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Straight Cocksucker Seducer 02: The Stockbroker

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*This the second story featuring Tom Allen, the young, teenager who seduced his straight married teacher into becoming a cocksucker in my first story, “Giving in to My Fantasy”. He has a massive, beautiful, circumcised cock. From the shiny, smooth head, down the thick, smooth shaft, to his ample ball sack, it is all of ten inches. Of course, he has had female conquests and knows how to please the opposite sex. His jet-black hair, piercing blue eyes and handsome looks makes the prowess of his amazing tool even more effective in his seductions. It is, in fact, a cock both women and men find irresistible.

The Stockbroker

Tom is working the summer after graduating from high school as a lifeguard at a local mountain lake resort. The girls are very attracted to him and stories about his cock make his sexual success that much easier. He has more than satisfied girls and women, but what gets him off the most is straight men he turns into willing, eager cocksuckers. First-time conquests are always a supreme challenge. To see a straight, especially one that is married, fall prey to his erotic seduction excites him the most. His cock is never bigger or more sensitive. Today will present another opportunity for him.

Jim Bolling is a 35-year-old successful stockbroker married to Janet, his childhood sweetheart. She is a raven-haired stunner with a body that attracts men and women alike. They have a normal, healthy sex life. Like many married couples, they often make use of erotic videos and photos to spice things up. Janet especially gets turned on by lesbian seduction videos and stories. She fantasizes having a girl on girl, which her husband encourages, especially with the smoking hot teenager next door. They often use her for inspiration during their lovemaking, imagining what she would do with her. Her orgasms are epic.

As for Jim, besides having lesbian porn at the top of his list, he fantasizes about having a dick like the men in porn. He convinces himself that he is not interested in sucking cock even though he gets hard watching masturbation vids and blowjobs. As far as he thinks, getting aroused that way doesn’t mean he has tendencies, though he sometimes climaxes thinking about it. His wife sometimes teases him during the throes of sex, asking if he would ever suck cock. Even though he says yes, he doesn’t believe that leads to any forbidden desires. It’s just sex talk. He is fooling himself. Little does he know that after today, that was about to change for him. He is about to willingly engage in an act he didn’t realize he craved and that his wife secretly wanted, and he will never be the same.

Jim and Janet own a summer home at the same mountain resort where Tom Allen is a lifeguard. It is a private area with an exclusive clientele. One day Janet comes to her husband with some gossip she had heard about the young lifeguard. She tells him that besides being strikingly handsome, he is rumored to have quite a package. All the young girls are trying to get with him. It is said that you can see the bulge he proudly displays through his swimsuit. She then tells him that it is also rumored he has turned straight men into cocksuckers. He chuckles but the seed has been planted. This piques Jim’s interest. He must find out for himself. He has no idea what is ahead.

That evening at just before closing, with no one in the lake and everyone gone, Jim decides to see if the rumor is true. While his wife is out with her friends, he decides to take a stroll down the beach around closing time and approaches Tom’s raised lifeguard chair. The curious stockbroker strikes up a conversation hoping to see if the rumor is true. He often casts his gaze to the crotch of young, handsome lifeguard, trying to get a glimpse. Tom notices and, after a few minutes, decides to test his visitor with one goal in mind: turning this curious straight into a cocksucker. As they chat, he nonchalantly reaches down and rests his hand on his member and gently squeezes, getting it slightly enlarged and now visible through his trunks. He notices the man briefly staring at the bulge. The seduction is on. Seems that stories about his cock are well-known at the resort. He’s not sure whether this guy knows but will soon find out.

