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Every evening as I jog down the beach and the sun begins to dip toward the horizon I run bast this beautiful woman who sunbathes on our private beach. she is always lying on her back with the straps of her top undone so that she doesn’t get a tan line.

I have been in lust with her from the first day I saw her, and my fantasies include her often. I see her applying the oils to her skin as she prepares to lie down, she drips the oil upon her hands and rubs them together to warm it. The she starts at her neck circling lower and lower until she rubs her hands over the top of her breasts.

This is where in my imagination I always clear my throat. She doesn’t start, just smiles as if she was expecting me and asks if I would like to help. Of course I say as I kneel behind he and take the oil into my hands. I take a generous amount from the bottle and warm it. Then I place my well oiled hands on her shoulders and begin to work my way down her back. I run my palms in large circles growing larger until I reach the sides of her back, and then I slide my way back in using just the tips of my fingers.

She lets out a small sigh and I know she is enjoying this. She suddenly sits up and asks if I’m going to stay long. I as if that is an invitation and she says it is. So I tell her I plan to stay. She smiles again and says that I could put some oil on, she doesn’t want me to burn. She reaches over güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to peel my t-shirt off of me and she begins to explore my chest with her oily hands. She runs them up and down exploring, teasing, pinching every inch of my torso.

I shiver with excitement as her hands glide down to my waist and then she giggles. You missed a spot on my back she laughs, and turns around. I shake with maddening pleasure as she brushes against my crouch as she turns, it is becoming impossible to hide my growing excitement, and I blush slightly. This only causes her to laugh again, as she prompts me to finish the back. When she turns I see the spot she was mentioning, it is where the strings of the top tie in the back.

Frustrated I pour a very large amount of oil on my hands and push it onto the missed spot, it is clear I used to much as the leftover oil begins to ooze down toward he bottoms. When the oil reaches the material it is soaked up and spread around as she shivers. Laughing I apply more oil and begin to rub it over her entire back. The more I rub the looser the oil makes the knot holding her top on until finally I simply brush my fingers over the strings and it falls apart.

Sighing again she leans back against me saying that now that she doesn’t have a suit I should probably get her front. Up to this challenge I grab the oil as she leans back against güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me. I pour the oil directly upon her skin now and she shivers. As I begin to rub the rest of the top falls away and her breasts are exposed. the nipples are erect and taught. I begin rubbing with the area above her breasts and her neck, but with ever move I inch closer and closer to the sensitive flesh. Closer and closer to her nipples I turn, rubbing molding kneading the skin. She is moaning out loud now and squirming against me. She slides easily against me because of all the oil between us and the effect is unbelievable.

I begin to inch even closer to her nipples now just using only the tips of my fingers. As I am almost there she sighs please and I drift my finger tips over those erect nipples. She gasps and arches her back. At this point I notice that all the oil and her squirming has loosened the bottoms of her suit, it is about to fall off and she doesn’t seem to care. Interested and entirely too turned on not to I renew my efforts. Twisting and teasing he nipples she writhes upon the blanket until finally he suit comes undone and she lies there naked. I almost explode with passion right then.

Controlling myself however I draw my attention away from her breasts as my hands wander down her waist. Drawing my hands over her stomach I tickle my way down to her outer güvenilir bahis şirketleri thighs teasing the apart. She opens he legs with a sigh and a half whispered Yes please. As one hand wanders back up toward her excited nipples the other drifts downward. I slide my well oiled hand over her inner thigh, first one and then the other. She tries to guide my hand between here legs by squirming but I resist. The most I do is let my fingers barely tickle the soft inner flesh.

My other hand is caressing her breasts but never touching her sensitive nipples, ever closer but no relief. I watch her face as I come close to both places and she draws her breath inward in anticipation. Biting her lip awaiting the pleasure, but then I draw away again. She squirms harder trying to but my uncooperative hands where she wants them, but I still resist, growing ever closer ever more closer until she finally screams and forces my hand between her legs.

My fingers gently separate the tender flesh there and I am in side her. I slide my fingers between her lips once, twice, three times and the n I find the hard flesh that I know is there. I grab her nipple with my other hand pulling gently. The I find the small hard button of flesh between her legs an apply pressure while rubbing, it takes only a moment and she is screaming in ecstasy. Yes Yes Yes she screams as her body is racked with spasms. Again and again her body quakes against mine until finally she slumps against me quiet and exhausted.

I wonder if she sees me whenever I jog by? I wonder if she sees me spy on her from behind the ridge, reliving my fantasy again and again. I wonder I I’ll ever have the courage to see if she needs help with that oil.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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