Surprise Weekend with My Brother

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It was a Saturday like any other. I woke up at 8 a.m. to get in a run before the weekend officially started. I live with my parents in Miami and will be starting school there in the fall. Being 18, in Miami, I vowed to have some crazy fun before I buried myself in schoolwork. This is just the place to do that. Miami is rich in culture and nightlife and finding something to do here isn’t very difficult.

I was in the driveway stretching before my run when I heard rhythmic stamping getting closer. With my legs spread, bent at the waist, touching my palms on the ground, I was at a disadvantage to see who was nearing. Suddenly I hear, “I’m sure your boy toys would appreciate that position.”

It was my smart-ass brother, Jake. I didn’t look up from my pose but replied,

“I figured you could show this to your girlfriend since the only position she knows is missionary.”

He scoffed and went past me into the house. Jake is a freshman at Miami and I would be seeing a lot more of him soon enough. All of my girlfriends agree that Jake is way hot. He’s 6’1,” brownish-red hair, green eyes, well built, and weighing about 200 lbs. He tried out for the football team last year but wasn’t quite big or fast enough. Since then, I have seen him working out everyday since last recruiting season. He is “on a mission” to make the team this year (his words).

I got back home around 10:30 and was drenched with sweat. Even though it was only April, it was already very hot outside. I came in through the garage to the kitchen and was dying to get a drink. I was wearing my typical running outfit. Pink Nike sports bra, black running shorts, with black and pink running shoes. It’s important to color co-ordinate no matter the activity…

As I’m downing my water Jake walks into the kitchen in just a pair of swimming trunks.

“What are you training for?” he inquired.

“I really want to make the soccer team,” I panted out between gulps.

“Keep it up,” he encouraged, “you’re looking great!”

After thanking him for his kind words and guzzling my water I went to get cleaned up.

Standing in my bathroom, in front of the mirror, I had to agree with Jake’s comments. I know that sounds horribly superficial, but I’ve been working very hard to achieve this body. I wasn’t going to go into College looking like I did in High School. Not that I was ever out of shape, I just wanted the toned body of a Miami girl. I never felt like my body fit my height. Being 5’8,” there only a few looks that made me appealing. Daily running and Yoga had achieved the look I wanted. My muscles were long and defined. Finally, I was starting to see the contours of my abs. Looks are a very big deal here and if you don’t have that certain look, there’s a lot of places you don’t get in to.

As I peeled off my running clothes I noticed my tan lines were starting to fade. This was not acceptable and I needed to remedy this today. Just then I heard Jake yell “Britney?” from the hall. I poked my head out of the door to see what he wanted.

“Mom and Dad just left with the boat,” he informed me.

“And…?” I replied

“I thought you were going with them,” he said defensively.

“No, I changed my mind. I’m just going to stay here today,” I explained.

“Since it’s so hot out, I’m going to spend the day in the pool, wanna join me?,” he asked persistently.

“If I do, I’ll probably just lay out,” I said with a shrug. I noticed he kept looking past me into the bathroom as he was talking to me, what could he possibly be studying so hard?

“Great, get your bikini on and meet me poolside,” he said quickly and left before I had a chance to respond.

I closed the door and I turned around to realize the reason for his concentration. There are a few full length mirrors in my bathroom so I can see multiple sides of me when I’m getting ready. He must have been able to see my nudity from the hall because of the reflections. This made me feel a bit uncomfortable. My brother was checking me out! I started to get a little angry thinking about my invaded privacy. However, getting revenge would be better than getting angry. And seductive revenge is my specialty. If he was checking me out obviously, it was because he liked what he saw. I tried to think like a guy for a moment. What feature(s) in a woman do guys like?

I brushed out my long, light red hair, cleaned off my face and put on a little makeup. I’ve been complimented by many guys about my eyes. They are a bright emerald green. So bright, in fact, that I commonly get asked if I’m wearing colored contacts. I put on some eye liner and eye shadow to accentuate them, and some light pink lipstick. Of course most guys don’t make it up that far when they’re checking out a girl, they stare at the breasts. Mine are a full 34b, almost a small c, but full enough to warrant male attention. Having 22″ waist and 32″ hips gives the appearance that my breasts are larger than they actually are.

