Strange Encounters

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Yesterday, my friend Lari told me of an encounter she had last year while on holiday with her sister Racula.

One evening, after a day at the beach, the sisters decided to try out a nightclub on the sea front. Lari arrived first as Racula was always late, sat at the bar and ordered a drink. It was still early, so the club was quiet.

A few minutes later, a man sat next to her. He was hot, Lari thought. Tall, well tanned and fit. Lari decided she definitely would, given the chance. She noticed him glance her way. He’s checking me out, she thought. He’ll offer me a drink soon. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before he offered to buy her one.

“Gin and tonic, please,” she said.

The drink arrived and they chatted for a while, each obviously eyeing up the other. Lari grinned inwardly when she noticed the bulge in his trousers. Better not, she thought. Racula will be here soon. Another drink followed and Lari found she could hardly keep her eyes off the now obvious bulge in the man’s trousers.

The man looked down at his crotch. “Do you want to help me with that?” He said.

Lari shook her head. “My sister will be here soon.”

“Come on, you know you want to. A blow job will do.”

He took hold of her hand and started to pull her away from the bar. Lari knew she should resist but she allowed herself to be guided out through a side door into the car park. She could hardly wait to taste his dick, so when he stopped moving, Lari dropped to her knees and unzipped him.

His large erect cock popped out. Lari teased him briefly, flicking her tongue against the tip of his cock, then she took him slowly into her mouth. She loved the taste and feel of the hot cock as it slid over her tongue and down her throat.

He was big, wide enough that she couldn’t wrap her fingers around it, but not exceptionally long. Lari knew she could take all of him in her mouth. Men always liked that. She pushed herself slowly onto his cock until she was pressed against him, with his cock well down her throat. Then she started slowly bobbing her head, letting his cock almost leave her mouth each time. She looked up at him as she did, watching his eyes. They never lasted long that way.

Soon he was moaning and his cock twitched in her mouth, shooting a huge load down her throat. Lari tasted the salt of his hot cum on her tongue and swallowed.

She aksaray escort pulled back and watched his cock – glistening with her spit and his cum – spring erect as it left her mouth. He was still completely hard and Lari knew she wanted him inside her.

“I want you to fuck me now,” Lari said, pushing him away.

She stood up and looked around for a quiet spot. There was a car nearby; she walked over to it, leaned forward, and supported herself with her hands on the car bonnet. The man followed close behind. She felt him lift her dress and pull down her knickers, leaving them halfway down her legs. Then his hands were on her hips.

She gasped as she felt his hot breath on her pussy. His face pressed against her as he tongued first her arsehole then her pussy. She shuddered as he tongued her clit and finger-fucked her briefly.

“You’re dripping wet,” he said.

He stood and she felt the tip of his cock nudge her pussy lips. Lari looked back over her shoulder while the bloke slowly rammed his large cock into her wet pussy. She was horrified to see two men – one of them was the largest black man she’d ever seen – watching them. She wondered how long they had been there.

Lari realised she was blushing furiously.

“Stop, people are watching,” she said.

With his cock rammed balls-deep inside her, the bloke glanced behind himself and laughed.

“They’re my friends,” he said. “You should say hello.”

Before she could say anything, he beckoned them over. Lari tried to stand, but his strong hand pushed her back down against the car bonnet. Then she felt his huge cock resume pounding her pussy. His balls slapped against her each time he thrust into her.

Moments later, they were surrounded. The thought of these two strangers watching was too much. Lari moaned and shuddered as she came violently.

One of the two men grabbed her left hand. She watched as the man guided her hand to his erect cock.

“No,” she said, “I don’t even know you.”

But without thinking, she wrapped her fingers around the stranger’s cock.

What am I doing, she wondered? Then she slowly pulled his foreskin back and started to wank him.

The other man grabbed her right hand, and she found herself spread-eagled against the car bonnet, with a dick in each hand and a huge cock aksaray escort bayan ramming into her pussy. She was simultaneously mortified and aroused. Inevitably, she came again.

Suddenly there was a shout.

