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Stranger Things Have Happened Ch. 05

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It was too late. Humiliation had polluted my well of lust, as surely as the salinity level had risen in the Murray River to make it all but useless to man and beast.

“Look at me.” He said in a soft but commanding voice.

Don’t do it. Don’t look at him.

“Oh um, I don’t think…”

Too late.

He captured my eyes with his and my mind turned into a blur of lust/salinity/Murray River…who actually gives a damn about the Murray River and what the hell is salinity? In the face of all that man meat…who cared about anything at all?

He must have removed his leather and chain harness in the few brief moments where lucidity had tried to regain control of my thought processes, and he stood over me like a wall of muscle, all hard planes and sharp angles and maleness…oh ye gads! Normally I would have wondered if I was going to faint but in truth there wasn’t much wondering going on in my mind at all.


He’d left his leathers on but had undone the laces that held the fly together, which I thought was very considerate of him. As though in a trance, I reached for his hips and felt the hard ridge of corded muscle that framed them under the soft palms of my hands. I felt like I’d been starved for a month and someone had plonked me in the middle of a smorgas board of meat and muscle and soft, long hair stretching from the shell like swirl of his navel and down under his…

Before I knew it, I was combing said hair with my teeth, just as I’d wanted to do to Alan, and I ripped his leathers down over his rock hard, round arse cheeks until the piece de resistance bounced from the confines of his pants and nearly poked me in the eye again.

I gasped… it was the Holy Grail…

A long, throbbing shaft of straining meat and pulsating vein that rose above me and culminated in a glorious, flared, love-heart shaped head, the heat of which I could feel on the tip of my nose. I inhaled deeply, committing the scent of his maleness to memory and I nearly swooned as my senses were overcome with him.

He buried his hands in my long thick hair. He didn’t push my face toward his dripping cock or anything as coarse as that, but I did know that I wouldn’t be able to pull away. It turned me on so bad it wasn’t funny. More than anything else, his hands on my head, silently letting me know that he wanted me to take him in my mouth pushed me to the edge of what little sanity I had left.

Unable to resist any longer, I flattened my tongue against the bulging vein that ran the underside of his shaft and dragged myself along it, as though it were a line leading me to better things. He hissed and a loud, long growl, wrung from between his clenched teeth, providing background music of the best sort to accompany my actions. It was better than Coldplay, and I could hardly believe that I was the cause of such a reaction. Me! Mousy, timid, boring Missy had made this fey, godlike creature groan! I wanted to do it again! So I did. I licked my way up the entire length of his straining cock, lapped deliriously at the come dribbling from his piss slit. He groaned again, a number of times and in varying pitches.

I felt like a conductor leading an orchestra, making a musical masterpiece with a mere swirl of my tongue, a nibble of my teeth. I felt…powerful for once, and it turned me on like nothing else. I warmed to the task. Well, that’s what I would say I did if I wanted to be delicate. The truth is, that a damn of suppressed desire exploded in my core, literally – it was running down my thighs – and I set upon his fat shaft of throbbing man meat in frenzy. I mouthed his tight sack, wormed my tongue between the balls held within until I could suck one into my mouth and roll it with my teeth.

He was making strangled cries through his pleasure grimaced face, his hands weren’t resting so gently on the back of my head anymore and I loved it. It was fascinating, it was almost overwhelming and I started gushing words that even now, I have no idea of their meaning. It was like some secret language of the forgotten Cock Cult and I was merely a devoted disciple. But it was more than that. It was his sheer maleness, so different to me, hard where I was soft, huge where I was well, not…

At last I gripped his dick firmly with both hands and impaled my throat on it. I gagged slightly but I could feel it pulsating and twitching in my mouth and I wanted to swallow as much of it as I could. I pulled off izmir escort reflexively after my muscles ejected it.

“You’re so big…” I murmurred to the one eyed monster.

The tang of pre-cum filled my tastebuds and I growled, I wanted more…and if he wouldn’t give it to me I’d suck it out of him! I meant it! I dived over his cock again, relaxing my throat as much as I could. My cheeks hollowed and instinctively, I pumped the base of his cock with my hands, trying to coax more of the delicious stuff out…

Suddenly his hand fisted in my hair and he hauled me to my feet, crushed me almost painfully against his massive barrel like chest. He slammed his lips over mine in a devouring, soul stealing kiss that sucked my breath out of my lungs and my tongue from my mouth. It was possessive almost, if that’s the right word, it was almost territorial. It was as though he knew I was his, if only in that moment anyway, and he was taking what he wanted, staking his claim like a dog pissing on a fence.

Ew, not a very romantic analogy…but there it was. And I wasn’t going to protest, God no, I would have given it to him on a silver platter! My heart, my body…my soul.

You need to be a little more careful what you wish for, Missy.

Shut up. Go spoil someone else’s fun with your meaningless warnings! It wasn’t even original!

He shucked his leathers off his legs and pushed the now stretched neckline of my pink dress over the curve of my hips. His hands circled my waist and slid over my thighs. He squeezed my buttocks demandingly and moaned as though he liked what he felt, as though my curves were driving him nuts.

