Summer Mother Fuck

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Big Tits

This story was supposed to be for the competition, but I didnt finish in time. I would really appreciate comments and feed back on this one and others as I try to improve.


So, Spring term at University is nearly over.

My name is Steve and I’m coming in to my 21st year on the planet.

I’m studying design and fashion, and if I say so myself, I’m pretty good at it.

The course work was pretty standard stuff designing outfits, mainly female, but also learning about the construction of all types of garment.

I was particularly good at freehand drawing of ideas and outfits. As a sideline from my official studies I would draw up designs for fetishistic ladies underwear. I loved the 50/60s styles of nylons, corset and conical bras.

Of course at uni, you get to meet all types and I was having a fair well drink with a buddy of mine who had very different studies.

Archie was doing a pharmaceutical type degree and spoke about many things that i just didn’t understand. We did however share a passion for girls and lingerie!

Archie spotted my sketch pad when it fell open at the coffee bar one day. He snatched it up and said

” Wow! These are great. I’m obviously doing the wrong course..” as he thumbed through my sketches of scantily clad milfs in stockings.

“These all have the same face” he exclaimed. “Who is the wonderful stunning model? I’d want to meet her.”

You already have, I thought to myself. When Mother came to collect me at end of the last term!

Of course, my Mother was an unknowing participant in my fantasy drawings. I re created her as my model, because I thought she was the perfect woman. I’d been having unhealthy fantasies about Mother and her luxurious body ever since puberty hit me, but I wasn’t about to share that with Archie.

“Er, no one special.” I mumbled, ” Just made her up from various models.”

Now he was asking about my plans for Summer vacation.

Before I could tell him, he started babbling excitedly about a side project he’d been working on.

“It’s like a sort of female Viagra.” He said. “It’s early days yet, but it’s basically going to be a cream rubbed on to the pussy and clit and it starts a hormonal reaction that leads to an absolute need to have sex. It’s in early trials at the moment but we went down the cream route because, can you imagine the chaos a pill would cause? There’d be men popping them in to ladies drinks left right and centre!

I’d certainly be wanting to pop one in your models drink!”

“Wow!” I said, “that sounds way more exciting than my project to design a warm winter coat.”

“Well” Archie said, I have a couple of samples of cream that I have sneaked out, in case you get the chance to try them on that imaginary model of yours over the summer holidays. It’s top secret stuff though, you can’t tell any one.”

“I’m going to have to decline the offer.” I said. “Mum and Dad have split and Mum has begged me to go on Summer holiday with her for company. So there’s going to be no wild parties and no girls for me. It would be wasted, but I really appreciate the offer and your trust.”

Inside my head I was immediately having fantasies about my mother and the cream, but equally quickly dismissing them as impractical. How on earth would I get to smooth cream on Mother’s love nest? Pills would have been better I thought.

Archies right of course. I should be off to have a wild summer of parties booze and sex.

Instead, somehow I’ve ended up agreeing to a three week vacation at an isolated beach resort with Mother. She is still getting over her split with Dad and wants some company.,

Now Mother is a very attractive 45 year old lady if I say so myself.

However, as an only child I had kind of picked up on the gist of their arguments. Especially now I was old enough to understand.

It seemed that in spite of Mother’s good looks, stunning figure and lovely dress sense, she just wasn’t er, ‘horny’. Despite Dads best efforts to try, she was rarely in the mood. In the end, it seems he gave up and had an affair at work. mum found out and that was that.

So, fast forward to our holiday apartment. Lovely place with a balcony overlooking the fairly quiet secluded beach.

I’d managed to get myself a hard on during the second day, as I discovered that the binoculars enabled me to spy on the handful of topless girls on the beach. At 21 years old, that was all I needed for a successful wank spunk pressure release that night in bed.

Next day, I’d sat around the apartment whilst Mother went sunbathing. Drawing yet more fantasy figures featuring Mother in outlandish outfits.

When Mother returned from sunbathing she was complaining about the poor fit of her bikini and the tan marks it was going to leave. Apparently it was gaping at the sides of the bra and pants and she couldn’t find one that fitted perfectly.

As I looked at Mother, shivering and goose bumped, she looked great to me, but I could see her point. They were indeed mass produced, gapping, sagging and everyone was a slightly sincan escort different shape. An idea to make my holiday more interesting was dawning on me.

