Ağu 31

Spa Adventure Pt. 02

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Part 2 of my birthday adventure with my hot, sexy bbw milf GF Beth.

Ch. 8

The three of us almost came at the same time. I let go of Beth’s wrists and she slowly slid off my cock. She collapsed on the table breathing hard, all covered in oil and sweat. As my cock slipped out of her asshole, it was still very thick and erect and shot one more massive load all the way up her back. I looked down at her asshole and it slowly started to close from the ass pounding I had just given her. Then I saw my cum begin to run out of her ass.

I had never fucked her ass like that before. My cock finally started to shrink after my second orgasm. I just fell back and sat on my calves exhausted, sweaty, and out of breath.

Tina sat up, hopped off the table and took two steps towards ours. She reached over and spread Beth’s ass cheeks apart. Tina then put her mouth right on Beth’s asshole and started to suck on it.

Beth jumped from the sensation of Tina’s mouth sucking and her tongue licking my cum that was running out of her asshole. Tina popped up for a moment.

“Sexy lady. Push. We want sexy boyfriends cum.” Tina asked Beth.

Beth looked back over her shoulder at Tina and I.

“Yes.” I repilied.

Tina dove back down on Beth’s asshole. She started to moan as Beth pushed my cum out of her ass into her eager mouth.

Beth then told her “That’s all.”

Tina licked Beth’s ass one more time causing Beth to shutter and moan. She walked over to Cindy and they started to snowball with my cum.

Beth and I turned to look at them. We watched silently as Tina and Cindy French kissed each other swapping my cum between them. Some of it slipped down on to Tina’s rack and Cindy dove down licked it up and then started to suck Tina’s nipple with it.

I reached down and started to gently rub Beth’s ass and I felt her shutter. She looked up at me and gave me her sex smile as I call it. I peeked at the wall clock in the room and the 90 minutes had already gone by.

We watched as Tina and Cindy continue to snowball until they had swallowed all of my cum with a smile of satisfaction on their faces.

Beth and I chuckled as did Cindy and Tina.

Tina looked at me as she started to rub her massive rack and asked. “Sexy boyfriend. Can sexy girlfriend fuck me with my toy?”

I didn’t answer but looked over at Beth. She slowly turned on her side as she put her head on her hand.

“Maybe…but…were…out…of…time…I…need…a…drink…and…vape…plus…its…extra…to…fuck…you…right?” Beth just blurted out.

Tina got a look on her face as she didn’t understand Beth’s response. Guess she had expected just a “yes” or “no” answer. She turned to Cindy as if looking for an answer.

Cindy answered Beth’s question. “No pay extra if sexy girlfriend fucks Tina. You no pay extra for longer session and we have good drinks.”

Then she asked what I was afraid she would. “What is vape? Never heard before.”

I looked over at Beth again. Waiting to see if she wanted me to answer or if she would.

We didn’t say anything, and Cindy asked, “Sexy couple what is vape?”

Beth softly said “Smoke…herbs.”

“Huh? What is herbs?” Cindy asked.

“You’ve…never…heard…of…herbs?” Beth asked in a surprised tone.

“It’s a special herbal medicine. It’s very old and popular with hippies.” I said.

Cindy got a big smile on her face. She turned to Tina and told her.

“I know that herbal medicine. Make you very relaxed. Eat lots of food, right?” Cindy replied.

“Yes.” Beth and I said at the same time.

“It…makes…sex…really…hot…too.” Beth told her.

Cindy told Tina what we just said, and Tina nodded approvingly and said something to Cindy.

“We would love to vape with sexy couple!” Cindy spoke up “I go get drink!” as she hopped off the table.

“Wait. My girlfriend hasn’t said yes or no.” I told Cindy causing her to stop in her tracks.

“If…I…do…this…we…set…all…the…rules…how…I’d…fuck…Tina…you…good…with…that?” Beth asked Cindy.

“What you mean?” Cindy asked.


“If you fuck Tina sexy boyfriend will tell you how?”


Cindy turned to Tina and told her. Tina thought about it for a bit and answered Cindy.

“Tina wants to know what you mean?” Cindy asked.

“Lets…show…her.” Beth told me. “I…know…you…brought…the…cuffs…to…use…on…me.”

I slowly slid off the table and walked over to my pants. I ordered Beth to get off the table and standup.

As I pulled out the soft cuffs from my pants my cock began to twitch and get hard again. I reached in my jacket pocket and pulled out the ball Bolu Escort gag. My cock was quickly getting hard again.

Beth was still laying down on the table.

