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Stephanie Is Grateful

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I’ve been friends with Bill and Stephanie for a long time. They are both friends of mine. I don’t consider Stephanie just “Bill’s wife.” She is just as much my friend as he is. Bill and Stephanie are full fledged swingers now. They have invited me into their bedroom one time in the past, and I continue to fantasize about possibilities in the future.

Stephanie and I have a relationship where we mostly communicate through text messaging on our cel phones. Lately, she has been texting me very little, but has told me that she and Bill have been arguing a lot. Apparently, the arguments have been very nasty. I hope they work out their problems, because they’ve only been married a short time, maybe 2 years at the most.

Anyway, Stephanie texted me the other day and asked if I knew anyone who had a treadmill or elliptical machine for sale. I have a treadmill that was given to me years ago, which just collects dust in my garage. So, I texted her back and let her know she can have mine.

“Awesome! How much do I owe you and when can I pick it up?”

I replied, “You can pick it up after 6pm. You don’t owe me anything, but I’ll accept sexual favors LOL.”

“I’ll let you know when I can pick it up and I’ll make good on those favors LOL.”

I got home that night at about 6pm. Shortly after, Stephanie texted me to let me know Bill was in class tonight and that she was on her way over to get the treadmill.

Stephanie knocked on my door about 7. She was wearing an old mechanics jumpsuit that was way too big for her, she had no make up on and her dirty blonde hair was up in a ponytail. I greeted her with a hug and told her to come inside while I put my shoes on.

Stephanie is an amazing looking woman and I’ve never seen her dressed down like this, but she was still so incredibly hot! We talked while I put my shoes on. While we talked, I tried to check her out without being too obvious. She’s 5-4, 105 lbs, long hair and green eyes. Stephanie has the most amazingly tight little body with big fake tits. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to look at since she was wearing that jumpsuit. But, having already seen what she looks like underneath that suit, my thoughts were getting me all wound up.

I finished tying my shoes and we both went out to my garage. We spent about 10 minutes standing in the garage, talking about her earlier text and the problems she’s been having with Bill. My experiences with Bill is that he is very hard headed and is sometimes difficult to deal with. Bill and I have been friends for such a long time that Stephanie feels she can talk to me about issues involving him.

I rolled the treadmill down the driveway and we both lifted it into the bed of Bill’s truck. I dusted off my hands and gave Stephanie a hug to say goodbye. konak escort She hugged me back, but asked to use my bathroom before heading home.

I said, “Sure.”

We walked back into the house and she went straight to the bathroom. I sat down on the couch and switched on the Monday Night Football game, Saints vs. Patriots. A few minutes later, Stephanie came into the living room and sat down on the couch next to me.

We made a little small talk and then suddenly Stephanie said, “Now, about your payment.”


Stephanie asked, “What do you want as payment for the treadmill?”

“I’m giving you the treadmill Steph”, I said.

There was an uncomfortable silence between the two of us. It seemed like a few minutes, but in reality it was probably only a few seconds.

Stephanie looked me in the eyes, smiled and asked, “How about a lap dance?”

I got a big smile on my face, pushed myself back into the couch and sat straight up. I reached over to the TV remote and turned the game off.

Stephanie stood up and turned toward me. She slowly plopped her knees onto the couch, straddling my legs with hers as she faced me. She lowered her hips down, sitting directly on my lap. I looked up at her and saw her smiling, looking for my reaction as her big, beautiful tits were staring me in the face. She continued to watch me as she slowly unzipped her jumpsuit just a few inches, revealing her cleavage.

She began to slowly grind her hips into my lap. She leaned forward with her hands on top of my couch and planted her cleavage directly into my face. My cock began to grow.

She asked, “Do you like this?”

I didn’t answer.

She said, “Thank you for the treadmill.”

I muffled, “Anything for you Stephanie.”

Stephanie moved off my lap, stood up and turned away from me. She looked back and guided herself back onto my lap. She laid back against my chest, putting her face next to mine.

She asked again, “Do you like this?”

I couldn’t contain myself any longer! I reached up with both hands and grabbed her beautiful tits. I cradled them and pushed them upward. They felt so soft and full! My cock was now completely hard, and it was obvious that Stephanie could feel it. Her grinding became increasingly more intense and it appeared she was focusing on grinding her amazing pussy directly onto my raging hard on.

The only thing I could think of was that I finally had this beautiful woman all to myself. Even though it was only a lap dance, it didn’t matter to me. I have been pining over Stephanie for so long, it was just nice to be alone with her.

Stephanie quietly moaned as she continued to grind me. I found the zipper on her jumpsuit and slowly began to unzip it. I expected her to stop me at some point, but she didn’t, so I continued unzipping.

