Eki 21

Suhaila and Mdm Hasliza Ch. 02

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Suhaila held both her legs up firmly by her thighs as she screamed again in ecstasy.

“Ooooohh! Cikguu…” she moaned as she looked down to the floor to see her Malay Language teacher, Mdm Hasliza on her knees, flicking her long tongue lovingly to send Suhaila’s body quivering to orgasm.

Suhaila’s young, tanned body trembled as she came for the first time during that session. She almost wasn’t able to stop herself from moaning loudly as she came. Suhaila suddenly opened her eyes slightly and remembered that they were both in the classroom of Temasek Secondary School, a public place. Suhaila brought her right hand to the head and tossed her long hair around and brought it to her mouth so she could bite it, suppressing her from shouting loudly as she erupted in pleasure.

“Hhhmm.. Aahhh! Ahhhh…Ohh gaaaaawd I am coming, Cikgu” Suhaila moaned softly.

Mdm Hasliza, who was still on her knees and had her lips firmly locking Suhaila’s clit and her index and middle finger fully penetrating Suhaila, felt Suhaila’s whole body shake as she came. Mdm Hasliza let out a little smile. She had never made a girl come so fast like this before.

“Hmm Suhaila.. I can taste your cum, Su..” Mdm Hasliza said as she looked up slightly to gaze at Suhaila, teasing her and extending Suhaila’s orgasm by her talking dirty.

Mdm Hasliza knew that Suhaila had never been with a girl before up until today and Mdm Hasliza was enjoying every minute of Suhaila’s nervousness and looks of confusion. Mdm Hasliza thought, “There’ll never be another first time for her”, and so Mdm Hasliza decided to go the extra mile so that Suhaila will never EVER forget her very first time with a girl.

“Ohh Suhaila.. did you really cum, sayang? I felt you cum in my mouth and you tasted so sweet..” Mdm Hasliza said in Malay, heightening the orgasm that Suhaila was still reeling in.

“Ermm… Ya, cikgu. I did cum..” Suhaila stammered, she had never spoken Malay before during lovemaking with her previous two boyfriends, and she felt strange answering in the Malay language.

“Yeaahh.. yess.. I thought so.. how do you feel now? I want you to answer in Malay alright?” said Mdm Hasliza, porno “This will also be a Malay language lesson, as you do need to pull up your grade for the final year exam.”

“Some lesson this was turning out to be!” Suhaila thought to herself. She had never come this way before, not even after the countless times she received cunnilingus from boys. Nothing beats the way a woman does it. A woman knows how, knows where and knows what to do. How could she ever describe it in her halting Malay? Suhaila doubt if she could ever describe it at all in words.

Suhaila slouched on her school chair, her white school uniform top tucked out from her blue skirt, which was pulled up to her waist. Her first button was open, revealing slightly the light blue brassiere she had on, the ones that were covering her still heaving, large breasts. As Suhaila slowed her breathing down, she managed to gather her thoughts.

“Mdm Hasliza, my Cikgu. It tasted incredible when you had your tongue in me.” Suhaila started as Mdm Hasliza kneeled in front of her, both her hands on Suhaila’s thighs.

“I had never felt the way I did before, ever. I felt I was about to explode the moment your lips touched my underwear.” Suhaila said slowly in Malay, trying to make it sound seamless as possible. “I feel like I’ve learnt something and now I want you, Cikgu, to feel like I did just now.”

Mdm Hasliza smiled broadly, “Very good, Suhaila!”

Mdm Hasliza was so turned on by her student talking dirty to her in Malay that she couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Lie down on your stomach over at the mat.” Mdm Hasliza ordered.

Suhaila stood up from her chair and removed her panties that were already drenched with her cum and Mdm Hasliza’s saliva. Suhaila was about to unbutton her top and skirt uniform when Mdm Hasliza said,

” Leave the skirt on, Suhaila, and bring your underwear to me.” Suhaila did as she was told and removed her white top uniform and her blue brasserie, leaving only her blue skirt on.

Mdm Hasliza gazed at Suhaila’s breasts for the first time. She felt as if she could cup them in her hands and still wouldn’t be able to contain them fully. Suhaila anime porno could see the expression on her teacher’s face as she unlatched her blue bra from the back and brought it to her front side, exposing her breasts for the first time in front of the malay teacher.

