Strange encounter

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It was the weekend and I was bored so I started to look around online for a bit of fun in a chat room when I came across an older guy that was in to CD’s and liked to spank them, we started chatting and we shared likes and fantasies, we got on pretty well so we arranged to meet. He wanted me to dress for him so a few days later we met, I was wearing my fav red dress with black and silver basque, black panties, stockings and silver heels. We chatted for a while downstairs then we headed upstairs to one of the bedrooms, I walked in and on the bed was an array of sex toys, gags and hoods. He asked me to wear a leather hood that had zipper eyes and mouth, I let him put it on me and he unzipped the eyes and mouth so I could see and breath

He had a workbench in the room and said would I mind being tied to it so he could spank me better, I felt I could trust him so I agreed. He tied my legs and wrists tight to the bench, my ass now sticking in the air for him to spank me.

He started to rub my stocking legs, sliding his hands up them, he put his hands in my panties and started to play with my balls and cock, I was already hard and didn’t need any encouragement, I was finding the experience daring and new, quite erousing. He went to the bed and grabbed a huge dildo, must have been 10 inches, he also grabbed a gag and walked over, zipped the eyes on the leather hood, put the gag on my mouth and whispered…your mine now bitch!

I was petrified and thinking how can I get out of this, I felt something cold on my ass and then inside of my leg, it was scissors, he was cutting my panties off. My basque was sliding down and partially covering my ass so he lifted it exposing me, he started to spank me lightly, then each time a little harder, I was starting to feel the heat in my ass cheeks. He was rubbing my nylon legs and getting very aroused, he unzipped one eye, took off the gag and instead of asking him to stop I sucked his hard and thick cock. Fuck it, I was actually enjoying this!

The zip was closed and gag back on. I then heard a swishing sound, I didn’t know what it was but I soon found out, he caned me 5 times, it was pain like I’d never felt before, my screams were muffled because of the gag. He gave me 5 more, I could feel the tears running down my cheeks inside the hood. But then he pushed the 10 inch dildo inside me and for some reason the pain went and I felt relieved, he left the dildo inside me and left the room. After about 10 minutes he came back and said…right you sissy bitch time for more! I was trying to shout no but the gag was still on and I don’t think he would have stopped anyway. He grabbed my balls and pulled backwards through my legs, he put a humbler on and tightened it, now my balls were in place and I couldnt move much.

He he took out the dildo, unclasped my stockings and he started to rub my ass, I felt his cock just above my hole, I thought, right he’s going to fuck me now and then it’s over but he didn’t, he caned me, giving me 10 more strokes, each more painful than the last, I tried to suck up the pain, after the tenth he forced his huge cock inside me, fucking me hard for a few minutes, again the pain subsided. He kept giving 10 strokes and fucking me until I had 100 strokes, my ass was on fire now and my hole stretched.

I didn’t feel the pain anymore, my ass was numb, I only felt heat, my cheeks were burning. He started fucking me, thrusting harder and deeper each time, holding my hips and pulling hard, I could feel him stopping deep inside me, I guess he was feeling the heat from the caning on his body. Then the gag came off, but hang on, he’s inside me, there was someone else in the room and had been since he came back in the room after leaving the dildo in me. The second guy forced his cock in my mouth and started fucking my face. Here I was dressed in a sexy red dress, basque and stockings half way down my legs tied to a work bench being spit roasted, hmmm. They both continued to fuck my holes then they switched, he’d gone straight from ass to mouth.

The second guy was a little bigger than the first and it was tight for a while but he soon loosened me up. They both started to pick up the pace, it was like they were both wanting to cum at the same time, I’m guessing this isn’t their fist time at doing this! They became quicker and pushed deeper in my ass and throat, I could hear them kissing each other then the guy in my ass started cumming, all of a sudden the guy in my mouth started cumming, I could feel cum in my ass and sliding down my throat, it was the best feeling I’d had in years and a first for me, no two guys have cum at the same time like this before. They both pulled out and untied me, cum running down my leg, a salty taste in my mouth and my hole stretched. We talked briefly before I left, turns out it was a fantasy which they wanted to act out. Looking back it was a strange encounter, but a good one

Sweat dreams xxx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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