Eyl 05

Strawberries , Chocolate Ch. 01

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HIM: I recently received an invitation to a formal Christmas party which required dressing up. I just hate putting on a suit and picking out a tie, but my traditional Santa tie works well this time of year.

As I drove over and walked into the room I was dreading this evening as I had every other party I had attended in this room, and there was even more to dread. A few months ago saw the end of a 2 year relationship, and I was really in the dumps. I couldn’t stand the thought of being in this room all night, watching cleavage shake and asses jiggle to the music, and then going home and sulking.

HER: I recently received an invitation to a formal Christmas party which required dressing up. I just love to get into my low cut black dress and feel as sexy as I can feel!

As I drove over and walked into the room I had no way of knowing that they would have fresh strawberries at a Christmas party! Strawberries are my absolute favorite food item. Why? Because for reasons I do not to this day understand, strawberries make me think of spending a day naked with a special someone…eating strawberries…eating each other…long, slow lovemaking…spooning ourselves to sleep…and waking up and starting all over again without a care in the world. Fresh strawberries just make me feel extremely sensuous.

And if the strawberries alone didn’t have my heart pumping, there was chocolate fondue for dipping!!! Is there anything better than warm chocolate on a fresh strawberry? I put several berries on my plate, and then carefully dipped each one in the chocolate sauce, covering them completely, savoring the thought of each one eventually reaching my mouth.

HIM: And then I saw her…and hoped that she didn’t see me. The hot black party dress, cut way low in front, with lots of flesh showing. And she was adorable!!! I kept her in my sights from across the room. She picked up a plate, and placed about a half dozen strawberries on it. She picked each one up from the plate, and twirled it into and out of the pot of hot chocolate sauce. She then scanned the room and headed for a table in a dark corner. What a shame! Such a beauty should be in the center of the room announcing her beauty to the world!

HER: When each one was perfectly covered, I found a quiet corner of the room and took a seat. I picked up the first berry, and stuck out my tongue to catch that first drip of the still warm chocolate sauce. Ahhhhhhh…heaven! I then opened my mouth and pushed the fruit in a little, taking the bite that mixed the chocolate with the explosion of the berry muğla escort juice in my mouth. Divine bliss!!! So I pushed the berry in further and bit off the green stem, chewing slowly and savoring the flavors covering my tongue.

HIM: She carefully picked up the first berry, looked at it closely, and stuck her tongue out to catch the first drop of sauce. Was that a piercing in her tongue? She opened her mouth like she was kissing the berry and slowly pushed it in. She took one bite, and then another, and closed her eyes as if she were being touched in a very special way. She repeated the process with the second berry, and kept her eyes closed for a lot longer. What was she thinking? They are just strawberries and chocolate…could she be that into them? And then with her eyes still closed, she appeared to rub her breasts with an open palm, both of them, one after the other. After licking her lips, she opened her eyes and selected her next victim.

HER: I repeated that with the second strawberry, and the thoughts of that sensuous scene popped into my head. My lover and I, naked in bed, sharing these chocolate-dipped fruit and spreading the extra sauce across each other’s chest. As I looked down to my plate for my next victim, I noticed that my nipples had become quite visible through my dress. Being as I was in a quiet corner of the room, I carefully rubbed each one with the palm of my hand, imagining my lover’s touch in that warm bed.

As I finally touched berry number three, a slow dance song came seductively out of the speakers. I bit into the fruit, and the sensation of the liquid in my mouth was pushing all of my buttons. As the thoughts running through my head continue, I squirmed in my seat and realized that there was a wetness between my legs. God, I was so turned on by this fruit and sauce! I realized that I was a getting a little warm, but knew that it was not the room temperature. I took a sip of my beverage, and reached for another fruit.

HIM: She reached with her left hand and took a drink from her glass just as a slow song came over the speakers. The berry went into those lips, but not before a drop of the sauce dropped into that deep cleavage. She carefully searched for the drop with her finger, and then did so again. She then put down the fruit, and reached for her napkin. Satisfied that she had gotten it all, she put down the napkin…and looked right into my eyes! I was busted! She fumbled for her purse and got up from the table…

HER: And this time, it happened. A drop of ordu escort the sauce dropped right into my cleavage! I couldn’t let it stay there in a formal setting, so I dipped a finger between my breasts and tried to wipe it up…but that just spread it! I reached for my napkin, and finally got it all out from between my breasts. As I raised my eyes, I saw the most gorgeous man staring right at my chest!!! I was busted…and the wetness between my legs gushed…I had to get to the bathroom.

