Suburban Excursion

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It was my third week of unemployment and I was feeling restless. I had just spent two hours looking at job listings on the computer and I was taking a little stretch break. Outside it was bright, sunny and warm. I walked over to the open screen door and looked up and down my suburban neighborhood. My wife’s car was not in the driveway…She had taken our daughter on an all day outing.

Two houses down I saw Myra out watering her front yard. Myra was a stay-at-home-mom with a six month old boy, a six year old girl and a four year old boy. I stared at her through the screen enjoying the scene of her spraying cool water on colorful flowers, standing barefoot in the grass and her sexy legs rising to short shorts. She wore a loose shirt tied at the waist and watered as if she had all the time in the world. Myra still had the full hanging breasts of a nursing mom, but she had managed to lose the weight in her hips and legs.

I thought for a moment of going back to the computer, but I noticed some of my own plants were a bit droopy, and I followed an impulse to take a little longer break. Having nowhere important to go, I was comfortably attired in shorts and a short sleeved shirt and was bare-footing it also.

I unrolled the garden hose and began spraying indiscriminately the flowers, bushes and the lawn in the front yard. I focused my attention on Myra and saw her look over my way. We waved at each other. I found myself fantasizing about her full beasts. I pictured her full breasts and large nipples and noticed I was licking my lips. My penis was also responding — it began growing down my loose pant leg.

Lost in my fantasy, it took me a moment to notice that Myra was calling to me. “Steve, can I ask you a question?” she shouted. I put the garden hose down and walked to her, trying to adjust myself as I walked, so I wouldn’t be noticed down there.

As I got near, I saw she had a new haircut — a short bob cut that framed her cute face. She was raising three children but she never seemed harried. Now with the sun in her face and a warm smile to greet me, she struck me as particularly pretty.

We made a little small talk. I asked about the kids, she asked about my job search.

Then I asked, “What can I help you with?”

“Its my computer. I was trying to download a file from a friend and I just couldn’t get it to open. Bridgette (referring to my wife) says you are good at this sort of thing.”

“Sure,” I said. “I’ll give it a try.”

I looked for a moment in her gentle eyes, then allowed myself a quick peak at the cleavage offering itself at the top of her shirt. I let myself steal a further glance at her legs. When my eyes returned to hers, she cocked her head to one side, smiled and said, “Come on inside.” I followed, enjoying the view of her butt cheeks held tightly in the shorts.

Inside, she led me to the computer room and pulled two chairs up to the computer. We sat side by side. She focused on the monitor and began clicking open windows, looking for the file she wanted to show me.

From my angle at her side, I now saw a profile view of her breast through the shirt opening. Its round shape and smooth skin re-ignited my fantasy, and I found canlı bahis myself getting warm and stiff. I tried to shake it off by asking an inane question about her computer. She answered my question, but then took a slow deep breath, pushing her breasts up as if to tempt me to bury my face in them.

Unexpectedly she declared, “That baby sleeps so soundly. Thank goodness I get a little break about this time everyday. Then as if in answer to my thoughts, “The kids won’t be home for another couple of hours.”

“Oh, here it is,” she said looking at the screen. “I tried to open it, but it won’t let me.”

“Well if you just scroll down here,” I said leaning across her and pointing to the screen. “No, not there.” My hand reached for the mouse, but I put my hand on her hand instead. She didn’t pull away. I gave her hand a squeeze and smiled. She returned my smile. With hands together we move the mouse to the right spot. I showed her where to find the program to open her file and the file opened without a hitch.

“Thanks,” she said. “I always get so lost in downloading.”

The rational side of me was propelled to wrap things up, but some part of me was looking for an excuse to stay. I heard myself say, “Well, if you ever need my help just give me a call.” And I began slowly walking toward the door.

My mind was still racing to find some reason to stay. When Myra offered to get me a glass of water, I answered with exaggerated enthusiasm, “Yes, thank you. I am feeling really warm.”

She brought the glass to me and I stood staring at her. Then I did something completely unexpected — I reached toward her face and gently stroked her cheek with the side of my hand. And I stared into her eyes.

Still holding the proffered glass of water, she calmly and quietly asked, “What are you doing?”

I answered the only honest answer I could think of, “I don’t really know. I may be making a big fool of myself, but …..I want you.”

The blood was pounding loudly in my head as I waited for her reply.

She sat the water down, turned and sat facing me in an overstuffed chair. She leaned back, opened her legs wide and spread her fingers on her thighs. Then she raised her head and looked at me. “Well, here I am” she said softly.

Some flicker of guilt flashed through my brain, but it was quickly overpowered by the lust I felt for what was being offered. I licked my lips, moved to her chair and positioned myself on the floor between her open thighs.

As if I were worshiping her, sat on my knees and began kissing one thigh then the other. She ran her fingers through my hair and moaned deeply.

I looked at her pleasured-filled face and moved upward. I stopped at each button of her shirt, opening and then licking her belly as I moved forward. With her shirt open, her large breasts looked captive in their bra. She deftly reached backward and popped the latch, before I had a chance. Slipping her arms out of the straps, her breasts came free. They were magnificent — full and large but firm and with nipples that announced their function. Large deep brown areolas provided a large target for my ravenous mouth and tongue. I licked and kissed her luscious breasts and bahis siteleri tried to move up to her neck. I was kissing the side of her neck when she stopped me with her hand.