As they chat, the man again sneaks another glance at the young lifeguard’s package. This excites Tom even more. His cock grows expecting that this curious young man will succumb to his seduction. As they continue their conversation, he reaches down to adjust it so that its shape is even more visible as it grows larger at the thought of what might be forthcoming. The big head and shaft are now clearly visible through the fabric of his swimsuit. As they speak, he turns toward the stockbroker and spreads his legs a touch. He shifts forward so his prey can get a better view. He again reaches down and slowly begins rubbing his dick and notices the man sneaking another peek, but this time he doesn’t look away. The young stockbroker seems mesmerized by what he sees right in front of şişli escort him. His own cock is growing hard as he becomes more curious. As the lifeguard continues to slowly massage his cock, the tip of its head peeks in and out of the top of his waistband. The conversation is on pause as the show plays on. There is no small talk; nothing but sexual tension. The eager stockbroker can’t take his eyes off it. His own cock is now rock hard. His heart is pounding. He knows the young lifeguard has been responding to his glances and it oddly excites him. He heard about the effect it had on girls, but now realizes it is affecting him. He senses himself being drawn in. He doesn’t want to turn away. He is feeling sexual urges he knows are taboo. He is conflicted. He now must decide whether to end this dance and return to his wife or succumb to the temptation this incredible cock presents. It is a decision he never thought he’d ever have to make.

The young teen seducer knows he has his prey just where he wants him. He can tell the man is nervous and curious, but also aroused. It is now time to close in. He breaks the silence.

“Are you here to chat or is something else on your mind?”, he boldly asks as he slowly runs his hand up and down the outline of his now clearly visible semi-hard shaft. All the while the married, conflicted stockbroker continues staring as that hot cock beckons.

“I….I”, the stunned stockbroker stammers, knowing full well that the lifeguard is aware of the attention on his growing member.

“Do you like what you see? Seems like your cock does.”

“I’m sorry for staring but it IS as big as they say!”, he confesses as his eyes remain glued on the young lifeguard’s increasing bulge. He watches as it grows even larger. He is beginning to get feelings he has never felt. The huge cock of a seductive young teen is strangely turning him on. He knows where this could lead, but he nevertheless is willing to follow.

“No need to apologize. I don’t mind. As you can see, it likes your attention, especially the head which so much wants to come out”, he teases. “So now you know the rumors are true. Where did you hear them?”

“My wife”, he answers, his eyes remaining fixed on the growing bulge.

“So, you are married. Does she know you are here?”

“No, I didn’t tell her where I was going or why. She is out with her friends for the evening.”

“That’s good. There is also a rumor that this cock has turned straight men into willing cocksuckers. Do believe that is true?” He continues the tease by placing his hand down his trunks and grabbing his swollen member, slowly stroking it under cover.

The young stockbroker knows the answer. “I do”, he answers as he continues gazing at the young stud massaging his member.

“It is true. Does she know how much you like cock?”, he shockingly asks.

The confused and completely aroused, curious stockbroker knows what the answer is, and he can’t believe what he is about to admit to. He thinks about the times his wife asked him if would suck a cock. At the time, he brushed it off, but now, he is sure. What he sees in front of him is so tempting. The thought begins to creep into his mind. It is no longer a fantasy. He now knows the truth.

“I…I don’t know if….”, he nervously begins, then pauses.

“Do you like my cock?”, he teases.

He can no longer deny what his urges tell him. “Yes, I like it and she doesn’t know”, he admits.

Now, as his target becomes even more drawn to it, the young lifeguard asks, “My guess is you heard the rumor and wanted to see for yourself if it was all that. And now that you have seen it for yourself, is it?”

“Yes, and it is all that and more”, he says as he continues watching Tom play with his cock, unable to look away; not wanting to look away.

The confident young lifeguard continues with his seduction. He continues slowly squeezing and rubbing his massive cock and allows the now enlarged head that so enticed his prey, to rise above the waistband. The young married man’s eyes are drawn to it. Tom now plays another card, “Such a sensitive, beautiful head. Is this enough for you or would you like to see more? I know you’ve seen other men’s cocks, whether it be in a locker room, or watching porn, but you’ve never seen one like mine. It’s aching to break out, as you can see, and I can tell by that bulge in your pants that you want to see more. I can tell you that my cock will more than satisfy that curiosity.”

“But I’m married. I’m not gay.”

“Neither am I, but I can tell when a straight wonders what it would be like to cross the line and suck cock. That, my friend, is you. I can see that hunger in your eyes. You are wondering what it will feel like stroking it as it slides in and out of your mouth, so hot, so hard and throbbing.”

The young stockbroker is now so aroused by those words and the sight of that beautiful, smooth head, he knows what he wants.