“Get off the table.” I ordered Beth. “Once you’re off the table, bend over it, with your back to me, spread your legs, put your hands behind your back and close your eyes!”

“Yes…sir.” Beth slowly replied.

Cindy had moved back over next to Tina who was sitting on the other massage table. I looked over at them and they were transfixed watching Beth do as I told her. So much they didn’t even see what I was doing.

Beth slowly slid off the table and followed my orders. I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out the vibrating egg. I placed the items in my hands behind my back so none of them could see them.

I walked up behind Beth and my cock was raging hard again, as I stared at her, bent over the massage table, with her wide, ample, sexy ass and legs spread apart for me.

“I love it when you do what I ask you to do.”

“I…love…everything…you…do…to…me.” Beth moaned out again.

When I set the items on the table. Cindy and Tina couldn’t quite tell what they were.

I reached over, grabbed the blindfold and placed it over her eyes again. Then pressed my hard-on against her ass.

Beth groaned in delight feeling my monster hard-on press against her ass.

I put her wrists behind her back and secured them with the cuffs. As I grabbed the ball gag, both Cindy’s and Tina’s eyes instantly got huge when they saw it.

“Beth…” I said.

As soon as she started to say “Yes” I quickly shoved the ball gag in her mouth and secured it.

“I don’t want you to alert these nice ladies neighbors to all the fucking that’s going on here now do we?” I told her.

“nuh nuh” was all Beth could say thru the gag now.

As I grabbed the vibrating egg, Cindy had reached up and started to play with Tina’s massive rack. Tina’s eyes looked as they were about to pop out of her head the whole time.

I slipped my fingers down in between Beth’s legs and easily found her soaking wet pussy. She was a fountain from all the orgasms she’d had.

“Damn…I love it when you’re this fucking soaking wet.”

Beth moaned from my fingers playing with her pussy lips. Without warning I shoved the vibrating egg in her pussy. Fortunately, it was wireless so there weren’t any wires to get in the way.

Beth moaned louder.

“Now Tina. Normally Beth has used the herbal vape at least four times by this point. But she drank and vaped quite a bit before we got here. Also, right before you two walked in the room I gave her a special boost.” I told her. As she listened, I began to rub my fully erect cock all over Beth’s sexy ass. She let out a moan of delight.

Cindy very quietly translated to Tina what I just said. She looked at me and just nodded her head in agreement.

“Now Beth. Do you want me to fuck your ass or pussy? Nod your head up and down for ass and left to right for pussy. If you choose pussy, I’ll put the vibe in your ass. If you choose your ass I’ll leave the vibrator in your pussy.”

I wasn’t surprised when she nodded her head up and down. I grabbed the vibrator remote, turned it on and set it to full speed. As the vibe began to thrash in her pussy, I heard it begin to make its usual wet sounds.

Beth began to moan loudly thru the gag and started to sway her ass back and forth. I gave her a slap on her ass cheek with my cock. Tina and Cindy jumped from the smack.

“No moving that ass!” I told her.

“Now Tina I’m going to fuck sexy girlfriend in her ass. But she can’t come until I let her.”

Ch. 9

“Here we go Beth.” as I pressed my massive cock head against her asshole once again. I teased her for a moment before I impaled her on my massive rod.

My cock easily slipped up her ass this time. No resistance like all the other times before as she was very relaxed. As my cock head passed over the vibe in her pussy it twitched. I slipped my hands under her arms and placed them on her shoulders. I pulled her up and off the table with my cock buried in her ass.

“You better keep that vibe in your pussy. If it falls out, I’m going to stop.”

Beth just nodded her head in approval.

“Now watch and learn Tina.”

I began to fuck Beth’s hot ass again. Her tits where swaying and bouncing up and down, she moaned as loudly as she could thru the ball gag. Her moans and groans turned me on even more and I fucked her ass as hard as I could.

Beth moaned louder. Again, I told her no cumming as I kept pounding her round sexy ass. With each thrust I felt the vibe in her pussy and it was making me want to come. So, I slowed down my pace.

I looked over at the couch and had an idea. I stopped fucking Beth and began to walk us over to the couch. I did it with my rod still buried in her ass.

Once we were in front of it, I told Beth “Hang on”. With my cock up her ass and the vibrator in her pussy, I sat us down on it. As we landed on the couch it drove my Bolu Escort Bayan cock deeper in her ass and caused Beth to moan louder.

Tina and Cindy where fondling each other watching the show Beth and I were putting on for them.

Beth started yelling thru the gag she wanted to cum, but I told her NO!

“If you want to cum. You’ll need to push the vibe in your pussy out first.”

