Steamy Encounter

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It’s been in the low 90’s for more than a week now, with over 80% humidity – enough to make even the heartiest flower wilt. I sigh in frustration because the air conditioner just died yesterday.

I’m sitting in the living room with a fan turned on high. It’s so hot, that I’m only wearing panties and a tank top in an effort to stay at least somewhat comfortable. Even so, the tank top is sticking to my body, soaked with my own perspiration, my breasts clearly outlined in the thin fabric.

Trying to cool off, I take a piece of ice out of my half empty glass and begin to rub it down my throat. The chill from the ice causes my nipples to harden almost painfully. Moaning softly at the sensation, I take the ice and rub it across my nipples, through my tank top. I gasp as my body arches a little at the feeling.

“Mmmm… damn that feels soooo good.”, I whisper softly to myself with my eyes partially closed, enjoying the sensation.

“Hmmm. It does, does it?”, I hear a masculine voice say.

My eyes fly open upon hearing your words. My gaze meets yours as I smile and say, “Indeed it does baby, why don’t you come make it feel even better.”

“I think I’ll just take you up on that offer. You know how much I love your body”, you answer in a husky voice.

I can already see the evidence of your arousal as you walk towards me. I take the half melted piece of ice and lick it seductively, my eyes glued on your crotch. I see the tell-tale jump, as your body responds to my actions.

“Oh, you liked that didn’t you?”, I ask as I look up into your eyes.

You respond by kneeling in front of me, taking my right breast in your hand and leaning down to gently bite the hard nipple, your left hand pinching the nipple of my left breast. I gasp and moan loudly. You look at me and grin, saying “As much as you enjoyed that baby.”

“You never cease to amaze me hon. Kiss me… please.” I beg in a husky voice, taking your face between my hands and pulling you to me. Our lips meet, mouths opening against each others, our tongues entwine in that age old dance.

I wrap my arms around you, pulling you closer, your body between my spread legs. I can plainly feel your hard cock pressing against me. You slide your hands behind me and pull me closer to the edge of the couch, your cock pressing even harder against my soft mound. Our kiss deepens as our bodies press together.

Your hands slowly slide around to my sides and underneath my tank-top, and slowly you lift it upwards, baring my breasts. You pull back to admire them. I raise my arms and you lift the top over my head and toss it to the side. Then, taking one breast in each hand, you begin licking and sucking them. First one, then the other, nipping, sucking and biting them.

My body arches into your mouth as you worship my breasts. My hands begin to fumble for your tie, pulling it loose. I begin unbuttoning your shirt, my hands roaming over your chest, pinching your nipples as you lavish attention on mine.

Slowly, you pull back. “Hmmm… I’m thirsty hon, let me have some of that drink you’ve got there.” Handing you the glass, I watch you, while my hands continue to fondle your chest. You tip the glass back and take a swallow, and I notice a small ice cube slide into your mouth. I also notice, that it didn’t slide back out. You smile softly and hand the glass back to me and I place it back on the table. I grin mischievously as you move back towards my breasts, trying to brace myself for the shock. You grab my breast and, opening your mouth, suck my nipple in. The coldness from the ice cube instantly makes my nipple rock hard and I moan loudly.

“Oh Michael…”, I say in a quivering voice.

You pull back from that breast and immediately move to the other. Sucking the nipple hard, the coldness from the ice cube causing the same reaction. You pinch the other nipple hard causing me to gasp and then moan loudly.

My hands reach down between our bodies as I quickly unfasten your belt and your pants. The head of your cock sticking up from the waist of your boxers. My fingers begin exploring your cock, as you continue your exploration of my breasts. Pushing your boxers down as much as I can, your hands release my breasts, although your mouth stays firmly in place, as you help lower your pants and boxers around your knees.

You moan against me when you feel my finger gently slide across the precum at the head of your cock. My finger smears it around the head of your cock, gently flicking it with my fingernail. My hand wraps around the head of your cock and starts to stroke it.

Your breath quickens as you reach between my legs. Pressing your hand against my wet panties, you rub gently. You begin kissing your way down, across my chest and my stomach. You stop, just above my pelvis and nip and kiss me gently.

“Carol, canlı bahis you smell so delicious. Your pussy is so wet and hot. I just want to eat it up.”

“Mmmm, time for an afternoon snack, Michael.” I say as I smile down at you.

