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Stoned Submission Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: … Easy Go


There’s nothing worse than rolling over onto a full bladder before you’re ready to wake up. I groaned in sleepy protest, curled into the foetal position, told myself to just ignore it. It’d go away.

No such luck.

I eased gently from bed, as to not disturb Grady, and padded naked to the bathroom. As I relieved the pressure on my bladder, I thought back to the events of the previous evening. Getting stoned. Nothing new. Blowing Grady. Again, nothing new.

Blowing Grady in front of company. Licking said company’s cum from his thighs. Getting fucked right in front of his face.

All new.

Washing my hands, I studied my face in the mirror. Eyes crunchy and puffy from sleep. Skin a little blotchy. But still me. I hadn’t changed. I could sense something had, though. I had felt both empowered and enslaved last night. I gripped the edge of the sink and took a deep breath upon feeling my core quiver in memory.

Of Owen, his helpless response to Grady’s and my wanton display of lust. To his release in response to Grady’s own orgasm. At the unexpected sense of power I felt upon kissing Owen with a mouthful of Grady’s come.

I closed my eyes, reliving it all again, turning that quiver into a tremble.

I tip-toed back to bed, slipping in behind Grady. My nipples, hard from the cool morning, pressed into his back. I hooked a leg over his hip, wrapping the other around his chest.

“Hmmm…” he mumbled sleepily, bringing his hand up to intertwine our fingers. I rubbed my foot down his calf, brushed my lips along his shoulder. The contact made them tingle.

“You’re cold,” he murmured, tucking my hand under his armpit.

“So warm me up,” I whispered, easing my hand out from under him, trailing my fingertips over his stomach. I felt his belly quiver under my touch, smiled against his warm skin. His sharp intake of breath as I wrapped my hand around his morning erection made my sleepy smile spread.

He rubbed his ass back against my thighs as I lazily stroked his smooth, soft skin from root to tip. I circled my thumb around the sensitive glans before gently strumming his frenulum. His breath quickened and he lazily rocked into my hand.

I reached down to stroke his balls, enjoying the sensation of them tightening under my intrepid fingertips. I rubbed my wrist against the base of his cock as I cupped his balls, my middle finger extending forward to press against his taint.

Grady gasped, turned his face into the pillow and sighed heavily. I lifted my knee, angling my mons against his buttocks, rocking gently against his flesh, matching my gentle thrusts with the pressure of my finger.

“Fuck, Nika,” Grady breathed, his rocking hips growing more insistent. I moved my hand up over his stomach, pinched his nipple, and brought my middle finger to his lips. Grady greedily sucked my digit in his mouth, his fluffy morning tongue rolling around, coating me.

Propping myself up on an elbow, I lowered my face to his ear, tormenting with lips, teeth and tongue. He groaned as I moved my hand back to his cock, thicker and harder than before, then palming his balls and rubbing my wet finger again over his taint, sliding closer to his anus.

Grady brought a hand down and started to stroke his shaft while I manipulated his balls and massaged his sphincter. I continued to rub my public bone against his bum, spreading the warmth from my pussy to my belly.

“I want you,” I whispered huskily into his ear, sucking the lobe between my lips, giving him a hint of teeth. Grady rolled to his back, cock in hand, face creased in a grin, dark eyes heavy. I climbed atop him and he guided his cock to my slick opening. He rubbed just the tip of his dick through my moist folds, sucking in a breath as he felt my heat.

“Fuck, you’re hot, Nika baby,” he said, voice gravely from sleep.

“Uh huh,” I responded, holding him at my gaping hole and rolled my hips, taking him into me. I sat there, not moving, relishing in the sensation of his fullness. I practiced my pelvic floor exercises, holding and releasing my tight muscles, feeling the ache spread up my back, prickling the skin of my scalp.

I rubbed my hands over his shoulders, the hollow of his throat, traced a fingertip along his lips, over his nose and brows.

“You’re devilishly handsome, you know,” I said, leaning down to kiss him, combing a hand through his midnight messy curls. My tongue traced the shape of his mouth, tickling his top lip, then along his teeth. His hands dug into my hips, fingertips pressing into my flesh, as he tried to entice me to move. Grady thrust his hips, my cry of pleasure lost in his mouth.

