Son’s Mother Ch. 02

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He got bolder with her, watching her from other places; he’d peeked down the hall into the kitchen when she’d be doing the dishes in a pair of tight, white shorts, spurting his cum into his hand as he peeped at her motherly, chubby ass. Her panty lines were visible through the white material of her tight shorts, and he got very aroused and spurted his cum copiously as he masturbated to this erotic view of his mother.

The height of his peeping occurred when she took a shower one night.

He snuck into her room and slightly parted her curtains so he could race around to the backyard and watch through her bedroom window as she emerged from her shower, completely naked. It was at first weird to see her completely naked like this, but soon he was aroused. He’d gotten hard by this point and already had his cock out in his hand as he watched her come out and stand before her mirror. He had a pair of her used panties, and he sniffed and luxuriated in the musk of her pussy while he watched her towel dry, mesmerized, at the sight of her soft motherly hips and naked ass; he stroked his cock in his amazement!

She put on a pair of white panties and was bent over rubbing lotion into her thighs, and this caused her son to begin spurting his hot cum against the outer wall of her bedroom window, and his heart beat wildly as he watched his mother’s tight pantied ass, sniffing the pungent odor of her cunt stranded teens porno while he came!

As his orgasm receded, he watched as his mother slipped into a baby doll negligee, her white panties enticingly visible through the sheer baby blue fabric.

In the coming weeks and months, as the erotic acts involving his mother accumulated, he became more and more bold, culminating in the most perverse act he would ever commit.

One night he became indescribably horny as he peeped in on his mother dozing on her bed, face down. He could see that her short baby doll night skirt had crept up and her pantied ass was exposed to his view! His breathing quickened as he crept up behind her. He knelt down and began sniffing her panties! He inhaled the smell of her pussy as she lay there in silence. His heart skipped a beat.

By this time he’d been sniffing the crotch of her worn panties and the crotch of her pantyhose for many months. When he first started doing this, the act repulsed him. In a short time, it soon became almost compulsory! It created the strongest orgasms he’d ever experienced, and he soon desperately craved the scent of his mother’s cunt as he shot his load at night alone in bed.

Now, he was inhaling the smell of her pussy because it was right there before him! He looked closely and noticed a pubic hair poking from her panties student sex parties porno and put his tongue on it. A shock went through his body! He had to leave before he lost control and covered his mother in an uncontrolled spray of semen!

He went into the living room and turned on the tv. A few minutes later his mother appeared briefly, to do something in the kitchen and then went back to her room! She looked like she was trying to desperately conceal….shock? It was so quick, her sudden appearance and exit, he immediately became alarmed! She knows what I did, he thought!

In the coming days, there was little interaction with his mother. He was deeply embarrassed when he thought about what he’d done. She seemed to be trying to….avoid him?

After a time, these feelings seemed to dissipate. Within a few months things were back to as normal as they were going to be. Then, one day, he noticed that the pile of incest porn and the regular porn he kept under his bed had been…neatly ordered! Oh god, he thought. She knows what I’m reading! He couldn’t bear the thought that his mother was possibly aware of his reading material. Was she? He couldn’t tell. He didn’t think he’d square up the magazines he kept hidden, but he couldn’t remember if he had.

But in a few weeks she began to give strange indications, that she was aware. One night submissive cuckolds porno in the middle of a joking conversation, apropos of nothing, she had stated, “you’re such a pervert,” in a joking manner. When he protested, “Mom,” she just laughed and said cryptically, and quietly, “well, you are…”

Then, one day his mother came into his room and began cleaning his closet as he lay on his bed. She bent over, and stayed that way for a good amount of time. She was in her red terry cloth shorts, and her panties were visible, and it caused him to become extremely aroused watching her tight ass again. It was like she was purposely provoking him! These little things kept up. Nothing was ever ‘overt,’ but her son couldn’t escape the feeling that she was maybe, somehow…caught up in certain incestuous fantasies herself!

He distinctly remembered one day when she was doing the dishes, as usual, in tight white shorts. He was asking her about some thing or other, and she appeared somewhat nervous with his proximity, her voice shaky. She wouldn’t look him in the eye. He couldn’t make heads or tails of her behavior. This was months after he realized she’d discovered his porn.

It had been many months and yet, it caused him to speculate that maybe, just maybe she was doing a little more than trying to ‘forget’ what she’d seen. If she had been ‘turned on’ by the porn, she would be acting exactly as she was acting, maybe ashamed, and a little embarrassed by the proximity of her “innocent” son in that moment. This was all just speculation on his part, but it was the most logical reason for her slight nervousness when he was near her, her ‘behavior’ when he was talking to her. Had she been masturbating to certain scenarios?

To Be Concluded…

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