Stranded Ch. 03

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Dear Readers,

Thank you for the votes… and the comments… and especially to Maya18 (whoever you are)… your request prompted me to write the final chapter after close to six months of inactivity… I had left the work unattended for too long and decided to get it done within a few hours… hopefully there won’t be too many typos… and it will be to your liking.

Again, this is a sex fantasy so allow me the unrealistic nature of the story!

Please keep on voicing your comments it will motivate me to write more…

Finally, please show you care and vote.



Jackie quickly dressed. She found herself in her room for the second time that morning. She stared blankly through the window at the eerie sight of the blanket of snow covering the grounds of her property. Who had ever heard of snow in Alabama, Mississippi, or Virginia for that matter? And now, it had happened two years in a row and twice within the last few days? No one in these parts was prepared for it. She knew that it would not last more than a few days, but she dreaded the thought of being stuck with the giant for however long it would take for the roads to clear off.

The giant… She had not known how to face him earlier that morning… How in the world would she be able to look into his eyes now? What ever possessed her to behave in such a way? What power did he hold over her? She flushed at the thought of what had just happened. She had been so young and so inexperienced when she had lost Him eight years ago. He had been the only one and she had never felt with him the way the giant had made her feel for the past few days. She had never felt so much desire and lust. It was gripping at her and she could not control these strong feelings. And now this intense orgasmic release had happened …and with a total stranger of all people?

“Jackie!” yelled the stranger interrupting her chain of thoughts.

Jackie shook her head from side-to-side. She forced herself back to earth. She would have to be assertive and vigilant with him. There is no way that she could let this happen again. “No!” she thought, “he does not hold any power over me. I instigated the contact and there is no reason for me to be ashamed!” Determined, she headed back to the living room where the giant was waiting for her. The smile that he gave her when she walked in disarmed her for an instant.

“Hey babe, is everything ok?”

“Don’t you ‘babe’ me!… We need to talk.”

“Come on baby don’t be that way… Whatever it is… we’ll work it out.”

“Baby!?… Work it out!?… What are you talking about? … You don’t make any sense.”

“Well… Whenever a girl tells you ‘she needs to talk’ that means she wants to break up with you. I know that much.”

“Break up? … We are not together you big oaf!”

“How can you say that after what we just did?”

Jackie turned pink with embarrassment at the remark but shook it off right away.

“Ok… Who am I?” She asked.

“That’s easy… Jackie” he answered with a smile.

“Yes, I told you that much this morning. Let’s see…How long have we been together? How did we meet?… or… Here is a simple one… What’s your name?”

“…” The giant stared at her with a blank gaze in his eyes.

“You see!”

“I guess I had too much to drink last night?” he countered.

“That’s not it.”

“Then tell me… please?”

Jackie then proceeded to tell him how she came to find him in her back yard after the snowstorm, of his injuries, of the fact that he has been out cold for several days, and that they were and would be stranded for the next few days with no connection to the rest of the world because of the snow. The giant listened to her attentively bewildered by the tale that he had just heard.

“Sorry… I cannot remember a thing. My brains are fried or something…” He said to her with a distressed look.

“Well don’t worry for now… I am no doctor… but if I remember my med school lectures correctly it does not mean that it won’t come back to you at some point.”

The giant and the girl stayed silent and still for some time. The only noises that could be heard in the house were the panting of the dog and the ticking of the clock along with irregular popping of the wood in the fireplace.

” Listen” interrupted bahis firmalar─▒ Jackie “I need to tie you up.”


“You heard me.”

Jackie then went on to explain that she felt vulnerable next to him. He was too big and too strong and she could not take such a risk with a total stranger who could handle her like a doll. She then told him how he had nearly knocked her out that first time and of how he had entrapped her the second time around. She turned red at that thought and neglected to give him all the details of her unfortunate entrapment.

“But I was unconscious then… Don’t you trust me now? What about what happened between us this morning?” He winks at her, a bit too sure of himself.

She further blushed at his words.

“What about you? … Don’t you trust me? … I have been caring for you, nursing you back to health without knowing who you are.”

She paused and took a breath before continuing.

“The thing is that your bruises look like you were in a fight… and that scares me… are you a brawler? … It probably took a few guys to take you down too… You are too big to go down easily…”

“How do you know I was not in a car wreck or something?” He asked.

“A feeling… I had seen a whole bunch of injuries in the ER during my rotations… For car wrecks, there is usually one big lesion at the point of impact and other smaller ones… In your case, you are covered with bruises from head to toe… I can’t be certain but I think you were beaten to a pulp…”

The giant analyzed the situation for a minute. He looked at his battered arms and legs taking in what Jackie had just explained.