“Hey Mum, I could fix something up for you. I could make to measure a few bikinis all with different cuts and strap positions. Not only would they be a perfect fit, you be able to mix and match every day to avoid tan lines.”

Mother looked at me, straight in the eye. “Oh, so your going to make me one of those filthy sluttish outfits that you have me dressed in your sketch pad! I don’t think so!”

I desperately tried to recover my composure. I Shouldn’t have left that laying around!

“Oh, er, um, you should be flattered that a young man finds you so attractive as to use you as a model. ” I stammered out.

“Well, I might be but you’re my son for goodness sake!”

I persisted, “But they’re only drawings, no real harm done and besides, if you let me make the bikinis it will help me with my degree. You are the one who has been so insistent that I get one. I’ve got all my stuff in the back of the car, even some materials.”

“Hmmmm, ” she said, pondering for a while. “Well, I guess if any man is going to measure me for a bikini, it’s safest to be you. OK, let’s do it.”

I didn’t need asking twice. I ran down to the car, fetched my machine, scissors tapes and materials.

I started to measure Mother in her bikini. She was stood in front of me whilst I put the tape around her boobs, shoulders, inside leg, bottom etc. There is always something erotic about a woman slightly shivering with goosebumps and the air con was definitely helping. Her nipples were doing their best to escape the flimsy costume. The sheer closeness of my face and hands to Mothers stunning body had already given me a barely concealable boner under my swimming shorts. I was hoping she hadn’t noticed, but I think it may have grazed against her a couple of times.

“OK” I gulped, “That’s as much as I can do with it on, I need you to take it off now.”

“Oh really?” She said in a disbelieving tone.

“Yes, getting those really close measurements will be the thing that makes it bespoke.”

“Well, I’m not so sure, let me sleep on it and we’ll carry on tomorrow. In fact, let’s have a little night cap and relax now.”

Well, I won’t pretend I wasn’t disappointed, but a drink and then a relaxing solo masturbation session was all I could realistically expect.

Mother poured the drinks and I made myself comfortable. Gosh I felt tired, so tired, so very very tired………..

I awoke, my head was pounding. What on earth happened to me. Looking at my watch, it was already 10am. Mother was sat in her bikini watching and waiting for me to wake.

“I’ve decided to agree to your measuring” she said, “but I’ve taken precautions.”

At that very same instant, I had reached down for my morning cock feel, as I normally awoke with a pleasant erection.

What the fuck!

Instead of my hand greeting my morning boner, I felt a steel cage around my bits.

I threw the covers back. My cock and balls were encased in a steel wire casing with a padlock securing it.

“What’s this!” I half yelled.

“It’s something I used to used on your father when he kept getting too amorous. It’s a chastity device. You’ll be able to pee just fine. But nothing else. Did you really think I hadn’t noticed your erection yesterday? I can’t have my son getting aroused around my naked body.

Now you can measure me.”

I was stunned. Mother had drugged my drink, knocked me out cold and then shackled my bits. The weird thing was, I could feel my arousal coming, but this thing was working. It wasn’t going anywhere.

“I can’t believe you Mother. When are you planning on releasing me?”

“When you don’t get excited around your own Mother” she scowled.

“OK, let’s get this measuring done then.”

She stood in front of me once more. This time I reached around and removed her top.

Her tits were stunning. I remember Dad forking out for a boob job in the vain hope it might make her hornier.

As a result they weren’t huge but stood to permanent attention, topped off with the most suckable pair of chocolate brown erect nipples I had ever seen. I loved this aircon.

I carefully measured her nipples and charted their positions. My cock cage was under some tremendous pressure as my fingers danced around her breasts with my tape measure.

Satisfied that I had everything I needed, I asked “Bottoms off now.”

Mother hooked her fingers in to the waistband and pulled them down. I watched her perfectly manicured blood red fingertips as they eased them down her thighs.

I then looked, expecting to see her naked pussy, but instead was greeted by a tiny black sheer thong.

” I don’t think you need any more access than that” she murmured.

So, although disappointed, I carried on. I don’t think my straining cock could have stood it anyway, but strangely enough the semi transparent thong was probably even sincan escort bayan hornier.

As I busied my fingers measuring the tops of her thighs and crotch gap, I could literally fell the heat of her pussy on the back of my hands. I could just about catch the scent of my own Mother’s vagina as my face drew near.