Lifting my hips slightly off the couch, you pull my panties off of me, burying your face between my legs as you do. You begin nipping and licking my fat pussy lips. You grab my ass firmly and pull me so that I’m sitting on the very edge of the couch. My pussy wide open for your mouth.

My hands grip the edge of the couch tightly as you plunge your face into my pussy. Your tongue caressing my clit, circling it, sucking it, then moving down to lap at my wetness. Your tongue thrusting in and out of my pussy.

“God Carol, your pussy tastes so good.” you whisper before diving back in to continue tongue fucking me. You lift my legs and put them over your shoulders as I reach down and entwine my fingers in your hair, pulling you deeper into my hot wet pussy.

“Michael… Ohhhhh Michael… I’m going to cum soon…” I manage to gasp out. My heart pounding, my breath coming in short gasps, my body quivering like an over-tight bow string, ready to snap.

When you hear those words, you move your lips up to my clit. You pull back long enough to say, “Yes Carol, cum in my mouth, cum baby, let me taste it.”

My moaning becomes louder as you suck my clit, then, you plunge two fingers into my pussy and start finger fucking me. I scream your name. “Michael!!! Ooooooohhhhhh… I’m cummming..” As my body arches into you, every muscle locking up as my orgasm takes me, you continue to finger fuck me and suck my clit, as my orgasm just continues to build in intensity. Then, feeling the cum starting to squirt from my pussy, you remove your fingers and replace them with your tongue. Lapping up the cum that is coming from my pussy, drinking it all down. I can hear your muffled voice saying “Oh yeah baby, cum in my mouth. Mmmmm..yessssss” while you continue to slurp, lick and suck my pussy.

When I collapse back on the couch, you look up at me, your face gleaming wet with my cum, my fingers still entwined in your hair. I tug upwards and you rise, leaning against me, I begin to lick my cum from your face, then kiss you passionately. You return the kiss with equal fervor. I can feel the head of your cock pressing against my clit and I wiggle my hips, rubbing against you. You moan into my mouth.

I reach down and grab your cock and rub it against my throbbing, soaking wet pussy, liberally smearing the head of your cock with my pussy juices. Then, wrapping my arms around you, I begin to twist, turning, so that you are on the couch and I am on top of you.

I let the head of your cock continue to rub against my clit for a moment, enjoying the sensation on my sensitive clit. Then, I begin kissing down your body. Starting at your face, I place little wet kisses all over it, moving down to your neck, I kiss, bite and suck on it. Then I move down across your chest, stopping to pay homage to your nipples, one by one, biting and sucking them to hard little nubs. Your hands resting on my shoulders, you push downwards gently. I resist, taking my time, feeling the pounding of your heartbeat in your chest, feeling the rise and fall of your chest, reveling in the fevered desire I’ve stirred your senses to.

Slowly, I begin to work my way downward again, licking and kissing across your stomach, then across your left thigh, down the calf of your leg, then moving to the right leg and working my way back up slowly. Licking your inner thighs, my hair brushes over your cock, but nothing else touches your hardness. I can feel the heat radiating from it.

Then, looking up into your eyes, I tell you, “Michael, I so want to taste this cock of yours. I love the taste of it, I want it, I need it!” Then, moving my head downward, my eyes still locked with yours, I run my tongue over your cock, tasting my own juices on it along with the precum leaking from the tip.

“Mmm, yummy.” I say, then taking the head of your cock into my mouth, I begin sucking it. Swirling my tongue around it. I slowly raise and lower my head, letting my teeth lightly graze the corona. I reach my hand between your legs and begin fondling your balls as I slowly begin to take more of your cock into my mouth. I feel the head of your cock hitting the back of my throat as I bob up and down on it.

“Yes Carol. Mmmmmmm, damn that feels so good baby.”

Slowly I raise my head and whisper “I’m glad you like the way I suck your big hard cock ,Michael.” Then, returning to your cock, I begin licking the shaft, sucking the head, kissing and nipping it gently. With my hands still fondling your balls, I raise one to my lips. My tongue flicks out and licks one, then the other. Then, taking one ball bahis siteleri between my lips, I suck it into my mouth, my tongue caressing it while I suck softly on it.

You let out a loud moan as your hips thrust towards me.

“Oh Carol! Oh baby! Yes, suck my balls baby. Lick them and suck them. Damn it feels sooooooo good.”

