Eyl 05

Stolen in Moonlight

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There’s sometimes a connection–call it a chemical reaction–that can bind two unwitting bodies into a kind of shared fugue, an inverted pyramid of desire. Later William would attach the word “love” to the feeling that suddenly welled up in him when he took the lovely young woman’s warm hand in his own and greeted her. But at the moment William only wanted this enchanting woman, despite the fact that she was living with his best friend of ten years.

She shut the passenger door beside her, muffling the percussive rattle of rain. Ming was beginning to have second thoughts about the dress. She felt uncomfortable in it, exposed. She wasn’t even sure why she came in the first place. When she had bumped into William at the bookstore that weekend they began to exchange small talk. They both had an interest in art, she as an artist, and he said he was beginning a small collection. An hour and a half later he casually asked her out to diner. Ming froze, just for a second. William knew she was with Tommy, that she had been with him for four years. Maybe he just wanted to know her as a friend? William seemed like a nice guy, and Tommy had nothing but nice things to say about him. She thought about the night before in the shower. Ming was more than just a little attracted to him. She decided to say no, but the word that escaped her lips was the opposite.

And now she was in a handsome stranger’s car, in a dress she must have been insane to choose. Her head turned to William with an uncertain smile: “I think I overdid it, just a bit.”

She did overdo it, and William thanked whatever deities there were. The deeply red dress she wore revealed curves where he thought she had none. Her hair was done up, with the occasional twirl of hair accentuating her features: her sharp eyes and her warm smile. Her makeup betrayed a touch of sultriness. He noticed a slit on the right side of her dress that revealed possibilities. She turned her head away from him, shyly, and connected her seat belt. She’s so innocent, he thought. He wanted to possess that guilelessness, that innocence, and then crush it in the most intimate way. He noticed the ripeness of her breasts, the exposed gentle curve of her neck that he wanted to smother with kisses…

“Well,” He said “There’s this great place across the bridge…”

After diner there was a pause, a moment of uncertainty and tension as he opened the car door for her, and Ming, a little drunk, stumbled into his arms. He looked down into her dark brown eyes and saw that they could contain worlds that even she might not know about, just as she was unaware of her own exquisite beauty. He had meant only to move astray a spiral of black hair that had fallen out of place when suddenly he was kissing her, holding her, and she was equally devoted; she clung to him so tightly that he could never pull her away, even if he had wanted to. Fuck the car, he thought, and fuck the busy night streets and the rain, fuck Thomas and his meager aspirations when this wonderful girl had been right next to him all along.

He wanted her right there in the car. But he knew he could wait for a more intimate setting.

Ming gasped as her glossy thighs slapped onto William. His cock penetrated up into her tight pussy and it was like his cock was fucking some kind of silky-slick heaven. Her pussy wasn’t used to the kind of tunneling that William was going to give her. The pressure of her thighs, hips, and sexy curved ass upon him drove him wild.

“Goddamn!” She shrieked. Ming’s dark eyes squinted, then opened and went unfocused for a moment. “I never had a man go in me that deep.” William felt her pussy tremble at this encroachment; she had almost came already.

Ming had mounted him cowgirl kütahya escort style, and was now doing this sexy little grind with her lithe petite body, accomodating herself to his girth. William looked up at her beautiful form, her tanned golden skin swaying over him, her long black hair shimming in silver slants of moonlight (some of it sticking to her sweaty body, around her neck in wet curls, a lock or two attaching themselves to her pert breasts for a few seconds) and thought that there was no other sight worth branding into his memory. He decided to push the moment.

“Do you feel bad for cheating on Thomas?”

Ming whimpered and shook her head. “No, not really, you just feel so good.”

“Are you ever going to fuck him again?”

There might have been a second of regret, as William studied her impassioned features, but it was all but annihilated as he slowly arched his long cock up into her. A slow exquisite penetration past her defenses.

“No,” and she said this with a combination of a sigh and a squeal that was by far the sexiest thing he’d ever heard. “I’m not going to fuck Tommy any more… I’m only going to fuck you, you are soo fucking deep inside of me.”