“Have you got everything that you need?, the quicker you get these costumes made, the sooner you get released. I’m off to the beach in this one, meantime.”

I sat at my machine after Mother had left. Cutting out patterns. This wasn’t working out. Mother had outflanked me. I looked down at my forlorn caged cock. This wasn’t part of my fantasy.

At that moment, an idea started to dawn on me. I grabbed my phone.

“Archie, it’s me, Steve. Is that favour still available? I’ve met a girl on the beach and she’s playing hard to get, I might be able to try your cream if I can. It’s pretty urgent though, I haven’t got long”

Archie said “You’re in luck, I’ve still got some, but be careful, this stuff is still experimental. There’ll be two tubes one blue one red. The blue is normal strength, the red, super strength. But we haven’t even tested that yet so use it sparingly. It only takes five minutes to work. My pal is going past your resort on his motorbike tonight, I’ll get him to drop it in. Be sure to let me know how you get on.”

The next part of my plan was highly experimental.

I went rummaging around in Mother’s room and found what I was looking for. Some of those thin pantie liners that claimed to contain a gel that could absorb moisture.

I carefully cut them to shape and sewed them in to the crotch of every garment I was making.

When Mother returned from the beach, she demanded to know how I had got on with my work.

“Here’s the first one ” I said, holding a new flimsy red bikini aloft. “You can try it on now.”

“Nice try” she sneered and took the bikini in to the bedroom. When she emerged, she looked stunning. A couple of days tanning combined with the perfect fit of the bikini was jaw dropping.

My attention to detail had worked. The bikini hugged her like a second skin, the top cupped her tits lovingly and I had even allowed for slight mounds to accentuate her nipples. The pants were sculpted around her gorgeous ass and followed the cleft of her pussy bulge completely.

“Oh, ” I said quietly, “You ought to team this with your red stilettos, it would be mind blowing.”

“Can you just for once try to remember that I’m your mother” she snapped icily. “However, I must admit, this is a fabulous fit. I shall wear it to the beach tomorrow while you work on the others.”

“Ah, OK, but I need it tonight to finish off a few details. You can have it back in the morning.”

I then waited until my package had been dropped off and went in to my room, locking the door behind me. I was desperate for a wank, but the cage made it impossible. Even peeing was difficult as my cock was trying to get hard under the constraints and pissing was a real problem.

Anyway, I had the cream now. I carefully inspected the crotch of the bikini, even taking a good hard sniff to see if it had captured any of Mother’s essence. I’m sure I could just smell it. Wonderful.

I had sewn in the absorbent pad beneath the thin lining, I had removed the one way barrier paper, so that the pad would both absorb and release. Now I carefully covered the area in the medium cream and waited.

Sure enough, the cream slowly disappeared without trace. It was now invisible.

I then turned my attention to the other items I had made. Almost identical, but made in sheer red nylon. This time the top had two cutouts for her nipple in exactly the right place and the pants were thong style with just enough gusset to hold the gel pad and secret ingredient. I wasn’t quite sure how I could get her to wear these but hoped something would come up.

Next morning, I handed her the bikini, hoping she would hang around whilst the cream took effect. However to my disappointment, she donned it in her room and set off straight for the beach, pausing only to tell me to hurry up with the rest if I wanted releasing from my cage.

Shit! That bit hadn’t worked.

It would take her a good five minutes to walk to the beach and then the cream should kick in.

I grabbed the binoculars and waited patiently.

At last I saw her laying her towel on to the beach. She started to apply sun cream. I zoomed in watching her slowly cover herself.

What’s this? She was removing her top and massaging it in to her breasts and pinching her nipples. Mother never went topless!

Now, she had one hand down her bikini pants. She was starting to masturbate!

Oh, this was good. The steel cage cut in to my cock as it desperately tried to erect itself.

Now a couple of local guys were stood by Mother watching her, then some more sauntered over.

By now, she was frantically rubbing her crotch, bikini pulled to one side.

The guys had their cocks escort sincan out and were masturbating furiously as Mother built in to a crescendo of blurred hands and pussy.

Then, did she squirt? I couldn’t tell properly from this distance, but they were obviously clapping their hands at the show and she had slumped back down.