The sound drove me nuts. That’s for sure. I had an overwhelming urge to crawl inside him; I just couldn’t get close enough. I wanted to bite him, lick him, taste him, squirm all over him and more than anything I just wanted him to shove something inside me. Preferably his cock…preferably repeatedly… it was frightening and exhilarating at the same time. I’d never felt anything like it but while my lust fogged mind may not have known what was going on, my body did and thankfully, it was running on auto-pilot.

I slid my leg up the outside of his hard, ridged thigh and wrapped it around his waist until I could rest my calf on the jutting shelf of his hard round arse. He slid his huge palm under my buttocks and gripped my thigh, high enough so that he could hold it and tease my heated, swollen lips with the tips of his fingers. I moaned into his mouth and he lifted me until I could wrap the other leg around his waist too. I was delirious, overcome with pleasure and need. I thrust my pelvis forward until I could nestle his thick girth between my soaking pussy lips and then I brazenly ground myself against it.

“What do you want, Missy?” He growled in my ear.

Dazed, I lifted my head weakly and my eyes flitted over his beautiful face. His lips were peeled back over his teeth in a silent snarl and I traced them with the tip of my nose, noticing for the first time that his incisors were shaped suspiciously like fangs, but there was just too much to look at to be sure and my eyes settled instead on his pointed ears. Funnily enough, I hadn’t noticed them before.

Was he an elf? So all those erotica ebooks I buy were right? Elves were hung like donkeys after all! Only, he didn’t strike me as an elf, he was far more primal, rawer somehow, and he definitely wasn’t light the way Legolas was in Lord of the Rings. He didn’t seem the kind to tiptoe through the tulips. He was more thunder and lightning, if you know what I mean.

I wanted to eat him. Had I said that before? I ground my face against his thick, corded neck. It kind of hurt my nose but I think I was beyond feeling anything but pleasure. I squirmed against his torso, trying to wiggle a little higher so that I could impale myself on him. The flared head of his cock dragged deliciously down the length of my slit until I felt the very tip nestle against my entrance… right where I wanted it… but before I could thrust myself over the end, he grabbed my hips, almost painfully, and held me still.

“Tell me what you want, woman.” He growled against my ear so deeply that goose bumps erupted over my shoulders and spread down my spine like dominos, erupting in a fresh wave of liquid arousal that doused his heated flesh.

What did I want?

Again, I thought that was kind of obvious but for the life of me, I couldn’t get it together enough to form words. A strange, confusing sensation washed over me, which at first I thought was inside my mind but it seemed to be growing in strength. It pressed oppressively against my senses, my body, urging me to answer, but I couldn’t. All I could think about was how much I wanted to bite his thick neck…

So I did. I didn’t mean to bite him so hard that I broke his skin though, and I didn’t realise I had made him bleed until the unmistakable, metallic taste of injured flesh and blood cleared my mind. I pulled back slightly and regarded the wound. My eyes flared fearfully and I lapped at it quickly before he could notice.

I ‘hehe’d’ lamely. “Um, what do you mean?”

Oh shit! Stop bleeding for the love of chocolate!

“This is your last chance to turn back, Missy. Do you want to go home or do you want to see if you can stretch your sweet little arse around my cock?”

He grinned at me but the smile didn’t seem to hold any humour or tenderness. It was somehow eager and hungry.

But what was I going to say? Of course I wanted that big dick inside me, ploughing me into oblivion!

Opps…I said that out loud…

He roared suddenly and punched his hips upward, spitting me on the end of his thick rod like a Christmas roast! The force of his thrust knocked the air sharply from my lungs and my sensitive flesh burned from the suddenness of his entry. I dug my nails into his back and tried to scramble up his torso, looking for some relief. I hadn’t expected that, I hadn’t realised his cock was so bloody big either. I realised it now though, and it felt as though it was going to split me in bloody two!

“Oh my God!” I gasped.

“Not quite.” He drawled, “Nearly.”

He grunted and dropped to the floor with me still clinging to his body, impaled on it, and he began humping viciously into me the instant he could brace himself on the floor. I mean, it was good, and by that I mean…it was really really good, but the ferocity with which he was going at me continually knocked the breath from my lungs, and his weight was crushing me. I began to panic slightly, I couldn’t breath but oh ye gods…that dick was blowing my mind, stretching me as it was, hammering into my body and punching me deep inside. All I could do was cling on and ride the tidal wave until it travelled its course.

Suddenly he dropped his hips, crushing mine underneath and against the floor. I sucked in a huge breath, grateful for the fact that he had to arch his back slightly to get the correct angle to grind against me…ohhhhhhh farrrrrkkkkk… he circled his hips as he thrust, rubbing on my clit again and again and again until I thought I was going to explode. I arched my back beneath him, gripped his arse and sank my fingernails into it, trying to get closer to him, to swallow more of him, although the intoxicating sense of fullness I felt told me he was already buried to the hilt inside me. I bucked my hips against his to meet the force of his punishing, exquisite thrusts.

