it is unsettling but arousing at the same time. Should I just slip into the room and join him, would he enjoy my hand being on his vibrator…I move slowly away from the door, taking the toy out of my purse and I put it under the sofa cushion in the living room. I know he did not hear me drive up so I tiptoe back to the front door, opening and closing it very quietly.

I get back into the car and drive to the nearby park. My head is buzzing as I remember being in the book store, how I had bought the toy as a surprise, thinking I would show it to him, how we would discuss it, how we might or might not end up trying it depending on how he felt about. Now the evening is taking on a whole new light. Hmmmmmmmmmm

It’s a good day for the park the sun is shining, it’s warm, I get out of the car grabbing the bag of seed I had just purchased and start to walk towards the pond where the ducks are gathered. This is my thinking place, my hiding place, this is where I come when I need to relax. Today it’s just a means of giving John time to finish before I return home. As I feed the ducks visions of what I had just seen in our bedroom keep running through my mind. It was somehow intoxicating, watching him doing this to himself, seeing how aroused he was, still wondering if I should have tried to join him…maybe…well…

I look at my watch, a good thirty minutes have passed since I walked to the pond. I have contemplated all the maybes, my bag of seed is empty, and he must be finished by now. I toss the empty bag onto the floorboard in the backseat, get back in the car and head home.

John is mowing the grass as I pull up and park the car. He shuts off the mower and comes over to open my door and gives me a welcome home kiss, god how I love this guy. We have lived together for over 2 years now and his kisses still cause my skin to erupt şişli escort in gooseflesh, tiny bumps still rise on my skin by his simply looking at me. The kiss is short and sweet but it’s still enough to make me remember all the wonderful, special erotic times we have shared together. He playfully slaps me on my backside then turns and goes back to mowing the grass.

It’s close to dinnertime so I head to the house. Once inside I leave my shoes beside the front door and go into the bedroom to change into my shorts and t-shirt. I peek out the window to see if he is still mowing and satisfied that he will be busy for a while I go into the living room and pull the toy from its hiding place. I take it into the bathroom where I quickly try it on, adjusting the straps to fit, taking a quick look in the full-length mirror…

oh my god…. Oh My god…. Oh My God…

Moving left then right…. checking out my new beautiful 7”cock…running my hand over it…loving the way it feels in my hand…taking a deep breath I exhale with a sigh of anticipation, I unstrap it and hide it again in the bottom bathroom cupboard.

I go into the kitchen and get busy moving pots and pans, rattling away when he comes in and heads to the shower. He smiles and winks at me as he heads down the hall. I can hear the water begin to run and imagine the beads of water dancing on his skin. After fifteen or twenty minutes he reenters the kitchen with his hair wet and the smell of freshness all about him. His hair is wet and his slender, beautiful hips are draped with a towel.

He moves behind me, raising my t-shirt and puts his hands on my breasts, squeezing them, causing my nipples to harden, then leans over me and gently kisses my neck.

His towel drops to the floor and I can feel his cock starting to grow in the hollow of my back. He turns me around and pulls the t-shirt over my head letting it fall to the floor. My tongue begins circling my lips, wetting them, then I press my mouth on his, his tongue starts to move in and out, mine is playing with his and I can taste the freshness of him.

His wet cool palms move down my arms then back up and down barely touching my breasts, his tongue starts to follow his hands making circles on my stomach causing my back to arch, I am loving the way he is causing my skin to come alive, my body to quiver and shake. He slides his hands into my shorts and panties and pushes them down to my knees then using his toes he grabs them, slides them all the way down and pushes them across the floor. I spread my legs as he continues down, his hands moving between my thighs. I moan, my head arches back and I can feel the heat between my thighs being scooped up into his wonderful cool probing hands. His tongue is causing my stomach to tighten as it parts my lips and his finger starts to slide inside me. My body starts to thrust down on his finger, trying to get more and more of it inside me.