I broke our kiss, resting my forehead against his, mersin escort rocked gently.

“Tease,” he breathed, hands moving down to cup my ass.

“Takes one to know one.” Playfully, I turned my attention to the warm caramel skin between his earlobe and shoulder. I pressed hot, open-mouthed kisses there, giving him a hint of teeth. He let out a strangled sound, holding me down as he again bucked his hips.

I rested my face in the curve of his shoulder, gave him some pity, and rocked my pelvis back and forth, humping him gently. His cock moved inside me smoothly, easily, dozens of tiny pleasure points exploding, spreading from my core.

My thighs gripped his hips and I sat up tall, hands resting on his shoulders. I bit my lip as this fresh angle invited Grady to massage my g-spot. I continued to ride and rock slowly to extend the pleasure I was feeling in this sweet spot.

Grady gripped my hips, holding me still, as he sat up, a slight bend in his knees. His rough, calloused hands moved over my ribcage, the sensation making me suck in a breath, before he cupped my heavy breasts. He brought his face in close, wrapping his lips around my right nipple. His tongue circled the sensitive nub, gently tugging with his teeth.

The tempo of my gentle rocking gradually increased in response to the tightness I felt in my chest, nipples taut from Grady’s touch, bordering on the edge of pleasure and pain. Approaching delirium, I pressed my lips to his hair, hands fisted in thick, dark curls at the back of his neck, hips pistoning against his as I worked to spread the warmth pulsing from my pussy.

I pulled Grady’s head away from my chest and covered his mouth with mine, lips fused together, my tongue spearing in to tantalise his. Grady groaned into my mouth, his thigh muscles flexed under my bum. His fingers dug into the flesh around my hips, pulling me hard onto him once, twice.

“Yes, yes. Keep doing that baby,” I panted as I felt my orgasm approaching.

Grady slammed me down onto cock a third time, then stopped all movement. I groaned in frustration, resting my forehead on the crown of his head.

His lips rooted around my collarbone, down over the swell of my breasts, his teeth scraping along the sensitive side flesh. His soft lips move around to rub over my areola and nipple, his tongue extending to circle around my pink flesh.

“I want to feel Nika come on my cock just from this,” he whispered, the sound causing my skin to pebble in response. He sucked my right nipple into his mouth again, laved his flattened tongue against it, strumming over it. I raked my nails over his scalp, down his neck and up again, fisting there in his curls.

“Nika has awoken as a crazed slut this morning, Gray baby,” I said hoarsely, working my moist muscles around Grady’s cock, clenching and releasing. I fisted my hands in his hair to the same beat as my cunt, wanting him to tingle from head to toe.

“Mhmm,” he agreed, moving his face, his lips finding my pierced nipple, teeth gently tugging at my sensitive flesh. His sucking shot from nipple to cunt, and I clamped around him in response. He raised a hand to gently tug and twist the right, slick and slippery from his attention.

He increased the pressure of mouth and fingers, and I bucked forward in his lap, a restless need for movement rising within. I could tell this was having an effect on him; his thighs clenched hard beneath me, before releasing on a tremble, all in sequence with Nika’s firm, wet grip.

I rolled my hips, needing friction, nails digging in to the back of his neck, holding him close.

“Please,” I whimper.

“Hmmm,” he considered, the sound vibrating against the silver stud, the sensation sliding along my left side. Moaning loudly, I writhed in his lap, demanding more. He sucked my studded flesh hard, giving me a hint of teeth, teetering me on the edge of pain.

I dug my nails into his neck, tempted to pull his head back, but my body. My treacherous body was lost in this sensation. My pussy was slick and hot around his cock. And I could feel the heat rising. Surely he could, too?

“Grady. Please.”

He pulled back, my bereft nipple immediately missing being inside him. I looked down, both nipples elongated and wet. Pulsing. He tickled the tip of his tongue around each nipple, lifting those dark soulful eyes to my face.

“But I want to feel you to come like this,” he said again, playfully. And I was lost. He rolled my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger, mouth engulfing the left again. I shifted to wrap my legs around him, crossing my ankles at the small of his back, hands fisted by his ears.

“Come for me, Nika baby,” he whispered around my skin. “Come all over my cock. Give it to me.”