I felt Beth’s pussy muscles try to push the vibe out. Since she was so wet, she easily popped it out.

Again, she asked for permission to cum.

“Not yet.”

I turned to Cindy and Tina.

“Tina! Get over here with that strap-on and fuck sexy girlfriend’s pussy! Cindy, come over and suck on sexy girlfriends’ tits!”

They acted as they were hypnotized and made their way over to the couch as in a trance.

Beth was trying to tell me no, but each time I just shoved my cock as deep as I could up her ass.

“What are you worried about babe? Cindy already made you cum twice just fingering your hot, wet, tight pussy. Not to mention you sucked on Tina’s massive tits and she on yours. Now it’s Tina’s turn to fuck you and Cindy’s to suck on your awesome tits.” I told her.

Tina was now standing in front of Beth not sure what to do. Cindy moved our clothes and placed them on the nightstand next to the couch. She then sat down next to us and had started playing with Beth’s bouncing tits.

I wrapped my legs around Beth’s thigh’s and pulled them apart. Now her dripping pussy was open for Tina’s strap-on.

All Beth could do was just moan. Cindy had started fondling with one hand Beth’s tits and had locked her mouth and began sucking on her right titty nipple.

Beth kept trying to close her legs, but I kept them open. Not once stopping my piston action ass fucking.

“Do you want to cum?” I asked Beth. “I know you do and badly.”

Beth waited a second or two and groaned out a yes thru the ball gag.

By now her drool had spilled from the corners of her mouth down to her tits. Cindy was expertly rubbing it over Beth’s tits. When she heard Beth moan “yes” to my question she began to suck even more intensely on Beth’s nipple. Beth groaned louder from Cindy’s stimulation and she stopped trying to close her legs.

Tina slowly started to move towards Beth with the strap-on, but I stopped her.

“Better put a rubber on that strap-on. Otherwise, you can’t fuck sexy girlfriend.” I told Tina.

She stopped, walked over to the gym bag, pulled out a rubber and walked back over in front of Beth and I. I watched as she took the rubber out and slid it over the strap-on dildo.

“Good girl. Now you can fuck sexy girlfriend.”

“Babe, you’re about to have what’s considered the second ultimate sexual experience for a woman. We’ve done it at home with just toys. But now I’m ass fucking you and a super stacked Asian is going to fuck your pussy with a strap-on. Once she slips the dildo in your pussy you can cum when you want and as much as you want.”

“Okay Tina. Now shove that cock of yours up sexy girlfriend’s pussy.” I leaned back on the couch and Beth was now spread wide open for Tina.

Cindy stopped sucking on Beth’s tits causing her to moan with disappointment. But that moan changed to one of pleasure as Cindy used her hand to gently open her pussy fountain for Tina.

Tina leaned over Beth with her massive jugs and put them in Beth’s face again. Beth felt it and started to move her head around looking for Tina’s nipple. Tina obliged her and took her titty in her hand as if to put it in Beth’s mouth. But she realized the ball gag wouldn’t let her.

“You like that don’t you?” I asked Beth to which she didn’t answer me. “You want to suck on Tina’s big ol’nipples but can’t.”

Cindy took her other hand and was guiding Tina’s strap-on towards Beth’s waiting pussy. She placed the tip at Beth’s pussy. Beth tried to shove the dildo in herself, but I stopped her, and she groaned in frustration.

“Go for it, Tina.” I told her. Tina rammed the dildo up Beth’s pussy. I then felt it pressing on my cock thru Beth’s pussy wall.

Beth moaned loudly thru her gag and snapped her head back.

“Fuck sexy girlfriend silly, Tina.” I told her. “Fuck her like you fucked Cindy.”

Tina reached down and grabbed Beth’s ankles, spread her legs wide open, shoved the strap-on dildo up her pussy and started fucking her. Cindy bent down and grabbed the vibe off the floor. She put the vibe on Beth’s left nipple and started sucking again on her right one.

Beth was now moaning louder than ever before. The double penetration, tit sucking and vibe on her nipple was intense for her. Tina and I started fucking Beth with a good piston rhythm. After a few minutes of us fucking her in that fashion; Beth started to yell thru the gag she was going to cum. So, Tina and I sped up our piston tempo. Cindy placed the vibe on Beth’s clit without my permission.

“You can cum now babe!” I groaned out knowing she was going to cum from the vibrator on her swollen clit.

