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My mom died when I was 16 and two years later my dad got remarried to a woman 10 years older than him. I was surprised as it happened very suddenly while my dad was away on a business trip. He met Veronica on that trip and came home with a new wife. Guess things happen that way in Las Vegas.

Without warning my dad showed up home from his trip with his new wife and they found me jacking off in the living room while watching porn. The irony of the situation was I was watching a young stud fucking a woman old enough to be his granny. I switched off the TV and beat a hasty retreat to my room.

Later that evening I worked up the courage to emerge from my room to find my dad and his new bride at the dining room table eating carry out Mexican. I’m sure I was blushing when I entered the room. My dad jumped up and said Leroy I want you to meet your new stepmom, Veronica. I was stunned beyond belief and my jaw dropped. At no time in the last two years had my dad seen a woman, dated a woman or even talked about a woman. I assumed after my mom had died he had lost interest. The subject just never came up.

Veronica spoke first saying Leroy I’m glad to meet you, your dad has told me so much about you. I stammered funny he has not even mentioned you before. Dad spoke up and said, I know this is sudden, but I met Veronica on my trip and we hit it off immediately, and both being widowed, we found a natural bond. The rest of the evening was spent making small talk with me saying little. I was still in a state of shock. Nothing was said about the circumstances or events when they walked in on me earlier.

Later that evening while I lie in my bed slowly stroking my cock, I had not cum earlier and I needed relief, I could hear the faint sounds of my dad and his bride fucking. I was shocked at first and then realized that was natural for newlyweds. I could hear the clear sounds of Veronica moaning and saying, oh yes Paul fuck me. I tried to blank out the sounds and lost my erection. I turned over and went to sleep.

I must have needed sleep because I woke up after 9:00 AM, which was late for me. I got up and walked into the kitchen in nothing but my boxers having forgotten there was a new woman in the house. I was shocked to see Veronica there with her back to me. Apparently she did not hear me come in. I started to turn and leave when she suddenly said, oh good morning Leroy you slept late your dad has already gone. I turned to face her and saw her gaze drop to my groin and I realize I was sporting morning wood as my boxers tented out. I quickly turned away and rushed back to my room.

I dropped to my bed and my hand went instinctively to my cock and I felt a fully erect cock that had not experienced relief for two days. I began a fast and furious jacking off and quickly felt cum boiling up from my balls. A sudden eruption began with cum shooting up at my chest and face. I felt the warm cum hit my chest and a few drops hit my upper lip. The orgasm that gripped me was one of the best bahis firmalar─▒ I have experienced. I heard someone say wow that was quite a picture and all of that cum. I looked up and saw Veronica smiling down at me. I yelled, what the fuck, what are you doing in here? Continuing to smile Veronica approached and reached out with her hand and brushed cum from my lip. I was shocked to see her place her finger in her mouth and licked off the remaining cum residue. I started to get up but she pushed me back down and lowered her head to my still stiff cock. She sucked my cock into her mouth and proceeded to clean off all remaining cum. I was literally in a state of shock. How many times had I tried to get my girlfriend Lori to suck me, only to be rebuffed, and here was my brand new stepmom with my cock in her mouth.

After thoroughly cleaning my cock, she abruptly got up and left without saying a word. I thought did this really happen or am I dreaming. But I knew I was not.

I did not leave my room for the rest of the day. I frankly did not know what to do. In the evening I could hear my Dad and Veronica talking followed by a soft knock on my door. I asked, who is there? I heard my dad say, Leroy are you all right, Veronica tells me you have not left your room all day. I’m okay I said. Good then come to dinner my dad said. I replied, be there shortly dad.

When I entered the dining room, I could smell my favorite dinner, roast beef and sweet potato fries with a crisp green salad. Dad was sitting at the table with Veronica standing behind him wearing a big grin. Dad said Veronica wanted to surprise you with your favorite meal now sit down and enjoy. I sat down followed by Veronica. With dad sitting at the head of the table, Veronica sat down next to me.

I was reluctant, but finally worked up the courage to ask Dad how long have you known each other. His response was surprising, we met in Vegas last week and it was love at first sight. I have been longing for companionship for quite some time and when I met Veronica, I was smitten. My thoughts were, yeah right, some cocksucking whorish companionship, but I did not say anything. Dad continued saying I love Veronica very much and I’m sure when you get to know her, you will love her to.

I had to admit the food looked very appetizing and I began digging in, when I felt a foot touch mine. I was a bit taken back, but continued to eat acting as if nothing was happening. The foot began rubbing my lower leg and was followed by a hand in my lap. I couldn’t help it but my cock began to swell. As my cock continued to grow, the hand began to slowly rub my cock. Damn what was happening? I looked up and saw my dad enjoying his meal with a contented look on his face. All the while Veronica continued to rub my leg and cock. Without warning my cock erupted in my pants and I shuddered hoping my dad would not notice. I looked at Veronica and she had the most wicked smile on her face as she said, Paul I think Leroy and I will be great friends. Little ka├žak iddaa did I understand the significance of her remark.

