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Spreading The Wealth

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Jimmy and I were prioritizing the outgoing jobs for the rest of the afternoon when we were joined by Terry from the front office. Terry was one of the salesmen and he frequently checked in with us in the warehouse to insure that we could fill his orders … or just to shoot the breeze.

“Hey, guys, how’s it going?” Terry asked.

“Okay, so far,” I responded, a little wary that he might be planning to drop a major project on us and thus screw up the schedule. “How about up front?”

“Aw, its pretty slow right now. What with all the downtime by the Big Three, there’s not much going on.”

“Well, we’ve still got enough to keep us busy,” Jimmy inserted. “I got to get going or we’ll be working late today.”

Terry said, “Hey, before you go … I had thought it might be a good evening for you guys to come over after work and you guys can help me test out my new pool. I just got it up and running and it needs swimmers. Gina will fix us something for dinner and we could enjoy a quiet evening. Interested?”

I looked at Jimmy, who shrugged and nodded, so I said, “Sure, Terry, sounds great. It’s been a hot one out here and a cool dip would be nice.”

Fortunately no other orders filtered down the rest of the afternoon. I finished the paperwork by four o’clock and climbed on the other Hi-Lo to help Jimmy load the last of the orders into the overnight trucks. We finished and parked the forklifts right at 5:25, not a bad day for us even if the company was hurting a little because of the slack time. We both knew it would pick back up in less than two weeks.

Because Jimmy and I live in the same general vicinity, we always carpooled to work and this was my week to drive. So we piled into my pickup and headed to Terry’s house out in the northwest suburbs. At that time of day, Atlanta traffic is always horrendous and this was no exception. It was almost seven o’clock before we pulled into Terry’s driveway.

Terry met us at the front door. He had already changed into his swim trunks and was impatient to get into the water. He led us into a guest bedroom and pulled out a drawer loaded with various swimsuits for men and graciously invited us to use any of them we wanted.

When we were dressed, Terry guided us to the back of the house into the den. Gina was working in the kitchen, putting out a tray of lunch meats and cheeses and another of fresh dipping veggies. Jimmy and I greeted Gina with a light hug and kiss on the cheek and thanked her for inviting us over.

I had to turn quickly to the light buffet she had prepared for us to get my mind off our hostess. She too was already dressed for the pool, wearing a string bikini that barely covered her lush assets: large but still “out-standing” breasts, a small waist, a firm round bottom, and long shapely legs, all topped by a gorgeous face and long blonde hair. Just the short hug had caused my cock to start growing stiff in my swim trunks and there was not much room for it to grow before it would become obvious.

I was not a good judge of person’s age but if I were to bet, I would bet that Gina was at least ten years younger than Terry and maybe more. I wondered how he had snagged such a beauty but I also knew that strange things attracted one person to another. I had no doubt what attracted Terry to Gina but wondered about the other way around.

Making a quick sandwich to dull the hunger, I grabbed a can of Coke and stepped out onto the deck. Apparently the sales job Terry had was paying well … commissions, I supposed … because not only was the house very nice, but the back yard was impressive. There was a large deck with a built in hot tub but now, since the last time I had seen it, there was a nice sized kidney-shaped in-ground swimming pool.

The others had gradually joined me and we made short work of the sandwiches. The shimmering blue water looked so inviting and cool that we couldn’t wait to get into the water. One by one we got into the shimmering pool. I loved the cooling feeling on my hot skin.

For the first half hour, we bobbed around and talked, mostly about work. Gina seemed genuinely interested in where our products went and how we worked to make sure they arrived “Just in time” for the end users. It must have bored her to death but she didn’t show it.

Then Terry produced a volleyball and we split into teams and played a mixture of beach volleyball and water polo with few rules and a lot of laughter and jumping around. Every so often we swapped partners until everyone had played on a team with everyone else..

My last partner was Gina and to my chagrin, touching seemed to be unavoidable. We would both dive for the same ball and I would wind up with a handful of her leg or bottom or a couple of times I got a handful of her lush tits. Each time I would apologize but she just laughed it off. She didn’t apologize when she grabbed my ass … or the three times she came up with a handful of my family jewels. It would have been embarrassing to show gaziemir escort my erection if it hadn’t been underwater.