Her momentum picked up, she was now riding him like a pro, her pussy taking all of him in. The sound of her curvy bottom and her soaking pussy connecting with him along with all of her sighs and ministrations drove him wild. His left hand went from its resting place on her thigh to explore the texture and shape of her tits. They were just a little more than a handful, but it was a glorious, soft, handful. William had a suspicion that they were sensitive, so he tweaked her left nipple just a bit between his finger and thumb. In response her pussy clenched his cock and she worked her pussy against him as if she was trying to merge with William. The two lovers pace was fervid, motions driven of a desire to unlock themselves into completion.

Ming winced with new pleasure. “Fuck! Fuck…” She rode him hard, her hips dancing, never letting any inch of his cock escape the slick embrace of her pussy. She’d never been fucked so thoroughly, so completely. Until William all she had known was the well-intentioned fumbling of boys. This was something else, the sheer debauchery of the sound of William’s throbbing cock sinking into Ming’s tight willing pink pussy was undoing something inside of her, some former notion of innocence perhaps. Despite the suddenness of their coupling it had all just felt so right. “Give it to me Will, feed your pretty fucking cock into me! Make me your woman!” She knew that William’s magnificent cock had found a new home inside of her, and she wanted it to seed its new residence there. “…Oh god… I think I want you to come inside of me.”

William knew that she used only condoms when she was with Thomas and that this was the first time she’d ever gone bareback. He also knew that she was not on the pill.

“Are you sure?” Contrary to his words he began fucking up into her with a new fervor as her beautiful body bounced on top of him, intent on fueling her impending orgasm.

She broke. Her eyes went unfocused as they had before. She began to babble. “Fill me up, fill my pussy with your cum!” Her pose above him stiffened in climax as he fucked his seed into her. “Fill me up,” She continued and her body collapsed onto his. Still he was shooting into her, filling her need and seeding her fertile womb. “I love you!” And their lips met. And her words unleashed another torrent from William into her, blasting any reservations she had: she wanted an essential part of him to join with an essential part of her and mix into something new. Ming’s pussy was malatya escort a hungry but sloppy eater, some of his cum started leaking out, further lubricating his impaling fuck-stick, but much more stayed inside of her. She didn’t care if she got pregnant, the connection between them was now more than chemical or spiritual. It was flesh enjoined in flesh.

It was a long summer. Thomas had finally gotten the promotion at the bank after many years of hard work and social wrangling. He thought that he’d have a bit of a gathering. Maybe a late summer barbecue. Thomas had a few relatives he’d invite, a few associates at work. He’d invite Will, of course. Will had been pretty busy at work lately and they haven’t talked much. Whenever they’d meet William always seemed a little down. Thomas chalked it up to lady problems.

Ming seemed a little cold lately. They haven’t made love in a month, but then Thomas hasn’t really been around the house too much recently. Work had been swallowing him, and he promised a few weeks ago that he’d make it up to her. He had the ring stowed away someplace secret, and he planned to propose to her the night after the barbecue. He had in mind the roses that he’d lay for her, as red as Ming’s form-fitting dress, on the bed, on the couch and the dining room table. After he’d kiss her that night, taste her wine-flavored tongue, he’d kneel before her and open the case and show her the ring. He’d kneel and say Ming, I love you more than anything… And I can think of nothing more that would make me happier than to grow old with you, to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you, I’ve always loved you, and I want to marry you, to love you and cherish you, to have babies with you, until we are both old and senile together…

There was more, Thomas recited it in his mind as he thought of the first time he met the shy college girl with the pretty features in the oversized sweater and retro glasses. He imagined looking up at her, with tears beginning to form in his eyes and she would say Yes, yes, I love you, I will…

She ran her tongue up the length of William’s cock, tasting the musky remains of her own arousal. Her soft tongue reached the tip of his fuck-stick and she paused, giving William a sultry grin. “I love the taste of your cock. Tommy’s is so small; it’s cute, but not the monster cock I’m going to let fuck me.” She lowered her head and kissed him between his balls, and then slowly made a chain of kisses up the length of his erection. “I want to taste your cum…” and her lips enveloped his cock experimentally.