After dinner I retreated to my room, but soon my dad came to my door and ask me to join him and Veronica in the family room.

When I arrived in the family room, I was surprised to see that Veronica was not there. I blurted out Dad why did you marry her? How could you after only knowing her for only a few days? He responded that he had been extremely lonely and that Veronica took that lonely feeling from him. For the first time he mentioned that although she was 10 years older, he felt an immediate connection. My dad is 26 years older than me so that would make Veronica at least 36 years older than me almost enough to be my grandmother. My thoughts were that she had fucked his brains out and that he was merely thinking with his dick when he married her. I asked dad if it had been a lack of sex that had driven him to marry a woman he hardly knew. He admitted that sex with her had been exquisite, but was not the reason he married her. He said it was the lack of companionship and loneliness and she fixed those issues plus he liked her.

With that Veronica entered the room and said she was so glad that we had the opportunity to talk and air any issues that had arisen as a result of the quick marriage and my shock at finding my dad had married to a woman that I did not know. She talked so smoothly I realized my dad had married a charmer, but did he know she was a sexual predator. A predator that had suck his son’s cock and rubbed it to orgasm during dinner. I thought not.

Dad and Veronica carried most of the conversation and I listened and nodded. When dad felt I was mollified, he dropped a bomb. He had just been informed that he had to make an emergency business trip to visit a key client of his company. I asked if Veronica would be going with him and he said no it was not possible. He then added it would be a chance for Veronica and I to get to know each other better. Veronica readily agreed. He said he would be leaving very early in the morning as he had an early flight. With that I made my excuses and went to my room.

The next morning I awoke with the wet feeling of a mouth on my cock. I opened my eyes and saw Veronica bobbing up and down on my cock, which was throbbing in her hot mouth. Then for the first time in my life I knew what it was like to be deep throated as my hot cum spurted into her mouth and throat. She continued to suck the last remaining drops of cum from my now deflating cock. My stepmother was a superb cocksucker.

She stood up and removed her nightgown displaying a slightly over weight body with huge sagging tits. As my gaze moved downward I spied a totally shaved bald pussy with huge lips with a protruding clitoris. I had never seen a clit sticking out of a cunt before. I was starring when she moved her hot cunt up over my head and started lowering it toward my mouth. Suck she said, suck! Without a second thought I stuck my tongue ka├žak bahis in her pussy lips as her large clit entered my mouth. I instinctively sucked it into my mouth like a small cock. As I continued to suck and lick I heard her moan and then get very vocal and loud. I don’t know how long I worked her cunt with my tongue and mouth till she shuddered and came hard with her juices flowing on my tongue and then on my face. She fell over in the bed continuing to shake from her orgasm.

I jumped out of bed and ran to the shower and turn on the water to hot. I was just starting to feel the effects of the hot water when Veronica entered the shower stall. She said do you know that you have not fucked me yet. Here was my Dad’s new wife of less than a week naked in a shower with me. She had just sucked me off and I had eaten her pussy to climax and my head was swirling as she grabbed my cock and began stroking it. She said, I want this bad boy in my pussy and I want it quick. She then reached with her spare hand and grabbed me around the neck pulling my head down to hers and started kissing me forcing her tongue into my mouth. As she French kissed me, I could feel my cock growing once again as she continued to stroke me.

Pulling me closer to her she directed my now hard cock to the entrance to her pussy and said, now fuck me. I thrust forward and upward and could feel my cock sliding through the big lips of her pussy as I entered her fuck channel. She was tight but very well lubricated from her recent orgasm and I began fucking back and forth in her pussy until I was balls to the wall deep. I stopped momentarily and held my cock deep in her pussy and then began a steady fucking motion. I began to pick up the pace as Veronica began fucking back till we reached a furious pace. She had gotten very vocal and loud, just like when I first heard my dad fucking her.

She said in a very loud voice, oh yes, I have wanted your big cock ever since your dad and I caught you jacking off. I surprised myself by saying, well now you have it you fucking whore. God I hated this woman all the while I was fucking her. She screamed I’m cumming and that tipped me over the edge and I blew my load deep in her cunt.

I held my cock deep in her pussy and was thinking what happens next. What happens till my dad comes home and what happens after he comes home.

As I relaxed I could feel my deflated cock slipping from her pussy. I moved away from her and she said now that is what I call a good fuck. I quickly cleaned my cock and balls, turned off the water and got out of the shower and made a dash for my bedroom.

All night I twisted and turned trying to sleep as my mind tried to figure out what had happened to me these last two days. Finally near morning I fell fast asleep.

I slept till almost 10:00AM and when I woke, the realization of what had occurred in the two past days came rushing back. The mere thought of it made me shake and shudder. Although I had the best sex of my limited experience, I was mortified by the thought it was with my dad’s new bride and my stepmother. What was going to happen next? What was going to happen when dad comes home? What was going to happen till he comes home? Little did I know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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