I grabbed the opening of the jumpsuit and pulled it completely open, fully exposing both of her breasts. Her nipples were hard and standing at attention. It had been over a year since I saw them last, and forgot how beautiful they really are! I again cradled her tits, this time with my bare hands. They felt so delicious!

Stephanie started breathing audibly as her hips continued their attack on my lap. I could clearly feel the meat mound of her pussy rubbing back and forth on my cock with every movement she made. She was clearly stroking my hard cock without the use of her hands, and I could feel my wetness as the head of my cock begin to leak profusely!

“This is better than money, right?” she asked rhetorically. “I can feel your cock. It’s making me wet.”

I figured now was a perfect time to feel her wetness, so I slowly removed my right hand from her breast. I ran my hand down her chiseled belly and onto her pussy. I expected to find panties on the way down, but she wasn’t wearing any!

I moved my fingers up and down the length of her pussy as her soft labia squished between my fingers. I could feel her juices begin to gather and smear on her pussy lips with every movement of my hand. Her clit was getting bigger as 2 of my fingers moved into her sopping wet cunt. Stephanie quickly sucked air into her mouth as I pushed my fingers all the way inside of her. The inside of Stephanie’s pussy felt so warm and wet!

I applied gentle pressure and rubbed my fingers directly onto her G-Spot, feeling her body twitch as I caressed her washboard ever so gently. I moved my wet fingers out of her pussy and onto her clit, and then back inside her again. I continued until I had her hips moving on all axis. Her breathing picked up and she began to moan loudly. I felt like I was about to cum just by putting my fingers inside this woman! I have never been this turned on by any woman in all my life and I was relishing in the short time that I had with Stephanie.

“I need to taste you!”, I stated with authority.

Stephanie quickly moved off my lap and stood up in front of me.

Stephanie smiled and said, “This is not about me. This is about your payment.”

She pulled the jumpsuit off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor! Her incredible naked body was now standing directly in front of me. This is the body which I would literally give my left nut to look at every single day!

Stephanie leaned forward and softly kissed me on the lips. Her kiss took me by surprise because kissing is one of Bill’s rules during swinging and is strictly prohibited. But, I accepted her kiss.

She grabbed onto the front of my pants and found my zipper, quickly unzipping my pants. I lifted my butt off the couch as she forcefully yanked my pants down, boxers and all! She walked backward with the waistband of my pants in her hands until they were turned inside out. She quickly removed them completely, exposing my naked lower half to her. Her eyes immediately focused on the intense stream of pre-cum which was pouring out of the head of my fully erect cock.

She quickly went to her knees in front of me and threw her lips onto the head of my hard cock. She slurped the pre-cum into her mouth, cleaning it all off and not wasting a drop. She parted her lips and pushed my entire shaft deep into her throat. She placed her left hand onto my hard shaft and began sucking and stroking me with a vengeance! Her hand and mouth moved in unison, up and down my entire cock. Her amazing lips and wet hand felt like smooth velvet on my shaft!

I grabbed the back of her head with both of my hands and she continued giving me head. Her right hand moved between my legs and found my balls, squeezing them tight as her left hand continued to find my ever so sensitive cock head with every stroke.

It didn’t take long until I could feel the sensations of a hard orgasm quickly approaching. I put my hands on the couch and uncontrollably thrust my hips upward. Stephanie continued her steady movements and even tightened her grip on my balls. It felt so fucking amazing!

“I’m gonna cum!!!!!!!!”

I expected Stephanie to move off my cock, but she continued her relentless cock sucking! At this point, it was humanly impossible to stop the inevitable! My hips thrust upward a few more times as I could feel my orgasm climb quickly up my cock shaft.

Without delay, I dumped volley after volley of sperm into Stephanie’s mouth. She did not let up! Stephanie continued stroking and sucking! Stroke after aggressive stroke, over and over! My cock head was so sensitive, but I didn’t want to tell her to stop! Stephanie’s movements slowed, but she stroked my cock and gripped my balls until my scrotum was completely empty!

Stephanie rose up between my legs with a mouthful of cum. She moved up to my face and opened her mouth slightly. Cum began pouring out of her mouth and down her chin. She moved her face to mine and began to kiss me passionately, swapping my cum back and forth between us. The taste of my own cum was incredible and we didn’t stop kissing until we had both helped in swallowing my entire load.

“You are amazing!”, I told her.

Stephanie retrieved the jumpsuit from my living room floor, quickly stepped into it and zipped it back up.

“I should probably get going before Bill gets home”, she said.

I just sat there, watching Stephanie walk toward my front door. She opened the door, paused and looked back at me with a beautiful smile.

“Thanks again for the treadmill”, she said as she closed the door behind her.

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