I was surprised to realize that the sun was low on the western horizon when Gina said that she was getting cool and was going to the hot tub. We all watched her beautiful bottom as she walked out of the pool and swayed up the deck and slipped into the tub. A few minutes later Terry followed her and invited Jimmy and me to join them.

When I climbed down the steps into the bubbling water, Gina and Terry were sitting neck-deep in the churning water, on opposite sides of the tub. I plowed through the bubbles to the far side, leaving the near side for Jimmy.

I would not have thought I could have felt cool in the Georgia summer at that time of day but coming out of the relative coolness of the pool into the hot water of the hot tub made me realize that I had actually gotten cool and the hot water felt really great on my tired body. I settled back to relax, closed my eyes and let the tension drain into the water.

Several minutes later, I heard Terry say, “I love you” and opened my eyes to see him just inches away from Gina.

She whispered, “I love you too” and they kissed briefly. However Terry continued to hover just in front of Gina. Since they were right in front of both Jimmy and me, there wasn’t much we could do but watch.

Terry put his hands under Gina’s arms and lifted her until her large breasts seemed to float on top of the bubbling water. I couldn’t help but stare at the deep cleavage between the two evenly tanned globes. I felt my cock rising again as I thought about what it must be like to screw such a lovely bit of flesh.

“Doesn’t she have a great set of boobies, guys?” Terry asked, looking down at her jugs just below his nose.

“Oh, hush,” Gina said softly.

Instead Terry reached behind her and pulled the little bow that tied the top behind her and suddenly the little cloth was in his hand instead of around her hooters. He said, “See, they really are beautiful, don’t you think?”

Jimmy and I murmured our agreement at the same time, just as Gina jumped out of the tub, sitting on the edge of the deck.

“Oh, stop it, Terry,” she said but I thought her protest lacked conviction. At first she futilely tried to cover her boobs with her arms but then when it became obvious that she couldn’t really cover them even if she used both arms, she just dropped her arms to her sides. I gaped at the beautiful twins no more than two feet from my face. I was shocked that Terry would put his wife on display for Jimmy and me … and even more surprised that Gina didn’t really seem all that upset with him.

“I think she’s got the greatest set of jugs I’ve ever seen,” Terry averred. “Don’t you think they are gorgeous, guys?”

“Oh, yeah!” I responded with enthusiasm.

“Yeah, man!” Jimmy seconded.

“Oh, shit!” Gina said. “If you’ve seen one boob, you’ve seen them all.”

“Not so!” Terry exclaimed. “Some are more beautiful than others, right, Gene?”

“Absolutely!” I quickly concurred. “And those are the best I’ve ever seen!”

“See, hon,” Terry said. “I’ve been telling you that all along. You’ve got the best ones anywhere.”

Gina giggled, then said “I’m going to get something else to eat.”

She stood on the tub’s seat and started to turn around but Terry’s hand were quicker. Like lightening, he grabbed both bows on her hips and with a flash of cloth, she was as naked as a jaybird.

She mumbled something unintelligible but Terry pushed her so that she sat on the deck at the top of the tub. He said, “And look at this pretty little kitty, men. Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?”

He spread her legs so that her baby’s butt-bare pussy was spread for us to peruse. And, yes, I had to admit that it was as magnificent an offering as I had ever seen. I couldn’t help myself; I moved forward to get a better look, just as Jimmy did the same thing from the other side. I glanced at Terry but he was smiling approvingly as I nodded my agreement. Gina eased back until she was laying on the deck and there seemed to be no struggle from her to indicate that she objected to Terry’s actions.

“Get in there and get a taste of pure honey,” Terry said, holding her left leg while pushing her right leg toward me. I floated forward until I was face to “face” with Gina’s pretty little crevasse. True she was wet but was it the water from the hot tub? With another glance at Terry to insure that I had his permission, I lowered my face to her core and let my tongue lick the length of her slit.

There was no doubt that I tasted water. And there was no doubt that I tasted fresh pussy juice from a woman who was mentally hot and physically preparing for sexual activity, even if it might be an involuntary reaction. I swiped my tongue around the outside of her lovely opening and then slurped all the way from bottom to top.