I hear a disappointed moan pass my lips as he removes his finger and stands slowly back up. He rubs his chest against mine as he moves me across the kitchen and presses me against the wall. I can feel his cock pushing against my stomach as he sandwiches me between him and the wall. He slides into my very wet and waiting mound, almost raising me off the floor as he buries himself inside me, making me moan as his body presses against me. My hips start to grind against him, moving back and forth in rhythm to his thrusts, each time pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside me. I can feel him getting larger, filling me. I love how he moans as he slides in and out. I can feel his balls as they hit my thighs, they’re so tight, so full. I reach down and hold them in my hand gently squeezing them. I can hear his breath racing, my moans are replaced with loud groans. I can feel tremors starting to rush through my body, my insides gripping and releasing his manhood.

He starts to slow as he pulls almost out of me then thrusts back in, once, twice, a third time, each time harder and deeper than the last, each time I can feel his hips tightening ……his hands are braced on the wall behind me, his chest is pressing against my breasts, his cock buried deep inside me, now so hard, so deep, so still. I feel his muscles tense up then…. I feel it…his hot cum shooting inside me, making me shudder and shake as he comes over and over, his orgasm is causing mine to start…. escort bayan merter making my body shove down harder and harder on his hot delicious cock…the heat rising and bursting through every part of my being. I arch my back then straighten it and push down for one last deep, penetrating thrust on him causing him enter the very soul of my insides.

Closing my eyes, inhaling slowly, I collapse into his arms. I move my hands over his chest, allowing the energy to ebb out of me and float out into the room. My body is shaking and my legs are limp as I hold onto him.

John holds me until my tremors subside, wrapping his arms around me. I can feel his slow gentle kisses on my shoulders as his hands move gently up and down my sides, gently holding me until my legs stop shaking.

He gathers our clothes and puts them into the bathroom hamper, puts on his boxers and settles in front of the television. I go into the bedroom and get a nightgown from the armoire and slip it on. It is a very pale pink silky floor length gown with ribbons that tie at the shoulders; I go back down the hall to the kitchen. I place a vibrating dildo inside me allowing it to hum as I prepare our meal. My thong is holding it in place as I move about the kitchen. I open the refrigerator and reach in for the milk and margarine when I suddenly feel a hand move under my gown discovering my toy. He kisses my neck while cupping his hands between my thighs causing the toy to move in and out of me, I hear him whisper laughingly in my ear “you little nymph”.

I press my body against him, kissing his luscious mouth as his arms wrap around me, one of my hands holding the milk and the other holding the margarine. He dips his fingers in the cold soft margarine in my hand, lifts my gown and I can feel the margarine begin to melt and drip down my legs as he rubs it between my cheeks, causing me to tremble and then I hear myself let out a very loud moan as his finger enters my very tight hole. I am gasping while trying to balance the milk and tub of margarine in my hands, his finger is moving in and out of my ass, my eyes are closed and suddenly a new more powerful orgasm starts to move through my body. My arms shake as my hands grip the milk and margarine trying not to drop them on the floor. He holds me until the orgasm passes then puts one hand under my chin, raising my mouth to his and gently kisses me. He grins, shakes his head and laughingly goes back to the living room. My legs shake as I put the milk and margarine on the counter and continue to fix dinner.

Miraculously dinner is finally served, I sit and eat watching him devour the meal. I ask if he will clear everything up in the kitchen so I can get in the shower and he says he will, but I know that he will return to the sofa. When he hears the water shut off in the shower he will head to the kitchen and start washing the dishes. I count on it.

Sure enough, after a good twenty minutes in the shower, I wrap a large towel around me and peek into the kitchen; there he stands in front of the kitchen sink. I run back into the bedroom and pull our new toy out of the cupboard and strap it on, taking one last glance in the mirror checking out my new 7” cock. The straps indent my skin just a little, and on my tiny frame the cock looks monstrous. I wrap the large towel around me again hiding my surprise and go back to the kitchen, moving up to him from behind and pulling his boxers down to his knees as he continues to wash the dishes.

Still having the towel tightly wrapped around my body, I move my hands between his thighs and gently roll his balls between my fingers.