Suhaila stood there, about to lie down on the mat. Mdm Hasliza looked Suhaila top to toe, and Mdm Hasliza thought to herself, what a beautiful body of malay specimen this is. Suhaila had curves at all the right places, she had a tanned body and it was obvious she had worn a bikini before due to the tan lines she has on her breasts.

“I’ll down on the mat now, yes Cikgu?” Suhaila asked meekly and she brought her body down to the warm mat Mdm Hasliza had prepared. Suhaila faced the class’s whiteboard at the top of the room and waited for Mdm Hasliza, who was standing behind her. Mdm Hasliza managed to take her eyes off Suhaila’s back only for a moment, to get herself out of her green baju kurung she was wearing that day.

The baju kurung Mdm Hasliza was wearing was the traditional Malay costume she normally wears to work, and it was a breeze to remove. She just had to step out from her skirt and pull her long blouse above her to be out of the garment, leaving her with only her bra and panties on. Mdm Hasliza today had worn a white lacy bra and a purple G-string, which was about the same types of underwear she put on on a normal basis.

Mdm Hasliza sashayed to the front of the class, not taking her eyes off Suhaila’s back at any point in time. As she reached the whiteboard, Suhaila looked up and saw her teacher in her underwear.

“Oh my….” Suhaila mouthed as she saw Mdm Hasliza for the first time in her underwear. Suhaila brought her body up and rested on her arms as Mdm Hasliza looked around her momentarily before sitting down in front of Suhaila, putting her crotch strategically within kissing distance from Suhaila’s face. Mdm Hasliza leaned against the front wall of the classroom and brought her knees up and over Suhaila’s body, placing Suhaila in between her long lovely legs.

Suhaila stared at Mdm Hasliza’s expression and then looked down to what arap porno was directly in front of her. Suhaila saw the bare skin of a Malay woman in front of her eyes.

“I wonder if she’ll taste nice.” Suhaila thought to herself.

“What are you thinking of, Suhaila?” Mdm Hasliza said, breaking Suhaila from her visual trance.

“Oh, nothing, Cikgu.” Suhaila embarrassingly replied.

“Come on now, Suhaila, you know you can say any thoughts you have to me…” Mdm Hasliza asked again.

Suhaila thought for a moment before answering softly, “I was just thinking how you would taste like, I’ve never tasted a girl before.” she continued in her halting Malay,

“Hmmm.. why don’t you find out now?” Mdm Hasliza said as she brought her hands to the back of Suhaila’s head and slowly brought the head towards the G-string.

Suhaila braced herself as her face was getting closer to her teacher’s pussy. Suhaila breathed in deeply and smelt heaven for the first time. It smelt like a deep musk, but sweet at the same time. Suhaila parted her lips slightly as they made contact with Mdm Hasliza’s purple G-string.

“Ooohh… Mmm..” moaned Mdm Hasliza softly as Suhaila began kissing her G-string with her lips. Suhaila used her right hand to part ther G-string to the side, exposing Mdm Hasliza’s pussy for the first time. Suhaila took a moment to digest what she saw, Mdm Hasliza’s pubic hair was trimmed and looked delectable. Suhaila’s eyes moved fast to try and look at every part of Mdm Hasliza’s crotch but before she knew it, Mdm Hasliza had already brought Suhaila’s face in to feel her pussy.

“Oh yess Suhaila, that is it..” moaned Mdm Hasliza as Suhaila kissed her pussy. “Kiss my clit all you want, Suhaila.”

Suhaila kept kissing all around Mdm Hasliza’s pussy, tasting the sweat and breathing in the moist smell of Mdm Hasliza. Then, Suhaila began to pluck enough courage to flick her tongue towards Mdm Hasliza’s clit. As soon as the made contact, Mdm Hasliza screamed slightly.

“Arrgghh! Yes, Suhaila..” Mdm Hasliza squeezed Suhaila’s head tightly with her thighs. Mdm Hasliza held back and purposely didn’t give Suhaila any instructions. She knew it would be more pleasurable to let her student explore her on her own. Suhaila already had some interesting things in mind, as she enveloped Mdm Hasliza’s pussy fully with her mouth.

“Just you wait, Cikgu..” Hasliza smiled to herself.

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