They now carried on with their wanking over her near naked body, spurting their cum over her one at a time. I was watching my own mother star in a bukkake session. Fantastic, the cream had worked beyond my wildest dreams.

I saw her run in to the sea, grab her towel and start the climb back to the apartment.

I didn’t have long to wait.

I noted that she hadn’t actually fucked anyone down the beach. Maybe I should try the stronger stuff. I administered to the prepared gusset then carefully laid out her new lingerie on her bed, complete with those red stilletos.

Then, I don’t know why, I could feel my fingers tingling from the cream. I decided to squeeze some in to my caged cock.

The effect was electric, I was now in agony with a stifled erection, but I had no key only Mother did.

As Mother came in she was looking hot, flustered and bothered. Despite her plunge in to the sea, I could clearly see spunk clotted in her hair. She had no idea that I has been watching. She brushed past me and went straight in to the shower.

Whilst she showered, I hid all her clothes! She wouldn’t have much choice but to wear the new lingerie.

When I heard the shower finish, I shouted out to her. “I haven’t finished the bikinis but I made you some new underwear. Would you please try it on for me?”

There was no reply, but I was hoping that the earlier dose of cream would have mellowed her somewhat.

I needn’t have worried. “OK son,” she called back. “Seeing as you are still caged, I’ll let you have that little treat.”

Oh fuck me! I thought as she stepped out of the bedroom. The lingerie fitted superbly and she had matched it with the red stilettos, tan stockings, red lipstick and her perfect red manicured nails. All teamed with a gentle glowing tan.

She already looked flushed but I needed a few minutes to ensure that the cream had worked. The high strength stuff that hadn’t been tested. It was certainly doing something to my cock, I was approaching near agony!

“Mother, could I take a few photos for my portfolio?”

Something was working. She panted a breathy ” Yes, just a few then.”

I started snapping away. Trying to capture just how hot my Mother looked in the new underwear and heels.

I was kind of reluctant to demand any too lecherous poses, but I needn’t have worried. Mother was starting to get flustered. Breathing heavy, looking very flushed. She was eagerly getting in to wide open leg poses. Just the tiny red thong gusset covering her pussy bulge. Then she started pulling and twisting on her nipples, gasping with every savage tug.

They were now like two red sore throbbing bullets.

Fuck, I was in agony now from my caged cock. It felt like it was going to split through the wire cage that was restraining it.

Meanwhile, Mother was throwing herself around the apartment in more and more wilder poses. The gusset of her thong now stained dark with wetness.


I reeled from the ferocity of the open handle slap across my face.

“You fucking bastard.” She snarled

Another SLAP! The camera flew from my grip.

“What have you done? I know you’ve done something………..uhhhhhhh, oh my god” she groaned.

“Ive never felt like this before!” as she threw herself on to the settee and pulled her thong off.

She bucked her pussy in to the air as if she was fucking some imaginary guy.

“You’ll fucking answer for this when I find out what you’ve done. But, right now I need cock, I have absolutely got to have it now and I mean fucking now! Yours is the only cock here, so rules are out the window. Fucking fuck me, fuck me now!”

My head was still ringing from the slaps. I was trying to focus on Mother’s gaping bald pussy. Labia pumped and spread like a butterfly. Clitoris, rock hard and erect like a mini penis. All flushed, red, angry and very wet.

“But Mother, haven’t you forgotten something?” I said pointing to my caged cock.

“Fuck,fuck,fuck!” She said as she momentarily battled with her morals.

Then she pulled out the gold chain around her neck and fished a small key from her cleavage. She crawled across to me and unlocked my cage.

Then she went to rip it off. I howled in agonising pain.

“Aaaaagh, stop it Mother, you’ll pull it clean off! You had me caged for too long and it’s been desperately trying to stand up today.”

Mother sighed in frustration, but dragged me to the sofa and lay me down. Then she sat astride me and started to gently ease my cock from its cage.

Her pussy was now inches from my face. She was struggling to free my cock without doing me some serious damage, but at least she was more gentle now.

I looked at her pussy. I had never seen a mature pussy, let alone this close. And this was Mother’s pussy.

Her labia were spread and plump and she was so juicy that there was a droplet hanging from each trembling lip. Her clitoris was pulsing, almost as if it was trying to escape. I put one hand either side of her waist and leaned forward to kiss the droplets off.

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