And it was like Grady called to a deep, dark part of my psyche that only he knew. My pussy tightened around him, long waves of heat moving from nipple to cunt and back again. My thighs trembled with the effort to control my pleasure, my stomach jumping, each contraction pulling Grady into me.

“Please,” I whispered on a strangled moan, begging, pleading. I could hear the wet squelching of my contracting cunt, felt Grady’s ragged breath against my chest, and knew he was close, too.

I cried out, the pleasure in my breasts almost agonising, the pain burning hot and low inside me, my body tightening and clenching. My head rolled back on a low, guttural moan and I viced my legs around him, felt myself finally letting go, flooding my release into his lap. Pleasure consumed me, my entire body trembling, as Grady continued to suck and tug my nipples, my brain unable to focus on a single pleasure point.

Grady’s arms tightened around me, hands cupping my ass. He began to push and pull me onto his cock, extending my pleasure. I cried out again, this time in triumph.

“Yes. That’s it. Fucking take it. Use me to make yourself come.”

Grady buried is face between my breasts, my nails digging moon shaped crescents into his shoulders as I bucked hard, riding him through the storm he created. I felt myself approach another orgasm, remnants of my first still sparkling through my body. I pulled Grady’s head back and cover his mouth with mine, my cries of pleasure muffled against his lips. The sloppy, wet kiss reflected the sounds of sloppy wet sex that filled the room. Nika’s scent permeated the air.

I felt his body tense and stiffen under me. He slammed my hips down again and he let out a strangled groan. I buried my face in his neck as pleasure flew through my body, as I felt an intense heat invade my womb. His low groan danced into a moan of satisfaction as he emptied himself inside me.

I wrapped my arms around Grady’s neck and shoulders, rocking gently back and forth, easing us both down from delirium. He rubbed his hands up and down my sweaty back before cupping my ass in his big hands, holding me close as we continued to rub our sex together.

I rested my forehead against Grady’s, our ragged gasps mingling.

“Wow,” I said as I finally caught my breath.

“Yeah,” he said, rubbing his hands along my aching thighs. I unhooked my legs and Grady fell to his back, holding me to his still thundering chest.

I traced a fingertip over his features; the width of his forehead, the shape of his brow, the curvature of his nose and his soft, warm lips. They tipped up under my touch as I continued a lazy exploration of a face I knew so well. Loved so much.

“I love you, you know,” I said softly.

“I know,” he smiled, eyes closed.

I rubbed my lips against his shoulder, finding my courage.

“Last night, weirdly, made me love you even more.”

He popped open one eye, grinned. “You were so fucking sexy, Annika.”

Returning his grin, I curved in to his side, shifted my mapping focus to his chest. Watching my fingertips glide across his skin was easier to focus on.

“I felt sexy, and… helpless, and -“

Grady pushed up to an elbow at that. “What?” His face went to panic. “Annika, no. I didn’t want you to feel like that. I would never treat you like that, I -“

“Shhh.” I placed a fingertip to his lips, cuddled back into him. “Let me finish. I felt helpless, and it was exciting. Sexy. And under that sense of helplessness was…” I sucked in a breath. “Power. Liberation. Do you get what I mean?”

Grady rubbed a hand up and down my arm, pulling me close. I felt him nod against my shoulder. “I understand perfectly.”

I circled his nipple with my fingertip, gently scratching my nail over the hardened tip. Grady’s face was relaxed, a small smile softening his features. I swallowed hard, finding my courage.

“I’d like to do… that, something like that… again,” I whispered, lowering my gaze.

Grady’s arm froze on my shoulder and I held my breath. When he recommenced the gentle stroke along my skin, I sighed, felt my heart rattle against my chest.

“With Owen?” he asked, fingertips spreading out over my back ribs. My skin tingled at the contact.

“Not necessarily,” I whispered quietly.

“With Lucille?”

I pushed up to sit against the headboard, brought my knees to my chest.

“From what we’ve observed, I don’t think Lucille plays for both teams.”

Grady sat up too, our arms touching. “Yeah, that’s my way of thinking, too. But another woman?”

I turned my head, looked him square in the eye. “I’ve fantasies about us with another woman. One who submits to us. I’ve fantasies about being with Lucille. You know that. Of being with Lucille and her friends. With you and your friends.”