I knew none of this would work without the perfect bikini. After all, he made sure to stress the word “bikini” when he told me to meet him poolside. ata┼čehir escort Who am I to disappoint? I found one from a year ago that I wore in a contest where I came in 3rd. It was a yellow string bikini that left little to the imagination. The top barely covered my breasts and the bottoms were very fun. They tied low on the hip and, being Brazilian backed, it showed off my ass quite well. I had only ever worn it for the contest and I knew that Jake didn’t even know I had it. I grabbed a towel, a water, and gave myself one last look before pulling open the sliding glass door to the pool deck. Everything had to be perfect for the seduction to work as planned.

I opened the door and instantly heard music playing. Jake was lying on a float and was drying himself in the mid-day sun. He really looked handsome lying there all wet with the sun glistening off his defined masculine features. It appears Jake may have had the same idea. If this was to be a test of wills, I was more than prepared and was worthy to the task. Jake didn’t look up to see me, but tried to badger me with, “What took you so…” He stopped mid sentence when he raised his head to see me.

I acted normal and simply said, “I called Mike to see if he wanted to come over, and wanted to fix up a bit if he was going to be here. He said he had some things to do but might stop by.” Of course, it was a lie. Jake didn’t like Mike. I think it’s because of a girl they were both trying to get but Mike won. I knew the thought of Mike fawning over me would increase the torture I was about to inflict on him. Since Mom and Dad were out on the boat I knew they wouldn’t be back until after dark if at all. Sometimes they would sleep in it over night. I had nothing but time to screw with my big brother.

I glided to a lounge chair and spread out my towel, bending over in his direction to dangle my ass like the preverbal carrot. I made a concerted effort to exaggerate the swaying of my hips to attract his gaze. Turning to position myself on the chair, I noticed his eyes were completely transfixed on me. The game had begun.

“Is something wrong?” I asked innocently.

“Do Mom and Dad know you have that kind of bikini?!?” He said with an astonished expression.

I tried not to smile as I said, “What do you mean? It’s just a bikini,” I had a feeling it would get this kind of reaction from him.

“It barely covers everything it should be covering!” His agitated tone assured me of my plans effectiveness.

“Stop being such a big brother. There’s nothing wrong with it,” I protested.

Nesting into the warmth of the sun drenched chair, there was a silence from Jake that I didn’t expect. He rolled off the float into the crystal clear water. The sound of him splashing around made me long to be in as well, but it wasn’t time yet. After several minutes passed, Jake swam to the side closest to me and grabbed the edge. I never really thought much about him in a sexual context but I must admit, watching my brother’s water soaked muscles ripple as he lifted himself out of the pool caused a flood of inappropriate thoughts to course through my mind. For a moment I forgot this was an attempt to repay him for stealing looks at my naked body. If I weren’t wearing sunglasses I would have been caught doing the same thing he’d done earlier. Jake pulled another chair next to mine and intentionally flung water at me as he sat down.

“Was that absolutely necessary?” I hissed.

“That was for inviting that tool, Mike over here,” he snapped, “You know I don’t like him.”

My mind shifted back to the mission, “Sorry, I forgot. Besides, he probably won’t come anyway. He said he had a lot to do today.”

“Mike has liked you since middle school and if he knows he’s going to get a chance to see your ti… to see you like this, he’ll be here,” Jake retaliated angrily.

I didn’t say anything else. I wanted him to stew those words around in his mind for a while. Instead I got up and slowly adjusted my bikini top and bottoms. Seductively, I placed the index and middle fingers from each hand just inside the bottom edge covering my butt cheeks and lightly pulled them down to expose the top of my ass. Acting as though he wasn’t even there, I turned slightly toward him and adjusted my barely hidden breasts.

“Practicing for when he gets here?!?!” His tone told me everything I needed to know

“Jake, just stop… Can’t you just enjoy the day?” I protested.

I flirtatiously made my way to the pool and dove in. I made sure to surface quickly enough to expose my breasts. When I emerged, Jake was still watching me. I knew my right breast was nearly out but I acted like I didn’t notice. After gliding through the cool water for several minutes I got out and made my way back to my chair. The areola around my right nipple was completely visible. Jake shifted the growing bulge in his shorts trying to hide his increased size.

“OH MY GOD! Why didn’t you tell me I was coming out of my top?!?!” I falsely shrieked.

Jake responded with a not-so-convincing, “I didn’t even notice.”