“The day has ended and I’m going to the lifeguard shack to change. If you follow me, I’ll give you a better look and then you can decide if you want more. If you don’t, you can go home to your wife to tell her the rumors were indeed true. But if you do, this cock will be yours. You know what I want, and you will be more than willing to do what I ask. As you can see by the state of arousal it is in, IT wants you. And your hard on tells me you want IT.”

The young stud steps down from his perch and makes his way to the shack knowing that his prey will soon follow. He is about to close the door behind him but sees the young stockbroker approaching and invites him in.

“Close the door and come with me.”

The young seducer sits on the edge of a table. His cock straightens under his trunks. Now the head once again begins to slowly appear above the waistband. It is so smooth and shiny. A little more of his cock appears. He squeezes and pulls down on the shaft that remains hidden causing the head to turn red. The stockbroker’s heart is pounding even harder, and he is losing control. All he wanted to do was catch a glimpse of the young stud’s package to see if the rumors were true and now, he feels his cock twitch and his mouth begin to water. All he can think about is this hot poker staring him in the face.

“Do you want more?”


As the young husband stammers, Tom slowly pulls down his trunks a bit, revealing more shaft. His seduction is enticing, and the young stockbroker draws closer.

“You may never again get another chance to see such a big, beautiful piece of meat like this. Only you and I will know.”

He then teases the head of his cock as his prey continues staring. The young stockbroker draws even closer. He can no longer resist. He knows that he is about to give in to his forbidden desire and that this is just the first step in his journey. Thoughts of his wife vanish. This stunning cock continues pulling him in.

“God, yes. I want to see it all.”

“Do you want to take it out?”

“Yes”, he whispers, his eyes glued on that incredible head. The anticipation is driving him crazy. He knows he is about to get his wish when the young lifeguard motions to him.

“Come closer.”

The young stockbroker comes closer, hands shaking, heart still pounding, and slowly pulls down the teen’s trunks revealing an amazing cock in all its glory. He gasps and takes a small step back. His eyes are transfixed on what he sees as a magnificent, circumcised dick with a mouthwatering, smooth head, long hot shaft and shaven, full ball sack. He can’t believe this is happening. He is hypnotized and his will to resist is gone. He knows that in a short time, this beautiful, perfect, tempting cock will be his. He wants it more than anything. He wants to hold it. He wants to stroke it. He wants to kiss and lick it. And ultimately, he wants to devour it.

“My God, it’s beautiful! So big!” He continues staring at the young lifeguard’s hand stroking, squeezing, rubbing. Anticipation builds.

“Yes, it is, and it can be yours. Again, it’s your choice: you can stay, or you can go. I won’t stop you. What do you want?”

The young stockbroker is ready to give in to temptation. All doubts are gone. He now says what he thought he’d never say with erotic sensations he has never felt, “I want your cock! I will do anything you ask!”


“Yes. Anything!”

“And your wife?”

“All I can think about is your beautiful cock. Please, tell me what you want.”

“You know what I want, and I know what you want.” The young lifeguard asks him to come even closer, leans forward with his cock now just inches from his wanting prey’s face.

There is no more doubt. No second thoughts. The stockbroker, filled with a hunger he never thought he would ever experience, reaches out and, for the first time, takes hold of another man’s cock. He can’t believe how hot it is as it begins to grow even more in his hand. His excitement swells as it gets harder and harder. He is no longer nervous but is now eager for what is to come. Now it has grown to its full length and Tom knows that soon he will have seduced another married straight into sucking cock. The young husband slowly strokes it and cups the balls. He is in another world. His marriage is the farthest thing from his mind. All he can think about is pleasuring this beautiful cock.

“You are a natural”, the lifeguard declares. “Now I want you to kiss the head.”

As the young man gazes at that beautiful, smooth red head there is no hesitation. He squeezes the shaft and pulls down until the head turns bright red and begins to kiss it. He then kisses and licks his way down the shaft to his ball sack, sucking on each and then back up. He begins to slowly stroke it. Tom is about to ask him to suck it. There is no need.

The young man, now completely engaged in worshipping his first cock, declares, “I want your cock in my mouth and I want your cum. I want to be your cocksucker.”

He can’t believe what is happening. All those times his wife teased him about sucking cock that he brushed off in foreplay are now coming to mind. He didn’t want to admit he was curious when he used the chat excuse to get a closer look. He went there on a whim just to see if it was true and now, he was about to willingly suck cock. This young stud had seduced him, and he was loving every second. The erotic passion he feels and the desperate desire to pleasure this perfect cock overtake him. He is now primed to take the final step.