Without taking my tongue out of her pussy, I glanced up to see Gina’s reaction. I thought she had been trying to cover her naked breasts again but … no, she was massaging them and pulling and twisting her nipples. I went back to the task at hand, eating her pussy.

With my tongue deep in her opening and probing all around, I heard Terry say, “Jimmy, get up there and let her suck your cock.”

I was vaguely aware of Jimmy scrambling out of the tub and when I looked up several seconds later, Gina was still pulling on her nipples but she had tilted her head back and had a mouthful of Jimmy’s cock, her cheeks testifying to the suction she was putting on his balls. I could only imagine what her tongue was doing to him.

I began to get serious about eating pussy, licking her opening, then teasing her clit over and over. Terry climbed out of the tub and lay beside Gina, pulling one of her hands away from her boob and placing it on his erection. She took the direction and began to stroke Terry’s cock, never missing a beat with Jimmy’s member in her mouth.

However after a few minutes she did put everything on hold while she shuddered through a strong climax that sent a fresh stream of sweet/tart pussy nectar gushing out onto my tongue. I lapped up her juices and searched everywhere for more until I was sure I had not overlooked any.

By then, I had pushed my trunks down to let my raging hard-on find a more comfortable position. I figured we’d gone this far so there must be no boundaries … at least not until they said so. I knelt on the tub’s bench and found that it was just right to put my cock and her pussy together. I spread her legs, guided my dong to her opening and eased inside.

If I expected any opposition, I was disappointed because there was none. Gina kept sucking Jimmy’s cock and stroking her husband’s member … and then signaled her approval by slipping her other hand between us and massaging my balls as I slowly moved in and out of her. Since she had given up working over her nipples, I took up where she left off, rolling them between my thumbs and forefingers for awhile, then pulling them away from her body until her tits were taut.

After a bit, I turned one hand and slid it between us, working my thumb around her mound and then into her crease until I could tickle her clitty. About twenty seconds of that sent her over the edge for the second time.

After the waves of pleasure eased off into the sunset, Gina began working harder on Jimmy and Terry while I went back to banging her pretty pussy. Terry was the next to climax, shooting his load mostly over the edge of the hot tub onto the deck and letting some of it splatter on his stomach, as guided by his wife’s hand.

Seconds after Terry finished dribbling the last of his cum, Jimmy groaned, threw back his head, and began to shoot his load down Gina’s throat. She kept sucking his cock, letting nary one drop escape, until Jimmy’s penis deflated and he almost fell on top of her as his muscles stopped functioning. I picked up the pace again, pumping harder and faster into Gina’s hot pussy and I felt her inner muscles clasp my shaft over and over as if trying to milk me. It worked and after a couple more minutes, my balls contracted and started pumping their load into her sweet cunt. Shortly after the first splash deep in her vagina, she stiffened again and quaked through her third orgasm.

With the four of us exhausted and laying on the deck in utter chaos, Gina said to Terry, “That was a surprise. What are you going to do now?”

Terry smiled at Jimmy, then me before turning back to Gina. “Well, with the help of these guys, we intend to give you the fucking you’ve always wanted. Right, guys?”

I didn’t know what Terry had in mind but Jimmy and I both chimed in with “Right, Terry.” If they were offering her body for our use, we’d be crazy to turn it down … and neither of us was crazy.

Gina’s face broke out in a wide grin, with a bit of a devilish glint to her eyes. “Oh, yeah? Well, I’ll bet I can outlast all three of you guys. But we’re going to go do it where its more comfortable. Let’s go to our bedroom.”

Before we could respond, Gina jumped off the deck and headed for the house, her naked butt swaying provocatively in the dying light. All three of us, equally naked, quickly followed.

I was the last one up the stairs and into the bedroom. By the time I got through the door, Gina was already ensconced on the bed, laying on her back as near to the center of the bed as she could get. She spread her legs and gave Terry a come hither look and he dove onto the end of the bed and buried his face in her open twat.

Jimmy and I took opposite sides of the bed and lay alongside Gina. She groped around and found our cocks and began to tease them while we both took the nearest tit and pulled it to our mouths for suckling. Terry must have been doing a pretty good job of cleaning my cum out of Gina’s pussy because she began to moan and squirm on the bed. She had her fourth orgasm of the night just after I stuck my tongue down her throat in an almost savage kiss, as we both tried to swab the tonsils of the other.