Now I was getting to kad─▒k├Ây escort him and it was time to turn up the heat. I pulled the top to one side showing more than a sister should be showing her brother and asked, “Does it look like I’m getting any sun?”

He managed to stammer back with, “Not really.”

Slowly reaching across him for the bottle of oil I playfully asked, “Can you put this on my back, big brother?”

Jake again managed a simple, “Sure”

I sat down with my back facing him and slowly pulled my dripping hair across my shoulder to the front of me. He started to rub the oil on my shoulder when I stopped him and said, “Wait, I don’t want to get this on my suit.” I grasped the end of the string that crossed my back and invitingly pulled it until the top came loose, repeating the process for the string around the back of my neck. I cupped my breasts in a manner that he could still see most of the sides. I laid face down on the chair and Jake began to rub in the oil. Momentum now began to shift in his favor. His strong hands felt incredible on my skin. He was doing more of a slow massaging motion than a smearing of the oil. Jake worked his way up my arms, across my shoulders, and down my back.

Anyone that knows me will tell you, the quickest way to get me in the sack is to massage me. And it was working. I was getting wetter by the second. “Ok Britney, get a grip. This is your game here!,” I tried to convince myself.

“Do you want me to get your legs?” Jake quietly asked.

I tried to play it cool so with as much control as I could muster I said, “If you don’t mind, that’d be great.”

He started at my feet and worked his way up. It felt like a seasoned pro was massaging me. This was not good. It could cause my well-developed plan to back fire. He continued up my legs putting extra attention on my calves. Now I’m beginning to squirm. I started to get up and he insistently pushed me back down.

“It’s not a big deal; I’m your brother, not some rapist.” He tried to assure me. I reluctantly conceded and reassumed the position.

My thighs were next, which could get interesting. Jake began working each thigh with both hands. Damn, did it feel awesome… He approached my left cheek with slight hesitation. I reached back and pulled the bottoms into the crack of my ass creating a thong appearance. This gave me back control of the situation.

“Go ahead! Like you said, it’s not a big deal.” I guess my words held enough merit because he began to massage my ass.

This is easily the best panty dropper if you guys are taking notes! Ass massages are thee best!

I didn’t want to seem too into what was happening. I broke the silence by saying, “I hope Mike gets here soon.” Jake paused for a second and immediately changed techniques to a wiping motion. About 10 seconds later he announced, “You’re all done. I’m going in.”

I stayed out for about 30 minutes more before going in. I headed straight for my bathroom and got in the shower.

After the shower I still needed to complete my task but didn’t want it to be too obvious. I dried my hair and put on a simple night shirt and a pair of white cotton panties. Even though it was a night shirt it was still very sexy. It covered just enough of my ass if I bent over you’d see the bottom of my cheeks. I walked into the family room where Jake was lounging on the couch watching T.V. Clearly, he was still agitated about the whole “Mike” thing so I had to play nice at first. I sat down beside him and after a few seconds, I summoned a fake shiver. Jake didn’t react to this so I moved closer, grabbed his arm, and snuggled close to him.

I offered a makeshift apology by saying, “I’m sorry I invited Mike here today. I really forgot about the fight you guys had.”

“It’s fine. He didn’t come anyway. Not yet, at least…” Jake said in a monotone voice.

I told Jake that I had texted Mike and told him that I was going out with my girls and there was no chance of him coming over now.

“Honestly it had nothing to do with Mike. I would have been just as upset if you had invited Shannon, Felicity, or any other friend.” Jake said defensively, “Really just wanted a day to hang out with you.”

I sat back with a confused expression and asked suspiciously, “I don’t get it. You’ve never wanted to just spend time with me. Why is today any different?”

“You’ve grown-up and I just thought it’d be fun to hang out with you.” he explained.

“Jake, I’m not stupid and I didn’t grow-up overnight. What’s the deal?” I demanded. I suspected his interest in “spending time” with me might have something to do with what he saw earlier. It was time to lower the boom and end this charade. “Wanting to spend time with me wouldn’t have anything to do with how you saw me in the bathroom this morning, would it?” pressing him for an answer.

Jake jumped off the couch like he’d been shot from a cannon and exclaimed, “What the hell are you talking about?!?!”

“I know you could see all of me in my mirrors from the hall. And you were definitely checking me out!”

He scowled at me bostanc─▒ escort bayan for several seconds and said, “What you were doing to me at the pool was 10 times worse than me looking at you in the mirror!”

