Sunday Morning

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You lay behind me and I feel your arm wrap around me and grab my breast. You begin to massage it and then grab my nipple. You massage it between your index finger and thumb. Nice and slow at first and then you begin to tug at it nice and hard.

A moan escapes my mouth as I finally awake fully on this bright Sunday morning. I roll over and look in your sleepy eyes and grin as your mouth starts a trail from my lips to my nipple.

At first you suckle while your other hand is busy tugging my other nipple and my hand lays on the back of your head. You start to bite my nipple lightly making my back arch offering my nipple to you more. Your teeth clamp down and you pull your head and smile as you watch my eyes watching you intently.

Your teeth release and you lick your way down to my cunt. Your lips lick the outside of my freshly shaven pussy and you feel me begin to squirm more as you hold my legs open with your hands.

“Oh my….” I whisper and your head pops up and you ask,

“Shall I stop?” I shake my head furiously and say,

“No – go on. Please don’t stop.”

The tip of your tongue enters my already moist folds of my cunt and you begin to lick my clit and then slide your tongue to my hot opening and you dive your tongue deep inside me as my hips move closer to you.

Your mouth erotik film izle clamps onto my clit and your mouth takes in it. Your teeth brush up against my clit and you nibble on it slightly as if your pulling my moans out of me.

You climb up me and kiss my lips as I feel your hardness on my leg and my hand grabs your cock. I begin to stroke it as you kiss me passionately. Your cock grows harder in the possession of my hand.

You take my legs and pick them up over your shoulder and place the tip of your cock at my soaked entrance and you slide all the way inside me and I feel fuller than I did last night. You slowly slide in and out of me watching my cunt accept your cock. I move my hand to my clit and begin rubbing it harder and faster which makes you start to pump my cunt faster. Fucking me harder and bringing me to the brink of my orgasm.

I feel you reach for my ass and you start to massage my anal passage way. You slide two fingers in slowly as I moan and open my legs wider. You slide your fingers out.

“Turn over and get on your knees.” You say gruffly as I do as I am told knowing what will come next. We spoke of it last night of trying it but I didn’t think we’d be trying it so soon.

You begin to spank my ass. It’s color turning from pale white to a nice warm red. You grab the hairbrush film izle off my bed stand and you begin to spank my ass turning it bright red and you chuckle as you notice the wetness spreading to my thighs. Your hand rubs my cunt and then you grab my dildo and slide it into my cunt.

You enter 3 fingers into my ass and with your other hand I hear you grab the baby oil. I hear the cap open and feel the liquid drip between my crack. I hear moan and then you spank my ass as the liquid reaches my dildo in my cunt. You slide a fourth finger into my ass and you kiss my neck all the way down to my tattoo.

“Are you ready?” You ask as I hear the excitement rise in your voice.

“Yes…” I moan as I feel the tip of your cock push against my ass. You quickly slide all the way in as I scream and the dildo falls out of my cunt. I fall forward a bit and you pick me up holding my stomach with one hand while the other plays with my cunt. You let your cock sit inside of me allowing me to get used to the feeling. I whimper a bit feeling your balls against my cunt.

“I’m ready.” I whisper – almost inaudible.

“What, lover?” I clear my throat.

“I said I’m ready. I want you to fuck my ass.” You reposition your hands and grab my hips.

You begin to fuck my ass nice and slow as I begin to moan and whimper seks filmi izle at the same time. Your hand reaches around and begins to pinch my clit and dig your nails in as you do so. As you fuck my ass slowly you tug on my clit and my cunt begins to throb. You reach for the dildo and slide it back into me as your thrusts turn faster and I know your cock is as hard as its going to get and I know you’re almost there.

I meet you thrust for thrust as my dildo falls out.

“You’re so hot you little slut.” You spank my ass and grab it hard as you fuck my ass. “You’re such a little slutty whore who loves to be fucked in the ass. Don’t you?”

“Oh yes. I love being fucked in the ass. Do you know what I love more?”

“What’s that, slut?”

“I want you to cum in my ass and feel it drip down my legs. I believe I would love that more. Cum into my ass I’m so close. Make me cum by shooting your cum into my ass and pulling my hair. I know you can. Cum into me!” I scream as I feel my orgasm start and I start to twitch underneath you.

All my cum spilling down my legs as I feel you begin to pound my ass harder. I know that you’re close to cumming. You grab my hair and you pull my back to your chest. You grab my breasts with one arm and then my stomach with your other arm as you cum into my ass.

You hold me this way for a second before we collapse from exhaustion. You kiss my neck and ask with a heavy breath.

“Didn’t I tell you it was going to be great?” I kiss your lips and say,

“Thank you for showing me how great!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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