By the time Gina relaxed again, Terry was on his knees and pulled her legs up to his shoulders as he buried his cock in her pussy. As he started to rock in and out, she said “I want to taste your cock … NOW!”

I got up on my spread knees and propped a couple of pillows under her head so that she could reach my cock. She spent several minutes just licking and sucking my throbbing purple arrowhead before she began pushing down onto my shaft. Jimmy was still sucking on her tit while her hand slithered up and down his cock and he had added the twisting of her other nipple to his repertoire.

Several minutes after he started pumping her pussy, I noticed that Terry was also fingering her clitty while he worked and Gina began to moan. Soon after that, she stiffened again and quivered through her fifth orgasm, not quite as intense as some of the others but still enough to cause her to shake like she had a mild case of the chills.

Terry resumed fucking his beautiful wife with even more vigor but she pulled her head off my cock. She said, “Move around to the top of my head.”

I hoped I knew what that meant. I knee-walked around until I was above her on the bed, pulling the pillows out from under her head. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth and I eased my cock in. For a few moments, I fucked her mouth gently but her free hand snaked around my bottom and tugged at me to come closer so I began to ease more and more of my cock into her mouth.

I felt the head slide into the constriction of her throat. Gina almost coughed once and I was ready to back off but she kept up the pressure until I felt the head slip into her throat. She pulled me forward until I felt her lips close around the base of my cock. It felt magnificent. That was only the second time in my life that a woman had swallowed all of my member and I loved it.

Gina’s cheeks caved in as she sucked on my dong. I started rocking back and forth fucking her face. When I remembered that there were other people in the room, I looked around to see Jimmy lost in nursing on Gina’s tit, which was jiggling every which way from the motion of Terry’s pussy fucking and my pumping her face. Just as I looked up, Gina pulled Jimmy’s cock over to her stomach and he launched several streams of hot cum onto her body.

I looked down at Terry and only then realized how close we were. With me leaning over Gina’s face and Terry leaning forward as he fucked her pussy, our faces were less than a foot from each other. However Terry’s eyes were closed and he grunted something about cumming just as he stopped moving and held himself deep in her cunt. It was the most erotic scene I could think of … and just as quickly my balls began to shoot my load into Gina’s throat.

The combination of events seemed to trigger Gina’s sixth orgasm, so strong that she almost threw Terry off the end of the bed as she jerked her legs outward and pointed her toes. She must have really clenched her hand around Jimmy’s deflating cock because he jumped like he was shot. I felt her hand on my ass yank me toward her and her suction increased on my cock until it was almost painful. However it only lasted a few seconds and then everyone was gasping for air.

Gina climbed over us and trotted to the bathroom to pee. We heard water running and in a few minutes she returned all clean and freshened up. For the next half hour she lay among us laughing and cutting up. She had been laying on her side facing away from me and my cock began to harden brushing against her big round buttocks.

When the conversation lagged a bit, Gina asked, “Well, are you guys done for the night?”

I put an arm around her and said, “Not yet, sweetheart. How about a piece of your ass?”

I thought she would protest but she rolled over onto her stomach so she could reach the nightstand. She fished into the drawer and then stuck her hand back at me. In it was a tube of KY Jelly.

I generously slathered my cock. When I spread her buttocks, the puckered covering was already beginning to open as she worked to relax the big muscle. I worked a gob of lube into her with one finger, then two and finally three and loved that it didn’t close back when I removed my fingers. Quickly I moved forward over her prone body and eased my cock into her tight ass … it was still tight for my cock but she just gave out a low moan that expressed pleasure instead of pain.

For a few minutes I worked my cock in and out of her bowels, delighting in the feelings that the tight ring of muscle sent coursing up my body. Suddenly I remembered the other guys and an idea dawned.

Carefully I worked my legs under the outside edge of her legs until my feet were together. Just as carefully I slipped my arms under Gina just below her big boobs. Sensing that things were about to change, she looked over her shoulder and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Just going to make things more fun, babe,” I answered.

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