“Be my cocksucker.”, Tom says as he grabs his hot poker and presents to his prey. He rubs his bulbous head on young husband’s cheek and passes it over his lips. The willing young stockbroker eagerly takes hold again. He licks the pre-cum. He loves the taste. Then he takes in that head that earlier turned him on so. He feels it throbbing in his mouth. He swirls his tongue around it and begins gently sucking. He stays on that beautiful head, teasing it. He loves the feel of it and can’t get enough. After some time pleasuring that amazing crown, he pulls back slightly to see how red and shiny it has become. As he slowly strokes the thick shaft, he once again takes in that smooth, swollen head and begins to slowly bob up and down taking in as much as he can as he hears the moans of the young lifeguard, which excites him even more. He is doing what comes naturally. He loves the feel of that beautiful cock on his lips and sliding in his mouth. He sucks and pleasures his prize as he awaits the inevitable climax. He can feel it is close. He pauses, releases it from his hungry mouth and looks up at the seductive teen.

“I want your cum! I want to feel your cock explode! I want every drop!” The curiosity to verify a rumor has now resulted in a voracious hunger for cock he never expected but now knows he has always wanted.

The young lifeguard responds, “I am so close. It wants and needs you to finish.”

With that the eager cocksucker begins sucking, stroking, and bobbing up and down with more fervor until he feels that beautiful cock tense up and shudder. He feels its load filling his mouth, pumping over and over as he swallows every drop. He loves the taste and how warm it feels. He doesn’t want this night to end so he keeps sucking, stroking and squeezing as his prize remains rock hard. His persistence pays off as he senses another explosion coming. Once again, he feels it shudder and the head pulse. This time it has it shoot into his mouth and onto his face. He is so hungry for the taste of cum. He has become a slave to cock. He finishes by sucking on that shiny, red head that drew him in. Then he licks off the cum that had dripped onto the shaft and gives it one final kiss. He is now a straight cocksucker. His repressed curiosity led him to it. The thrill of his first time will last forever. He will always want more.

As they depart, exhausted but fulfilled, Tom promises to meet him again before the summer ends.

When he arrives home, his wife asks where he has been. He smiles, “Just walking on the beach and I had a chat with that young lifeguard you told me about.”

“Ooooh. The one who is rumored to have a huge package?”

“That’s the guy.”

“Did you check him out?”

“Yep. I could see the bulge and, yes, it is all they say it is and more. You can tell your lady friends that the rumors are true.”

“No wonder all the young girls flock to him.”

“For sure.”

“That was a long chat you two had.”

“Yeah. He had a lot to unpack. He is a very engaging, intelligent guy with a lot to offer. I grasped it all and took it all in. Now let’s get to bed. I’ve got a special package for you!”

“Wow! Sounds like he may have had quite an effect on you too.”

“To tell the truth, he had much more than quite an effect. I had trouble taking my eyes off it. I was getting hard.”

“Mmmm. That’s so hot. You are turning me on! Did he notice?”


“What did he do?”

“He seemed to be aroused and began to rub it. It got even bigger, and I could see the outline though his trunks. I couldn’t take my eyes off it”, he says as he wonders if telling his wife that he ended up sucking cock would meet with her excited approval.

“Did he react to your attention?”

“Yes. He asked me if I liked what I saw.”

“Oh my God! Please tell me you said yes!”

“I couldn’t believe it, but I did!”

“Do you know how much this is turning me on? If you tell me he pulled it out, I might have an orgasm!”

He now decides he will tell all to his receptive, sexually charged spouse.

“He did. Do you want to hear the rest?”

“Yes”, as she grabs his stiffening cock. “Tell me everything. I’ve always told you I have fantasized about having a lesbian encounter with that beautiful, hot young thing next door and you approved. Please, please tell me he seduced you into sucking his cock! I’ve also fantasized about that, especially watching you do it.”

He is stunned. His wife is so into this! Janet totally approves and the anticipation is killing her! These are words every man fantasizes hearing from his woman. Now his cock is rock hard.

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