Grasping your cock in my hand I start stroking it slowly, still sucking and licking your balls. Slowly, I let your ball fall from my mouth as I move lower and begin nipping, licking and sucking on the ridge of flesh behind your balls. My hand starts moving faster on your cock, rubbing it right at the ridge of your head.

“OHhhhhhh Carol!!!!” You thrust uncontrollably as I move back up and take the head of your cock in my mouth again. “Oh yeah baby, let me fuck your face.” as you thrust your hard cock in and out of my mouth.

Suddenly, you grab my hair and pull me off your cock.

“Carol I just have to fuck that hot pussy of yours.”

You grab me by my waist and lift me up, settling me so that I am straddling your lap, the head of your rock hard cock at the entrance of my dripping wet pussy. I reach down, rubbing the head of your cock on my clit and between my wet pussy lips.

Slowly, I begin to lower myself on your cock, feeling you fill me inch by inch. Your hands reach up and grab my tits, squeezing them as I rise and lower myself on your cock. Loving the feeling of your cock sliding in and out, I start moving a little faster.

“Mmmmmm Michael. Your cock is soooo big in my pussy.” I whisper softly

“Carol, your pussy is soo tight on my cock, it feels so damn good. I want you to cum on my cock baby.”

Your hands grasp my waist and begin raising and lowering me faster on your cock. Thrusting upwards with each downward stroke. I start slamming my pussy on your cock, my breath coming faster. I grasp my breasts and hold them towards your mouth. You take one nipple and bite it, then move to the next one.

“Oh. Michael! Ohhhh”

“Yes Carol, cum on my cock baby, I want to feel your pussy juices running down my balls!”

“Michael!!!!!” I yell your name.

“Oh, Michael, cum with me baby, I’m gonna cum. Oh! I’m gonna cum baby, cum with me, pump your hot cum into my pussy.”

“Oh yeah baby, cum on my cock.”

My body begins to tremble, I slam myself down as you thrust upwards. We both yell out together.


Our bodies locked in mutual orgasm, your cock squirts its hot cum into my pussy, as my pussy gushes all over your cock.

Gasping for breath, I collapse on you and feel you wrap your arms gently around me. Our bodies are drenched with sweat, both of us breathing heavily. Gently I kiss your neck.

Softly, I whisper in your ear. “What a way to make the most of dealing with this “heat”.” and then I giggle softly.

“Mmmhmmm. Couldn’t have thought of a better way, my dear.” as you kiss me softly on the side of my forehead.

Unable to control my impulses, I begin to nibble and kiss your neck. I begin to notice that your cock, which was softening and beginning to slip from my pussy, is thickening and growing inside of me again and I smile.

You begin kicking your feet gently, your pants falling off your ankles. I giggle when I realize that they’ve been around your ankles this whole time.

“Wow, honey, I forgot those were still there.” I say in a cheeky voice.

“Huh, well so did I until now.” you answer with suppressed mirth.

Your hands begin caressing down my back, gently massaging it as you move lower. Then you grasp my ass in both hands. You begin to lean forward and, next thing I know, I’m being carried, with your cock still deep inside of me, into the bedroom. I continue to nuzzle at your neck as you carry me. My tongue caressing you, my teeth biting you softly.

You enter the bedroom and gently climb up on the bed, on your knees. Letting your hands slide up my back, you slowly lower me onto the bed, following my body with yours. Our “connection” never being lost.

Slowly, we begin exchanging soft gentle kisses, our tongues entwining, lips caressing. Slowly, I let my hands explore your body as your hands begin exploring mine. Soft moans fill the room as our passions begin rising again.

I wrap my legs around your waist as you begin moving in and out of my still wet pussy with slow even strokes. Still kissing softly, we begin to make gentle love. Our bodies’ initial urges satisfied, we take our time and enjoy the sensations we’re sharing with each other.

Your hands gently brush the hair from my face, our eyes locked, exchanging small tender kisses.

“Carol, you’re everything I’ve ever dreamed of baby…so hot and sexy… sweet and gentle.” you lean down and kiss me again, your tongue thrusting deep in my mouth.

“Oh Michael. You bahis şirketleri are a dream come true for me too baby. All my life I’ve searched for a man like you…a friend and soulmate… a superb lover who knows just where to touch me and how to turn me on.”