“I… I feel it in my gut… I don’t think that I could beat a dame… That’s not who I am… I don’t think… But you know what… I do trust you… So… I’d be OK with being tied up for now… until I figure out a few things.”

At these words, Jackie grabbed the ropes that were still lying on the floor.

He interrupted her as she started to tie his ankles, “I hope that you are not some nut job like Kathy Bates in that movie… Misery?”

Jackie looked at him with a soft smile. “Don’t worry… you are safe with me… and you see, your memory is not completely gone… you still have some parts of your brains that are working.”

“True.” He smiled back.

A minute later his smile disappeared.

“Jackie… What about bathroom breaks?… I got to go…” His face was beet red.

“No problem I’ve been taking care of you for several days now,” she said.

“…maybe… But I was comatose… this is too embarrassing…”

She smiled at him trying to reassure him. Then, she reached for the makeshift chamber pot she had built and brought it to his penis. Very gently she grabbed him and inserted his flaccid organ into the neck of the plastic bottle. He had turned his head sideways in embarrassment.

“Take you time, I’ll be back in a minute,” she said as she walked out of the living room.

Jackie’s heart was beating like a drum. By the time she reached her bedroom she was gasping for air. Beneath what, she hoped, had remained a cool exterior her body had again gone aflame… Talking to the naked man in her living room had been an arousing experience. He was so confident in his own skin that he had not once tried to hide himself from her during the entire time that they had been talking. It had been so distracting that she wandered how she had managed to put her thoughts together to have a coherent dialogue… She had been all too aware of his nude form and she had forced herself to look into his eyes and only his eyes. The thoughts of his skin, of his touch and of the recent orgasm that he had unleashed had been forefront in her mind during that whole conversation. The minute she had walked into the living room her body had started betraying her. Her arousal had returned in a heartbeat and was driving her insane with desire.

Somehow caring for this man had awakened her dormant sexuality and, like a wild famished beast, her desire would not be tamed. She had wanted to reach out and touch him as they were talking. She had wanted to stroke him and caress him as the hot liquid lust within her core had been rising to a boil. She had wanted him to get excited, hard and aroused in front of her. His penis had been out ka├žak iddaa in the open the entire time and was calling for her to look at it. She thought that she had controlled her urges but when the opportunity to look and touch him had arisen she finally gave in to her desire.

He was still nude in her living room waiting for her to come back and take care of him.

“Fuck it!” she thought. Why fight the desires within? She rushed back to the living room grabbing wet towels on her way to him. She then kneeled between the giant’s legs before he could react.

He turned a deep shade of red when she walked into the living room but she ignored him. She set to her task and removed his penis from the plastic bottle’s neck. The softness of his skin made her yearn for more. She brought a wet towel the tip of his penis and dabbed the tip to make sure that all the urine was gone. She should have stopped there if the purpose of her actions had been meant to clean him up but she wanted something more.

The giant thought that the worst was over. She was done and he began to relax. Then she reached for a second towel with her right hand and for his sex with the other. The contact made him jump.

Jackie lifted the shaft gently and began to caress it as she delicately cleaned his length with the wet towel. Within a moment she was rewarded with the feeling of his blood pumping into his powerful manhood. She enjoyed the sensation of his growing erection in her hands. The visuals excited her too as her hands were starting to look small in comparison to his expanding organ.

A knot formed in her throat. She was left breathless. He was hard and she could now see and feel his penis pulse and jump with excitement every so often. She had been too inexperienced and too young in her past life to develop a desire for fellatio. Now, for some reason she wanted to feel this man’s sex in her mouth. Was it the softness of his skin, the heat rising from his groin, or the musky male odor invading her senses? She was too captivated and absorbed with lust to know or care.

Without thoughts to her actions she started to lower her head towards him as she was kneeling between his legs. Slowly she brought her head closer to his throbbing erection. The only noise in the room was the irregular popping of the wood in the fireplace. They both were holding their breath in anticipation.

He could now feel her breath on him as he stared at her staring at his aroused prick. She stuck out the tip of her tongue and timidly touched the skin below the corona. “Hhhhh!” all the air that was trapped in his lung was released as they both started to breath again.

She liked feeling his tensed excitement. She loved the feeling of his skin on her tongue. After a second… or an eternity… she could not tell at that point… she started moving the tip of her tongue along his shaft, along the soft thick veins that contrasted with the hardness of his sex. She lathered him with saliva. He tasted good to her and soon the tip of her tongue was not enough to satisfy her appetite. The heat building within her urged her on as she felt the man give in to her oral ministrations. As she stuck her tongue farther out her timid initial sampling of his skin was replaced with a full on tongue bath as she delectably began to lap at him. Her flat tongue was now making long strokes along his length as she drew nearer to the head.