“Didn’t know about the last two,” Grady murmured, bumping his elbow into my ribs in a friendly manner.

I gave him a small smile. “Are you mad?”

He cupped the back of my neck, fingertips pressing into my skin, and brought my face close to his. He kissed me softly, lovingly, his tongue gently coaxing my lips apart.

“Not mad. Excited. You’re really wanting to explore your limits.”

I nodded, face flushed.

“But only with you.”

“And Lucille.”

I bit my lip. “But you’ll be privy to everything that happens there. You know that.”

He kissed the tip of my nose.

“Total transparency?”

“Of course. Trust is more important than monogamy.”

“I agree. But we still need some… boundaries?”

“Of course, baby. I don’t want to lose what I have with you,” I said softly. I could all but feel my heart lurch from my chest. I wanted nothing more than to bury myself under the blankets, but knew this was an important conversation to have.

He pulled us back down onto the bed, so we were on our sides facing each other, sharing a single pillow. I felt so vulnerable talking like this. But safe, too. And loved.

“I’m comfortable with you seeing women without me. If you meet someone who wants to play with both of us, great. But I’m okay with not being a direct part of it.”

I smiled.

“What is it you want with other men?” he asked, his arm stroking up and down my spine.

I swallowed, hard, lifted my eyes to his. We stared at each other in silence, and I realised he was feeling as vulnerable as me. I stroked a hand over his cheek.

“Kind of like what we did last night. I’d want you there, every time. For you to… control it, me, the situation, whatever. I could tell you were turned on seeing Owen want me, and his response to us.”

Grady took my hand, pressed the palm to his lips. “Only I get to come inside you.”


“And only I get to fuck your ass.”

I nodded. “Save some things to be special just for us.”

“That, and the fact that I took your anal virginity. I’m a little possessive there.”

I snuggled close. “I like that you’re possessive.”

He kissed the top of my head, breathed in the scent of my hair.

“But you can swallow them, if you want. I’ll leave that up to you. Other guys can come on you. Over your pussy, belly, tits. Especially if Owen’s there.” Grady smiled, wriggled his eyebrows suggestively. And Nika fisted hard in my belly, an image of Owen licking me clean forming in my head. A slow smile spread across my face.

“Fuck. Now that’s all I can think about.”

We smiled at each other, a sexy secret shared between us. I didn’t want to break the spell, but I had to ask.

“What about you with other women?”

Grady closed his eyes, took in a deep breath.

“I wouldn’t want you to come inside them. Or fuck their ass. I can be possessive, too.” Grady’s eyes flew open, molten chocolate. I smiled shyly and traced a finger along the bridge of his nose.

“I’d also like to watch,” I continued, drawing the shape of his mouth, recommitting it to memory. “Tell her what to do, what not to do. And then when she’s done, show her exactly what you can do to a woman with whom you have no limits.”

Grady pulled me close and I tasted desperation in his kiss. My hand moved over his jaw and up into his hair, fisting there as I matched him, need for need.

He rolled over, entered me with one smooth, slow thrust. We held each other close, my legs wrapped around his waist, drove each other mad with our sensuous, gentle love-making. I gripped him tight as I crested, one long wave of pleasure washing over me. Grady’s ragged breath in my ear signalled his pleasure in feeling me come, and he moaned my name as he let go, filled me with his love.

He rested with his head cushioned by my breasts, my fingertips idly playing with the curls at the nape of his neck. I felt we had reached a new level in our relationship, one we were both happy with, excited about. I smiled, kissed the top of his head.

“You’re heading to Sydney tonight, aren’t you?” I murmured, nails scratching down to his shoulder.

I felt Grady nod against my chest before he turned his face to kiss the side of my breast.

“Until Wednesday,” he said. He lifted his head, resting his stubbled chin between the valley of my breasts. “You should go see Lucille while I’m away.”

I blushed, bit my lip to supress the smile. “You think?”

“Yeah, I think,” he said, pushing up to give me a chaste kiss on the lips before rolling out of bed to shower.

I giggled, covering my face with a pillow, anticipating red wine and Jacuzzi bubbles at the end of a workday very, very soon.

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