Slowly, our passions begin to rise again and you whisper softly in my ear. “Can I have your ass baby? I promise I’ll be gentle.”

I look into your eyes, and you can see the trepidation there, as I can see the desire mingled with concern in your eyes. I kiss you softly, relaxing, knowing that I’m safe with you. I smile up at you and say “Yes baby, fuck my ass.”

Reaching into the drawer of the nightstand, you pull out a bottle of lube. Pulling your cock from my pussy, you open the bottle. Before you can squeeze it into your palm, I put my hand above yours, and the lube fills the palm of my hand. You smile and stick two of your fingers into it, slicking the fingers up, as I begin to caress your cock with my hand, spreading the lube all over it, mixing the lube with my pussy juices.

With your other arm, you raise my leg up onto your shoulder, reaching down to rub your thumb on my clit. You place your fingers at my ass, rubbing them across my butt hole and lubing it up good. While still rubbing my clit with your thumb, you slowly slide one finger into my ass. I moan loudly as you begin fucking my ass with your finger. When you’re sure I’m used to it you begin pulling your finger almost all the way out, you press your second finger to my asshole. Pushing gently until it slides in next to the first, resting it there until I become accustomed to it, then, slowly sliding it in deeper. All the while, my hand is still stroking your hard lubed cock.

“Oh yeah baby, mmmm, that feels soo good, fuck my ass baby.”

At that, you slowly ease your fingers out and place the head of your cock at my asshole. Pushing oh so gently, yet firmly, I feel my ass opening wider, the head of your cock slowly sliding in.

“Ohhhhh! Michael!” I moan.

You pause, concern in your eyes. “You ok baby? Want me to stop?”

“Oh no baby, it feels gooooooood, keep pushing baby, please.”

Then, I feel a slight “pop” as the head of your cock completely enters me. You pause, resisting the urge to thrust it in deeper. Holding my ankle in your hand, you push my leg up further, opening me wider. You begin caressing my leg with your other hand, massaging my inner thigh and my calf, licking my leg with your tongue. Your finger reaches for my clit and begins rubbing it as gently you begin pushing your cock deeper into my ass, inch by slow inch.

“Mmmichealllll.. Oh my GOD that feels sooo good! Your cock is filling my asshole up completely.”

Finally, you are fully in my ass and you begin to slowly thrust, in and out, taking your time, still rubbing my clit and licking, kissing and sucking my leg. You bend my leg at the knee and start licking my toes, nibbling and sucking on them, as your cock slides in and out of my tight asshole.

“Oh Michael, do you like my ass baby? Is it good enough for you baby?”

“Carol, it’s more than just good baby. Everything about you is great. Your ass is sooo nice and tight baby.”

“Michael, fuck me harder please. Damn it just feels sooooo good!”

Leaning forward slightly, you reach just under the edge of the pillow and pull out my little vibe. Placing it between my pussy lips, you ram it deep inside me, as your cock plunges into my ass. Using your thumb, you dial it up to high and match it’s thrusts to the thrust of your cock in my ass.

“OOOOOOOOOOHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Michaelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. Fuck me baby oh my god yes fuck me ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

“You like being fucked in your pussy and ass at the same time, don’t you baby?”


“I want to feel you cum baby, while I’m fucking both of your holes.”

You push my leg back further, my knee almost touching my face, as your big hard cock fucks my ass while my vibe is fucking my pussy. My moans are loud, my head thrashing back and forth, my breath coming in gasps of ecstasy.

“That’s it baby, cum for me, cum on my big hard cock.”

“Ooohhhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Michael… ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessss… Oh my god Michaellllllll… Cum in my ass baby… Cum with meeeeee… oh my god I’mmmm… cummmmminnnnnnngggggggggggggg”

My body spasms out of control, the sensations in my ass just amplify my orgasm, I’m cumming so hard there’s cum dripping from my pussy.

“That’s it baby, cum for me..”

You continue to thrust, two, three, four times… the fifth time, you ram into me, your cock squirting cum deep into my ass as you scream my name.

“Oohhhh Carrrrrollllllllllll I’m cumming in your asssssss babyyyyyyyyy. Uuuggghhhhhhhhhhhh”

Our passions mutually spent, you remove the vibe from my pussy. You lay down next to me, take me in your arms and pull me close as we whisper soft sweet words to each other.

Slowly, your cock slips from my ass, as we fall asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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