Each flick of her tongue was bringing him closer to orgasm and her own excitement rose in parallel with his. Electricity was in the air. Her belly was on fire and everything seemed to swell the flame of her desire in sync with his. She had never reached orgasm without physical stimulation before but she knew that this time she would. She was seeking to give him pleasure and as his desire built up so did hers. There was him, there was her, and there was the climb towards the sweetest of releases.

When she reached the tip of his penis she stopped. She hesitated before looking up into his eyes for the first time. They were hypnotized by the lust between them. For the second time they both held their breath in anticipation.

They were both close and they knew it. “Hhhhh!” She very slowly and gently wrapped her soft warm lips around the bulbous shape of his glans and then stayed motionless while they each regained ka├žak bahis their breath. Her hot mouth… His hot sex… They would not last very long and she knew it. She sucked him in and savored the taste of him. His manhood was too big for her mouth and she could not put much more of it in her mouth past its large head. As they stared transfixed by each other’s yearning she put her small hands around his wet shaft and started softly pumping him towards ecstasy.

“Mmmmmmmhhhhhh!… MMmmmmmmhhhhh!… AHhhhh!” He started to come in her mouth and as he did so did she. The hot ball of energy that had been building up at her core exploded and released waves after waves of heat throughout her entire body. She swallowed and sucked in as much of his semen as she could. Her body was in tune with his and each of the orgasmic pulses of his penis would make her shiver and would prolong her own orgasm.

The giant tugged at the ropes restraining his arms and though they had been strong enough to prevent him from moving when he was unconscious they did nothing to retain his formidable force.

She was still sucking and pumping his sex when he reached for her. His gentle touch generated another wave of pleasure to course through her body. She had been kneeling in a ball between his extended legs as she tended to his blowjob. And now she kept on sucking on his erect member thus keeping him aroused. She did not want to let go of him and of the feeling that had overtaken her body and soul.

He started undressing her as he urged her to continue this most intimate of kisses with soft caresses and moans. She had only accepted to let go of his throbbing sex after he had pulled her t-shirt over her head. As soon as that was done she went back to feasting on his hot, soft yet hard member.

She was so small and light for him that he managed to lift her up and position her astride of him while she kept at the magical fellatio that had kept him aroused after the most incredible of orgasms. He started pulling on the elastic waistband of her pants to remove the last obstacles to her vagina.

Nude, she was bobbing her head up and down as her ass stuck out in the air urging on some invisible lover. She had been so focused on her task that she had not really taken note of his actions.

“Mmmmphhhhh!” Suddenly and without warning he inserted his entire middle finger in her very wet very warm and waiting vagina bringing on another powerful wave of the orgasm that had not completely subsided. She was writhing and shaking in pure bliss. He took control of her. There was only pure animalistic desire between them. He lifted her up off the ground and swiftly impaled her on his erect phallus.

Orgasm after orgasm erupted within her as he masturbated himself with her quivering body. In a thrall of passion he kept lifting her up and down on his massive tool until he was able to fit fully within her. When her clit finally reached his pubic bone they both erupted in a final thunderous climax. Depleted of strength he finally released his powerful grip and she collapsed on his chest.

Seconds turned into minutes as they slowly recovered.

After some time had passed he gently caressed her face and bent down for a kiss that she accepted whole-heartedly. She could feel him softening inside her and the tenderness of his kiss sent pleasant vibrations that reverberated with the aftershocks of her orgasm. Was she still aroused? How could it be?

“Hi Jackie, my name is Jeremy,” he said as she enjoyed the sensation of grinding her clit on his pelvic bone.

She looked at him confused by his statement.

“I don’t know how it happened but everything came rushing back while we were making love.”

She smiled at him. His penis within her was distracting her from the conversation. She wanted to feel him grow within her and she set her body to the task by flexing her inner muscles in an attempt to squeeze him back to life.

The feeling was divine and he was quickly losing his concentration.

“I am an activist and I was investigating animal rights violation in a pig farm close to here when they found me out and beat me to within an inch of my life,” he managed to say.

By now his erection was back to full mast and Jackie was now moving her body with more energy.

“Jackie… Hhhhhhh! I think I love you HHHHH!”

“Jeremy, is it? If this relationship is ever going to work you’ll have to learn when it’s time to shut up and fuck me!” she said looking up at him with a naughty smirk on her lips.


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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