Ming would have never imagined doing this sort of thing with Tommy. But the moment William started talking to her all those days ago she felt like something was awakening within her, something furtive and secretive. At first she tried to ignore it. She’d been attracted to other men before, but as the days went on and as she saw more of William at social gatherings she began to feel somehow dirty. She found herself masturbating more often when Tommy was at work, and she’d work herself into whimpering orgasms in the shower with her nimble fingers on her sensitive nipples and slippery clit. She thought of William, not Tommy, pounding her cunt raw; kissing and tonguing every inch of her toned body. And as her fantasy-lover came long streaming ropes of cum into her core she’d finger-fuck herself to climax.

And now her desire was cemented. She took only the head of his cock in her mouth first, polishing it with her tongue. William thought her enthusiasm more than made up for her experience. His cock was red and pulsing in her wet mouth. She attempted to swallow the length of him, but couldn’t . “You don’t batman escort have to take the whole thing honey. Work the head with your mouth and use your hand for the rest.”

She brought her hand to rub his gigantic shaft. Some of her stray saliva trickled down and began to lubricate her work. William looked down at her face, the intense expression of devotion, and felt the need to come form in his balls. He resisted. He ran his fingers through her beautiful black hair along her bobbing head. She looked up at William and saw from the concentration in his brow that he saw going to shoot soon. Ming’s eyes darkened seductively and she throated more than half of his cock–a feat for any woman–and slowly withdrew until only the head of his cock was inside her. She sucked at him while her tongue swirled around, milking him. Suddenly William groaned and shot impressive amounts of cum into her lovely mouth, she continued rubbing his shaft with a fervor that even she wasn’t aware she had–she wanted to possess this man body and soul, from that moment on she wanted every drop of his cum to go into or onto her; her womb (“No more condoms for me” She thought, she’d become addicted to the feeling of being filled by William from the inside), her mouth, her tits, very possibly her ass, would take it all. It tasted better than she thought it would, and she gulped down the first load of sperm. The second blast of white seed surprised her, she started to swallow–and indeed swallowed most of it–but she needed to catch a breath. With her mouth opened wide, smiling with fresh breath and the first taste of new love, William watched as the third blast of cum deposited itself in a white spatter all over her beautiful exotic features: smiling open lips, tongue, and closed eyelids, and wild tangled black hair. He knew then that he had found the girl for him.

She had on her shiny black fuck-me boots that dangled over William’s strong shoulders and nothing more. Whatever innocence she might have had with Tommy was gone, or at least permanently altered. In its place was a familiarity, the intimacy of them knowing each other through and through. Her pussy was William’s now. Even if she had gone back to Tommy, he would have found to his disappointment and her regret, that his smaller penis would no longer fit as comfortably inside her as it used to. To Ming it would feel as if she were being fucked by a breeze. William truly was forging new territory inside her. And Ming was almost a different woman.

William’s hands were intertwined with Ming’s. William rocked steadily into her, drunk on the scent of her sweat and her musk and her strawberry perfume, on her moans and affirmatives. She looked so fucking sexy beneath him glossed with sweat, her makeup almost artistically smudged, her hair entangled into sweaty black ribbons, her tits swaying up and down, almost ready to climax. Her face straining beautifully into the very beginnings of an orgasmic scream. Before she let go he grunted into her ear just after licking her earlobe: “I love you Ming.”

Tommy could see it all through the window from behind the bushes where he had hidden. He clenched the letter in his hand. Even now–a few months after– he did not quite understand the content of the paragraphs written by Ming’s own hand, only this sense of devastation. Their bodies rutted intimately.

Tommy heard a muffled squeal of delight and her boots, which she would have never considered wearing for him, made frenzied circular movements over William’s shoulders. Because William was above her Tommy could not properly see the little swell in Ming’s lower abdomen nor the slight increase in the size of her breasts. Tommy noticed that his own face was wet. He wanted to blink, to look away, but something inside himself insisted that he watch. Tommy also noticed that he had a raging erection. William continued to plow and Ming whimpered words of acceptance which Tommy could not quite discern. He knew that he was watching a couple that was doing more than mating. They were making love.

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