He turns around to find me kneeling in front of him, the towel still in place as I kiss down and around his soon to be hard again cock. I give each ball a slight lick and then I place one at a time in my mouth, rolling and sucking on it. My hand begins to slide up and down his shaft, I move a little slower as his cock slowly slides in and out of my mouth. My mouth closes over the head and my tongue runs around the rim each time it leaves my mouth. I run my fingernail down the seam and can feel his balls getting tighter. He begins to thrust into my mouth; I hold the base of his cock firmly while working more and more of him down my throat. I reach for the bottle of lotion beside me on the floor and pour some in my hand. I reach up to the crack istanbul escort bayan of his ass and spread it over his crack and his balls. With the lotion on one finger I slowly slide it into the hole while sucking him even deeper into my throat, I hear him gasp…then moan…I take more lotion and start to spread it between his thighs, over his buttocks, and move his cock out of my mouth and into my waiting lotion covered hands. I stand up, towel still snuggly in place and ask him to turn around…maybe do the dishes…while I play.

With a kiss on my forehead he turns around and I move my small kitchen stool up behind him then I drop my towel. He starts to turn around to see what I am doing but I kiss his neck and whisper in his ear telling him to keep his eyes forward. I put my hand between his thighs, putting more lotion on his crack and his balls then I put my finger just inside his hole, moving it gently back and forth on his prostate. I can hear him start to breathe harder, his hips start to rotate and move up and down my finger, fucking my finger. I move in closer and wiggle my hand between his crouch just enough that he spreads his legs a bit more. I press my hips against his cheeks and let the 7” cock move between his thighs. I feel him flinch as he feels the cock between his legs. I hear a gasp and a muffled “what the fuck” come out of his mouth as I run my fingers down his back to the pucker between his cheeks and slowly move my finger in and out of his hole.

He starts to turn around but I move close to his ear and whisper again asking him to look straight ahead. I move my hips back and bring the toy up and out from between his legs, I lean forward, my breasts rubbing his back, two fingers now moving in and out of him while my other hand gently pushes down on his back letting him know to bend over just a bit more. He spreads his legs and leans over the sink. I put more lotion on my hand and squeeze some on our new friend; I guide it up to and just touching the pucker of his hole. I move slowly, pushing my hips towards him…the pink head is meeting some resistance but it pops in and I can hear him gasp, a very loud gasp…. I hear a loud moan escape his lips. I stand very still allowing him to get used to the size and girth of the cock, his hips start to move, slowly at first then he starts to press against the cock swallowing it slowly, inch by inch, inside him. “Give me your hand”, I whisper as I squirt some lotion into his palm. He takes the lotion in his hand and begins rubbing his cock up and down as I move in and out of his ass.

I press harder and deeper into him with each moan. Looking down I can see the manmade cock entering and exciting his hole, arousing me to a higher plane. I lock my arms around his waste, push the cock in deeper and deeper into him, my lips kiss his back, my hand rubbing his cheeks while his hand is on his cock. I lean in closer and take his hand away replacing it with my own and move up and down his cock as he moves his second hand to the counter to give him more balance. My one hand is on his balls, the other is sliding up and down his cock while my new cock is moving in and out of him, going deeper and deeper with each thrust.

I see beads of perspiration start to gather on his skin, I can taste the salty taste as my tongue moves in circles on his back, more moans…each moan is causing my hips to push deeper and harder until the entire cock is inside him. His hips are thrusting back so hard that it nearly pushes me off my stool.

My hand is underneath moving up and down his cock. I press my breasts into his back and gently whisper “cum for me babe, cum for me”.

His back starts to arch, I put both my hands on his back as he replaces my hand on his cock with one of his own and I thrust one last time and hold it there deep inside him. His back straightens and he pushes once more on the cock. Streams of cum start shooting out onto the kitchen floor, I can hear him gasp and moan and hiss as I hold him tight as he body convulses in spasms. His head starts to jerk back involuntarily, his stomach begins to ripple as he succumbs to the heady orgasm, my hand moves to his balls causing him to shoot more and more onto the floor until finally he comes to rest, collapsing against the sink.

A few minutes pass then he turns and kisses me gently. He bends down and undoes the straps on the artificial cock and places it on the stool. He picks me up and carries me into the bedroom and places me gently on the bed then curls up beside me with my back to him. I wiggle my butt up close to his very small cock, my head nesting on his shoulder and his arms wrapped around me and we sleep.

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