HIM: Now what? I figured that she had to run somewhere, but would soon return. After all, she was really enjoying those strawberries… Five minutes passed… Ten minutes passed… And still her chair stayed empty. OK, I had to find her! I went out the door she had gone out, and looked both ways. I went to the right, and found the men’s room. Backtracking and passing the party room, I soon found the ladies’ room. She had to be in there! Another five minutes passed, and no one into or out of the restroom.

HER: As luck would have it, no one else was in the restroom when I entered. I went to the stall furthest from the door and locked it. I reached for the back of the dress and slid the zipper down, carefully dropped it off my shoulders and stepped out of it. I was now naked except for my stockings, garter, and my lace panties. I closed my eyes and brought my hands to my breasts, rubbing my nipples into even tighter points. There was another gush between my legs, and since my panties were soaked, I pulled them down my legs and kicked them to the side. I could smell the arousal that was dripping from me, and I had to touch myself.

Yes, I was wet…wetter than I have ever been on my own. And my clit was already peeking out from its hiding place. I just had to touch it…and it made my legs weak. I sat down, and pushed two fingers in…and out…and in…and rubbed my clit with my other hand. I did not care about anything at that point but finishing what the strawberries and chocolate had started… And the wave started between my legs and rushed up my chest…I could feel my breasts flush with the warmth of the approaching tidal wave. My fingers worked in and out,…

and in and out,…

and I gave my clit enough attention that the explosion came, and came, and came. I sat there and just smiled as the warmth washed over me.

After a few minutes I cleaned the mess between my legs and on my hands. I slipped the panties into my purse, and pulled the dress back on. After zipping up, I washed my hands and made sure osmaniye escort that the rapture was not too evident on my face. I walked out of the restroom, and smack into the gorgeous man, who had a knowing look in his eyes…

HIM: And then the door opened, and there she was… As I looked into her eyes, she smiled at me, and I at her. By the gleam in her eyes, and the flush in her cleavage, I knew that she had just pleasured herself. Strawberries and chocolate sauce…made a mental note…

THEM: She told me her name was Kristen, and I soon discovered that she was indeed here alone. I followed her back to her seat, and we made small talk. I could swear that I could detect the scent of a woman, but couldn’t be sure. She casually reached for the next berry, and I got to see up close the pierced tongue dart out and pick off the first drop of chocolate, followed by the kiss and the two bites into the next berry. Again, she closed her eyes, but only briefly. I told her that she looked like she really was enjoying the fruit. She said in a sexy voice, “You have no idea…”

“Really? Why don’t you give me one?”

Kristen began, “You see, I think that strawberries are the most sensuous food on the earth. And chocolate sauce is about the yummiest thing I have ever tasted. The two together sent me into a favorite fantasy in my head, where I am naked with a special male friend, and we are taking turns feeding each other strawberries just like these.”

I had to blush, and she saw it. “Would you like me to feed you one?” she asked.

“Why sure!” And she picked the next fruit, twirled it slowly and brought it to my mouth. I licked the chocolate off of the bottom as I had watched her do, and took first one, then a second bite. She smiled in a way that had me getting even harder.

“Did you like that?” she asked.

“You have no idea!”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure that I do. Why don’t you feed me this last one, and we can find somewhere more comfortable to get to know each other a little better?”

I spun the strawberry as she had, and moved it toward her face. Just before her tongue reached it, a drop of sauce fell into that stunning cleavage. She looked at me like I had done it on purpose, and then took one large bite to devour the fruit. She slowly chewed the fruit, swallowed it and said, “Well, are you going to get that, or am I?”

“Would you care how I got it out?”

“No,” she replied.

So I dipped my head to her chest and stuck my tongue between those glorious breasts. I licked up and down, and up and down, and I could swear that I felt her skin get warmer. I pulled my head back, saw that all of the sauce was gone, and looked at her face.

“God, I hope you are that good when we really get to know each other,” she said as she grabbed her purse and my hand. We left the room arm in arm, going who knows where..

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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