“Lari, what are you doing?”

She turned to see her sister Racula, hands clutched to her face, mouth wide open, and blushing furiously, watching her being fucked from behind. She was embarrassed she had forgotten she was meeting her sister.

“Being fucked,” she snapped back. “What does it look like?”

The cock continued pounding into her. Racula could take care of herself, Lari thought, as she lost control and came once more. The two men who she had been wanking moved away. Shortly after, she heard murmured talk nearby and when finally she looked over, her sister was on her knees sucking cock.

Lari watched Racula stand up then bend over to suck the cock again. The large black man was naked behind Racula. Lari watched as he lifted Racula’s skirt and pulled her knickers aside. Then he rammed his enormous cock into her sister.

Lari watched her sister being fucked from behind, bent over and sucking another cock. She had never seen her sister have sex before. Racula was clearly enjoying it, gobbling noisily at the cock she was sucking and pushing back as the black guy thrust into her. Suddenly Racula made a muffled noise.

“God, not my arse,” she said softly. “Please.”

The black guy now had his huge dick pressed to her sister’s arsehole, clearly taking no notice of Racula’s feeble protests. Lari watched her sister close her eyes tight and grimace as the black man worked his cock slowly into her arse, each stroke a little deeper, until soon it was balls-deep.

Lari gasped as she felt a finger, cold with lubricant, probe her own arse. She felt it enter her, briefly finger-fucking her arse, then there were two fingers, stretching her arsehole wider. The cock that had been fucking her slowly withdraw. She felt it pushing against her tight arsehole until suddenly the tip was inside, stretching her painfully.

She groaned. “Slowly, please,” she said.

She felt more cold lube drip onto her arse but the cock continued its relentless pressure and slid slowly inside her until she felt him pressed up against her. She moaned softly as he started to fuck her arse. At escort aksaray first gently, only moving his cock slightly in her tight arse, but each stroke was longer. Soon Lari was moaning loudly as he rammed his cock hard and fast into her arse, his balls slapping against her pussy.

Beside her, Racula was equally vocal, though the moans were muffled by the cock in her mouth. Lari could hear the slap each time the black guy drove his cock deep into her sister’s arse.

She laughed. This wasn’t quite how they had planned the evening, side-by-side, both being fucked hard in the arse.

“Come on, that’s long enough. I want a go,” the guy Racula was sucking said.

Lari watched the black guy pull his huge, glistening cock from her sister’s gaping arsehole. She wondered about her own; would it gape as well? It was no longer painful and the cock inside it now slid easily in and out.

The guy her sister had been sucking swapped places with the black guy and thrust his cock into her sister’s arse and start fucking Racula.

Lari watched the black guy walk towards her, his huge erection glistening with lube, fresh from her sister’s arse.

“My turn,” the black guy said to the bloke fucking Lari.

She felt the cock slowly withdraw from her arse and then the black guys hands briefly caressed her arse before she felt his cock pushing into her. He was much bigger and the pain returned until he had stretched her already gaping arse even wider. Soon she came again.

“Time to swap again,” she heard from somewhere behind her.

To her relief and disappointment, she felt the huge black cock in her arse withdraw. But it was replaced almost immediately by another. Some time, and many swaps, later, the black guy was deep in her arse again. He grunted, pulled her hard back onto his cock, and paused balls-deep in her arse as he came.

When he pulled out, Lari knelt and greedily sucked his cock clean and swallowed. She was surprised. It tasted of coconut from the lube, and slightly salty from the cum. She had never tasted her arse before.

She watched one of the other men shoot his load all over her sister’s face, missing her open mouth. The third man thrust his cock into Lari’s mouth and she sucked him until he came.

After she had swallowed and thoroughly clean the third man’s cock, she stood. She felt cum ooze out of her arse and slowly dribble down her thighs. She pulled down her dress and wiggled her arse.

“Thanks guys,” she said. “That was fun.”

She turned her back on the men and started to walk away. She didn’t even know their names.

“Come on Racula, let’s get that drink.”

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