“I only did those things to you BECAUSE you were looking at me in the mirror!” I defended.

Now the cat was out of the bag. We both knew what the other was doing which created an unbelievably tense silence. Jake sat back down and awkwardly asked, “So what now?”

I didn’t even raise my eyes to him but I mumbled, “I don’t know”

“Look Brit,” Jake insisted, “I know it’s not a typical situation but we can make this work.”

I looked up at him, confused once more, “Make what work…?”

“Us,” he replied with conviction.

This is not how I saw this going and it completely took me out of control. “I’m your sister, remember?” I said trying to coax him back to reality.

Then he hit me with this zinger. “I have heard you say many times that relationships have 2 parts, mental and physical. Mentally, we’re there. We love each other. And physically, we’re half there. We obviously have a mutual attraction to each other, today proved that. I’ve thought about being with you for a very long time. And the reality is, no man will ever love or treat you better than I would. We have a special, unbreakable bond.”

Now, I can’t really remember if it was the thick sexual tension in the air or astonishment I had just endured, but he was making a lot of sense. A million thought were now racing through my head. Do we move forward? What happens if this doesn’t work out? How do we hide this? How do I explain our relationship to my friends? What are our parents going to say? What happens if I get pregnant? Will our kids be retarded? As a woman these thoughts couldn’t be ignored.

Then, as if he were reading my mind he said, “We don’t need all the answers right now. We haven’t even kissed yet.”

This was all the logic I needed at that moment. Jake turned toward me and put him right arm up on the back of the couch. We stared at each other for several long moments, and then it happened. He took his left hand, placed it on the side of my cheek and neck and pulled me in for a kiss. Every nerve in my body quivered with excitement and anticipation. The only way to describe this kiss is to say it was explosive. Think about your first really passionate kiss… now, times that by 10!

With the sexual anxiety that had swelled throughout the day, the excitement of a first kiss, and the taboo nature of the relationship, I nearly climaxed simply from the joining of our lips. It was soft and gentle at first, but it quickly developed into a flurry of deep kisses. Our tongues explored each others as if they were made of candy. I have kissed my share of men; Jake was easily the best. Some men are really bad at kissing. He didn’t suffocate me nor did he try to swallow my face. It was absolute perfection.

We devoured each other with a sexual ferocity that I had never experienced while our hands were navigating territory that should not be charted by siblings. The forbidden actions that were taking place made me dizzy, but the excitement was too great to be cut short. Jake apprehensively slid his hand over my left breast. I gave an accepting moan to show my approval. Jake began kneading my breasts with precision. The feeling was electrifying and my nipples felt like they were going to pop through my night shirt. I didn’t think it was possible for me to get wetter, I was wrong. I could feel the moisture spreading across the crotch my panties and the desire to feel my brother’s cock inside me reached new heights.

Jake grasped the bottom of my shirt, pulled it over my head, and dropped it onto the floor. He laid me back against the couch to get better access to both my breasts. He rubbed them lightly for a moment then, in almost a whisper said, “Your tits are incredible. I could suck on them for the rest of my life.”

I couldn’t miss an opportunity to be a smart-ass, “How would you know? You haven’t even tasted them yet?” I cracked.

He didn’t say anything. He simply lowered his mouth to my erect nipple and sucked it hard. He was like a puppy nursing its mother, but with complete accuracy. Jake swirled his tongue around one nipple while pinching the other.

“Harder!” I demanded. I love getting my nipples tweaked. He complied like a good boy and pinched harder. He continued kissing down my belly and I knew where he was heading. I lifted my hips hinting for him to remove my juice-soaked panties.

“Is someone a little excited?” he asked with a crooked smile.

“As much as you are.” I snapped back as I rubbed his rock hard cock over his shorts with my foot. “I’m going there right after I’m done with your tongue.”

Jake devilishly grinned and lowered his head to my dripping mound. I fully intended him to dive right in but, surprisingly, began to tease the whole area between my thighs. He kissed and licked all around my pussy but never touched it. I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed the back of his head and forced his mouth to my eager hole. It didn’t take long for his feverish licking to get me off. I came so hard that my ears momentarily went numb. He gorged himself on my juices and I couldn’t wait to taste me off his mouth. I pulled him up to me and sucked my ejaculate from his lips and tongue.

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