Sure enough, the Escort Bolu vibe on her clit sent Beth over the edge. She let out the loudest, longest moan and had the hardest orgasm of that night. Her pussy became a fountain again as she squirted Tina with her cum. She jumped back from the shock of Beth’s massive G-spot orgasm. Cindy dove down and opened her mouth to drink Beth’s juice. Seeing all this sent me over the edge and I blasted another massive round of cum up her ass.

Beth had cum so hard her whole body was shaking. I reached up and took off the ball gag and blind fold. As she began to roll over on the couch and off me. I watched my cock slide out. Then I saw my cum as it again, slowly began to slide out from her asshole. I undid the hand cuffs from her hands. Beth was breathing hard and just kept saying fuck, fuck, repeatedly. I stood up, walked over to the massage table, grabbed a few towels and covered her with them.

“She okay?” Cindy asked.

“Oh yes. She’s quite okay. She’s just had the most massively intense orgasm of her life!”

“I want to cum like that.” Tina said.

“Me too!” Cindy also said.

“So, you are willing to do whatever we tell you then?”

“Yes!” They both said.

“You understand that we would have complete control. But you get to set the rules as to what’s okay and what’s not.”

“Yes. Please, sexy couple. Fuck us and make us cum like sexy girlfriend.”

“Okay. But not tonight. I don’t think my girlfriend can do it.”

“Yes. I can. I want to fuck both their brains out. But they must vape until I tell them to stop. I also want you to use the things you used on me before the massage. But I need to rest first.” Beth spoke.

“Well… Do you two agree?”

Cindy and Tina talked it over for a few minutes.

“Yes. We agree. We want sexy couple to be our masters” Tina replied.

“Good…” Beth answered. “I hope you can handle us. Because, we are going to fuck each of you like you’ve never been fucked before. But I need to rest first.”

“Go ahead and fuck the big titty bitch Tina first. I know you want to. But you better wear a rubber.” Beth told me with a wink.

“Thank you babe. I’ll make sure to wear a rubber.” I winked as I answered her. I had a feeling Beth was going to do Tina first or maybe do to her what she and I just did to her.

“Oh, and don’t make too much noise either” Beth instructed.

“Sexy girlfriend?” Cindy spoke.


“Tina and I have big house near here. Five room house. Very nice, comfy and safe. We can go there and have lots of sexy sex with sexy couple. Plus, drink and vape with no problem. You like that? We also have big comfy beds too. House is very safe.” Cindy told us.

Beth looked over at me and spoke.

“Safe? No dirty tricks like drugging us and then kidnapping me and forcing me to be a prostitute in some brothel on the other side of the world?”

“We promise no dirty tricks. You can make us sex slaves if we try.” Cindy said in a near panicked voice.

“Please sexy couple. We want you to fuck us. We even pay you.” Tina chimed in.

My head was spinning at the thought of Beth and I having our own submissives. Especially two Asian gals. It was a fantasy come true for me.

“Okay. We need to think about it” Beth said. “But first we need to test you two without drinking and vaping. If we vape and drink my boyfriend won’t vape or drink. That way he’s looking out to make sure things don’t get out of hand.”

“Yes.” they both said.

“Good. You must do everything my boyfriend and I tell you to do. First, there is only spanking your asses. No biting, hitting, blood, pissing, scat or choking unless it’s his cock or my strap-on down you’re throats.”

Cindy quickly translated for Tina and they both agreed.

“If you don’t feel okay, say yellow. If you want us to stop. Just say red, okay?”

Again, Cindy translated for Tina and they both agreed.


“Babe grab the towels from the tables. I think you know what to do first.”

Ch. 10

Beth slowly got up from the couch and grabbed the folding chair that was in the corner and set it down on the side of the massage table. She pointed at Cindy and told her to sit down on the chair. Cindy quickly walked over and sat down on it. Beth moved behind Cindy and started fondling her tits. Cindy reached up with her hands to touch Beth, but she pushed them down.

“No touching me! I get to touch you!” Beth snapped at her.

“I’m sorry.”

“And no talking unless it’s the word yellow or red. Got it?”

Cindy just shook her head.

Beth looked over at Tina. “Take that strap-on off now.” Tina gladly obeyed and set it on the table.

“Babe. Will you take Miss super stacked over there, to the other side of the massage table for me, please?”

“Gladly.” I walked over to Tina, gently took her by the arm and put her on the other side of the massage table.


“Thanks babe. Now bend her over, spread her legs open and put her arms behind her back for me. Oh, and close your eyes too Miss super stacked and stay there.”

I gently grabbed Tina by her hair, bent her over the massage table, then put her arms behind her back. As she spread her legs apart, I got my first full view of her pussy and asshole. My cock throbbed in response to the view.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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