My orgasm began to build in my pelvis and that odd sensation of oppressiveness swelled and swirled around me again. At the time, I just thought I was going to have an amazingly, eye popping orgasm and if anything, it added to the excitement, to the sense of danger I felt at playing with this enigmatic creature that I had no hope of ever even beginning to understand. It added to the sense of triumph that I had felt when I realised that something I actually did, had affected him as strongly as he did me. Well, maybe not quite as strong, I mean, I was pretty sure he’d had a bit more experience than I had so it wouldn’t have had that same sense of newness for him. Maybe it was anticipation on his part. Since he obviously already knew that how good it was to …well…to fuck someone with such complete abandon…

And that’s what it was, uninhibited, liberating abandon. Such an intimate, emotional act as it is, spreading your innermost, secret part and taking someone into it. And it is a secret part. One hardly goes around flashing their muff at anyone, do they? Like, you don’t walk around all day; flash your bits and saying “Hi Fred!” Do you? I mean, sex isn’t like a hand shake is it? It’s intimate, can be uninhibited, and you put yourself in a position where if one partner isn’t as overcome with lust as the other, it could be quite hilarious for one and humiliating for the other, couldn’t it?

He hadn’t laughed at me though; he had been as turned on as I was. And really, when you think about it, how crushing would it be to have someone actually laugh at you mid bonk? I think I would die…

I thought I was going to die!

So much pressure had built up in my pussy that it was actually throbbing and the only way to ease the ache was to ride that dick! My slick, hot tunnel clenched rhythmically at his straining, marble hard shaft, milking it, as though my pussy had a mind of its own and it was a hungry, sentient being that wanted to be fed…and like a cat, it wanted cream. Man cream. Preferably his and lots of it too!

I knew in that instant that I had been spoiled beyond redemption. How was anything or anyone, ever going to compare to this, to him, ever again?

Right when I was on the threshold, about to leap over the cliff of mind blowing climax, he stopped me.

I squirmed encouragingly.

He didn’t move.

I opened my eyes, frustrated. What was the bloody problem?

His huge, impossibly handsome face loomed over mine, so close that I only would have had to move a hair’s breadth and our nose and lips would have touched. He was grinning ‘spiderishly’ at me again.

“Tell me what you are thinking.” He purred as though he already knew.

I swallowed hard and furrowed my brows slightly, confused about where this was going. I opened my mouth a few times but before any words came, he interrupted me.

“Don’t lie, I’ll know.”

I cleared my throat and worked my jaw to speak but it wasn’t easy to form a coherent enough thought to make words, considering that I was on the verge of orgasm and was hornier than I had ever been in my life!

“I was thinking…no I was wondering…” I closed my mouth. I didn’t want to answer. I’d sound like an idiot.

“Tell me.” He murmured and nuzzled my lips encouragingly.

“I…I was.” I rolled my eyes, exasperated. I wanted to come and clearly he wasn’t going to let me until I answered so I spat it out before I could stop myself, “I was wondering how I would ever find anyone, after this, who could compare to you.” I squeezed my eyes closed and waited for him to laugh at me.

“Open your eyes.” He said, gently.

I opened them a hesitant crack. I saw that while he still looked like the spider inviting the fly into his parlour, he wasn’t laughing at me, and I found the courage to open them a bit wider.

“What if I told you I could make it so that you would never have to?” He drawled hypnotically, “Is that what you want? To belong to me?”

I frowned slightly to consider what he had said.

“Don’t think, answer.” He said sharply and my thoughts fled.

For the love of chocolate! What’s with all the talking? Just slam that meat into me already!

In my frustration I blurted my answer out without thinking. “Yes!”

His grin widened and he hammered his cock into me before I could explore the distinct sensation that I had just made a big, BIG mistake. I cried out half in protest, half with encouragement and he relentlessly ploughed into me again, bringing me effortlessly back to the edge, and when he spoke, he punctuated each word with another hard, deep stab of his cock into my depths.

“Then. You. Are…. Mine.”

I arched my back and screamed my climax into his mouth as it closed over mine. The swirling energy that I had felt building around me so oppressively seemed to peak as well and I felt it clawing at my soul. I began to struggle against his suffocating grip. On some level I was more terrified than I had ever been before or would ever be again but his hands curled around my shoulders like claws and he rode my explosive orgasm and matched it with his own…stream after stream of hot cum filled me and doused my womb with the force of a fire hose.

And as we rode the receding wave of our combined orgasm, I screamed, breathlessly, “Oh…my… GOD!”

To which he smugly replied, “I am now.”

My eyes flared wide and I looked searchingly at him. Surely he was joking. All men thought they were Gods, didn’t they? Even ones with eyes like snakes, the bodies of titans and ears like an elf…didn’t they? Surely it didn’t mean anything, did it?

His eyes grazed gloatingly over my face. The expression he had previously worn that reminded me of a spider inviting a fly to tea was replaced by a look that I imagine Mr. Spider would wear once he actually caught his fly…

I bit my lip…

…And he threw back his head and laughed, loudly, triumphantly…

…at me.


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