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Dear Meghan;

I woke up with an idea that I thought that you might find amusing and I would like to share it with you.

This afternoon while the kids are at school and I have some free time I would like to come into your office while you are working. I would find that you are having a pretty grim day and you are feeling quite tense. I would start rubbing your neck and shoulders to relax you and we both agree to slide your dress down over your shoulders. Now I can massage your shoulders much more effectively and the warmth from my hands helps too. While I am still standing behind you, you put your head back and I kiss you, gently at first and then very deeply and almost a bit roughly. While I am kissing you, you reach up for my hands and slide them from your shoulders down to your breasts. You have your pretty new bra on and for a while I play with your breasts through the material but before long you lose patience with this and slide the straps down and pull the cups from your breasts. As I fondle your breasts and squeeze your nipples you pull your mouth from mine for just long enough to loudly whisper “harder!” and you place your hands over mine to encourage me. As we both play with your tits and your nipples become erect your kisses become more intense and you slide your tongue into my mouth as though it were searching for satisfaction that it expected to find there.

At this point you pull me from behind where you are sitting to around front and you reach for the zipper of my jeans. I sit back against your desk as you pull my cock out and after squeezing it and my balls for a few moments you suck my cock into your mouth. I am soft at first but after only a few moments of your excellent head I become big and hard and fill your mouth. While you are sucking me you continue ataşehir escort bayan to play with your tits with one hand while squeezing my balls and sliding your fist up and down my shaft with the other.

You suck me so well that it does not take very long for me to be on the verge of coming in your mouth. As delightful as this would be, neither of us is ready for this to end and I regretfully pull your head away. You stand up and I kiss you deeply, sliding my tongue into your mouth where my cock had been moments ago. I can taste the muskiness of my dick on your breath and it turns me on even more.

You back up until your ass is up against the credenza. You hike your dress up and show me your pussy, your pubic hair trimmed very short. You pull yourself up on the credenza and place one foot on either side of your ass. You open yourself with your fingers to show me how wet and ready you are. You isolate your clit between two fingers and, stroking it gently as if it were your best friend, you whisper “fuck me”. In this position you are very open to me indeed and it takes only one large step for me to cross over to you and begin to enter you. As wet and ready as you are, I still need to be gentle and slide in only a bit at a time. You hold your breath as I enter you and when all of me is inside you release your breath and again whisper hoarsely “fuck me!” This sounds like a pretty good idea to me and I rock back and forth, slowly sliding my cock almost all the way out of your slit and then sliding it, a bit harder, back in. Back and forth, back and forth, we repeat this rhythm, a bit faster and a bit harder each time. Your head begins to bump against the wall behind you but you don’t even notice. I hold your ass with both hands as I am fucking you and you are playing escort kadıköy with your tits, stroking the sensitive skin beneath your nipples and brutally pinching and squeezing the nipples themselves. From time to time you slide one hand down to your quim and massage your clit. I lean forward to kiss you and our tongues battle. You reach around to the back of my neck to press my lips to yours and I can feel your nails slicing through the skin of my neck. The rhythm of my cock pounding into your cunt grows harder and faster each moment.

We both want my cock to drive deeper into you and so we climb down off the credenza and onto the floor. You get down on the floor on your knees and again take me into your mouth. This time you can taste your own juices mixed with the flavour of my cock and the taste of the first dribbles of my semen. As you suck me you slide your fingers into your opening and play with your clit. You know just the right places. This is when the first of your orgasms begins to rise. The combination of assaults on your senses, the taste of my well seasoned cock, the perfume of your juices, the sight of my cock fucking your mouth, the sound of your own heaving breath and the firm texture of my balls as you stroke and squeeze them combine to overwhelm you and your whole body contracts and shudders as though caught in a silent, massive and enduring sneeze. You silently resolve to experiment with touching your own body further, later, on your own. But for now, you want my prick back inside you where it belongs.

You bend over and lay your shoulders on the floor, so that your ass is up and you can keep your hands free to play with your tits and your cunt. I am momentarily confused and ask if you want me to take your ass. You respond by flexing your back bostancı escort so that your cunt faces back and almost up at me. When I enter you this time, you are so wet and so ready that I slide right in. My hands find your hips and I pull you back onto my cock as I thrust forward into you. Having my cock inside you from behind is a different kind of full. I am in you deeper but there is no direct contact with your best buttons. You make up for this by hitting them yourself, dipping your fingers into your cunt even while I am fucking you and putting your fingers to your mouth to enjoy the taste and aroma.

Driving into you as deeply as I am, it doesn’t take long for both of us to approach orgasm. I want to come in your mouth and I tell you so. But you want to feel me shoot inside you and to see my face as I come. So hardly missing a stroke, you move onto your back and we continues to fuck each other. Both the top and the skirt of your dress are bunched up around your waist and we use it as a cushion under your ass. Your eyes are narrowed as you feel the sensations of orgasm begin to take over every nerve ending in your body. You can see my face grow redder as my own orgasm begins to take its hold on me. You wrap your legs around my back and spur me on, words escaping your mouth almost at random: “fuck me!… hard… hard… harder!… fuck, fuck, fuck, me, me, me… fuck hard… fuck hard… fuck hard… hard… hard… hard!!… hard… hard… HARD!!” Your encouragement sends me over the edge and my every muscle tenses as I shoot stream after sticky, steaming stream of come deep inside your cunt. Your own climax follows just in time as your head falls back and I can see the flush of orgasm turn your tits bright red and then continue up to put a natural glow on your beautiful face.

This is the idea that I thought you might enjoy thinking about as you work today. If you have any ideas about how this situation continues or about what may happen later at home in front of the fireplace, I would certainly look forward to discussing them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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