She stood up and walked to the stairs beckoning me to follow. At the top of the stairs she let her shorts drop and looked over her shoulder at me with a big smile. Seeing her plump white ass drove my animal urges to a new level of intensity and I chased up the stairs with purpose.

When I got to the room she lay naked on her side with one leg drawn up and her inviting ass in plain view. She was an enchanting sight. The bright sunlight of midday revealed every curve and surface. I was so drawn to her but at the same time, enjoyed this visual feast.

She broke the spell by gently patting on the bed. I quickly threw off shirts and shorts and sidled up next to her.

My blood raced and I felt each part of my body wanting to be simultaneously in contact with each part of hers. We squirmed and pressed; I grabbed her butt cheeks and she grabbed mine. We soaked in the pleasure of full body contact — filled with satisfaction and lust. We kissed softly on lips, then explored — with tongues and lips –each others necks, ear lobes, cheeks and even eyes.

We paused for a moment and I pulled slightly away. I let my fingers slowly slide up and down the length of her torso. Eyes and fingers following together to take in this delicious full and giving body. Over round buttocks, up and down smooth thighs, dancing lightly over vagina, sliding onto belly and around the breasts. Circling each nipple. Then full hands re-exploring the same territory.

She took her turn exploring my body as well. I was exhilarated at her touch. Her hands wandering over my chest, up and down my arms, sliding up and down my thighs and briefly holding my stiff cock.

Lust was driving me onward — everything seemed so exciting and inviting, I hesitated a moment wondering where to go next. I slid a finger into her now moist pussy. I licked my finger and felt up and down her vulva. The scent of her simmering juices made me hungry to taste her.

Slithering downward, licking over full breasts and erect nipples — pausing to suckle each one –licking a smooth belly and into her belly button, I continued till I came to her luscious vagina.

She had a full bush of curly black and wet hairs. I nuzzled my nose into her warm pussy and licked a few long licks and then traveled further down her legs. Her meaty thighs were enticing. As I licked her inner thigh and kissed ever closer to her fragrant pussy, I could sense her excitement building.

I pushed her legs open and her shiny pink vulva opened itself to me. In the bright sunlight of her room I could see all of her intimate details and I reveled in them. Wrapped in it’s coat of deep colored skin, her clitoris was already erect with anticipation as l licked long slow licks from bottom to top. Each time I licked, I stopped to give extra attention to her clit. Each lick ended with her moaning and squirming. The taste of her juices was addictive — every lick left me wanting more. I was ravaging her, licking slowly one moment, then wildly all up and down, thrusting my tongue bahis şirketleri deep in her vagina, then sucking up her vulva and clit in my mouth. Her hips were now thrusting toward my face. I buried my face deep in her pussy and enjoyed her juices filling my face. My tongue was wide to take her all in, then long to get deep inside her. I could taste the change in her juices and knew she was moving toward her climax. And I wanted her to come. I hungrily urged her forward, grabbing her buttocks and bringing her vagina into my face, waiting for her juices to come rushing into my mouth.

I kept up a steady rhythm, licking and thrusting deep in her. She tightened her pussy and went stiff for a moment. Then she came – pushing and releasing her pussy into my licking and sucking mouth. Ohhhh, it was so warm and sweet and full. Her grunts and moans of ecstasy filled me with such pleasure I nearly came with her.

But, I held on. I wanted the joy of my orgasm to be with my penis deep inside her.

She lay quietly moaning and sighing as I soothingly licked her post orgasm spasms — licking gently, gently until they subsided. This calm was a floating bliss. There were no thoughts of how ridiculous this tryst would seem in saner times. Nothing could be more right at this moment.

My penis was now swollen with anticipation and I ached to be inside her. She pulled on me to come up to her. I slid upward and kissed her open mouth. We were enjoying these moments, as if they would never come again. We kissed long and full and wet and let our tongues go where they would. Over and into mouths; nibbling ear lobes, then tongues exploring in ears, up and down highly sensitized necks –raising, raising, raising our lust levels.

My penis now slid easily into her soaking wet and wanting vagina. And I pushed deep into her, grabbing her buttocks to feel the full depth of her pussy. “Yes, oh yes, deep,” she moaned and her face had the look of sex pleasure.

We rolled over on our sides and arranged ourselves so that I could get even deeper in her and it felt so perfect and strong. Our hands stroked up and down each others bodies. I savored the feel of her soft butt cheeks as I squeezed them and thrust my penis in her. She sucked on my nipples and gave them love bights. She squeezed her vagina muscles urging me on. We fucked and we fucked. Hard and good. My mouth found her bountiful breast and I sucked as I thrust. We moaned and groaned in unison. Great fucking.

I felt the excitement in me coming to near explosion and looked at her as if to say, “Now?” And she said, “Yes, yes…come in me now.” I began to come, and it welled up from deep inside and came roaring out in great gushes of excitement. She responded to each gush with her own orgasmic thrust. Each one exciting the other to fantastic heights. Shooting white light filled my mind. The universe seemed to wash over me as I held Mrya in my arms.

I opened my eyes and saw her smiling at me radiantly. We lay breathing and looking at one another for several minutes. My member was still strong in her and I now had a gentle enjoyment of the same curves I lusted over moments ago. Ahh…We stroked and cuddled until slowly, slowly the reality of our lives began creeping into our minds.

Silently, we dressed and parted, with a last appreciating kiss. Remembering back how the day had started, I thought, if you water your fantasies, you never know what might grow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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